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FriendsI became roommates with my straight best friend, Joe. We shared a two-bedroom condo. Joe was very straight, girlfriends and pussy all the time. Once, I came home and caught Joe watching straight porn and jerking off, as he came in tissues. Joe ran on the bathroom, dressed, and left without a word. I went into Joe’s bathroom and found the cum-filled tissues. I smelled and rubbed the cum in my hand. I knew then that I had to deep throat Joe and eat his load fresh!A few weeks later, Joe had been lounging around, complaining that his shoulders and back were tense. I offered to give Joe a massage. Joe accepted and went to his bedroom, stripped to his underwear, and laid on his stomach. I started massaging Joe’s shoulders, lower back, and legs. I used lotion to work with my massage. I suggested that Joe take his underwear off to avoid get lotion on them. At first, Joe was hesitant, but I convinced him that the oil would stain. Joe güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri was moaning with relief from the massage pressure. I slowly started to touch Joe’s ass lightly, as he clenched but didn’t object. I incorporated more frequent passes, letting my fingers touch the opening of his hole. As the massage progressed, I asked Joe if he was enjoying the massage, and he said it felt great.Next, I said that I wanted to explore s little, and promised that he would enjoy. Joe agreed and said yes softly. I immediately moved into a position that permitted my tongue to lick Joe’s hole. Joe squeezed his cheeks together in protest. I encouraged Joe to relax and enjoy, promising to stop if he wanted. Then, I flicked my tongue over the hole a few times, as Joe relaxed and quietly moaned. I then moved my tongue deeper, and started expertly rimming my best friend!Soon, Joe was moaning louder. I rimmed Joe for güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri about ten minutes, now Joe was pushing his hole into my face! I quietly suggested that Joe roll over, but Joe objected. I realized that Joe was hard as a rock!I took it a little slower. Now, I suggested that Joe lift up to allow greater access for rimming. Joe obliged, but I quickly rolled on my back, and went under Joe. At this point, Joe’s rock hard thick 8″ cut cock was centimeters away from my lips, oozing precum. I opened my mouth and took Joe’s big dick in deep! I pulled Joe’s ass forward, taking his cock in my throat, and holding it there, while I expertly licked and worshiped his cockhead and shaft.Joe moaned, and started to withdraw, but I held his ass in place, as to not take his cock out of my mouth. This is when Joe whispered that he wanted to move his cock in and out of my mouth. Joe started to fuck my güvenilir bahis şirketleri mouth, slow at first, then I started to moan, and Joe picked up the pace of his fucking.I was in heaven deep-throating my straight best friend’s huge cock! Soon, I could feel Joe’s cock getting larger and harder, precum was all over my tongue! I moaned louder, as Joe’s balls were now tight against his scrotum.Joe was very close to cumming, and he started to withdraw, but I held him in place, and encouraged Joe to go deep in my throat. Joe thrust balls deep in my mouth and throat!Joe’s already huge cock seemed to get bigger and much harder. Then, Joe made a loud gasp, and with that, Joe started to cum, string after string of thick ropes of cum! I swallowed every drop of his straight seed!!Thereafter, we had several “massage” sessions always ending the same way.During one of our sessions, Joe took my hard cock in his hand after he came, jerked me off, scooped my cum up with his hand and hand fed me my own cum!!After Joe was married, and I was living in the condo alone, Joe visited one day, and said how he really needed a massage, and that his wife, Elizabeth, had gotten her period. Needless to say, I wasted no time in starting our massage session.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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