Fuck me like you own me

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Fuck me like you own meI had rented a room at our local motel. We had been talking all day on the phone our excitement building now that we finally had a chance to meet again. We met once or twice a month here making love and enjoying each other. We are both married but after we had found each other after all of those years we couldn’t resist our urges to see each other again. I watched as she pulled up in front of the motel in her car, I knew that first thing she liked want to freshen up before we began to make love. Then suddenly my cell phone rang. I normally shut the ringer off but since she hadn’t arrived yet and I had kept it on. It was her name on my phone, I was instantly worried, an emergency perhaps calling her away, cold feet or nagging guilt about how we were both cheating on our spouses. I answered the call hesitantly afraid of what I might hear. Her voice greeted me on the phone.“Listen” she said, “I don’t want to make love today.”“OK”, I replied. Thinking she was ill or maybe having a change of heart.“No today I want you to fuck me, fuck me like you owned me, I want you to take me and pleasure yourself without a care for me. Understand? Fuck me and use me then send me out, understand?” My jaw was hanging open. I knew she liked to fantasize and we even role-played once or twice but this was different. Her voice was practically demanding.“I’m on my way up, start when I come in OK?”“OK”, I said again slowly, the connection ended and I put the phone on the table. A few seconds later there was a small knock at the door, I opened it quickly and said gruffly “Get in here. She walked in quickly and I slammed the door behind her, “You’re ‘fucking late” I said, “what the fuck, you think I got all day?” I notice she was wearing a short leather skirt and black leather boots with heels, dressing a little slutty today, I now understood the role she desired to anadolu yakası escort play. I was growing hard as my excitement began to climb. I plopped on the chair and said, “Take your fucking clothes off and get over here” She dropped her purse on the floor and unbuttoned her blouse. She wore a bra that barely held her tits, they overflowed the cups and as she unclasped her bra they bounced out. Staying in character I lit a cigarette and motioned her over to me. She walked slowly trying to remove her skirt, “No, no, no.” I said, “leave your skirt and boots on and get over here and suck my cock”, Topless her face and chest red in embarrassment she came over and knelt in front of me, she opened my belt and unzipped my pants as she began to release my cock I reached down and fondled her breasts, their size filled my hands as I groped and massaged them, jiggling them back and forth. I reached over to my phone as she lowered her mouth over my cock, I spoke into the phone like I was talking to a friend, “Hey guess what,” I said ,”I’m sitting in a motel right now with this bitch sucking on my cock”, she froze for an instant and I pushed her head down to begin again. “Yeah I’m serious, I don’t know what her name is, some bitch whore from the titty bar I snagged the other day. Fuck dude, she sucks dick pretty good though, I gotta let you go.” It was then I noticed now how she began to really enjoy herself. She bobbed faster sucking it all the way down, making slurping noises and smacking sounds as I felt her spit dribble down my cock shaft. I continued to smoke and told her, “Yeah bitch just like that”, and then just before I came I grabbed her head by her hair and held it down forcing her to almost gag. We sat frozen as I shot loads of cum down her throat. I began to stand and she got up wiping the dribbling cum from ataşehir escort her chin. I made her turn around and I began to fondle her tits, roughly each one in a hand then twisted and tweaked her nipples. I lifted her skirt and tore at her panties, I heard threads snap and fabric tear as I yanked and ripped them off her shapely ass. Her head rolled as I bit her neck manhandled her full soft breasts and roughly fingered her hot and moist shaved pussy. She was moaning in pleasure when I suddenly grabbed her waist and shoved her shoulders bending her over at the waist. My cock now stiff and ready lay in the crack of her ass. She supported herself feet on the floor parted wide, her arms outstretched on the bed, her shapely ass pressed firmly against my groin. She seemed startled but willing to see where it was going so I whispered hoarsely in her ear, “Stick it in your pussy, and come on hurry bitch I want to fuck that slut pussy of yours.” Her hand grabbed my cock and she poised it over her pussy I didn’t wait for an invite as I thrust it in her. She grunted and groan in surprise as I shoved my whole length deep into her. Her knees buckled slightly as I smacked her ass leaving a glowing red hand print. I began right away in high gear using my hands to drag her into my groin as I thrust my hips forward. The smacking noise from our bodies slamming into each other filled the room. She grunted and moaned as I fucked her, fucked her hard slamming in and pushing forward her head flailed her hair flipped and twisted and I grabbed a handful and pulled hard raising her eyes almost to the ceiling. I knew what she wanted and I knew what she wanted next, I pushed her again onto the bed she landed with a bounce I grabbed the waistline of her skirt and pulled her ass to me. I was raging and fully erect, my cock covered in her juices. She ümraniye escort bent knowing and desiring what came next. I slid my cock up to her pink asshole, rested for a second then slowly inserted. She and I had anal sex before she allowed only me there her husband had no desire for it and no other lover had ever showed interest, I slid in deeper and deeper she wiggled and bucked as I entered her all the way to my balls. She cried out again, in painful bliss. I filled her ass with my cock and began to pump again. She lifted her ass high and spread her ass cheeks urging me deeper and faster. I grabbed her hips again and pumped and thrust and grunted with the exertion. She was cumming I could tell by the way her whole body seem to electrify and she turned into the “fuck monster.” She has these orgasms where when she is so turned on that she screams and flails and bucks and her body quivers and shakes, it lasts a few minutes and I have to fight to stay inside even though she clamps so hard I’m afraid that she’ll sever my cock inside her. She grunted and panted as she slowly regained some composure. I pulled out and she flipped over and swallowed my cock. It was so fast all I saw was teeth heading for my ready to explode cock. She took the whole thing deep into her throat, her hands grabbed my ass cheeks and she buried her face into my groin. She face fucked my cock, using tongue lips cheeks and throat to totally encircle my cock. There is no defense for this; I exploded, bursting at the seams cum launched from deep down inside. My knees were ready to buckle but she held on, swallowing everything almost devouring me in the process. I pumped and felt weak, my blood pressure dropped and I almost passed out. I forced myself out of her mouth it was red and bruised from the suction. I staggered back to the chair and sat down again, trying to think straight. She wiped her face again and smiled, standing up she calmly got dressed, I told her, “Damn bitch, you’re a cock crazy thing huh?” She smoothed her skirt and buttoned her blouse. “Get the fuck out” I said half heartedly. As she turned and left the room I lit another cigarette my phone rang again, it was her, all I heard was “thanks”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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