Fuck with Police, Part 1

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Fuck with Police, Part 1family Fuck with Cops, Part 1.Sitting in the back seat of their families SUV the two sisters were waiting for their parents to finish saying their goodbyes to the others. As they watched them through the windows Sally turned around to face her younger sister Jenny and said with a smile, “I fucked Jake tonight.” “What? Why did you fuck that idiot? You know he’s the dumbest and ugliest cousin we’ve got so why?”“I fucked him because I needed it so bad at the time and for a dumb ass he wasn’t all that bad at it.”Sally was only twenty two and loved sex so much that with her good looks and slim figure she knew she could find someone for a quick fuck. Her long blond hair and model figure was topped off with a beautiful face with smiling blue eyes. Her breasts filled a c-cup bra and her curvy ass sat on slender legs which were always on display in her short skirts. There was never a day that she didn’t masturbate even when she had her period. Toys, fingers, bottles and even a remote control were used on herself when the urge arrived. Her best friend and roommate at school, Mary, shared in her sexual excitement and they even shared other boys on the same night. But tonight was a bit different.She was at her uncle’s birthday party with her family and after he cut his cake she decided to go outside to the pool and have a smoke. She was drinking a bottle of Smirnoff while watching the water in the pool dance in the light. She was having one of those moments when a sexy thought came to her. [How would it be if I could fuck every man at this party in front of all the guests?]The picture in her head got wilder and wilder and her cunt got wetter and wetter. She knew it was time to masturbate and she looked around to see if the coast was clear. Moving behind the pool pump she flicked her smoke away and emptied her drink on the grass so that she could fuck herself with the bottle. Crouching down and resting her back against the big filter she raised her mini shirt over her hips and pulled her g-string to one side. Quickly looking back towards the house and seeing that no one could see her she spat on the tip of the bottle and rubbed it against her wet cunt. Letting out a little moan she started inserting the tip past her lips and up her hot cunt. Slowly she pushed it further and further until her fingers touched her lips that were holding the base of the bottle. The cold glass gave her a shiver and made her moan a little louder and she started fucking herself. With her eyes closed and picturing herself being fucked by all the men at the party she started fucking her cunt harder and faster. In her squatting position she had to hold on to one of the pipes attached to the filter as her legs started to tremble. She wanted a deeper penetration so she let go of her grip on the pipes and kneeled on the grass while spreading her legs. Pushing the bottle further into herself she forgot herself and groaned, “Oh fuck yes.” What she didn’t know was that her cousin was watching her.“Do you need any help Sally?” asked Jake.Sally’s cunt clamped hard around the bottle when she was startled by Jake. She turned and looked at him and also behind him to see if he was alone.At eighteen and as skinny as a rake Jake had never had a girlfriend but was a dirty little sex maniac. He always stole his dad’s videos and would listen to his mum and dad fucking while he masturbated. He would always say the rudest things to the girls and he thought it was funny. But this time he thought his luck had changed. He sneaked away from the house to light up a smoke and when he heard a noise near the pool filter he had to have a look. When he saw what Sally was up to he got the biggest boner of his life and quietly pull out his cock and started masturbating.“What do you think Jake, you up to fucking your cousin?”He moved from behind the pool filter with his erect cock in his hand and showed it to her. “Is this what you need Sally?”She was surprised he had his cock out already and wondered how long he was there watching her. She was also surprised at the size of it and knew that it was going to do the job.“You ever fucked a girl before?”He said yes but she knew that he was lying. “Well get behind me and fuck me quick.”He pulled his jeans down past his knees and dropped to the ground. She pulled her skirt up over her ass cheeks and then pulled out the bottle. With the bottle in her hand she asked him if he wanted to taste it and he grabbed it and shoved it in his mouth. The taste made him get harder and he thought that he would cum too soon so he aimed his cock head to her cunt and when she felt it touch her lips she pushed back on it. When he entered her and felt the heat around his shaft he moaned.“Fuck me Jake as hard as you can and be quiet about it.”He dropped the bottle and grabbed her hips and started fucking into her as hard and as fast as he could. Sally was amazed at the length of klasbahis güvenilirmi it and how deep he was getting. He had to be at least 9inches long she thought as it drove into her. She could hear him grunting with every thrust and she thought that he would cum real soon for this was his first fuck. She needed to hurry herself and started rubbing her clit as hard as she could and felt it working. She was so close when her cousin did the unthinkable. She felt him trying to insert a finger into her ass hole and she thought, “What a fucking kinky little cunt he is.” But it turned her on as his finger entered her. “Oh fuck yes Jake. Give it to me, fuck me harder.”He was fucking her for his own pleasure as he was about to cum and when he heard what she said he thought she meant to fuck her ass hole harder so he did.Sally stopped her clit action and planted both hands on the grass as she took the pain and the pleasure he was giving her. He wanted to fuck her harder as he felt her give herself to him and decided to really give it to her. He pulled his finger out of her ass and spat on his thumb and then at her ass hole a couple of times. He never stopped fucking her cunt and then pushed his thumb against her hole until it popped in. She squealed when it entered and she tried to relax her muscle but the pounding in her cunt made that impossible. “Cum on my cock you filthy slut,” he ordered as he started shoving his thumb deeper into her ass hole.“Oh god Jake,” she said with a shaky voice. She was going to cum and cum hard. She started thrusting back on him for a deeper penetration into both her holes and then it happened.“Oh fuuuuuuuck meeeeeeeeee, ohhhh, fuuuuuuck yeeeeeeeesssssss,” she cried as her entire body spasm’s uncontrollably. She kept fucking into him as hard as she could as every nerve in her body made her jerk about. He was grunting louder and louder as he fucked her harder. He could feel her cunt muscles gripping his cock and he was going to cum in a cunt for the first time of his life.Harder and harder he fucked her and then his cock lost control and he pushed deep into her and let it happen. With her body jerking around she knew what was about to come. Her cousin was going to fill her cunt and she wanted it so bad. He lost control of himself and started yelling, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming, oh fucking hell, oh fuck.” He felt the burning in his cock as his semen unloaded into her and without any notice he pulled out and grabbed it with a tight fist to control the spasm’s. He knew he had to let go and when he did it shot out onto her back with force. Sally felt the void in her cunt and prolong her orgasm by fingering herself. Jake was a bit frightened at the amount that was shooting out of him as he jerked his hips with every blast. He cock felt sore as he pulled back on his slippery shaft and he collapsed removing his thumb from her ass and landing on the grass next to her. Landing on his back he could see her fingering herself and when she looked down at him she lowered her mouth to his and kissed him hard. She shoved her tongue into his mouth and he sucked on it. Their bodies slowly calmed down as they continued kissing and when Sally finally broke the kiss she whispered, “Fuck Jake that was amazing.” “Thank you Sally,” he said and kissed her again.“Tell me the truth Jake, was that your first time?“Yes Sally, I’m sorry I lied to you but that was the best thing that has ever happened in my live and I thank you for doing that.”She smiled and felt amazing to be his first and said, “I hope that you liked it enough to do me again sometime.” “What right now,” he said in horror.“Not now you fool but maybe the next time we see each other and you can fuck me with that big cock of yours. Would you like that?”“Fuck yeah Sally.”With that they kissed and then went back into the house one at a time.Sally told Jenny all the details and Jenny got so turned on and said, “Maybe the next time I might fuck him.”Finally their mum and dad got in the car and they all waved goodbye as they drove home.The two girls shared a blanket in the back seat just like they did when they were little and settled in for the long drove home. Their mum and dad talked about the evening as the radio quietly played in the background. Pretending to be asleep the two girls were as horny as hell under the blanket. It was just like this, under the blanket that they first touched each other to see how far they could get away with it without being caught by their parents. They never got caught but it started something that still goes on today. They became lesbians and loved it.Jenny was pretending to be asleep as she rested her head on Sally’s shoulder. Sally had a finger in her and was scooping out Jenny’s juices and spreading it all over her sister’s cunt lips. At the same time she could feel two fingers in her own cunt scr****g against her walls. Ever so slowly klasbahis yeni giriş she parted her legs under the blanket to allow Jenny to go deeper. She kept her eyes opened as she pictured Jake’s cum and her juices covering her sister’s fingers. Now the fun begins.The idea started so many years ago when they first did this under the blanket while their parents sat in the front seat of the car. Just like now, it was always the drive home at night. Both girls would play with the others cunt to bring on an orgasm. The trick was to have one without attracting any notice of their parents. Once one of them had an orgasm and they got away with it then they continued on for another orgasm. Each girl could read the sign of the other when it happened and they both agreed that it was the most intense orgasm to be had. They were unable to moan or scream or even move as they rode through orgasm after orgasm. Jenny is only sixteen years old and already has larger breasts than her sister. She too has blond hair and a perfect body and has fucked two boys from school, one when she was f******n and the other when she turned fifteen. All her sex toys came from her sister and she masturbated more than Sally. She never had a cock in her ass but her sister had fucked her ass with all sorts of toys and she loved it. Sally promised her that when she turned eighteen that her present from her will be sharing another man who would give her an anal orgasm.Fingers were rubbing clits and entering cunts as they stayed motionless spreading cunt juice everywhere. Jenny even managed to slip a single finger under her sister’s ass enough to enter it to the first knuckle only. Sally’s juices had run down her crack and it made it easy for Jenny. She went from one hole to the other in a slow motion as she felt Sally’s two fingers pulling her cunt open to feed another in at the same time. Three fingers entered her easily and her cunt contracted around them.Their mother, Ruth, had closed her eyes as she relaxed in her seat. She was thinking about the party when she noticed a strange smell in the car. She opened her eyes and looked at her husband, Tony, and he looked back and said, “What honey?“Nothing babe,” as she gave him a smile.It wasn’t a strange smell but it was strange to be able to smell it in the car. She looked back at the girls and they looked to be asleep but she could smell it even stronger. It was the smell of sex and it was coming from the back seat. She looked at her daughters and they looked to be asleep so she turned back into her seat and thought that this was strange.The smell was in her nose and she wondered if she was the only one to notice it. She decided to settle back in her seat and just relax for the rest of the ride home. She turned her head to look out of the window and watch the night lights go by when she heard a noise. Without moving she heard it again and knew now what was going on. Jenny was sitting right behind her and she let out a very quiet moan as her cunt got four fingers pushed into her.Ruth knew now what was happening and pictured her daughter playing with herself under the blanket. To be shore she listened harder and waited to hear if she was right. The smell had to be coming from Jenny as she was the closest one to her but there were no more noises. She decided to close her eyes and rest but then it came again. A little moan with heavy breathing entered her ear and she knew she was right. She wanted to hear it all and told her husband would he mind turning the radio up a little bit and he did. It worked. Jenny was about to have an orgasm.With more heavy breathing in her ear, Ruth was wondering how her daughter was doing herself. Was she rubbing her clit or did she have a finger in her cunt and how long would it take before it took hold of her. Ruth’s cunt was getting excited with the erotic thoughts running through her head. Her daughter was turned on by something so powerful that she couldn’t wait until she got home and didn’t care that everyone else was in the car. As hard as Jenny tried to control herself for the incoming force her body was about to receive she was grateful that the music was turned up. She had two fingers in Sally’s wet cunt and pushed into her as deep as she could as her orgasm kicked in. With trembling thighs she held her breath and held Sally’s wrist as her contraction erupted around her fingers. Quietly she exhaled as her hips bucked against the four fingers inside of her. Biting on her lip she wanted to scream as her eyes bulged from the powerful orgasm tearing through her nerves. She looked at Sally with fear on her face as if to say that she wasn’t going to make it without making a noise and Sally just gave her a lustful smile in return. Another moan escaped her as her hips thrust forward. Jenny slowly closed her legs to compress Sally’s fingers against her contracting cunt. In doing this klasbahis giriş her breathing was trembled and Ruth could hear it. Ruth was so turned on with what she knew her daughter was doing and couldn’t help herself. She quickly turned around and pulled the blanket away with one swift movement. The lust in her eyes had changed to instant shock. Both girls opened their eyes in horror at the same and knew that they were in deep trouble. Sally tried to remove her hand from Jenny’s cunt but as Jenny was still riding her orgasm she had a good hold of her wrist. Ruth could not believe the sight in front of her. She was so wrong with what she thought was really going on and there was no way she would have guessed this. When she looked up at Jenny and saw the pain on her young daughter’s face she knew she was still going through her orgasm. She felt sad for her daughter as Jenny tried so hard to compose herself but was unable to release Sally’s wrist.The aroma of their sex filled Ruth’s nostrils and made her cunt twitch. Now she wanted to be a part of this even though she knew it was wrong. Now she didn’t care about all that, she needed to have some of this herself. She looked at Sally and said with an order in her voice, “Finish her off and I’m not joking Sally.” Sally looked at her confused for a moment until Ruth smiled back at her and said, “It’s alright my girl, just help her out.”Sally watched her mum look down at her hand with a lustful smile and then she jabbed her fingers deeper into her sister’s cunt. Jenny lost control and grunted in surrender as her whole body trembled. She started thrusting her hips uncontrollably onto the fucking fingers as she rubbed her clit. Ruth looked down at Sally’s cunt and saw Jenny’s fingers buried in her cunt and was so turned on that she lost control of herself.Grabbing her youngest daughter’s hand she pulled it away from Sally and placed it to her mouth. Jenny was panting hard as she watched her mum take her two fingers from Sally’s cunt and start sucking all the juices off. With her hips she fucked her sister’s four fingers and decided to do the same with the fingers in her mum’s mouth. Ruth was lost in this lust and opened her mouth to be fucked as she tried to suck as hard as she could. She needed more of this and before she decided to join them she looked at her husband and said, “Forgive me for what I’m about to do but if you don’t ask and just lower the rear view mirror I’m sure you’re going to be very happy you did.”“What are you talking about Ruth, is everything ok?”“Oh yeah baby, everything is just great. You’ll see what I mean.”She climbed through to the back seat as Sally removed her four fingers and slid to one side to allow her mum to sit in the middle. As soon as Jenny felt the void in her throbbing cunt she inserted three fingers into herself as her mum sat down. Sally looked at Ruth and said with a lustful smile, “Here mum taste this,” and gave her all four fingers for her to suck. Ruth moaned as all four fingers were placed on her tongue as she pulled her knickers off. … Unknown to Tony and the rest of his family were two police officers in an unmarked car returning to the station to end their shift. They only had one call all night to assist in traffic control where a truck had lost its load on a highway. That required they sit in the car with their lights flashings and talk shit all night about other officers in their unit. When it was all cleaned up they called in that they were done for the night and returning to the station. Sometimes the driver would just take the car home after dropping of his partner until the next shift. Daniel was a big man in his forties with broad shoulders. Everything on him was big. Big arms, big hands and at six foot five he towered over his partner Julie. At only five foot two she was all muscle and could take on any problem without a fuss. She was the hottest cop at the unit and all the men had tried to fuck her only to give up. They thought that she must be a lesbian as they all knew she didn’t have a boyfriend and left it at that. At twenty five with short blond hair and in the unit for only three years she never had Daniel try to get into her pants. She thought about fucking him but knew that he was looking after her and always had his mine on the job. The only time they talked about sex was when he asked about how a date went with another officer and she always told him, including how they wanted to come in for coffee but they both knew what that meant. The only one she would ever thought of fucking was him and by the size of his hands she knew that his cock would be huge. He never knew she thought that way and he never thought of fucking her himself. Being in an unmarked car meant they didn’t need to be in uniform which they were both happy about. They were deciding whether to go back to the station or just go straight home when they both noticed Ruth jump from the front seat to the back. “What do you think that’s all about,” Dan said. “Maybe she wants to have a nap in the back seat,” Julie said. “Let’s just keep an eye on them for awhile and if it’s clear then I’ll take you home, ok,” he said. “Fine, but I think I might be right.”….To be continued…

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