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Anri Okita

Fucked teacherThat day I woke up wildly excited. All night I dreamed the same thing … how several healthy men tear off my clothes, kiss all the innermost parts of my body and fuck, fuck, fuck …, but I still can not finish. The fact is that for the past five months, as I broke up with my boyfriend, I didn’t have time to start a new one, although many cared for me. Recently, I graduated from the institute and got a job working at a school as a biology teacher. I like working with teenagers, but it’s quite difficult for a newbie, I get very tired, and I don’t have enough time for my personal life. So, I was so excited that my panties got wet and stuck to my crotch. I remembered how long I had not had sex. The last few months I have not even masturbated, although I had done it quite often before. And now my body demanded its own, and I did not refuse him, and I did not have the strength to restrain myself. I quickly pulled off the soaked panties and immediately put my hand on my bosom. Fingers squeezed a pea swollen clitoris and penetrated inside. A sigh of relief came from my mouth. And then the alarm clock rang frantically. I have a stupid habit of always getting up at the last moment, so that there would not be a single extra minute. And now there could be no talk of any masturbation. I knew it would take me at least ten minutes to finish. Then I would definitely be late, but I didn’t want to do that at all, because I just started working in this school. With an incredible effort of will, I removed my hand from my whining pussy and, angry, went to the bathroom. I hoped that a cold shower would take off my arousal a little. It really gave some relief, and I, a little more cheerful, began to look at my body in the mirror. Without false modesty it can be said that it was almost flawless. I kept myself in shape. I had beautiful long legs, not thin, like matches, like some, but not greasy; narrow waist, chest medium size, attractive face, short blonde hair. My eyes fell on the birthmark on my left breast, and I remembered how she was driving my last boyfriend crazy. No, definitely worth taking up your personal life. It brought me back to thinking about sex, and I hurried to get dressed and leave the bathroom. But it did not help for a long time. Already on my way to school, I began to get excited again. I mentally stripped every oncoming man, caressed, imagined how he fucks me. As a result, I came to school in a great excitement, but in a disgusting mood, because I could not remove this canlı bahis excitement. The hope that the lesson would distract me was small and not justified. I conducted classes as if half asleep, and even blurted out some nonsense several times, and only the friendly laughter of the students temporarily took me to myself, and, apologizing for the mistake, I continued, and everything started from the beginning. As luck would have it, this day was almost full to capacity; only the third lesson was free, and I waited for it, like manna from heaven. Finally, the bell sounded, notifying everyone about the end of the second lesson. The students began to leave the classroom. When the last of them came out, I sighed with relief, all I could do was lock the door and indulge in my passion. I was going to postpone myself in full. And here, imagine, the head teacher enters and says that I will have to replace some ill teacher. At that moment I was ready to strangle her with my own hands! It seems that in my eyes there was so much rage that she frightenedly recoiled from me and asked if everything was alright with me. Hell! Of course I’m not all right! I’m so excited that it seems I need at least a hundred orgasms to calm down. But, nevertheless, having made huge efforts, I made a smile, answered that everything was all right, and that I, of course, would replace the ill teacher. I, too, found the time to be ill! You have no idea what I had to go through during the next three lessons. I sat like on nails, breathing was intermittent, my panties could already be squeezed out. I was even afraid that the lubricant would flow down my legs.Damn, why did I wear a skirt today, not pants? In the last lesson, when the guys had a control, I even tried to masturbate right in the classroom. I put my hand under my skirt, but as soon as my finger touched my thirsty clitoris, I groaned so clearly that most of the students looked at me inquiringly. I pretended that there was nothing, and quickly pulled out my hand. If this happens now, what will happen to me during orgasm. And finally, the last lesson is over. I realized that I would not get to the house, and decided to take care of myself right in the classroom, as I planned in the third lesson. Engaged in my only tenth grade. It seemed to me that the guys are going for ages, but they usually fly out of the last lesson. I angrily looked at them (I hope no one noticed), as if from this they would go faster. And now, when almost everyone said goodbye and left, the bahis siteleri two boys approached me and asked some question on today’s topic. I cursed their inquisitiveness three times, but these were the best students in the class, and I could not refuse them. And here I am sitting at the teacher’s desk and explaining to them some task on genetics. The notebook lies in front of me, and the guys are on either side of the table. They leaned over and leaned on the table. One of them, his name was Kostya, asked me something. When I answered, I turned to him a little, then he straightened up and touched my chest with his hand. It was like an electric shock, because for several hours now my nipples were swollen so that it seemed that the bra was about to burst. A soft moan came from my lips. The guys did not seem to notice or pretended not to notice. When Kostya again bent, he again touched my chest, this time obviously on purpose. I was able to hold back a moan, but still shuddered at this touch. – Anna Nikolaevna, but you can ask a question not quite on the topic? – Kostya suddenly asked. “Well, well, you can, of course,” his tone alerted me. “What happens to a girl when she is excited?” – he said it calmly, looking intently into my eyes. “Well, it manifests itself differently,” I tried to speak calmly, but my voice shook. “For example, her nipples swell, her breasts become sensitive, and she shudders with each touching the chest.-… And this, too, but what have … Kostya did not let me finish, he walked around my chair, being behind me, and suddenly grabbed my chest with both hands. If a light touch was like a shock, then it was like a lightning bolt. And the boy continued to blatantly paw me, going lower and lower. I knew what he wanted, and I knew that I had to stop him immediately, but I could not do it. My body did not obey me, I asked him to stop, but he continued. The only thing I could do was tell them to lock the door. Andrei (that was the name of the second student), who was still surprised to observe the actions of his friend, went to the door. I heard the click of the lock and after that completely surrendered to Kostya’s actions. I sat on the table so that he was comfortable, he immediately put his hand between my legs and felt for a strip of panties. “Yes, this slut is all wet,” he said cheerfully, turning to his comrade, who was still standing aside in indecision. After that, Kostya began to wear clothes from his teacher. While he was busy with my skirt and panties, I bahis şirketleri was freed from the blouse and bra. Finally, my chest broke out. Swollen red nipples boldly sticking to the side, asking for affection. Seeing this, Kostya immediately began kissing them, at the same time trying to take off his jeans. When he finally succeeded, I saw how his excited member jumped out. Do you want me to fuck you, Anna Nikolaevna? he whispered in my ear. “Yes, hurry, fuck me, please.” – Not! How could I say that? I didn’t have to ask the boy for a long time, he put the head of his penis at the entrance to my wet vagina, I directed him at the right angle and he abruptly went inside.Oh dear, what a bliss it was, had never experienced such a buzz before, although the teenager was completely inexperienced. I grabbed his hips with my knees and pressed against my young “lover”. Just a few movements was enough to wave of orgasm, rising from the crotch, swept over me with my head. I bit my lip so as not to scream, as a result I got something like a roar of a wild b**st. The cramps of enjoyment lasted no less than a minute. Orgasm had a sobering effect on me. “God, what I do is flashed through my head – my own student fucks me, and I just moan with pleasure.” But there was nowhere to retreat, after what I had already done. Kostya puffed, holding my ass and trying to drive my gun as deep as possible. He was obviously not going to stop. Andrew was standing next to him and although he seemed to be still surprised by what was happening, but even through his trousers, his excitement was noticeable. There was no way I could get away from these teenagers until I fully satisfied them. Moreover, the rhythmic movements of Kostya member made me excited again. It seems that my liquor, so long not knowing affection, decided to get it in full and all at once. But Kostya did not have enough for a long time. Breathing hard, he released a jet of sperm inside me. I thought that Andrei would immediately take his place, but he seemed to be petrified. “What are you, Anna Nikolaevna, show how you work with your mouth,” Kostya said. I immediately climbed off the table, knelt before Andrei, and began to unbutton his pants, then took off my underpants. They immediately jumped out of the intense member of the boy and stared into my face. I kissed him on the very tip, licked it from the base to the head, took it in my mouth and started moving my head, then completely swallowing the phallus, then leaving one head in my lips, not forgetting to work actively with my tongue all this time. My hand instinctively reached for his crotch. “No, Anna Nikolaevna, we don’t want you to finish it yourself,” Kostya immediately stopped me. I do not know why, but now I like

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