Fun at Work Ch. 01

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Hi, my name is Elaine, sixty-seven and still in nice shape, with nice boobs. I was married for a few years and caught my hubby cheating a few times. So, I kicked his ass to the road. My job was billing out truckers as they came to my window. I would sit at my desk, and they would be looking down at me. So, for the fun of it… I would undo a couple of buttons to give them a peek. They seemed to like it and I found it fun to tease them.

But then, I noticed my new boss was trying to peek too. He was a bit younger than me, but very good looking. I found myself being bad and going out of my way to flash him too. He seemed to like it, but being the boss, he never made a move on me or said anything, I gave him some really good flashes over the time we worked there. 

Still, he was a great boss and if you had a problem, he was always willing to help out. It didn’t matter if it was work or personal. Being a bit of a handyman, he even went to some of the worker’s homes to help. I was getting close to retiring and broke the muffler on my car. He told one of the men to look at it and let him know how bad it was. That night, I went to get in my car, and he had put a note on it saying, ‘All fixed and happy retirement.’ When I got home… I peeked under the car, and I saw a whole new system was on it. He fixed it all for me.

I tried to pay him for it…but he laughed at me and said, “Enjoy your retirement.” I made sure he got some better peeks!

Well, then I retired, and time went by, but I heard his wife passed away and he retired too. A few months went by, and I thought I would check up on him…so I gave him a call. We talked quite a bit, and I mentioned one of my lights wasn’t working anymore. True to him, he said he would stop by and look at it. He is coming to my house!

The day came, when he was going to stop over, so I took a nice long hot shower and trimmed all up to look good. I stood looking in the mirror to see how good I looked as I slipped on a red lace bra and panties set, along with a mid-thigh skirt, with a blouse. I went back to the mirror to see how I looked. Balgat Escort I smiled to myself as I undid a couple of the buttons on the blouse. “He will like this.”

I was sitting there waiting for him to show up, plus getting a bit horny, thinking about all this. I checked the mirror one more time. I thought, ‘Damn, woman, you got to do better!’  I found myself taking off the blouse and bra and then I put the blouse back on, making sure not to button up too much. I smiled to myself, ‘Well, he’s going to know there is no bra on…notice the nipple, which is very noticeable.’ 

I heard the doorbell and went to answer it, knowing it was him. As I walked to the door, I reached into my blouse to tweak my nipples alive for him. I opened the door with a smile and welcomed him in, as he stared at my chest.

He smiled, “You didn’t need to get all dressed up for me!” 

“No, it’s just so hot out and I don’t have air conditioning.” 

“Okay, so where is this light problem?” I showed him the light on the ceiling, and he climbed up and being a good helper, I held the ladder for him.  When he looked down to talk to me, he looked right into my blouse with my deep cleavage showing. He seemed he wanted to want to talk to me, a lot, which caused me to chuckle to myself.

“I see the problem and I’ve got the part in my car,” he said as he got down and walked out to his car. 

Now I’m even hornier from teasing him, so I undo another button and tweak both nipples again. When he walked back in, he noticed me right off, which caused him to smile.

“Damn, it is hot in here.”

“Yes, it is. You should’ve paid me more, so I could’ve put in.” Then I noticed one boob was almost falling out, but I didn’t touch it.  He noticed it too.

He finished and was putting stuff away, so I offered him a drink and went into the kitchen to fix it. I heard him coming into the room, “You know I’m not your boss anymore,” he laughed as he added, “and we don’t have to follow any rules.”

“Yes, I know that.”

That’s when he stepped up behind me, slid his hands Balgat Escort Bayan around me, and cupped my boobs. “Well, I’ve looked at these, for so long, and damn, they feel as good as they look!”

“I’m glad you like them.”

His hands went inside my blouse and played with them and then pressed up a bit harder. I didn’t stop him, so he leaned in and nibbled on my neck as he played with them. I leaned my head back and let him suck on my neck. But now, he started to grind into my ass, at the same time. Then I felt one of his hands as it slid down as he rubbed me as he went.  My pussy was heating up now. His hand went way down and then slid back up under my skirt. It moved up until he hit my wet panties and hot pussy.

“I think someone is hot!” All I did was moan some as his finger slid under my panties and found my wet pussy. He slid a finger in and moved it up to my clit. He worked it around and got me even wetter. 

“Oh, damn…maybe we should go to the bedroom.”

“I don’t need a bedroom,” he said as he turned me around, picked me up, and sat me on my kitchen table. He smiled as he peeled off my blouse and threw it aside. He continued to smile as he reached down, pulled up my skirt, grabbed my panties, and pulled them off.

“We don’t need these anymore either.”

He then stepped between my legs and pushed me back onto the table, “I think it’s time to taste these babies,” as he leaned in and started to suck on my titties.

“Nibble on my nipples! It’s been so long for me,” and I couldn’t stop moaning…as he nibbled and sucked on them.  Then he started to kiss his way down and I knew where he was going, and I almost came on the spot. When he got there, he ran his tongue up my slit and across my clit. My body jerked off the table as I started to cum heavy.

He looked up at me, “Damn, someone is horny!”

“It’s been a while.”

He smiled as he went back to work. He licked and probed me with his tongue which caused me to cum again, flooding his face. 

He stopped and stood up, smiling smiled at me, as his finger probed Escort Balgat my pussy. “Do’s Ms. Elaine want to fuck?”

“Yes, I’ve been waiting for this for a long time!”

“Well, ask me nicely.”

“Shut the fuck up and fuck me!”

He smiled as he worked his pants and boxers off, letting out his hard cock. I looked at it and it was hard, a good size, around seven inches, I guessed. Then he stepped up, rubbed it on my pussy slit, while he had a big smile on his face when he started to slam it to me. 

“Oh, damn, YES!”

He slammed it home and the old table rocked as he fucked me. My moans were getting louder, and I was glad I didn’t have any close neighbors. I came two more times before I felt stuffed as he slammed it home and started to fill me up. I couldn’t hear anything over my screaming, “Yes!”

He slowly pulled me off and started to finish undressing.  “You can get up and get rid of yours too.”  So, I slid off the skirt and then I was naked. He pulled me in tight, as he kissed and shoved his tongue into my mouth, so I sucked on his tongue. 

He stopped and looked at me, “So now that we know each other better, do I get to fuck you more often?”

“You can fuck me anytime you want.”

“Good, because now you’re going to be my slut and do what I want you to do for me. I mean anything I want.”

“Just let me know.”

“Good. Now slut get on your knees and show me how you suck a cock.”  

I dropped to my knees and slid his cock into my mouth, sucking it clean and tasting my pussy on it.  He grabbed my head and started to fuck my face, “There you go, suck that cock!”   

It wasn’t long and he exploded and sent his seed down my throat. I cleaned up every drop and then he pulled me up off my knees. “I do have to go now because I’ve got an appointment to get to, But I will come back to fuck you and use you to my needs. We will get you some new slutty outfits to wear for me and you will do whatever I want. Do you understand?”


“Okay, give me a key to your door, so that way I can let myself in when I want to fuck you.”

I walked him to the door and handed him a key, still naked.

He smiled at me, “Walk me to my car.”

It was the middle of the day, but I took his hand and walked him to his car. He smacked my ass and smiled at me, “Yes, you will make me a good SLUT!”

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