Fun on the Train

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“Can I borrow you for a minute?” I asked Sophia, pulling her away from the conversation she was having with our guests. They had come around for a chat this morning, knowing that Sophia would soon be leaving for a conference and wouldn’t be home for several days.

She rose and followed me out of the living room and into the kitchen, I closed the kitchen door behind us.

“What’s up?” She asked. I didn’t answer. Instead, I firmly pulled her in for a deep, passionate kiss. Our lips pressed hard together as my tongue snaked out to seek out hers. She hesitated briefly, caught off guard by the sudden embrace, but after a few seconds, she joined in the kiss with equal desperate passion.

With one hand on the small of her back, holding her tightly to me, and the other grabbing a thick fistful of hair I pushed her back against the wall, pressing my body into hers and grinding my cock against her.

I knew we wouldn’t have long because of the risk of interruption so without wasting a second I slipped my hands down to her waist and hooked my fingers into the waistband of her leggings. I frantically yanked them down to her knees along with her thong, crouching down as I did so, bringing my face only inches from her smoothly shaved pussy.

I couldn’t resist the urge and dove in, my tongue slithering over her lips, searching for her clit which was just starting to swell with arousal. I lifted a hand up so that my fingers could join my tongue, pushing past her lips and easing up into her tight, warm hole. She let out a subtle gasp and her fingers seized handfuls of my hair, pressing my face deeper between her thighs.

As much as I’d have loved to continue delving into her pussy until she came, I had other plans. I pulled my fingers and tongue away and used my hands to spin her around so that her breasts were pressed up against the wall and revealed her perfectly soft, curvy butt. She couldn’t see me pulling a set of pleasure beads from my pocket. I put the shiny silver balls into my mouth to warm them up for a moment while I returned my finger deep into her pussy; she was amazingly wet already.

After a few seconds I pulled the beads out of my mouth and, after taking my finger back out of her pussy, I aligned the first bead with her eager hole. It may have been a bit thicker than my finger but with her own natural lubricant supplemented by my saliva, the bead slipped in with only gentle pressure. I used my already wet finger to push the heavy metal balls in as deep as I could reach, leaving the black string dangling out between her legs. Suspended from the end of the string was a thick metal ring, dragging down on the beads and forcing her to keep pressure on them to stop them from being pulled back out.

Happy that the beads were secure I pulled her thong back up, making sure that the heavy ring was supported by the gusset and placing a light kiss on her delicate butt hole before it was covered by the narrow string. I lifted her leggings up to her waist and, as I rose back up to stand behind her, I placed a hand on her pussy from behind, feeling the ring through the material.

I placed a hand on her cheek and turned her face towards mine, kissing deeply one last time.

“I really hate you sometimes,” she said, only half joking, I think. I just smiled and stepped back.

“Come on; we should get back before we’re missed.” I held the door open for her and we walked back to the living room and our waiting guest. We had been away for just a few minutes so they were none the wiser. I watched Sophia sit back down on the sofa, trying not to move too much as each minor shift in position caused the beads to press against the walls of her pussy.

After another half hour or so of talking and laughing with friends, it was time to leave if we wanted to get to the station in time for Sophia’s train. We all left the house together and said goodbye to them outside, before getting into the car to drive to the station. As Sophia climbed into the seat beside me she reflexively placed a hand on her crotch, trying to keep the beads in place as she moved. She glared at me as we pulled away and I placed my hand on her thigh with a cheeky smirk on my face, relishing the torture I was putting her through.

“How long do I have to keep these in?” She demanded, clearly still frustrated with me for making her horny without the promise of release.

“Until I tell you to take them out,” I replied, simply. “I want you to send me updates too. When you’re on the train I want you to go to the bathroom and take a picture for me. For Cebeci Escort my part, I’m going to tell you all about the things I’d love to do to you if I was coming with you.” Out of the corner of my eye, I could see the internal conflict in her facial expressions; she was torn between the prospect of having to endure such intense levels of arousal for an indefinite amount of time and the excitement she felt about sexting.

Her silence was her agreement to the plan and she settled in for the rest of the short drive to the station. I kept my hand on her thigh, stroking and caressing her leg. Shortly before we arrived I took her hand and placed it on my crotch, squeezing her fingers around my cock so that she could feel how hard I was. After a few moments of me using her hands to masturbate my cock she took over, squeezing and rubbing me through my jeans.

“See; it’s not just you who’s going to be horny all day.” I joked as we pulled up outside the station. She took back her hand and winked at me as she climbed out, careful not to make too many sudden movements. I also stood up from my seat, adjusting my cock in my jeans as subtly as possible as it strained against my trousers. I took her small suitcase out of the boot and placed it on the ground by her feet, taking her in my arms to give her one last deep kiss. “Speak soon,” I promised as we pulled apart.

“Looking forward to it,” she said and turned to walk away towards the platforms. I followed her with my gaze as she moved off through the main doors and out of sight. I got back behind the wheel, still conscious of how my cock felt crushed by my own jeans and pulled away to head home. My heart was dancing a jig in my chest with excitement for what was to come.

By the time I got home, I had a text waiting from Sophia to say she had made it safely onto her train and was on her way north.

“Glad to hear it,” I replied. “I just got home. How are you feeling?”

“Horny and frustrated!”

“Haha. Let’s focus on the horny part. Describe how it feels.”

“It’s weird, you don’t really notice them until you move and they don’t do as much when I’m sitting down.”

“Does the vibration from the train make them move much?” I asked, genuinely curious at this point. One of the sad things about being male is I’ll never really get to experience things like this for myself.

“A little, but not much; the hollow ones with the weights inside would probably do more.”

“I’ll have to have a look for some of those while you’re away then,” I half-joked. “I think I’m going to miss you, well, my cock definitely will; I’m so hard it hurts!” I snapped a photograph of my shaft straining against my jeans and sent it to her. “You’re not the only one feeling horny and frustrated.”

“At least you’re at home, you can do something about it. I’m on a train, surrounded by people, with my pussy throbbing!” She declared.

“I’m not going to do anything about it, I won’t cum until you do,” I promised. “Now, why don’t you return the favour, I want a selfie with lots of cleavage.” I demanded, eager for a glimpse of her spectacular breasts.

A few painfully long minutes passed before my phone pinged again to announce a new message from Sophia. Sure enough, a selfie flashed up and it was exactly what I’d hoped for. She must have taken that time to make sure nobody was looking while she undid a couple of buttons on her blouse, pulling it apart to reveal her fantastic cleavage. She had adjusted her bra a little to push her breasts together and up even more than usual. Her sweet smile contrasted with the desperate, animalistic look in her eyes.

“Fuck, you’re beautiful! I shouldn’t have let you go on your own.” I declared. “I wish I could rip that shirt off you and bend you over that table!”

“You should have come with me then.” She teased. She was right. I had had the opportunity to go with her and enjoy a few dirty nights away in a hotel before her conference but life had gotten in the way.

“How busy is the train?” I asked, curious to know how much of a risk she would be taking if we went a bit further.

A few moments later I got another picture showing a relatively empty train car, a handful of people were scattered about, mostly engrossed in their own things and oblivious to the people around them. “Not too busy,” she answered. “Although, I think they’d notice if you fucked me on the table,” she joked.

“Spoil-sports! Well, since I can’t be there to do it for you you’re just going to have to do it all yourself. I want you to take one hand Cebeci Escort Bayan and slip it into your bra, squeeze your nipple for me, the way I would. Flick your fingertip over it and then twist it.”

After another agonising wait of just a few minutes, another picture arrived of Sophia, just as I had described, with one hand buried in her navy blue bra. The smile had faded from her face and there was just committed resolve as she gave in to the thrill and excitement of what she was doing.

“I can almost feel it from here, I can picture how firm they are in my mind. I wish I could pull your bra down and wrap my lips around your nipples, sucking them deep into my mouth while I flick them with my tongue,” I fantasised. “How does it feel?”

“Even better than usual; I’m so fucking horny right now!”

“Show me!” I ordered. “Put your hand in your pants and show me how wet your fingers get.”

I loved the photos she was sending me but the wait was intolerable. I stripped down in front of a mirror and took a picture myself to show her that she wasn’t alone. I wanted her to know just how hard she was making me. I put my phone down on the table to wait while I poured a glass of wine to take some of the edge off.

When the notification flashed up I snatched my phone up off the table and eagerly opened the message to see a picture of Sophia’s fingers shiny and slick with clear fluid, right down to the second knuckle. A thin strand of fluid bridged the gap between them where her thick cum stretched as her fingertips parted.

“Shit, that’s amazing! I wish I could lick your fingers clean.” I sent her the photograph I had just taken of myself. “I don’t think I’ve ever been this hard!” I announced. “You’ll need a fresh pair of knickers by the time you get there.”

“Not just knickers, at this rate I’ll soak through my leggings too! I think I might even have trouble keeping the beads in now.”

“I’ve never wanted to bury my face between your thighs more than I do now. I want to use my tongue to run circles around your clit while I slip my fingers inside you, thrusting in and out.”

I was trying to think of the best way to escalate things a little when her reply came through. “I tried rubbing my clit through my pants, there’s a huge wet patch.” The text was followed shortly by a picture, taken from under the table. Sophia’s legs were spread wide enough to give a clear view of her crotch and there was a definite darker spot on the already dark material.

“Go to the bathroom, I want a close-up. Tell me when you’re in there.”

“Give me a minute,” was the reply, followed by another agonising wait. A mirror selfie taken in the slightly cramped train toilet announced that she was there and ready to continue. “What now?” She asked.

“I want you to start by filming yourself pulling down your knickers, close up; I want to see just how wet you really are.” My heart was pounding so hard that it felt like it would burst right out of my chest; who needs the gym, a good sexting session is all the cardio you need!

I knew this would take a few minutes but the wait was worth it; the video was better than I could have dreamed. Her phone was held in one hand while, with her free hand, she dragged down her leggings. The gusset of her knickers was shimmering in the light as she moved, not because the fabric was glossy but because she was so wet that there was a layer of fluid on the outside, catching the light. I could still see the subtle outline of the metal ring held flat against her lips by the gusset.

When she pulled down on the thong the full extent of her wetness was revealed and it was staggering. Her lips glistened with every subtle movement and a thick strand stuck to the fabric, stretching ever thinner as the knickers got lower, until it broke free and stuck to her inner thigh.

The metal ring of the pleasure beads, at first stuck to her mound but slowly sagged down under its own weight until it dropped free, tugging down on the heavy metal balls deep within. Sophia let out a little gasp as the sudden movement took her by surprise.

“HOLY SHIT! I don’t think I’ve ever seen you that wet!” I stated, genuinely stunned by how aroused she was. “I wish I could feel you around my cock right now, I don’t think I’d be able to resist bending you over and pounding hard into you. Use your fingertip to make little circles around your clit for me.” I demanded.

After a few seconds, a reply came back: “That feels really good, but I think I want more,” she prompted. Before I could Escort Cebeci reply another short video popped up showing a close-up view of her drenched pussy while her finger lightly stroked around her clit in little circles, creating swirls of cum in its wake. I could see the string from the beads, still dangling from her pussy, jumping and twitching every time she got a bit too close to her clit, the sensation obviously sending little shockwaves through her body.

“First, pull the beads out. I want to see what it’s like inside too.”

She did just as I asked and before long another video arrived showing a similar view to before, only this time her finger was hooked into the metal ring and was slowly drawing out the black string. A shimmering silver ball emerged at the entrance to her pussy, stretching its way through the opening and fighting against her muscles which were now partly out of her control. The bead popped free, coated in a layer of thick white fluid. A few seconds later the remaining bead followed with even more cum on it. As they swung free a drip of creamy fluid fell away onto the floor.

“That’s even sexier than I imagined!” I considered ordering her to suck the beads clean but I knew she wouldn’t be as turned on by that as I would. “Have you got your headphones with you?” I asked.

“Yup.” With that reply, I started a video call, hoping to eliminate the painful delays between each message. She accepted the call and slipped her headphones. She balanced her phone on something while she stood across from it, with her leggings and thong still bunched up around her knees.

“Slip the beads back in,” I demanded and she did as ordered, without hesitation, pushing them easily back up into her pussy. “Use your finger to stroke your clit again.” She hadn’t pulled her hand away after pushing the beads back in so her fingers moved quickly back to the firm, swollen nub poking out from between her lips.

I frantically yanked down my own trousers so that my cock could spring free. I positioned the phone against something solid so that I could step back to give her a view as I took my cock in my hand and started stroking it. We each fixed our eyes on the screens in front of us, focusing intently on the other’s hands.

“I want you to circle around your clit with your finger, and press a little harder on the top.” Her fingers were making clear rings around her pussy as my own stroked back and forth along my shaft. I could see her fighting as hard as I was to keep her breathing under control, struggling not to moan too loud.

I could feel my own orgasm building up, tingly waves surging through me whenever I moved in just the right way. I tried my hardest to sustain that feeling for as long as possible, holding myself at the edge of orgasm so that when she came I could release mine together.

I could see her legs quivering and twitching whenever she made firm contact with her clit and it was happening more often. Her expression was distant as she focused her attention on her own building orgasm. Her breathing was getting ragged she clasped her free hand over her mouth to stop herself from moaning out loud.

I braced myself against the worktop in front of me, working my cock harder to keep pace with her fingers as they danced faster over her clit, visibly pressing harder than before in an attempt to make contact with her clit with every stroke.

Her eyes squeezed shut at the same time as her thighs and her whole body convulsed. She gasped, unable to keep completely quiet, as her knees buckled and she nearly collapsed. I lost sight of her hand as she bent over involuntarily, twitching and writhing, trying desperately to steady herself against the walls of the cubicle.

My own orgasm overtook me and shockwaves surged through my entire body as streams of creamy white cum erupted from my cock.

We both just stood there for a few minutes, trying to recover from our respective orgasms, when the announcement came over the tannoy that the train would soon be arriving at the next station. I couldn’t hear it clearly enough through the phone to make out the name of the station.

“Shit! We’re here. I don’t think we could’ve timed that better if we’d tried,” she said with a smile.

“Leave the beads in and pull your pants up. We’re not done yet.” I promised. I had planned for this little sexting session to last a lot longer but had allowed myself to get carried away in the moment. “You’d better get your stuff together; let me know when you get to your hotel.”

We hung up and I used the next few minutes to have a breather and try to get my body back under control. I was still naked and my cock was twitching every time I touched it so I pulled on some trousers and a t-shirt and went back to the kitchen to drain another glass of wine before cleaning up.

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