Fun times @ a conference Pt 2

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Fun times @ a conference Pt 2When we got to the hotel Julia was still fast asleep, she hadn’t moved for the entire journey and sitting next to me she looked so contented it seemed a shame to wake her. But given that a return trip to the airport was not what either of us wanted I gently woke her and said ‘we’re here now’. At first she didn’t seem to know where we were, but as we got our bags off the luggage rack she whispered ‘sorry about earlier, I’ll make it up to you’. The expression ‘you’re damned right you will’ went through my mind, but I resisted saying it out loud.At the reception desk we both checked into to our respective rooms, which as it turned out were right next to each other. Walking down the corridor my room was the first we came to, and I thought Julia would follow me in, but she said ‘I need shower, I’ll give you a knock in a minute’. Feeling a little let down, I opened my room and went straight to the shower. After the journey I felt a bit grimy, and with the prospect of fucking çukurova escort Julia later I thought it was the least I could do was to wash away the journey.In the shower I started soaping my balls and as I touched them I realised just how hard they had become and my dick was by now ready for some action. It was all I could do to resist cumming there and then.Getting out the shower I donned one of the hotel’s luxurious dressing gowns and wondered when, and if? Julia would knock. As it was I needn’t have worried as I heard a knock from the door that joined our two rooms. When I opened the door I was greeted by Julia laying back on her bed, totally naked busily working her fingers in and out of her pussy. Trance like I went over to the bed and roughly pushed her back, spread her legs wide open and entered her warm moist cunt and started fucking her as hard as I could. The sexual tension that had built up between us on the journey suddenly came spurting out imamoğlu escort the end of dick after not very long. Who knows how long it was, but it was enough time to bring Julia to the edge of an orgasm, but not quite. This time it was my turn to fall into a heap, except I did not fall asleep!Propping myself up to look at Julia, I could see that she was highly worked up and having looked after myself I thought the least I could do was help her in her moment of need. I rolled off her and started playing her clitoris with my fingers which was so wet, my fingers slid back and forwards with such ease, it was no surprise that she was soon moaning as her climax started to approach. ‘Faster! faster!’ she cried as she arched her back. I moved my hand as quickly as I could over her clit but she was writhing around so much it was hard to keep in touch with her, so I then held her down with my other hand in an attempt to stop her moving, but to no avail as this simply karaisalı escort made her move more and more. As she thrashed through a series of orgasms it became a competition to see whether she could move from my increasingly harder attempts to hold her down. Eventually she tried to jump up from the bed as the last, but most powerful orgasm ripped through her body and she let out the dirtiest “oh fuck” I had ever heard from a lover.We lay in the afterglow of our orgasms affectionately kissing and cuddling as if we had been lovers for a long time and started talking about our respective sex lives, which as it turned out had become as boring and predictable as each others’. Julia told me that she had not had such a powerful and physical fuck for as long as she could remember, nor could she remember when she had had such a powerful orgasm. At this point, she admitted that I had awoken a latent desire to be tied down and treated quite roughly. I had never indulged in anything like that before, but as my dick was already starting to show signs of life so I jumped up on to her tits and shoved my dick deep inside her mouth. Not knowing what the response would be I held back from thrusting my dick in and out, and was rewarded as Julia started to move her tongue across the head of my dick………………

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