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A little disclaimer: I like to write about very kinky sexual situations, but I want to be clear about something. In real life I don’t believe that forcing or coercing someone into something they don’t want to do is ok. Ever. I may be a pervert, but I’m a decent person and don’t think that nonconsensual sexual acts are ok to inflict upon anyone.

Having said that. Enjoy my twisted, albeit absurd, tale!


Michelle was feeling vindictive. Her so-called friend, Jennifer, had now fucked two of her boyfriends. They had cheated on her with the bitch. And to hear them tell it, she had seduced them. Obviously, Michelle no longer trusted the whore as far as she could throw her. So she had been thinking of ways to get revenge. A really good idea finally popped into her head.

It was nearing Halloween and she knew about a very special type of haunted house or funhouse that only interested parties usually visited. She had heard about it through some frat boys she knew a year or two ago. It was the perfect solution. All she would have to do is convince Jennifer to check it out. So, a little closer to Halloween, once she knew the house was up and running, she texted her friend to tell her about it.

Jennifer seemed interested and said she’d call her later to discuss it. Michelle smiled to herself thinking about how good this was going to be if it played out like she expected. That evening, Jennifer called to ask more about the funhouse. She asked Michelle if she had been to it herself. She lied and told her that she had been and that it was a cool and exciting.

Jennifer reminded her that she wasn’t really into super scary stuff and asked if it was one of those crazy, freaky ones that they have going now. Michelle downplayed it and said that it wasn’t really like that. She said it was more fun than scary and to disarm the girl even further, she said that she had even brought her own mother to it.

This seemed to reassure Jennifer and she thanked her for letting her know. She might just have to check it out. Michelle didn’t really fully understand the repercussions of her actions yet. It wouldn’t be until later that she found out what she had set in motion.

Later, Jennifer texted her and said that she was going to bring her friend Cynthia. She mentioned that she would have loved to have gone with Michelle, but she didn’t ask since she’d already been. Michelle knew Cynthia and thought she seemed like a stuck up bitch. This was even better. Two stupid bitches were going to get their due punishments.

She decided to call the funhouse and tell them that these two women would be arriving. She mentioned that they both liked things very intense and even told them not to let them fool the people that run the house. She mentioned that they get off on playing innocent. He seemed to get it and Michelle again smiled wickedly once she got off the phone with him. This would be a night that Jennifer and Cynthia wouldn’t soon forget.

Unbeknownst to Michelle, a last-minute change in who Jennifer was going to bring with her was to have quite an effect on the outcome of the evening at the fun house. It was going to be more intense than even Michelle expected.

As it turned out, Cynthia had cancelled at the last minute. Jennifer was disappointed, but still wanted to go to the haunted house. It wasn’t even like she was that excited about it, but those were her plans for the evening and she didn’t have anything else going on. She almost decided to stay home, but she was feeling bored and restless.

She decided to text a couple of friends, but they were busy. She was pissed and was about to give up. It dawned on her suddenly that she hadn’t spent any time with her mom recently. She thought that it might be a fun mother-daughter event since it was supposed to be relatively tame. She had no idea what she was getting them into.

She loved her mother Pam and they got along quite well. Her mom had had her rather young so she wasn’t particularly old at 45. Jennifer was 23 so the difference in age was not very great. To Jennifer, sometimes it seemed more like she had a big sister than a mother.

She figured maybe they could go to this tapas place she knew before hand and grab a snack and a glass of wine or two. As she had hoped, her mother was game. She thought it sounded exciting. They decided to meet at the restaurant and take one car from there.

Soon she was enjoying some wine and chitchat with her mom. They were both having good time and felt quite relaxed. After catching up and getting a little buzzed, they hopped in Jennifer’s car and headed to the haunted house.

Unbeknownst Ceremony:

They parked in the lot across the street from the address and were slightly taken aback by the building. It was nothing to look at from the outside. It was in a somewhat rundown industrial district and was just an old brick building with a simple door and the number illuminated by a fairly dim light. They thought it would look more Halloweeny somehow. The women decided that it must be zorla sex more interesting once you got inside.

Upon entering, they weren’t any more impressed. There was a kind of dingy waiting room with a slutty looking girl at a desk who greeted them. She had major cleavage showing and looked like a porn star or something. They wrote it off as maybe the look being her costume. She was friendly enough though and said they had to sign a couple of waivers which they were slightly surprised by, but she said it was just a formality mostly.

The girl seemed a bit flirty almost which might have slightly distracted them as neither read the fine print or even some of the BIGGER PRINT, eager to get inside a perhaps more enjoyable or spooky part of the haunted house. They signed the documents quickly and the girl then pointed them towards a door and said to go in there to get started. She said, “Hope y’all have a good time……….I know you will.”

Her tone of voice had a strange quality to it. It made Jennifer a little bit nervous. It was kind of playful, but also kind of wicked sounding. She hoped Michelle hadn’t tricked her into going to a really scary haunted attraction. Without spending too much more time worrying about it, she took a deep breath and thought to herself, “Oh well. Here goes.”

They walked into a very small room with nothing in it except for what looked like a metal mechanical door across from them. Once the entrance door had closed they stood there for about 15 seconds wondering what was going on and then all the lights went out and they were in total darkness. It made them nervous to stand in the silent blackness like this.

Suddenly, they heard a loud screech as the mechanical door started to move and it scared the shit out of them. As it opened further they could see that they were looking down a long hallway that appeared more like your typical haunted house. It had eerie purple and orange lights and even some black light painted ghoulish art along with the typical spider webs and other spooky props one would expect. It actually looked pretty cool. Dry ice fog obscured the view somewhat as it drifted here and there.

There was some weird music playing that sounded kind of like some far away classical piece. They started to walk down the hallway slowly. There were creepy props as you would expect, like a big freaky skeleton monster and some sort of wolf man as well.

So far it looked cool, but wasn’t particularly scary. That changed in a flash when they came upon another monster mask that actually lunged at them. It wasn’t mechanical either. It was a fiendish looking doctor covered in blood, carrying what looked like a scalpel. They both screamed and held onto each other before laughing from the cheap scare.

They hurried past the mad scientist and continued down the hall. There were a few more frights like that before the fog started to surround them more densely. They continued walking, barely able to see. It got darker now, but the fog only caused the things that were lit up to glow more vibrantly. The hallway narrowed now and got rather tight, causing them to walk single file.

The music got louder also and they were hearing screams now through the walls. They were weird screams though. Jennifer thought she heard what sounded like spanking or whipping and then the screams would follow, but underneath that she thought she heard what sounded like moaning. Not scary moaning. More like somebody having sex.

This was bizarre. She couldn’t decide if she was scared or not. Her mother held her hand firmly and they continued until they came to another door. When they went through, they were dazzled by what they saw. It appeared to be a bridge in a tunnel but the entire room other than the bridge appeared to be spinning due to some animations, lights, or lasers.

They ventured forth and though they knew it was an illusion, it was very disorienting as they attempted to walk. Pam almost fell down because it screwed with her depth perception and she felt like she was high up or something. They giggled as they stumbled across and were starting to have fun.


They made it across the bridge and opened the door to the next room. The music was louder and more disorienting in the larger reverberant space they had entered. Also there was a strobe light flickering at random intervals which didn’t help things any. They could tell that the room was enormous, as the ceilings were high, but the way in front of them was bounded by walls taller than they could see over. The walls looked grimy and covered with moss and vines and there were random splatters of blood and what appeared to be intestines or something strewn about.

Soon they realized they were in some sort of maze. They hit a dead end and turned back to try a different route. Just then a frightening ghoul jumped out and scared the ever living crap out of them. Again they laughed it off and continued on their way. Eventually Jennifer heard sounds again that were similar to what she’d heard before, porno indir but they were louder now though underneath the music. It definitely sounded like people screaming and being spanked as well as people moaning in pleasure and cussing. She found this confusing and troubling, as did her mother.

They discussed what it could be and thought that it definitely didn’t seem child or teen friendly. Her mom even said she might make a complaint when they got to the end. Not that she minded it so much. It was more that she didn’t think it was appropriate for younger people that might go through the house.

Some of the stuff they were hearing was crazy. Jennifer thought she heard someone say loudly, “Oh, God! I can’t believe you have it all the way inside my ass!”

Then she was quite sure she heard someone say they were cumming. It was all very bizarre, but before they could think much further about it they found their way into the center of the room which was a large, wide open area. They walked out further and looked around. They saw that the maze continued in the other three directions from which they came. They weren’t sure which way to go.

Pam suggested that they should just continue straight ahead. Jennifer was fine with that and they started walking. As they got a little closer to the entrance to this area, a few men that look like crazed prison inmates started to come out. The mother and daughter had to admit they were intimidated even though they knew it was fake. So they headed towards another of the entrances.

As they got nearer to this one, the mad doctor from before walked out with insane looking orderlies and nurses in tow. They were rolling two gurneys and the nurses had syringes. All of them were spattered with blood. The women were both freaked out, but Jennifer laughed as it was a bit exciting.

That left one last opening into the maze and they headed quickly towards it. They had to run as the prison inmates had almost caught up to them. They were almost into the maze, when out of the darkness they saw figures headed towards them. They weren’t sure what to do. They looked around to find that the inmates and the hospital personnel were closing in on them. Upon turning back around they now saw that what was heading towards them was a bunch of zombies. They were trapped and had nowhere to go.

Jennifer saw that the zombies were moving kind of slowly, so she thought maybe they could weave through them. She told Pam her plan and they ran towards them. It didn’t work out so well however and soon they had been swarmed by the zombies who grabbed onto them quite hard actually. The women were surprised at how firmly they held on, but were aghast when they felt other zombie hands begin to roam over their bodies.

They couldn’t believe what was happening. They were being held against their will and the zombies’ hands were squeezing anything they could get their fingers on. Jennifer felt them fondling her tits and her ass. She even felt someone grab her between the legs. She heard her mom screaming and realized that the same thing was happening to her.

Both women screamed at the male and female zombies who had now been joined by the inmates and the evil hospital staff. They cussed and threatened and generally protested at being sexually assaulted in this way. They were utterly astonished at the situation they found themselves in. They were also quite terrified as they felt their bodies get molested in increasingly invasive ways.

Jennifer soon found herself being held by one of the inmates who was incredibly strong. His hand roughly grabbed her pussy through her jeans and began to fondle it as he whispered the filthy shit he was going to do to her in her ear. She yelped in surprise and soon his other hand moved up and began to fondle her firm tits. She suddenly became aware of his hard cock pressed against her ass as well. A strange thought went through her head that if she hadn’t been so scared, she might be a little turned on by being manhandled like this.

Just then she looked over and noticed that her mother was being assaulted in basically the same way by one of the orderlies. They both began fighting to get free, but the men were too strong. Even if they did get free where could they go? They were surrounded and overwhelmed. They each got passed around a few times between the zombies, hospital staff, and prisoners.

She again found herself feeling conflicting things when first one of the nurses then one of the female zombies fondled her. She’d never been with a woman but had been bi-curious for a while. To feel their breasts pressed against her back while they played with her pussy and squeezed her tits was surprisingly arousing. It was even more intense now because both the mother’s and daughter’s pants had been unbuttoned and unzipped and the hands were playing with their cunts through their panties.

It was definitely strange, however, when she looked up and saw all the freakish faces as well as her own mother getting worked over in the same way. The fingers ensest porno on her pussy definitely knew what they were doing, but she had to snap herself out of the reverie and try to figure out how to get away from these people. It was just so hard to focus right now with all the commotion and mixed feelings going through her mind. The fingers found themselves inside her panties and soon she was even more distracted by the mix of sensations.

She looked over and saw that her mother had a similar look of mixed feelings on her face. It was so odd to be watching her mother while feeling like this and being strangely turned on by everything that was happening. She finally got control of herself for minute and started to fight her captors off. Her mother began to do the same, but every time they got away from one set of hands there were several others waiting to grab them.

Soon they were held firmly again and now the group worked together to molest them while removing their clothing piece by piece. Before she knew it, Jennifer’s jeans were off and then her shirt was torn from her. She began screaming. As did her mother. But they were relentless.

She started to cry a little when she saw her mother’s bra get ripped from her and her large breasts flopped out. The same happened to her and their panties were then ripped off and they were totally naked. The inmates and hospital staff leered at them and called them, “Nasty, slutty little cunts…” and all kinds of other dirty names. Fingers began to prod her again and she felt them teasing at the crack of her ass and then run over her crinkled asshole. Another began to fondle her pussy again and when she looked over again she saw zombie fingers pumping in and out of her mother’s cunt.

The situation was completely insane and she didn’t know what to do. A disgusting looking zombie knelt in front of her and began to sloppily eat her pussy. She moaned against her will and soon felt another zombie tongue licking her asshole. It felt amazing, but she was still fighting it and her mind. Other zombie mouths began to lick and suck her tits also and it was such a tremendous sensory overload.

She looked across again and was surprised to find herself vaguely titillated by seeing her mother’s asshole getting licked by a zombie tongue as well. This was some unbelievably fucked up shit. She was about to fight her way out of the reverie again when suddenly they were both grabbed roughly and placed upon the gurneys and strapped down.

Blindfolds were placed over their eyes and they soon found themselves being rolled across the floor to who knows where? Both women were now terrified again and couldn’t help but let out little frightened yelps every time the gurney was bumped or jostled. It seemed like forever that they were being wheeled around in that place before finally coming to a stop.


When their blindfolds were suddenly lifted, they found themselves blinded by bright lights. As their eyes adjusted and they could see more, they found that they were in a bathroom or spa like setting. It had showers, bidets, and other water related accoutrements. They were unhooked from the gurneys and then put in these tilting chairs that held their legs wide open and allowed easy access to their pussies and assholes.

They were left alone in the room for a few minutes in these chairs that were across from each other. Jennifer apologized profusely to her mother for getting them into the situation and her mother said to not worry about it. She knew Jennifer couldn’t have known that anything like this would happen. She also said they needed figure out how to get out of there and not to worry about any of that right now.

Just then the two scary, yet somehow still sexy, nurses came in. Jennifer and her mother pleaded with them to let them go and asked them why they were doing this. One of the nurses said, “You came here for a good time didn’t you? For some fun little thrill? We’re going to give it to you in spades.”

After a pause, she said in an emotionless tone of voice, “It’s time to prep you now.”

The nurses put on rubber gloves and both Jennifer and her mother grew nervous. What could possibly be about to happen? They soon found out, as the nurses lubricated their fingers and spread some of the cool gel over each of the women’s anuses. They then slowly inserted a finger in each of their rectums to lubricate more deeply.

Once the women were lubed up a bit, the nurses grabbed metal nozzles and began to work them slowly into their assholes. The women yelled for them to stop and asked what they were doing, but the nurses continued, wordlessly, to insert them more deeply. Once they were in far enough, they turned water knobs on and soon Jennifer and Pam began to feel warm water squirting up into their asses.

Pam had had enemas before, but only with a little bottle that comes with a kit. She had never really minded them, but this was a strange situation. Jennifer had never felt anything quite like this before though she’d had anal sex a couple of times. It started off feeling really weird but then it became more pleasant. That didn’t last for too long though because soon she felt like she was filled up and it was somewhat uncomfortable. Thankfully they turned off the water at this point and told them to hold it in.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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