Funnel Ch. 03

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The following day saw Thomas at Audrey’s house. He was there to begin the chores she had promised him. The only problem so far, was that he didn’t know where she was. He wandered around aimlessly for a bit and then spotted a handwritten note on the refrigerator. It read: “Thomas- I ran out for a bit to take care of some important business. I will be back in about an hour. Feel free to use the bathroom if you have to. –Ms. Green.” He felt a little guilty about that last part referring to the bathroom. He was thinking he might actually take her up on it though, when he suddenly heard voices coming through the open kitchen window. From his position, he could see clearly into the kitchen next door. He watched Isabella Fortune enter with Audrey Green and the ugly brute from the other day. He was completely naked and on all fours. Ms. Fortune was showing off a metal bucket to Ms. Green who was staring into it in apparent disbelief. He watched as Ms. Green turned suddenly on one high heel and began wagging her extended finger at the naked male, scolding him for something.

As the next hour unfolded, Thomas stared straight ahead with his exposed cock in his fist stroking it. He saw the women lead the male further into the kitchen and then, as Ms. Fortune removed her skirt to reveal her lovely stockings, saw Ms. Green taking a wooden spoon from a drawer. The clothed women looked especially pretty in contrast to the gross, hulking male who was naked and sweaty from his indignity.

In Ms. Fortune’s kitchen, Audrey was doing as Isabella instructed her. She stood at the rear of the pervert and used the flat of the wooden spoon to heft his balls and tease them. She rubbed the coarse wood back and forth over his bare scrotum and scolded him softly as she did it. She was slightly flushed herself. She had never seen such a big pair of balls on a man before. Despite their fascinatingly large appearance, she thought them quite ugly and told him so. Abandoning his testicles, she began spanking him with the spoon at Isabella’s urging. She found it quite fun and proper to discipline him like a child.

Beneath dickhead’s legs his mammoth cock was bobbing stiffly in the air. His boner was living testimony to his love of this peculiar form of degradation. He gasped as he felt Ms. Fortune’s silky gloved hand squeeze his dick at its base. She was wearing a pair of white lace gloves that teased the sensitive skin of his erection as she handled it knowingly. He felt her very slowly slide her little hand down from the base toward the head, where she paused torturously and then began rhythmically squeezing the spongy head like the atomizer on a perfume bottle. She chuckled wickedly as he bucked up and down from the intensity of the cloth pattern woven into the gloves, biting into his cockhead. There was a sharp smack as Audrey brought wooden spoon down onto his bare bottom.

Back in Ms. Green’s kitchen, Thomas was beating off with a vengeance. He Maltepe Escort was sweaty and dull-witted with lust. Legs spread wide apart and his penis in hand he surveyed the decadent scene with horrified curiosity. He watched the women berate and tease the naked wretch at their feet and jerked harder on his own penis. Ms. Green who squatted down demurely next to him brought the bucket under the man’s crotch. He watched as she almost shyly reached under his bare bottom from the rear to help Ms. Fortune masturbate the big penis. He now knew what was in the bucket that had so captivated the woman. He remembered the way Ms. Fortune had beamed with pride as she showed off the contents… like a farmer with a prized milking cow. He felt faint. His head had begun to spin with the labor of his frenzied jacking and his eyes were rolling back into his head. He closed them and concentrated on the profound ejaculation that was forthcoming. Time lost meaning to him and all that mattered was painting Ms. Greens kitchen sink with his steaming hot load. He would clean it up later. She would never know. Never know. Never know. Oh god. It was going to be huge. He began to tremble… and then… he felt a stinging hard slap to his bare fanny.

His eyes snapped open and he turned to face the fully dressed Ms. Audrey Green, holding the wooden spoon in hand and glaring at him with hard accusing eyes.

“Shame on you! What on earth are you doing in my house half naked and playing with yourself?”

She brought the wooden spoon down again on his bare ass. Once. Twice. He shuddered with the force of his embarrassment. There was clearly no explaining this other than to admit his guilt. He was masturbating in her kitchen and looking at the perversion taking place in the house next door. Not waiting for any explanation, Ms. Green seized him by the ear and marched him toward the rear door to the house. She shoved him hard out into the cool morning air with his penis still exposed and his pants at his ankles. He heard loud female laughter and looked up to see a group of young girls in cheerleader uniforms standing in the alley not ten feet away. They were looking right at him and pointing with big smiles on their pretty faces. Audrey delivered another harsh spank to his reddening ass with the spoon.

“March! Right this second, Thomas. I don’t want to have to tell you again.”

He slowly got to his feet and started to draw his underpants up when she smacked his hand away and told him to leave them down. The girls were in hysterics. They continued to point at him with their fingers and make embarrassing comments about his privates on full display. One of them, a cute blond in a ponytail, reached down to the hem of her short skirt and turned her back to him lifting it up and flashing her adorable little white cotton panties at him. His stiffening penis reared up at the sight and made them laugh all the more. Ms. Green once again took him İstanbul Escort by the ear and marched him over to the house next door… to Ms. Fortune’s. His face was beet red and his ears burned with the girlish laughter from the cheerleaders he had been exposed in front of. He was led into the kitchen wear Ms. Fortune and her milking slave were waiting. In no uncertain terms, Ms. Green told him to strip. He quickly complied and the two dominant women eyed his nude body up and down. Isabella Fortune sauntered over and proceeded to strap his hands behind his back. Then she whispered something in Audrey’s ear that made her eyes go wide and her hand cover her mouth in dismay. She nodded her understanding, however, and the two went to work on preparing the young man for further indignities.

A half hour later, Thomas found himself in cruel bondage. He had been laid on his back naked with his entire upper body encased in some kind of leather straight jacket. This of course left him exposed from the waist down. His head had been forced into a tight fitting leather helmet that covered him entirely except for his mouth and two small holes for his nostrils. There was more… they had fastened some kind of apparatus to his mouth opening but because he could no longer see, he could only guess what it was. The thing had a protrusion that led into his mouth and kept it forced open. It was hollow as he could breath through it.

With the large sturdy rubber funnel in place on the paperboy’s face, Audrey stepped back to admire her handiwork. She was shivering slightly with lust at the plans Isabella had revealed regarding this new acquisition. There on the floor next to his leather covered head was the bucket from the kitchen. The bucket full of cum. She wrinkled her cute little nose up slightly from the smell of the stuff. With a nod from Isabella, Audrey smiled and hefted the pail up over Thomas’ face. She slowly began to tip it causing the white sloppy contents to roll toward the rim. There was a pregnant pause right before the sperm began to plop down into the funnel opening in big heavy dollops. Thomas recoiled at first and began to wriggle about in his bindings. There was no way for him to gain control of his situation. He was at the mercy of the neighbor ladies. He gulped down the awful semen to avoid drowning in it. It was bitter and sticky and so very very thick. His mind filled with images of the big penis and balls which had produced it and fought to turn his head but was held fast when Isabella used her black stockinged foot on his forehead to pin him down. In his discipline helmet he heard muffled feminine giggles and comments being exchanged as his mouth continued to be filled repeatedly with cum. His cheeks began to expand from the amount he took in. Soon, he was forced to begin swallowing almost nonstop to keep the tube clear. It seemed that the supply of sperm was inexhaustible. There was so much and it just kept Anadolu Yakası Escort coming and coming! Audrey did not relent and she tipped up the bucket to the point of topping off the funnel and letting him drink it down before filling it full once again. All the while she scolded and chided him as she poured.

Isabella Fortune was delighted at the job the young man was doing at eating from the cum bucket. She left for a moment to go to her closet and brought out a leather collar with a small id tag dangling from it. She proudly showed it to Audrey who had just put down the now empty bucket. Audrey smiled wickedly, as she read aloud from the tag: “Funnel”.

As day turned to night Thomas reflected on the indignities he had suffered so far. He had downed sperm from a large bucket, had been spanked and masturbated by Ms. Audrey, he had even had to suckle and clean the sweaty stockinged toes of both Women while they gloated over him and prodded him along with riding crops. This latest intrusion, however, was the worst yet. He had been buckled into a bent over kneeling position with his naked ass in the air. His head low and fastened with a leash to a ring on the floor. Behind him stood dickhead with his huge stiff cock near his ass. Isabella Fortune approached him from the side with a big bottle of hand lotion. She unscrewed the lid and poured a generous amount over her palms. As she smeared the lotion into her pretty hands she spoke to the paperboy.

“Now you get milked like cow, eh?”

She grasped his swollen cock in one greasy fist and began a very slow pulling motion. His balls jiggled under the pulling and his cock head flared around her fingers as they traveled up and down.

“You like your new name, huh? Do you? Funnel? I call you funnel because you so good at drinking down the ball milk.”

She laughed at his shame and continued her slow masturbation. Audrey was watching with rapt attention, her arms folded across her bosom. She slowly walked around him to stand at his rear next to dickhead. “Funnel’s” asshole was almost rhythmically opening and closing in time to Isabella’s wicked milking. It made Audrey smile.

“Oh yeah. Beat him off, Isabella. I can see his butthole winking at me while you do it.”

They both laughed at that and Ms. Fortune increased her pace and gripped the slippery penis more firmly in her hand. Her bracelets jingled exotically as her fist worked his dick over in a parody of discreet juvenile masturbation. After a bit of this to arouse him, she slowed back down and took dickheads large penis in her other hand. She jacked it with slippery, lotion covered strokes. Each time she pulled it she brought the big head closer to Funnel’s asshole. She was now jacking off two perverts at the same time and smiling all the while. When Funnel felt the blunt cockhead butt up against his tight anus he gasped. Surely they wouldn’t degrade him so utterly by making him take a cock up his ass?! Then he felt a second pair of womanly hands on his bottom cheeks, spreading them far apart to further expose his tiny opening. Isabella began working the fat head into the young man’s asshole, perspiring slightly as she did. It was slow going but she was a very determined woman.

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