FUTA Pharmaceuticals Ch. 06

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Chapter 6: Out of the Cage

A naked girl was suspended in the middle of the small room with her limbs spread apart so her body made a wide ‘X’ with her head dangling limp between her shoulders. A monstrous dildo was pistoning in and out of her ass, and another device enveloping her cock was slowly stroking her. I didn’t have any more time to process the view when a shriek emanated from one of two more girls standing in the opposite corner of the room behind the drooling mess in the center.

“It’s them!” a girl with fiery red hair in a long ponytail yelled. “Get Mistress Snow!”

The other girl, a brunette, scrambled towards an intercom mounted on the wall opposite of her. Without time to think further, Lilith and I charged straight at her as we raced to the intercom. She beat us to the device with about a half second to spare, but it wasn’t enough.

Her fingers danced across the keypad before blurting out, “Hel-” and her body was quickly tackled to the floor by both of us. The microphone clicked off as soon as her finger left the button, and it wasn’t long before she resorted to simply screaming our heads off, but Lilith quickly covered her mouth with both of her hands and sat on her stomach. Her muffled cries could still be heard by everyone, but my focus was on the remaining girl.

I glanced back up from the brunette under our bodies back at the redhead cowering in her corner. “Brittany, make sure the other one doesn’t do anything stupid, yeah?” I called back through strained panting.

“I’m on it.” She replied. Brittany had already placed Sophia gently on the floor, and paced over to the redhead. As she closed the distance, the girl shrank onto the floor and curled up.

“Please. Don’t hurt me.” She pleaded.

I refocused on the brunette still planted firmly beneath me and Lilith. She had stopped trying to scream through Lilith’s hands and was just reduced to a sobbing mess on the floor. I looked to Lilith and nodded. Getting the message, Lilith slowly lifted her hands. Together, we got up off of the floor and each grabbed one of the brunette’s arms.

“Get up.” Lilith groaned as she and I pulled the girl to her feet. I let go of her arm, and Lilith gave her a little shove towards her friend. “Join your friend on the floor.” Trembling, she slowly got down to the floor and took a seat next to the redhead. All three of us stood above them as they both looked back up at us with teary eyes. I took this moment to really take them in. Like everyone else in the facility, they were quite beautiful. Both wore the familiar white jumpsuits underneath a white lab coat much like Doctor Allison’s. Looking down at them provided an ample view down into their cleavages, or lack thereof. The tan-skinned brunette was nearly flat-chested, but the paler redhead had nice handfuls stuffed into her jumpsuit.

Looking around the room I noticed a couple walls were lined with tables topped with various beakers, phials, and jars. Nearly all the containers were filled with a creamy white liquid that wasn’t really a mystery to me at this point. A strange mix between a whimper, a moan, and a pained groan turned me towards the girl in the middle of the room, and I saw the dildo was still working her rear hole. Her thick dick was visibly pulsing as I saw her empty her shrivelling balls into the device clamped around her member. Every drop of cum travelled through a hose connected to the end and slowly dripped into a beaker placed on a nearby table. The machine didn’t stop fucking her, and her dick didn’t wilt even a little bit. The vicious cycle just continued on as the helpless girl just shivered through her orgasm.

I sighed for her and turned back to the two girls curled up beneath us.

“W- What do you want?” the brunette asked and stared at me with wide chocolate-colored eyes.

“How about we start by getting that poor girl out of there!” I barked.

The flat-chested girl yelped and said, “Ok, j- just press the small red button up there.” She pointed above her head to a series of buttons on a console with a screen displaying a series of graphs and charts.

Lilith followed her finger, and reached for the red button labeled ‘release’. Soon after, the dildo unseated itself from the girl’s gaping orifice and retracted into the floor with a trail of lube still clinging on where it came from. All of the restraints around her (including her dick) released her, and Brittany was already there to catch the girl’s limp body in her arms.

I saw the girl’s half-lidded eyes and a long string of drool trailing from the corners of her lips. I shuddered and thought to myself. Sophia almost became that. My hatred fully renewed for this sterile hell, I glared back at the two girls.

“We’re trying to get the fuck out of here.” I said coldly. “You girls wouldn’t know a way out would you?”

“N- no no, we don’t know anything like that! Promise!” The tan beauty said in earnest.

Lilith chuckled to herself. “Really? I find that hard to believe with how you two seem to have your own lab to yourselves, elazığ escort a poor girl to toy with, and those nice white coats all to yourself. I would say you girls have access around the place. Or perhaps you know someone who does.”

I noticed the redhead avert her eyes after Lilith’s last statement.

“Got something to say?” I questioned.

The only response I received was a pathetic whine. I lowered myself to kneel beside her and moved my head closer to hers. The end of my baton soon found itself tilting her chin back towards me so I could look into her eyes.

“N- n- no no no. Please.” She pleaded with me with fresh tears streaming down her face.

“I’ll be honest,” I began in a low tone. “I’m not entirely sure how powerful these things are, but I think I could send enough current through you to make you sing. Or maybe even worse. Who knows?” Slowly, my thumb brushed over a button on the baton’s hilt.

“No, please! I don’t know for sure, b- but I think I know someone that might know how to leave.”

“Who?” Lilith cut in.

“Mistress Piper. She’s in charge of shipping the stuff we make somewhere else. That’s all I know, I swear!” The girl devolved back into sobbing.

My baton lowered back to my side, and I looked to our other captive. “I don’t care what you have to do. Get Mistress Piper here.”

Carefully, the brunette picked herself backup and slowly ambled back to the intercom on the wall. Lilith immediately followed her closely with a baton placed squarely into her side. With trembling fingers, she started to dial a number, but was interrupted by Lilith slapping her hand away. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

“I- I have to use this to call her here. It’s lockdown and nobody but the guards and Mistresses can walk around. I won’t call anyone else, I swear!”

“I know you won’t. Because if you do–” Lillith stopped in the middle of her sentence and grasped the thin brunette’s lab coat. It soon hit the floor, and Lilith moved onto the jumpsuit that the girl was wearing.

“Hey! What’re you doing?!” She protested.

“Shut up.” Lilith retorted.

Pressing on, Lilith had quickly unzipped the jumpsuit and pulled it down just enough to expose the tanned ass beneath it. Without any warning, Lilith’s shock baton found its way down her captive’s body and prodded against the flat chested girl’s pucker before being inserted about an inch in.

“EEEK! WHY?!” The girl cried.

“Consider it insurance. Now make the call.” Lilith droned back.

The girl, now panting from the sudden intrusion, entered in a series of numbers on the keypad in front of her, and pressed a button to speak into the microphone. As soon as the other side connected, Lilith pressed another inch deeper into the girl.

“T- This is 34 in sample collection lab 2. We’ve got an emergency with, uh…”

Lilith pressed deeper into her tight asshole and threatened her with a death stare.

“The samples.”

The receiving end rang back clear. “The whole facility is locked down, are you sure you want to tell Mistress Piper this right now? It can’t wait?! 34, you know how she gets when she’s angry!” A concerned voice finished.

“I know, just please trust me, 27. I need her to come look at this. It’s an emergency!”

A moment of silence passed before the other end responded, and Lilith started to slightly deeper to make the girl squirm a little more.

“WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THE SAMPLES?! First the lockdown, and now THIS?! The fuckin’ shipment is gonna be late, an’ it’ll be MY ass that gets reamed!” A loud, angry voice with a thick Irish accent snarled through the speaker.

The brunette physically recoiled from the intercom and raised her hands up to cover her ears. Her finger gingerly depressed the microphone button again.

“U- Um, we’re not sure. Just come take a look to see if you can use these for shipment. Please.”

“You’d better get your ass ready for the drilling of your fuckin’ life if this is a waste of my time! AGH!” The intercom then cut out.

Lilith’s grip on the baton tightened before drawing it nice and slow out of its captivity. She then placed her hands on the girl’s shoulders to turn her away from the intercom. “Good job. Go sit next to your friend.”

The tan beauty took one step back towards the corner of the room before Lilith reeled her baton back. Soon after, the electrified metal met the back of her head and she silently crumpled to the floor unconscious.

“NOOO! W- WHY DID YOU DO TH-” The redhead started to get hysterical before I put her to sleep as well with my own baton.

“Uhhh. You guys didn’t have to do that. Did you?” Brittany asked with wide eyes.

Lilith joined us again dragging the limp body behind her. “Maybe not, but they were annoying me, and we don’t need them anymore.” She punctuated with a thud from nonchalantly dropping the deadweight. Brittany winced at the sound.

Lilith looked back to me. “C’mon let’s strip them. Looks like they’ll fit me elvankent escort and you.” She averted her gaze to Brittany and continued, “Sorry Brit, You’ll be bursting out of those suits. Take the coats for you and Sophia.”

Soon enough, all of us were at least somewhat decent, although it was rather amusing to see Brittany’s dick hang a little below the hem of the lab coat.

“We need to be ready. Whoever this Mistress Piper is. She’s headed here soon.” I spoke to the group.

Brittany looked at me confused. “Yeah but, she’s not exactly going to help us out of her good will, and I don’t think putting her in a coma is gonna be… effective.”

I chuckled and looked towards the center of the room where the twisted torture device was installed. “I think I can think of at least one way to make her a little more agreeable.”


The door to the lab slid open and a head of ginger hair in a blue jumpsuit burst into the room. “NOW WHAT THE FU-“

What she failed to see in her haste was everyone but Sophia flattened against the wall next to the door. As soon as the angry blue jumpsuit cleared the threshold of the door, Lilith pushed a button to close the door behind her, Brittany bear hugged her from behind and used her weight to force her to her knees.

“EY, WHAT’S THE MEANING OF THIS?!” The angry Irish woman tried to break free and snarled up at me. She tried desperately to free herself, but the larger and stronger blonde held her fast.

I looked back down at her and said, “A couple of little birdies informed me you might know a way out of this place. What do you say?”

“HA!” She spat at my feet. “And what makes you think I’m gonna tell you anything? Considering guards are looking for you cunts, it won’t be long until they find you hiding here!”

Lilith lowered herself until she was eye level with Mistress Piper. “We figured you’d say that.” She looked over to Brittany and motioned her to move toward the center of the room. “That’s Ok. We’ll make do with what time we have.”

“Hey, hey, hey, what the HELL do ya think you’re doin’?!” She kicked and flailed the whole way there in Brittany’s embrace.

Before she could injure any of us, Lilith and I quickly grabbed one of her legs and pulled them into the restraints before locking them down all while the redhead was trying her best to escape.

“Threatening me with a good time, huh? That’s your plan? I fuckin’ designed this damn thing! I can take whatever you fuckin’ got!” She started to laugh at us.

Lilith and I then helped Brittany lock in Piper’s arms above her head, and Lilith replied, “Good. I feel even less for you than I did before.”

Not wanting to waste anymore time, We began to tear into her jumpsuit. I unzipped the front so her pale modest tits were bared to us, and her behemoth of a cock flopped out. Piper noticed me linger for a split second at the sight of her cock. “Like what you see, eh? Let me go an’ I’ll stretch your holes real ni-” Her sharp gasp escaped her lips as the giant dildo made its way into her ass. “Aghh, Jesus, FUCK!” She kept swearing as the inches kept invading her until it was completely hilted inside her. Her breathing turned ragged as the dildo held still inside her. “What, you think that’s gonna do it?” She taunted.

“I’m glad it didn’t. Would be boring otherwise, but I’m sure you know what comes next. You designed it right?” Lilith returned. “Annie, start it up please.”

Glancing back over to the control panel, I nudged a lever labeled ‘penetration speed’ to the 25% mark. The rubber cock lodged in Piper’s asshole slowly dragged back out until only the tip remained inside where it lingered for a split second before reversing its direction back into her.

“Aghh, FUCK that’s big.” Piper started to pant. As the dildo leisurely fucked her, her pale length of fuckmeat steadily stiffened to its full length.

Lilith took a peak around the suspended Irish woman to spy her front. “I must admit, your cock must be just as big as the one inside you. Impressive.”

Piper laughed at Lilith. “Well I goddamn hope so. It’s, hngg, molded after me.”

I had to agree with Lilith on this one too. Piper’s throbbing cock was easily just shy of 11 inches long and with thickness to back it up. On the woman’s small frame, it looked comically large on her. I closed the gap between us so that only her cock separated the two of us and wrapped my hand around the middle of her shaft. My hand wouldn’t even make it all the way around it when I did so. Looking up into her emerald eyes, I asked, “So, about that ticket out of here. What can you tell us?”

Piper scoffed back at me. “HA! I’m not telling you shit, you stupid bitch! Keep jacking me off, cunt.”

“Fine.” I replied curtly. My hand around her length tightened and slowly moved along her cock to the tip. A small stream of precum beaded eryaman escort up and dribbled down her crown. I stroked her a couple more times to coax out more precum each time.

“Mmm…” Piper moaned. “Lass, while you’re at it, I’d prefer if you’d use one of your holes. If it’s my cum you want, I’ll gladly fill you up.”

I silently returned back to the console and flipped a switch. From the floor in front of piper, a clear tube rose and stopped just in front of her dick. Stepping to her side, I grasped her leaking dick with one hand and the tube with the other. Soon, the tube engulfed the pale log down to the hilt . Another press of a button and the tube locked itself there. Inside, a rubber ring tightened around the base of Piper’s girldick and started to move up and down her shaft.

With her cock replica piercing her rosebud and a machine jerking her off, Piper’s breathing became more ragged. “So what’s the plan, girls? Treat me to a good time, and hope I’ll tell you what you want to hear? It-, fuckkk, it’s a shit plan if you ask me.”

Lilith piped up now. “See that girl on the floor? The one drooling.” She pointed at the poor soul that had been in the machine’s clutches before Piper. “That’s what you’ll become if you don’t help us.”

Piper laughed. “You really are a bunch of dumb cunts, then! You know how long it takes for us to properly break a girl like that? Days. You’ll be found before the hours up I reckon, so good luck with that. I’ll just enjoy my little break up here gettin’ fucked and stroked for a while.”

“Is that so?” I asked. “I guess we’ll just have to… speed up the process.” I punctuated each of the last words by turned up the speed of the cock drilling her backside. Soon enough, it was furiously moving in and out of the Irishwoman.

“AGHH FUCK, OHHHH MY GOD!” Piper screamed and devolved into rapid heavy breathing and moaning. A steady stream of precum began trickling out of her mammoth cock. Apparently, the fake cock also lubricated itself, as the redhead’s ass was now squelching with wetness as clear liquid was squeezed out with every thrust into her asshole.

Lilith giggled and raised her hand high above her head. Suddenly, she struck Piper’s ass and a loud clap rang around the room.

Piper screamed again, and moaned whorishly as Lilith now had an asscheek in each hand massaging the flesh.

Not a minute later, Piper was quickly brought to her peak. “C- CUMMING!” Looking into the glass tube, Piper’s cock visibly shook, pulsed, and struggled against the bindings as cum erupted from the tip. A hose connected to the other end of the tube readily drank jet after jet of creamy white jizz coming out of the ginger. Once she was wrung dry, the dildo ceased its frantic fucking, and Piper hung her head in exhaustion.

The console beeped behind me, and I moved to look at the screen above it. It read, “Semen collected. Continue?”

I looked behind me back at the ginger. “Well, Piper, Are you ready to talk?”

“F- fuck you. It’ll take a lot more than that to make me sing. Like I said, th-” Her voice now struggling to get the words out.

Without leaving her gaze, I reached a hand out back to the console and pressed ‘continue’.

The huge rubber member immediately launched back into Piper’s stretched asshole and began round two.

“FUCK!” Piper screamed at its sudden intrusion. As she was continually violated again, a needle connected to one of her foot restraints pricked her and emptied a liquid into her bloodstream. In seconds, her limp dick grew rigid again. “N- Noo, fuckkk, It’s still too sensitive!” Piper whimpered and started to pant again.

Lilith spanked her again, and Piper followed with another whorish moan. Lilith relentlessly kept raining down on the ginger’s once pale ass, and Piper’s resolve kept weakening.

The dildo continued reaming her tight hole for another minute or two before Piper screamed again. “HNGGG!” Once again, the tube filled up with another fresh load of cum, and the dildo unseated itself from her leaving a slightly gaped asshole in its wake. The computer read the same message as before.

“Ready now?!” I yelled.

“Go to hell, cunt.” Piper’s voice was barely above a whisper.

“Suit yourself.” I returned. I reached for the ‘continue’ button again, but before I could reach it, Brittany interrupted me.

“Wait.” She said. “I, uh, want to use her this time. Also, Sophia’s getting a little uneasy again. Please?”

Lilith smiled at her. “Of course, Brit. You two use her all you like. I think Annie and I might just join you guys.”

I grabbed our captive’s face with my hand to move her head so I could look her in the eyes. “I guess it’s our turn now. Lucky us.” I let go, and let her face fall back to stare at the floor. Returning to the control console, I pressed a few buttons to release Piper from her restraints and the pale body unceremoniously hit the floor. A gasp of air escaped her lungs, and her shaking limbs struggled to pick herself back up. We watched with amusement as she kept stumbling before she finally started to crawl on all fours towards the intercom. Before taking her second step, Brittany paced over to her side and quickly kneeled behind her. The tall blonde’s hands soon grasped Piper’s hips which forced the redhead to stop in her tracks.

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