Game Night 1

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Game Night 1Jessica was looking forward to getting home today. It was Friday and that meant that tonight was game night. It had been a tradition for as long as she could remember that her parents’ and younger brother would spend Friday night playing board games and enjoying each other’s company. She loved her new car that her daddy had bought her recently and loved to play with the radio controls on the steering wheel. She had just turned back to her favorite channel when she heard an announcement that made her get a little concerned.“All listeners in the Elmore area are being advised to keep a sharp lookout for two escaped convicts. The men are described as black with shaved heads. Both of the men are over six feet tall with medium builds. These men are desperate and should be avoided at all cost!” The announcer said before the music again came on.The Elmore area was her neighborhood! Deep in her mind she remembered the many lurid conversations she had with her friends about how all black men wanted was to r*** pretty white women! Worse was the fact that once a white woman went black, she could never go back to white men and they would not her if she tried. Where she lived there were no black people but any time, she went into the city she would become terrified whenever a black man even looked at her.Then she laughed to herself as she thought how quickly two black men would be spotted in her all white upper middle-class neighborhood. No, they will not be on the run very long! Just a few minutes later she pulled into her parent’s driveway and walked into the house.“I’m home! Mom? Dad?” She called as she walked through the kitchen. She was little mystified as to why her parents were not in the kitchen as normal. Then she heard a noise upstairs in the bonus room. She suspected that they were up in the bonus room where they watched TV some of the time. “What are you doing up here?” She said as she entered the room over the garage.It was then that she saw her parents and her brother tied up in three separate chairs. Then she felt a large hand close over her mouth as a large black man stepped in front of her. Her scream was muffled by the hand clamped across her mouth as the other man pulled her hands behind her back. Before she knew what happened she was bound and tied to a fourth chair.“We have them all now!” One of the black men said with relief.“Yeah now all we have to do is stay low until they think we moved on. In mean time we can have something to eat instead of that swill they serve in prison. Maybe the mom there can cook us something good. If not, maybe we could show her how we make chocolate cream pie.” Said the second black man with laugh as he looked at Jessica’s mother.The first man walked over to Jessica’s mom. He pulled the duct tape of her mouth making she scream with pain. Both black men laughed as the thirty-six-year old blonde looked at her captors with terror in her eyes.“Can you cook, bitch?” Asked the black man.“Please don’t hurt me!” she pleaded.“What is your name, bitch?” The black man replied.“Marsha” Her mom said with a quiver in her voice.“Can you cook, Marsha?” He asked again and Marsha nodded her head.Jessica watched as her mother was untied by the black man and then the two left the room. It was not long before Jessica could smell the delicious aroma of her mother cooking steaks. The other black man looked at her and she felt her fear grip her again.“You scared little sis?” Asked the remaining black man and Jessica nodded and stifled her own whimper.He walked over and slowly pulled the tape off of her mouth. The fear she felt was replaced by the pain of the tape being removed.“Just stay quiet and I will leave this off. Now what is your name little sis?” He asked gently as his dark eyes looked into her pale blue eyes.“Jessica, sir.” She said quietly.“My name is Curtis. Your pretty for a skinny little white girl. Maybe I should put my big black cock in your mouth. Ever had a black cock?” He asked as he chuckled and watched her shake.“No, please don’t hurt me!” She said as her stomach did flip flops.His hand stroked her face and she tried not to cry. Then his hand moved down and cupped her small tit. Jessica had made out with her boyfriend and she had allowed him feel her A cupped tits but she had never gone farther than that. She was no slut! Now the large black man was squeezing her tit and rubbing his thumb over her nipple that was suddenly rock hard. “Not much in the tit department. On the other hand, I hear white girls love to suck cock.” Curtis canlı bahis said with a grin as he stepped back and unzipped his pants and pulled out his semi-erect cock.Jessica, her father and brother all looked at Curtis as he stroked his cock. Curtis reached down and grabbed Jessica by the back of the head and placed the large black cock head to her lips. She clamped her lips tightly together as she was determined to not give in to being ravaged.“Open your mouth little sis! If you don’t I will fuck your little brother in his ass! Remember, I have been in prison and many little white boys have been made into my bitches. I happen to prefer women but a tight white ass is always a good substitute.” He said with a cruel laugh as her brother whimpered and started to cry.Jessica looked up and looked deep into Curtis’s eyes and then her lips opened. She felt her mouth filled with cock for the first time in her life. He gripped her head and slowly pushed his big black dick in and out of her mouth. When she opened her eyes, she could see her daddy watching as her mouth was being fucked. His look was so strange. She thought he would be angry or scared but instead he just watched intently. Then Curtis pulled his cock from her mouth. He looked down at her as she sat there breathing hard. Jessica suddenly could taste him in her mouth. The taste made her mouth water as her eyes locked on his now fully erect cock.“Want some more?” Curtis said as he moved close to her lips. “If you want it just open your mouth.”Jessica opened her mouth without thinking and began to push and pull the cock in and out of her mouth. Her mouth was filled with an even stronger taste of excited cock. Her mind whirled as she screamed at herself for being a fucking slut but another part of her knew she needed to serve this man, a black man.“Ever seen your sister suck cock?” Curtis asked her brother who shook his head “no” but he watched intently as her pink lips moved up and down the black shaft.Jessica looked up at Curtis as she tried to take as much cock in her mouth as she could. In her peripheral vision she could see her father watching as his face was pale but his eyes watched with passion that said he wanted to see her sucking her first ever cock. On the other side her brother was also watching as he squirmed in his seat. When she looked up at Curtis he had his eyes closed and was rolling his head from side to side. Jessica felt pride at making the man feel so good. The feeling of his cock sliding between her lips and then against her tongue with that big spongy head hitting the opening to her throat was so erotic. Jessica knew she would suck cock as often as she could. She wondered would she only suck black cock after this. It just felt so good. Then he pulled his cock from her mouth and rapidly stroked his cock. She was just wondering what this meant when the first massive blast of semen hit her nose and lips. “Oh Fuck yes!” Curtis screamed as his balls emptied onto the pretty blonde girl’s face.Her father moaned as he watched his daughter being facialized. Cum was splattering on her forehead as her mom walked into the room and stifled a scream as even more cum coated her daughter’s young pretty face. Her brother could not believe how sexy it was to see Jessica getting blasted just like in the porn he watched every time he could. His only regret was that he could not stroke off while watching.Jessica went from surprised to a feeling of pleasure as the warm sticky cum pelted her face. When she opened her mouth a globe of cum landed on her tongue. It was an even more intense taste of a man and suddenly her tender virgin pussy pulsed with excitement. She had never even imagined that it could be like this. “Oh fuck I needed that! Best blow job I have had since I went to jail.” He said as he wiped his cock with the blonde girl’s hair.“Better than those little sissy boys? That would not be hard to beat! Since you tried the little bitch I think Mom can do me. By the way there is a steak waiting downstairs.” The other black man said.“Alright James. Have fun but save some pussy for me.” Curtis said as he pulled up his pants and left the room.“Get your clothes off!” James said to Marsha as his eyes seemed to focus on her.“Please, not in front of my family!” Marsha pleaded.“Get your fucking clothes off or I am going to pound your old man like a drum and then fuck you anyways. You know who is in control now!” James said as he walked over and stood behind Jessica’s father.Marsha quickly began to shed her clothes. When bahis siteleri she pulled off her dress everyone was treated to her sexy black lace panties and matching bra that held her full C cup tits. She hesitated to unhook the bra but James pointed at her husband. Her bra came off and her firm tits were revealed to everyone in the room. Marsha turned bright red when she realized that her son, Junior was looking at her and his eyes were locked on her tits. Then she noticed the big bulge in his pants.“Oh god, my son is getting turned on by me!” She thought as she hooked her fingers into her panties. Junior watched her slowly lower her panties. Marsha could see the awe that came on his face as he saw his mother nude. Marsha again looked at the big bulge in his pants and she felt a rush of sexual arousal hit her.James laughed as she peeled the panties off and tried to cover her pussy with her hand. He walked over and pulled her hand away to reveal her wispy blonde pubic hair that was trimmed neatly for her bathing suit. His black hand explored her pussy and she wanted to die of embarrassment as she realized she had become aroused. “Nice pussy! I bet your husband loves to lick this here.” James said as he stroked her aroused clit making her jerk. This just made him laugh as he began to finger her pussy while his other hand played with her tit.“Let’s show them just what you look like there Marsha.” James said as he made her bend over with her ass to her family. Then he spread her ass cheeks open and rubbed his thumb over her asshole which made her flinch and again the black man found this extremely funny. “Maybe you need to have this asshole stretched.” James said as Marsha groaned.Then James opened her pussy and her entire family could see the pink flesh of the inside of her cunt. James began to fuck her pussy with two fingers. Marsha moaned as his finger seemed to go in so deep. He found her G-spot and suddenly she found it hard to stand as he massaged her pussy like it had never been before. Her breathing quickened and her body was sweating like she was running a race. Her heart was pounding. Then he pushed his thumb up her butt.“OH FUCK! OH FUCK! PLEASE! Cummmmmming!” Marsha screeched as her body went limp like a wet noodle.Her husband watched as his wife erupted like a volcano. Her juices were spraying out of her. Her face was contorted. Jessica was shocked as she watched her mom orgasm. She wondered what such an intense orgasm was like. Then she blushed as she realized she was jealous.“Ever had a black cock before?” James asked and Marsha could only moan but her head shook “no”. “Then you need to get black fucked right now!” James said but he was looking at her husband as he positioned her doggy style facing her family.Jessica inhaled sharply when she saw the big cock come out of James’s underwear. Curtis was big but James was even bigger and thicker. She heard a groan and looked at her father whose eyes were open wide in shock. On the other hand, her brother looked like his eyes were burning with desire to see his mom fucked.Marsha looked over her shoulder when she noticed the looks on her family’s faces. “Oh NO! That is too big! You will split me open!” Marsha pleaded but what she did not know was her son and daughter longed to see her fucked with that giant cock. Her husband closed his eyes as he realized that his most secret sexual fantasy was about to happen. He had wanted his pretty and proper wife used by a giant black cock for years.“Just the head to begin with.” James laughed as the bulbus head entered her white pussy.Marsha squirmed and tried to pull away but James held her shoulder and pushed more cock into her pussy. Jessica watched as her mom’s eyes opened wide and then her mouth opened and closed like a fish just pulled from the water. “Fuck Her!” Screamed a female voice and suddenly Jessica realized that words she was screaming in her head had come out of her mouth.“Ok, no more gentle fucking!” James said as he began push and pull his cock as Marsha looked at her daughter with shock. Jessica actually giggled as she watched her mom being hammered by the huge cock. Then her mom lowered her face to the floor as the steady slapping sound of the black man fucking her filled the room. Jessica was on fire. Her pussy was begging to be touched. Her eyes looked down and she was aware that both Junior and her Daddy had enormous erections watching her mom being fucked by the massive black cock.“You both are getting off on this!” She said as her father moaned but bahis şirketleri her brother looked at her and his eyes said he wanted to fuck his sister.“It looks like you are having a good time with mom. I will get little sis to join the party.” Curtis laughed as he walked over to Jessica’s chair and began to free her.“Good! It is about time that little slut learns what a cock feels like!” Marsha moaned as James pounded her white married pussy to another orgasm.“Look at how your mom is creaming my cock! Here, have a little taste!” James laughed as he pulled his black monster from her mother’s now gapping fuck hole. Jessica could see a white frothy juice coating the thick cock. She was pushed to her knees and the cock was pushed in her mouth. The taste of pussy juice and pre-cum made her convulse with pleasure.“Please put that cock back in me! I need it! Fuck me…I’m your fucking whore just fuck me!” Marsha begged.James pushed his cock back in and Marsha grunted with pleasure as the fucking resumed. Jessica was soon in the same position as her mom with Curtis behind her. She wanted this but she was also afraid.“Please be careful, I’m a virgin.” She moaned as the thick cock rubbed her pussy opening.“Make that little slut scream! You wanted him to fuck me with his big cock now you are going to get it too!” Marsha said with a viciousness that made everyone stop for a second.“OH MY FUCKING GOD!” Jessica screamed as Curtis pushed his black cock into her virgin pussy. There was a sharp pain and then he began to pump her pussy. “He is fucking me! Look Daddy, I’m getting fucked just like mommy!” Jessica screamed in her own head as her body felt the twelve inch black dick push and pull in her pussy. Her father watched as his pretty daughter was deflowered by the massive cock. His cock was throbbing and he just wished he could fuck her pretty mouth. He wanted so badly to pop his nut in her mouth.Junior watched his big sister getting fucked and his balls were turning blue. He had peeked into her room many times to see her fine teen body but this was amazing as the black stud pounded her into an orgasming puddle of flesh. Then he watched as his mom’s bigger tits swayed back and forth as she too was being fucked. This was much better than any porn movie.“Aw fuck I think I’m going to bust my nut!” James said as he pounded the mature woman.“Oh god, don’t cum in me. I’m not on birth control!” Marsha said with alarm.“Too late bitch. Can’t you feel my cock throbbing as I nut in your womb!” Curtis grunted as he filled her pussy with his black cum.Jessica grunted as she heard her mother’s protest having a man cum in her pussy. Her own body was jerking with continuous orgasms. In her mind she knew that she should beg Curtis to not cum in her but there was another part of her that wanted him to fill her with baby juice. In her mind she saw herself with a big belly and knowing her black babe was going to come out. She would never be able to hide that she loved black cock after that! She loved being fucked by this big black man! His cock was pounding her harder! Her mind was whirling in her sexual pleasure that each thrust of black cock brought her.“Fuck my pussy! I want it so bad!!” Jessica groaned as Curtis pumped her pussy.“You want it little sis you got it!” He grunted and Jessica felt a cock jerking in her fuck hole for the first time.Jessica smiled at her Daddy and brother as she was inseminated by the black stud who had just taken her virginity. Their cocks were poking straight up and she looked into her Daddy’s eyes as he burned to add his spunk to the creamy load already dripping from her. She looked next to her and saw her mom pulling cum from her freshly fucked pussy and then she would taste it from her fingers. Her mom noticed that Jessica was looking at her and blushed as her orgasm induced bliss ebbed and her mind began to return to reality.“So, are you ok baby?” Marsha asked her.“I think so.” Jessica said as she too began to come off her sexual high.Marsha looked at her husband and his cock was clearly tenting his pants. She looked into his eyes and she could see that he was burning with lust. Then she looked at Junior and was shocked that his bulge was even bigger. Her son was staring at her and he looked at her with burning eyes that said he wanted to fuck her! Marsha suddenly felt very self conscience that her depraved fucking had excited her son.“We need to clean up.” Marsha said to Jessica as became aware of the semen was dripping from her pussy.“I’ll go with them. You keep an eye on those two!” Curtis said as he pulled his pants on.To be continued…..(Just the beginning of Game Night so stay tuned. If you enjoyed a thumbs up tells me so and encourages me to write. I do enjoy reading comments.)

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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