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Subject: Ganymede Middle School – Chapter 5 (Gay Male/Incest/Adult-Youth/Young Friends) Thanks for the positive response to the first few chapters. This is my first time writing a story for Nifty and it’s been very fun. Please remember to donate to Nifty to help keep this amazing fty/donate.html Ganymede Middle School – Chapter 5 “Tim,” Tyler whispered. “Are you awake?” I was just coming out of a deep, satisfying sleep when I heard Tyler say my name. I was lying on my side facing away from him. His body was pressed up against my back and I could feel his penis rubbing between the cheeks of my ass. His hands were exploring my torso, drifting down to my morning erection. I pushed my butt back against his cock and he moaned. He slowly thrust his cock between my cheeks, making a point of letting the head of his cock rest against my boy hole. We fell asleep quickly after our three-way jack off ritual last night. I settle into the makeshift bed between Tyler and Ramon. We lay on our sides, making a young daisy chain of boycock to boy ass. Ramon’s ass felt warm and inviting for my cock. And Tyler’s cock was rigid and pressed against my back as we fell asleep. “I”m up,” I said. “Where’s Ramon?” who was missing from the bed. “I think he’s in the kitchen with your dad making breakfast.” Tyler didn’t stop rubbing his cock between the cheeks of my small, smooth butt. His hands found my erect boycock and gave it a few gentle strokes. “Your dick feels good rubbing like that.” “I did this at camp a few times. It feels really good. Can you roll onto your stomach?” “Sure.” I held my cock flat against my stomach and rolled over, presenting my ass to Tyler. I couldn’t see him, but I knew that Tyler had straddled my legs and was stroking his young cock in the direction of my butthole. He stopped stroking long enough to rub the shaft of his cock along my asscrack and over my hole. “Pull your cheeks apart. I want to escort bayan see your hole.” I reached behind my back and pulled apart the cheeks of my young ass, exposing my pink hole to my friend. He started stroking his penis again. “Fuck yeah, Tim. Your hole is so tight and smooth. I want to fuck you one of these days.” His right hand was stroking his cock faster and faster, while his left hand held my ass. HIs thumb pressed up against my hole. He paused his stroked and slapped his cock against my hole like a hammer. I could feel the wet precum he left behind on my hole. He started stroking again. He was close to spraying his sperm on my butt. I lifted up my ass slightly to spread my cheeks more and give him a better view. “That’s it, Tim, show me your hole. I want your hole. I’m going to shoot on your hole. Oh, yeah, buddy. I’m cumming. I’m cumming on your hole.” Tyler’s load landed directly on my twitching, puckered hole. More of it dripped down from my hole toward my smooth balls. It was a direct hit. Tyler pushed the head of his cock against my hole. I felt the final pulses of his orgasm as he coated the inside of my hole. He collapsed on top of me and kissed my neck. I felt the warm wetness of his cock in my ass crack. “When you boys are done in there, come get some breakfast,” Dad yelled from the kitchen. “Tyler, your dad called. He’ll be here in 15 minutes to pick you up.” There was no time to bask in our time together. We stood up, faced each other, and embraced. His softening cock rubbed against my four-inch erection. Our young lips met and we kissed briefly. With his cum still between the cheeks of my ass we headed for the smell of coffee and bacon in the kitchen. Dad was sitting naked at the kitchen table and Ramon was on his lap. Ramon’s legs were spread widely, exposing his hole, balls, and cock. Dad’s hand was idly stroking Ramon’s rigid boycock. Dad’s own erection was dripping precum onto kocaeli escort bayan Ramon’s thigh. Ramon’s eyes were closed and he had his face buried in Dad’s furry chest. Ramon’s brown skin contrasted with Dad’s. Dad smiled at us as we came into the kitchen. “That sounded like fun. Sorry to cut the party short, but your dad is on his way, Tyler. And Tim and I need to get to the sporting goods store to buy Tim his first jockstrap.” Ramon raised his head. “I hope Mr. Miller is working today. He was so helpful when I got my first jockstrap. Very hands on,” Ramon giggled. While they were talking, Dad continued to gently fondle Ramon’s cock. I had never seen Ramon so hard. My dad was jacking off my best friend while Tyler and I watched Dad’s large hands pleasure Ramon’s cock. The languid pace of his stroke was different from the faster stroke he showed me. Every minute or so, Dad would just let go of Ramon’s penis. Tyler and I could see it pulse and twitch. Then Dad would start gently and slowly stroking again. Ramon was squirming and wiggling on Dad’s lap. “Keep in mind, boys, you don’t need to furiously fist your cocks in a death grip. A light touch can feel good too. And don’t be afraid to take your hand away from your cock.” We stared at Dad playing with Ramon. Ramon was fully exposed. Dad slowly pulled Ramon’s foreskin back to reveal the small purple head of his boycock. “Please, make me shoot,” Ramon begged. Dad took Ramon’s erection in a fuller grip between his thumb and forefingers and gave my friend’s cock a few quick strokes then took his hand away. Ramon began grinding his bare hole against Dad’s hairy leg. Stroke, stroke, stroke then Dad let go again. Ramon was writhing. HIs balls were fully tucked under his small cock. Stroke, stroke, stroke. When Dad let go, Ramon’s cock was twitching uncontrollably. Stroke, stroke, stroke. Dad let go and looked at Tyler kocaeli escort and me as we focused on Ramon’s penis. His dick pulsed once, twice, then a thin stream of boy juice began pouring out of Ramon’s cock. Ramon screamed his satisfaction, “Yes! Yes! Oh, Yes!” He and Dad kissed tenderly and passionately. `Tim, you are one lucky dude,” Ramon said smiling from ear to ear. He slipped off Dad’s lap and they both stood in front of us, cocks wet from passion, Dad’s still fully erect and Ramon’s twitching as it shrank. “Oh, I know it,” I said looking deep into Dad’s eyes. After watching my father pleasure my friend, our bond was deeper than ever. The four of us moved together for a hug. “I love you guys. And I love you, Dad.” The doorbell rang. “I’ll get it,” I said heading for the door. Mr. Wojcek entered the house and looked at my naked body. “Good morning, Tim. It looks like you’ve been having quite the party.” I blushed a little as Dad and Ramon came into the hallway. “The boys had some fun, that’s for sure, Phil,” Dad said. “Would you like some coffee? Can you hang out for a bit?” Mr. Wojcek looked at Dad, Ramon, and me, all naked and in various stages of arousal. “I really wish I could, but Tyler has a training session with Coach Burr. The Coach has agreed to spend some one-on-one time with Tyler. I think he’ll really benefit from seeing what Coach Burr has to offer. And I know Tyler is eager to show the Coach what he can do.” Mr. Wojcek’s pants were tented out in front of his cock. Looking at our naked bodies and thinking about his son practicing with Coach Burr had given Mr. Wojcek an erection. Tyler came into the hallway, dressed and carrying his gear. He hugged his dad, feeling the man’s erection press into his young chest. “But, next Saturday?” Mr. Wojcek asked Dad. “I can’t wait,” Dad replied. He added, “Butt,” patting Tyler’s ass. Dad winked at Mr. Wojeck. Tyler and his dad left. “Get dressed boys. Ramon, we’ll drop you off on our way to the sporting goods store.” As Ramon and I got dressed, he said, “Ask for Mr. Miller if he’s there. He’ll make sure you get a jockstrap that fits perfectly.” I knew exactly what he meant and couldn’t wait.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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