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Big Tits

Well, I still hadn’t done it even though I was approaching my nineteenth birthday. My partner had fucked me down there with a dildo, but I’d always thought him too big to really give me a good seeing to. How wrong I was.

* * * * *

Just a few days ago, it had been hot – I mean ridiculously hot for an April Sunday. Frank and I had spent a long, lazy morning in bed. I’d left him dozing, as I went upstairs to the kitchen. Merlin (our German Shepherd) greeted me, and I turned the kettle on. I fixed myself a coffee, and poured Frank a glass of milk. I went back downstairs and into the bedroom. I put the drinks on the small table at the side of the bed, and sat down next to Frank. I stroked his tattooed shoulder and he slowly woke up.

“Good afternoon. I brought you some milk baby.” I said, as I handed him the glass.

“What time is it?” Frank asked.

“Gone twelve. It’s a gorgeous day outside. When you’re up we’ll go out on the lawn with Merlin.” I suggested.

“Yeah ok.” Frank agreed.

We finished our drinks and Frank got out of bed. He put on his jeans and a pair of shoes. I dressed in a short, black and white summer dress and a pair of sandals. We left the flat and went to the cupboard that held the electric meters in the communal hallway. We got out some discards of carpet and some old duvet covers we kept for when guests stayed the night.

“Take them outside. I’m going to get Merlin’s ball and a couple of cans. Want me to bring that joint out?” Frank asked.

“Yeah. Bring a couple of your magazines out as well. Something for us to read.” I replied. Frank went back into the flat and I took the rolled up carpets and the folded duvet cover out and onto the lawn. Merlin raced round and jumped at me like a playful spring lamb. I placed one of the rolls of carpet and the cover on the grass, and I unrolled one piece of carpet. I then took the other and unrolled that, and pulled the cover over onto the laid-out carpet. I lay down and kicked off my shoes. The sun was hot, and I felt warm.

Merlin let out a low growl and I looked up towards the driveway. Frank had brought a plastic carrier bag out. He came over and lay down on the carpet beside me. He produced two cans of beer and the joint of weed our friend had given us. We sipped beer and watched Merlin play, and I took off my dress. I covered my ass and pussy with a corner of the duvet; I didn’t want the neighbours to see me in all my glory! Frank got out one of his porn magazines and started flicking through the pages. I leant over him so my naked breasts were pressed against his back. I looked at canlı bahis the magazine over his shoulder, and I began to feel myself becoming very wet.

Frank lit the joint and took a deep drag. He passed it to me and I inhaled. I coughed and passed it back to him.

“God that’s strong.” I remarked. Frank took another deep drag and passed it back to me.

“Don’t hold it in as long. It won’t make you cough then.” He told me. I took a long drag and held in the smoke for a couple of seconds, then exhaled, and watched the smoke rise into the air. Frank looked over and smiled at me. He unbuckled his belt and undid the first three buttons of his jeans. He wasn’t wearing any underwear, but his jeans were only loose enough to let you see the black curls of his pubic hair. I could see the outline of his growing erection in the left leg of his jeans.

The weed was soon finished and our cans were half empty. By now, Frank had his cock in his hand and he was lightly masturbating it.

“Come here.” Frank demanded. Had I not been intoxicated with weed and beer, I would have asked him to come inside with me, or at least somewhere the neighbours couldn’t see us; but in my ‘happy’ and aroused state, I simply let the duvet fall from me as I crawled over the laid out carpet and over to Frank. I lay next to him and slid my finger from the head of his cock, down his long, thick shaft, and between his balls.

“Get on top of me.” Frank pleaded. I stood up and squatted over Frank’s waiting erection. I slowly lowered myself down until the head of his cock was gently stroking between my pussy lips. Frank pulled his cock back and forth, and he stroked it along the length of my pussy, and tapped it on my clit.

“Please Shez, get on top of me.” Frank asked, almost begging. I lowered myself down onto his thick pole as he began to thrust his hips forward, wetting the entire length of his cock with my juices. I lowered myself onto him completely, and I felt his pubic hair tickle my stomach. He began to fuck me, gently at first, and then his strokes became faster and harder, and soon my ass was slapping against his thighs as we fucked ferociously on the lawn.

“Cum for me baby.” Frank told me. Of course, I didn’t have to be told, as my throbbing pussy was desperate to be relieved. I leaned over Frank and he stuck his tongue out. I began to suck it like a cock, just how he liked me to. I moved my sucking in time with his thrusts, and pushed my hips forward so that his cock steadily rubbed on the inner walls of my pussy. I fucked Frank as I sucked his tongue. I managed to release a few, quiet bahis siteleri moans.

I suddenly felt as if someone had released a pressure valve as I came all over Frank’s cock. I called his name and he pushed his cock deep inside me, just holding it there as I came. My orgasm faded, and I cuddled up to Frank, his cock still inside me, soaked in my juices. Frank lay with me for a few minutes, and then gently rolled me off of him.

“Get on your knees baby. I need to cum.” He said. I did as I was told, and was looking over towards the back fence that separated us from the motorway. My ass was jutting out, facing towards the flats. Suddenly, I felt a greasy finger slip into my ass. I moaned and looked behind me. Frank had produced a tube of lubrication from the carrier bag. He planned it, I thought. I wasn’t worried, and was enjoying the feeling of his lubricated finger probing my ass. Next, a second greasy finger slipped inside me. I felt my ass stretch to the girth of his fingers, and when they were comfortable inside me, I gently bucked back and fourth, humping Frank’s fingers with my ass.

“Shez, you’re so tight baby!” Frank said. I felt his erection resting against my pussy lips. I needed him inside me again.

“Mmm… Put it in me baby…” I pleaded.

“I will honey, don’t you worry.” Frank replied. I felt Frank’s cock lift up off of my pussy. I spread my legs wider, waiting for his cock in my hungry pussy. Frank’s fingers continued to fuck my ass, and his cock didn’t seem to come near my pussy. I looked around and saw him rubbing his cock with a lubricated hand. I didn’t mind. Frank loved to lube me up. He said it felt like he was fucking my pussy after another man had cum in it, so I waited patiently, enjoying the thrusts of his fingers.

Frank’s fingers left my ass, and I jutted my ass out some more, waiting to be fucked. However, in my ‘drugged up’ state of mind, when Frank put his cock on my ass and let it slip down to my pussy, I simply thought he was teasing me again. His next thrust pushed his cock-head into my ass. Then I realised – he hadn’t got it in on the first thrust!

“Baby I can’t!” I said, cringing slightly as my ass stretched to the girth of his cock.

“Yes you can. Just leave it in for a sec, then I’ll push a bit more in. Just tell me if it hurts and I’ll take it out.” Frank told me.

I felt relieved by what he had said, and I let him try. I knew he’d never get the whole length of his cock in my tight ass, but I was curious to know how far he could push it in. I felt him push another inch inside me. My immediate reaction was bahis şirketleri pain, but as he left it in, and let my ass stretch by itself, it became more and more stimulating. Frank repeated this process a few more times, then slowly began to pull his cock in and out of my ass. The feeling was sensational!

“Mmm… How much did you get in baby?” I asked.

“All of it.” Came Frank’s reply. I jumped a little, causing Frank’s cock to pull out of my ass a couple of inches. I couldn’t believe he’d managed to get his entire length inside me! When he fucked my pussy it always felt full, as if nothing bigger would fit in it.

“Just relax babe, I’ll go slow, I promise.” Frank gestured. Again, his words comforted me, and I relaxed my tensed ass, allowing him to thrust gently in, until he was entirely inside me again. Frank started thrusting again, gently. I let him pull in and out of me a few times until I was used to the movement, and then met his thrusts as I pushed back against him. It didn’t take long for him to start thrusting harder, and I bucked my ass back and forth, letting him know he wasn’t hurting me. His balls slapped against my ass cheeks, and he started pounding my ass. God it felt so good! Frank fucked me harder, and I fucked him in equal measure.

Frank let his cock slip out of my ass. “Fucking hell babe your ass looks like the Grand Canyon now!” Frank joked. I swayed my ass back and forth, inviting him back inside, but now he wasn’t gentle. He fucked me hard, and moved one of his hands between my legs, and he started to rub my clit as his cock pounded my ass. The sensation was becoming too much for me, and I soon had my second climax, soaking Frank’s hand. He didn’t stop, pause, or even slow down. He kept fucking me hard as I came. Frank started to moan and curse, and I felt a hot sensation deep in my bowels. I felt Frank’s come splash against the inner walls of my ass. Every movement of his cock, and every splash of his cum kept my climax going until he had finished ejaculating inside me.

Frank pulled his cock out of my ass, and lay exhausted and sweating on the carpet. I lay down with him, and cuddled close. My prolonged orgasm had left me mentally and physically spent, and I could feel my eyelids growing heavy.

“How did it feel?” Frank asked. I thought about his question for a second.

“Weird, and a little painful, but it was fucking awesome when I got used to it.” I replied.

“So you’d do it again?” Frank inquired.

“Mmm… Definitely baby.” I replied, as I slowly drifted to sleep.

* * * * *

Well I finally did it, although unwittingly, and probably without the full sensation after the weed, but I had finally lost my anal virginity out in our back garden. I don’t know whether any of our neighbours spotted us, but if they did they haven’t said anything!

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