“Gasoline” Special

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It’s a scam, but with the gas prices as high as they are, it’s a scam that’s worked great for me. It’s a simple scam, with simple math and the best part about it is that I only have to do it when I want to. The toughest part was getting the word out without too many people finding out. While it has some wonderful benefits, they aren’t worth going to jail for, so I was careful.

You might grin when I explain I only advertise by word of mouth, but it’s obvious why that would work best. I call the scam my blowjob special and it works like this. A lady steps into the store and asks about my “gasoline” special and I ask her how she heard about the special. If she answers, “By word of mouth,” I know we’re ready to do business.

We move back into my office, which has two way mirrored glass, so I can see both the counter and the gas pumps without anyone seeing in. It is in my office that I let the lady then extricate my cock from my pants and give me her best blowjob. Once that is complete I give her either one or two dollars per gallon discount on the gas, depending upon how much gas she buys and how good the blowjob is.

I am discriminating about who I offer the discount to, mainly because I can only handle a good blowjob twice, maybe three times a day. So, if I can get an erection, then she gets the discount, if I don’t well, maybe tomorrow. I think some of the women have figured the system out because it’s mostly the rough ones coming by in the morning, while the late afternoon discount shoppers tend to be a lot better looking.

My favorite is when a couple comes in for gas. The poor guy will head out to pump the gas while I retire to my office with the woman. I’ve gotten some of the best blowjobs from women while watching their boyfriends or husbands pump gas. I don’t know if they are so good trying to make me finish quickly or whether they are turned on by the thought I am watching their significant other pump gas while my cock is being sucked. Either way, I am always game when a couple comes in.

Things were working pretty nicely for me, I was getting eryaman escort a wide variety of blowjobs at bargain basement pricing while at the same time making gasoline a little more affordable for the regular guy (or perhaps I should say gal). Getting a blowjob and doing a good deed at the same time, that was special.

I thought I had it made, but on Saturday, May 12th, my world was changed forever. It started like any other day, once I opened the station around seven am, a few cars trickled through with the drivers paying full price for the gas. There was one very nice looking lady, but apparently she had not heard of the “gasoline” special. I was tempted to fill her in, but decided to keep everything low key. Sooner or later she’d find out.

A little after nine I noticed a convertible pull in and a nicely tanned guy stepped out without opening his door. Rather than simply insert his credit card and start pumping gas, he walked toward our storefront entrance. It was obvious this guy worked out a lot; I could see his legs and arms bulging. He was wearing a light colored tank top and shorts that emphasized his tan and physique. As he stepped inside, I got a better look at his face and head. His hair was cut short and he wore a neatly trimmed beard, a pretty good looking guy.

He walked directly up to the counter and shocked me when he said, “I heard you have a “gasoline” special here.”

“Excuse me,” I said. I had heard him, but was fumbling to maintain composure.

“Yes, someone told me you had a “gasoline” special here.”

“Oh, that, well the special is only for ladies, just a thing I… ah… do.”

“You say it is only for ladies, this thing you… ah… do?”

“Yes, ladies.”

“I heard that it’s the ladies that do something,” he said, focusing his dark eyes on mine.

“Yeah, for the discount, they do… ah…”

“Let’s cut to the chase, I heard about the special by word of mouth,” the man said firmly, but not harshly. “I would like to get the “gasoline” special, sincan escort so will you let me give you a blowjob or not?”

“Well, it’s just that, well… I’m not gay.”

“Don’t look at it as a gay thing, simply call it equal opportunity. Besides, I’ll bet you’ve never really had a good blowjob.”

“Hell, I must have had fifty blowjobs since I started the special,” I answered indignantly.

“Ah, but never one from me, you should try it, you just might like it. And I’d hate to have to report you for violating my civil rights.” He grinned after saying that, letting me know he was kidding.

“Oh what the hell, it’s just a blowjob, it’s not like I’m gonna go gay. Here, follow me,” I said, leading him back into my office. “Two way mirror, so if I leave the lights off, I can see out, but no one can see in.”

“Convenient,” he replied, watching me as I dropped my shorts and underwear to my ankles and sat down. He then reached to his fly and asked, “Do you mind if I…”

“Sure, go ahead,” I said. Occasionally one of the women would masturbate while she gave me a blowjob, so I figured what the hell, I’d let him do the same. I watched him pull a short, but stout cock out of his pants. He stroked it a bit and it seemed to lengthen, but then he kneeled down and opened his mouth.

While he continued stroking his cock with his left hand, he used his right to guide me into his mouth and he began on the most incredible blowjob I could have ever imagined. His hand gripped me firmly, almost, but not quite too firmly and his mouth applied a suction to the length of me that was spectacular. When this guy worked out, he didn’t just lift weights, because the way his tongue and cheek muscles massaged my cock I could feel his incredible power.

His head bobbed a bit, but the unrelenting, powerful suction, combined with the tongue wrapping around me, I was at the edge of coming almost immediately, but no, suddenly the suction eased to an incredibly subtle softness. Suddenly he felt like those shy, etlik escort virgin women who were afraid they might hurt my cock with even the slightest pressure.

It was like a feather, no, an eyelash gently tickled the head, lightly floating over it, then dipping into the tiny hole. Then, slowly, ever so slowly he increased the suction, increasing the speed of his tongue movements. I looked down, past where my cock disappeared into his mouth and noticed that the motion of his hand was in unison with his sucking.

The sensations returned to me, this time even that much more pronounced. The suction nearly lifted me off the chair and his tongue twisted and turned over my cock as firmly as a hand might. I felt a pressure in my balls and arched my back. Just as I was about to pop, I watched a glistening, white arc of cum shoot from his cock nearly halfway across the floor. Then I came, spurting my cum into his mouth, which, without lightening up on the suction, he took it all, swallowing my entire load without spilling a drop.

I pulled away then, since the pressure that made me cum so wonderfully, now felt excruciating on my hypersensitive head. Removing his mouth, he still held my cock at the base, as he gently continued stroking himself. After a few moments he asked, “Well, was that better than the ladies?”

“Oh fuck yes,” I answered. “Damn, your gas is free today, hell, anytime you need gas you come here, I’ll cover you the entire price.”

“What if I want more?”

“More? What me pay you for you to take the gas?”

“No, no. Maybe next time I’ll blow you for the discount and you blow me for fun.”

“You do that to me again and I’ll do anything you like,” I said.

“It won’t be a gay thing if you do?” he asked.

“Hey, I may have to rethink this gay thing.”

“You know, I hear that from a lot of guys,” he said, “It’s like I always say: ‘Once you go gay, you stay gay.'” Standing up he grabbed a paper towel.

“Don’t worry about that, I’ll clean it up,” I said, standing in front of him and grabbing the towel. I stood there for a moment, just centimeters away from him, feeling a strange aura emanating from between us. “Damn,” was all I could say.

“I’d better be going,” he said.

“Please come back,” I said.

“Oh I will, how can I turn down the “gasoline” special?”

I watched him walk to the car knowing my life had changed.

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