Getting back in the game

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Getting back in the game**Warning** This story contains both bisexual themes, as well as unprotected sex and oysters. If this is not to your liking, go enjoy another story!—Being young and having kinky fantasies is a lot of fun as we all know. But sometimes it may come back and bite you, almost literally, in the ass.I had been starved for sex for years, and my case of blueballs was intense. My divorce had left me an emotional wreck, and unlike some lucky fucks who just go out and shag everything in sight, I had ended up in some sort of weird mind-lock where I just couldn’t do it. Another problem, as you might expect, was that I spent all my time working overtime. Eventually I decided enough was enough, I had to get out of the house at the very least. I booked a trip to Paris. Perhaps a trip to the most romantic city in the world could jolt me out of my funk? I spent my day walking around Paris taking in some sights before going up to the mill. It really was a lovely city. Can’t say I necessarily favour the Parisians, but they were not as bad as advertised.That evening I went down to a bar and had a couple of oysters and some champagne. It was really hot, and the the cool taste of shellfish and bubbly went down like a gift from the gods. Suddenly I could feel a hand on my shoulder, I turned around, and a pair of large, brown eyes met mine. It was a woman of the more mature kind, somewhere in her fifties I’d say, hair done up fashionably and wearing a very nice short black dress. Her voice was a bit husky.”Hello…” Her voice spoke volumes. Even I could tell. “Are you here alone?” “Yes,” I replied. “I’m on vacation.””No no no! On vacation and all alone, this is not good!” Her facial expression was a bit theatrical, but having a gorgeous mature woman fuss over me was actually pretty nice.”No, but you know. Haven’t find anyone yet.””Oh but you can’t come to Paris and not have an orgasm!”I was slightly taken aback by her frankness, but though ‘french’ to my self.”Ha ha,” I managed uşak rus escort if slightly embarrassed. “I can manage I suspect.”She smiled at me. Placed a hand very high up on my thigh and leaned across me. I could feel a large tit press into my arm. She took the last small oyster and chased it with the last of my champagne. She chewed it looking at me with a glint in her eye. Then she leaned in and kissed me deeply. I felt her tongue, tasted the minerals of the oyster and the dryness of the champagne. She lightly grabbed my crotch. I nearly came there and then.She turned and walked out of the bar, hips swaying seductively. The young man in the bar looked at me.”You should follow.” He smiled.”But she’s rather old?””So? She’s very elegant, very sexy and could probably teach you a lot. It’s sex, not a marriage proposal friend.”I considered and looked at him. He gave me a glass of Pastis.”Salut and good night my friend,” he said. “On the house.”I was getting very nervous. I looked at the glass of yellowy alcohol. Chugged it back, feeling the great anise taste as it hit my taste buds. And on I went.”I almost didn’t think you’d come,” she said as I stepped out.”Well…” I stammered slightly. “It’s been a long, long time.””Don’t worry,” she said grabbing my hand. “Georgette will take care of you.”—We got to her apartment, and she started kissing me as soon as we got in the door. I could feel my cock starting to ache as she worked of my clothes. She led me into a large bedroom with a luxurious view out onto the Eiffel tower. She stood be looking out through the balcony door, and got undressed. She had large round tits that had definitely had some help from a very good surgeon, and a shaved cunny. She was curvy, but with out spilling in to fat, at least for someone her age. She went up to me and started kissing me. Her hard tits in my chest were a new sensation. My ex had been very small in that department. I was so horny I had started to shake uşak rus escort bayan slightly.”Here’s the deal,” she said suddenly looking straight into my eyes. “You get to fuck me however you want, but on two conditions.”I listened intently but suddenly heard someone moving up behind me. “This is my husband. Don’t worry, he wants you here.”I felt a bit confused.”You have to fuck me without a condom including cumming inside my cunt at least once.””Ok,” I said. Is that all? I was vaguely thinking her husband liked creampies. According to the internet some men did after all. The booze I’d had made me a little braver than I felt.”No. He will join in…” she smiled widely at me. “Ookay…? I guess that’s fine. So he will do your ass as I cum inside you?””Something like that… Now, here’s some lube.” She moved in close. “Now take my ass.”Her husband sat down on a chair, now completely naked. Georgette stood on all four and started sucking him.”Just shove it in. I want it to hurt some.”The husband took a small mirror and held it so I could see her face.”Look at me,” she said.I put my head against her ass, and pushed. Her eyes watered and nearly popped out of her skull. But it quickly subsided and she started sucking again. “Cum fast,” she said between slurps.Her tight ass and the sheer vicerality of seeing her suck a cock was immensely hot. I noted that the husband was quite a lot smaller than me. This pushed me over the edge and I nearly blacked out as I drove my hips against her soft ass like a wild thing.Now they both got up, and we all headed over to the bed. I was to lie in the middle, and now things took a turn for the strange. Both of them started kissing my chest. I have never considered my self gay, and my breath intake said as much. “Just lie back and relax, enjoy. You will not be gay by this, just a little bi.” Georgette smiled wickedly at me. She moved up and put my hand on her large tit, then started to french me. Life started to return rus uşak escort to my loins.But I could feel his lips move down my belly and to my thighs. Suddenly I gasped. He had taken me in his mouth. He sucked deep, hard yet soft. He fondled my testicles. One part of my brain was considering being appalled, but the rest of me was getting worked up to a frenzy again.I could feel a finger start to poke at my anal. I squeezed the tits so willingly offered me and kissed ever more frantically. He was inside me, I could hardly believe it.Georgette broke the kiss, and laid down on the bed.”Come love,” she said.I crawled in between her legs and felt her husband take my cock. He guided it inside her. There was something so hot about that act of submission. Slowly I started moving inside her wet folds. Suddenly I felt that finger by my ass again, but then both his hands on my hips. He was about to enter me! “My husband can no longer father a c***d, but I want one if possible. I know I’m old but should still be fertile. He will use you as the go-between…”I was way to horny to pull out now. She pulled me in a deep embrace and kiss, and slowly I felt my anus give way. It hurt, but was also wonderful. I felt like I was getting filled and got if possible even harder. He bottomed out after a little while. a cock in my ass. My head swam!He then started pumping me and I naturally followed him in rhythm. Georgette moaned and continued her treatment of me too. The positive side of a mature cunt was clear, she knew how to use it!I could feel the husband nearing climax, and this made me near my second one. By her breathing alone I could tell she was too. With a great moan he slammed in to me one last time. I could’t believe it, but I actually felt his hot cum spurt inside me. It put me over the edge so hard I collapsed, only to hear Georgette’s scream in my ear as she came violently, squeezing my cock ferociously. We all fell asleep. I don’t know for how long, but when I woke up I saw the moon and the Eiffel tower outside as if in a movie. I felt the large mounds in my back. About ten inches in front of me, I realised, lay a soft cock in the open on a sleeping Frenchmen. Slowly my hand reached out, almost as if I was hypnotised, again I felt the horny shakes. Would I dare touch? Would I dare taste…

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