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This is my entry into the Valentines Day contest. Thanks to MistressLynn for her editing.


A knock at the front door startled Sienna from her cleaning routine. She dropped her rag, straightened her hair and rushed to answer it. When she opened the door, an older man wearing a Purolator courier uniform holding a microwave sized parcel wrapped in brown paper, greeted her.

“Delivery for Miss Sienna Wilson.”

“That’s me.”

“It’s heavy miss; maybe I should carry it inside for you.”

“Thank you, you can set it right over there in the middle of the living room. Just anywhere.”

As soon as the deliveryman was gone, she swooped in to inspect the package. It was a rather plain box, with a letter attached to the top. A message written in large black letters said, ‘Read this before opening’. She thought it was rather odd to be getting a package on Valentine’s Day, especially since she was single and didn’t have any admirers that she knew about.

To make matters even stranger, there was no return address. She sat down on the floor beside the package and pulled it towards herself, noting how heavy it was. It was a good thing that he brought it in for her, since she doubted she’d be able to lift it by herself. Her curiosity got the better of her, as she opened the letter on top, pulled it out of the envelope, and began to read.

Dear Sienna,

If you’re reading this letter it must mean I’m dead and this is Valentine’s Day. Happy Valentine’s baby. After I found out about my brain tumor, I made sure I could send you this message on your first Valentine’s Day after I was gone. I hope you’ve gone on with your life and aren’t dwelling on the past. I love you so much and wish that I could be there to spend the day with you.

So many things we didn’t get a chance to share and do together. The family we both wanted so much, to see our kids grow up, go to school and have kids of their own. I was so ready to grow old with you; it breaks my heart thinking of what we’ll miss together. You need to move on from me and find someone else to make the luckiest man on earth. You deserve all the happiness that your heart can handle.

Inside the box is a special surprise for you to enjoy keeping me in your heart for one last day before moving on. First, I want you to have a nice hot soothing bath. Light some candles, play some soft music and get relaxed. Then slip into your favorite nightgown, you know the white almost see through one that shows off your nipples when they get hard.

Bring the box into the bedroom and open it next to the bed. There will be instructions inside to tell you how to use it. Have fun with it and think of me. I wish I could be there to make love to you tonight and every night, like we always used to, but this is the best I can do.

Love you baby,


It took all the strength she had to finish reading it through red, tear stained eyes. The last six months had been very hard on her. She’d shut out most of her friends and spent the majority of her time in the house alone. Alone. That’s how Sienna felt all the time since Austin died. The memories of their final weeks together as he deteriorated, etched into her mind.

Looking around the empty house was Başakşehir escort a constant reminder of how it inextricably altered her life. Pictures of the two of them still hung on the walls, his clothes remained in their closet and memories of him haunted her dreams. She folded the letter up, placed it back in the envelope and stood on shaky legs.

“I never wanted to be a widow. Not at thirty-one. Why did you have to leave me?”

Maybe this will help me get past it, she thought to herself, walking towards the bathroom. Her mind was spinning as she started the water for the Jacuzzi and began to undress. She slipped her shirt over her head and realized she’d answered the door without even wearing a bra. Her long pointy nipples must have been visible through her shirt.

“Oh well, looks like I put on a good show anyway,” she said, musing to herself.

She slipped her pants off as well and stood naked in the middle of the room, stretching. In minutes, she had all the candles she kept around the bathroom lit. Before Austin died, she’d take long luxurious baths before they made love, so she’d be as relaxed as possible. The scent of lavender filled the room and put her in that same frame of mind.

Examining her body in the full-length mirror, she realized just how much she’d let herself go since he was gone. Her shoulder length auburn hair was full of split ends, she hadn’t worn makeup since the day of his diagnosis, and where she was normally shaved between her legs, resided a dense bush matching the hair on her head. She was a mess.

It was time to change that, she said to herself as she grabbed the razor and shaving cream. She set them on the edge of the tub as she climbed in, feeling the intense heat from the almost scalding water. Austin had never understood how she could handle the water as hot as she did; her skin was almost bright red when she came to him afterward. Sienna loved wrapping herself in a cloak of intense heat that had always matched the level of her passion.

She allowed herself to sink down into the water, letting the heat envelop her. It felt freeing to give herself up to the water like that. After a few minutes, she stood up, setting one foot on the edge of the tub and smearing cream over her full bush, preparing to shave it. The razor glided gently off her folds under her experienced guidance. Inch by inch, she stripped away the hair, revealing the sensual skin beneath.

When she was finished, she sank back into the tub and washed her body with long luxurious strokes, feeling the heat from her skin against her hands. Her nipples hardened under her touch as her fingers lingered on them, pulling and kneading. It had been so long since she’d felt anyone touching her body, even herself. A low throbbing sensation began between her legs, gaining strength as she washed them, teasing the creases where they met her hips.

She closed her eyes and imagined that the fingers touching her were Austin’s. His hands were so strong and free from calluses that they melted her skin upon contact. She could feel the power he had even as he was gentle with her. He could be rough when she wanted him to be, and did she ever want that now. Her fingers ran along the smooth Bayrampaşa escort bayan folds of her pussy. Darting past them, she felt the bump of her clit and almost leapt from the tub as she nudged into it.

At that moment, she felt a startling presence near her. Opening her eyes, she looked around the room and saw nothing. She decided it was time to leave the tub anyway, pulling the drain plug before stepping out. Using the towel, Sienna dried herself off and walked into the attached bedroom.

“I wonder why he wants me to wear the nightgown I bought for our wedding night,” she asked herself.

The closet was full of clothes, and even though Austin’s stuff took up almost half the space, Sienna couldn’t bring herself to get rid of it. Searching through her half, she noticed all the nice dresses and skirts that she’d used to wear, that had been hanging up since his diagnosis. At the very back was a sheer white nightgown that fell to the middle of her thighs. Slipping it over her head, she walked in front of the mirror to see how it looked.

She loved the way it made her breasts look as the thin material clung to her still damp body. Her nipples were still hard and jutted through the lacy trim as if they were trying to escape her body. Now that she’d prepared herself the way the letter indicated, the next step was going back to the living room to retrieve the box. Since it was too heavy to lift, she slid it down the hallway and on to the carpet in the bedroom.

Kneeling beside the bed, she used a pair of scissors to open the box. Inside was a large black object that looked like a small saddle with a shaft jutting out from the center of the seat.

“What is this thing?”

She had no idea what it was, so she opened the instruction booklet.

Sybian sex machine, the ultimate in female pleasure.

“What the hell am I supposed to do with this thing? I’ve never even used a vibrator before. I can’t believe you sent me this.”

Along with the booklet, there was a DVD. She decided that would be her best choice to figure out what she was supposed to do with this thing. Using the remote, she flipped the TV on and slipped the slim disk into the player.

Soon an attractive blonde appeared on the screen dressed in only a bathrobe and announced her name as Cathy. She began by demonstrating how to set up the machine and Sienna followed along with each step. In the video, they showed her having a choice of four different attachments. Sienna looked through the box but could only find one. It looked so much like Austin’s cock that she almost dropped it in surprise. The skin felt so life-like and the design seemed to match the details of his cock.

She put that attachment in place and turned her attention back to the screen as Cathy disrobed, showing her naked body to the camera. Sienna had never felt an attraction to other women before, but she found it impossible to take her eyes off the screen. At first, Cathy slid into place on the machine, giving a close up of how to use the controls. Sienna could hear the machine get louder. Within a few seconds, Cathy was totaling enthralled, and soon experienced a powerful orgasm, with her wide-open eyes locked onto Sienna’s. Escort Beşiktaş

By the time the video ended, Sienna found herself soaked and tingling all over. She eyed the contraption and decided to try it herself. The woman in the video seemed to enjoy it, so maybe it would work for her as well.

Sienna straddled the machine, lowered herself onto the attachment, feeling it slowly penetrate her, and then stopped when it was in all the way. It seemed to radiate with an inner heat she didn’t expect. Grabbing the remote, she pressed the vibration setting, starting on easy.

“Mmm, oh that does feel good.”

Over time, she increased the power of the vibrations, feeling it send chills up inside her. Her clit ached to be touched as she reached down and ran her fingers over her smooth outer lips, feeling the slickness of her own juices. She leaned back on the machine, exposing her clit for easier access. It was all just an enjoyable ride until she switched the rotate control on.

The rotations inside felt good, but it was the thrusting motion that surprised and overwhelmed her senses at the same time. The attachment was moving in and out of her pussy, slowly at first then building tempo. This sensation was driving Sienna insane with pleasure. A gust of wind, in a room with no open doors and windows, blew her nightgown up over her head, exposing her breasts. Moments later, she felt fingers teasing her nipples as her own rubbed back and forth over her clit.

An orgasm was building with sheer intensity inside her, ready to explode at any second. When she felt something pinching both her nipples at once, she couldn’t control herself anymore. Sienna began to thrust her hips against the attachment, bucking wildly.

“Oh yes. God, oh god, yes.”

Her breath came in ragged bursts and her face was bright red with the exertion. Tighter she pressed against the machine, riding from one orgasm into another like waves on the ocean. The hands on her breasts continued to pull and tug on her nipples, making them red and swollen. For the first time since Austin’s diagnosis, she gave in, allowing herself a moment of unbroken happiness and pure ecstasy.

With her eyes still closed and her nightgown over her face, Sienna couldn’t see whose hands were running all over her body, but she knew. She’d understood the gift as soon as she saw the lone attachment in the box and the resemblance it bore.

After riding the wave through several orgasms, she shut the Sybian off and reluctantly climbed off, knowing she would be sore in the morning. Even then, she could still feel the warm touch on her back, fingers tracing the length of her spine. The memory of Austin saying goodbye to her in the hospital moments before his death faded from her mind, taking a huge weight off her shoulders.

She lay down on her back, facing the ceiling, where an outline of Austin floated above her. A bright white light shone just under the ceiling, almost blinding her. With him around again, she could feel all the bad karma and energy disappear from the house. Things were at peace again.

Physically exhausted and emotionally drained, Sienna rolled over on the bed and fell asleep, feeling a warm embrace pressing against her back. Moments later, a voice spoke in the room while a hand caressed her back.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, baby.”

She slept through the night for the first time in months, a contented smile on her face.


I appreciate all types of feedback. I hope you enjoyed my story feel free to vote and check out my other stories.

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