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GhostriderIt was mid September and I was walking the local path in the woods. It was a warm day and what a day it was. My dog Ghost was with me, and as dogs do, he was running around, sometimes behind and sometimes in front of me. I had walked for some time now and I was looking for the little cave down by the river for some shade and to rest awhile. As I situated myself under the shaded nook, I whistled and heard Ghost barking but he never ran back to me so I whistled again and this time I realized that the bark came from above. I decided to climb the top of the cave from around the side and up the narrow path of stepping stones which led to the rocky overhang. When I finally got to the top I saw sitting there a very young teenage girl. And like me she had wanted to sit and rest in a shaded area and have a drink of water from her thermos.”Ohh, hello. I didn’t think anyone else knew about this spot.” she said.”I didn’t know of it either until now. I just followed the sound of my dog barking when I whistled for him. I’m sorry if he frightened you, I wanted to rest for a bit so we could both get a drink.” I said.”I wasn’t frightened, he was just being friendly and trying to lick me.” she said as she giggled.I pulled out Ghost’s bowl out of my backpack and poured him some water then put a couple of his biscuits out for him as I sat a little way from the girl so she wouldn’t feel cramped. Ghost wolfed down his biscuits and lapped his water then ran to the girl and pushed his nose between her legs. She was wearing short shorts as he tried to get his snout up the inside of her shorts leg. She giggled and pushed him away as I grabbed him by the collar and told him to sit so he tried the same with my shorts until I smacked his snout as he ran away to lick his red rocket which was now peeking out from its shell.”Why did he do konak escort that to me?” She asked. I explained that he liked the smell of her private parts and wanted to taste her. When he couldn’t do that he tried with me and as that didn’t work he is consoling himself by giving himself a sexual thrill. She blushed a little and asked how he could do that.”Do you really want to know?” I asked.”Ummm – – yeah. My mom never wants to talk about anything that has to do with sex. My older sister and I don’t know the girls at our school very well either because we live far away from town, so we don’t have much time to talk to them after school because our mom picks us up right after school.” she said.”What about your dad?” I asked, hoping not to offend her.”Ummm – – he isn’t around any more, and we don’t want him here, he hurts our mom.” she said in a very low and sad tone.”Ohh – – I see — I’m so sorry to hear that. So – – what about your sister – – is she good company for you? How old is she?” I asked, knowing I was now prying.”She just turned 16 last month. She’s a bit taller – – and has bigger breasts too. I wish mine were bigger too, so all the boys could look at my breasts like they do tto my sister.” she said.”Well — if it makes you feel any better – – I must admit, I’m having a hard time trying not to look at your breasts. It’s difficult to hide the fact that you are very well developed everywhere eles, and you do have some nice curves for a young girl like yourself. It is easy to see, at least for me, that your breast look lovely.” I said, as I smiled at her.”Awwwhhhhh – – thank you so much. That was so sweet of you. So – – like, you were going to tell me why your dog licks himself like that.” she said in a inquizative tone.”Ohh. . ok! I’ll tell you why he licks himself, but remember, you did konak escort bayan ask me to explain things. Will you promise to tell the truth?” I asked her.”Yes.” she said, as she nodded her head in excitment.”Ok. . . so when you have a bath or are in your bed at night, do you ever touch between your legs? Don’t be shy. If you do, then say so. Believe me, you’d be very unusual if you don’t.” I said.”Ummmm . . . yeah – – I do sometimes.” she said as she blushed quickly in the face.”Does your sister?” I asked.”I think so, but I can’t be sure.” she said, now with a flushed face.”I’ll bet she does. Does it feel nice?” I asked again.”Ummmm. . . .Yeah.” she said, as she turned away.”Do you do it because it feels nice or do you feel that you have to do it because your honeypot feels uncomfortable and aches if you don’t?” I asked.”Ummmm. . . sometimes – – because I like it, and sometimes because I feel that like I have to.” she said.”Well that is normal. It is the same for men too. We sometimes get an urge to rub ourselves – – and sometimes when we’re feeling lonely, and also sometimes when we’re feeling aroused. My dog is just the same, but he has an additional problem, at least I think it’s a problem, but I can’t be sure. He has a highly developed sense of smell and can therefore smell our sex glands working, and that arouses him.” I explained to her.”I didn’t think that a human could arouse a dog.” she said, with a look of confusion.”Well – – you’re wrong. The next problem he has is that, unlike us he can’t rub himself, and he can’t suck himself, so he has to do what’s left and lick himself.” I said, without trying to laugh aloud.”What do you mean by unlike us?” she asked.”You can stroke between your legs and tease that little flower that’s hiding there can’t you?” I asked, with a sly grin on my escort konak face.”Ummmmm. . . .yeah.” she said, as she giggled as her little cheeks were rosy red now.”Well that little flower bud is called your clitoris, and it’s kinda like a man’s penis. See – – we older men have a bigger penis than boys your age, yet, we don’t have the luxury of a little vagina, so we have to stroke our penis until it gets big enough for us to hold it and than really stroke it hard and fast. Doing that gives us a very nice feeling, so we do it often, and we do it sometimes because it helps relieve our tensions of everyday life. Another reason we are better off than the dog is that we can get some one else to do the rubbing for us, and you’ll just have to take my word for that, and this is a great deal for us, rather than DIY.” I said.”DIY?” she asked, with no clue of what that meant.”Do It Yourself. The final benefit is that we can also get someone else to lick and suck our penis, and believe me, a woman has a great deal, and more pleasure when she has that done to her, versus a man getting it done to him – – but I wouldn’t refuse it if a woman would do it to me. Also remember that if a woman does it to another woman sh….” I said as she interupted mr abruptly.That’s lesbianism!” She yelled.”Yes it is. So – – the point I was making is that women will get much more satisfaction from having another woman lick and suck her flower because the woman would not be trying to work you up so that you would let her put her cock into you. She’d be doing it purely for the pleasure it gives both of you. She’d be a great dea, and gentle than most men could manage, and she’d be eager to teach you how to please another woman, or learn what you know.”Ghost had moved and was lying flat on the ground having wormed his way up between the girl’s legs and now had his snout pressed up to her little honeypot. She didn’t push him away, as she slowly opened her legs further apart. I let the girl enjoy the feeling of Ghost pressing against her sweet teen spirit for a while, but I too was in need some be continued. . .

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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