Girl’s Night Pt. 06

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This is a continuation of an earlier story. It contains themes of feminization, humiliation and other fetishes that don not appeal to all. If you are a fan of these, please read on and leave comments as to how to improve the story. Hope you enjoy it. ~ DB


Fisher climbed up the stairs to the brownstone, Sophie’s jeans creeping down his ass for what seemed like the hundredth time and the ill-fitting tank top no help as it stopped just above his belly button. There had been little traffic down the street, but the normal 10 minute task had taken much longer as he constantly had to adjust himself and his manicure kept getting in the way. He avoided eye contact with the early morning foot traffic, but definitely heard several lewd comments, one of which was a woman who had actually stopped and attempted to chat with him. And of course, that had made him aroused immediately, the tight denim becoming uncomfortably so as the bulge of his erection became clearly evident.

He quietly shut the door behind him, trying to enter unnoticed, but it was no use.

“Come on upstairs Candi” Sophie called down to him, “time to get showered and dressed!”

He swore to himself, she must have been keeping an eye on him from the front guest bedroom. He knew he would be grilled. He walked into the bedroom and stopped short. Sophie stood in the center of the room in a matching push-up bra and thong panty set, subtly colored ivory satin and lace.

“Oh my!” Sophie exclaimed as he stared. “Those jeans are very tight, aren’t they?”

“Yes Mistress,” Fisher answered, feeling his face go hot. “I’m not a size 4.”

“But I’ll bet you liked showing off your cute little outfit,” she teased. “Didn’t you?”

“Yes Mistress…”

“It was a rhetorical question Candi,” Sophie interrupted. “I know you do. But what I don’t know is what the people on the street said to you. Especially the red-head from down the block who was walking her dog.”

Fisher swore in his head again, he had hoped nobody lived near-by. He cleared his throat and answered, his high-pitched voice shaking slightly.

“She called me,” he said, “a cute little fairy when she said good morning.”

“But she was talking to you for a while,” Sophie said, “that’s not all she said, was it?”

“No Sophie,” he answered, his cheeks flushed, “she told me she heard me getting proper fucked last night. And that she had no idea I was a secret sissy and a queer.”

“And since you’re hard telling me,” Sophie said, wagging a finger at his crotch, “I can only imagine what happened outside.” Sophie laughed as Fisher pouted, more embarrassed by the second. “And the best part, the best fucking part my little bitch, is that I’ll bet you didn’t correct her, did you?”

“No Mistress,” Fisher answered softly.

“Did the same thing happen when the guys commented?” Sophie prodded. “You know they were staring as you were bent over, don’t you, you little tease?”

“It didn’t happen then Mistress,” Fisher answered, then added meekly, “but I could feel them staring.”

“Well, you’d better get used to it,” Sophie said, “because if you think men were staring this morning, wait until they see you later. Off to the shower with you now, and make sure you use my body wash and shampoo, not yours.”

“Yes Mistress,” he answered and made his way passed her to the master bath.

“But strip for me first,” Sophie said. “In front of the mirror. I want to get a good look at your hot body.”

Fisher stopped in his tracks, his cock throbbing. He turned to the oversized floor length mirror against the wall and peeled off Sophie’s jeans and tank top, revealing the quarter size stain on the front of Jenny’s panties.

“Naughty, naughty, naughty little slut,” Sophie said. “Jenny won’t be happy you did that in her panties. I suggest you clean that up.”

Fisher took the panties off, folded the offending spot around the tips of his fingers and proceeded to lick the panties clean while the Sophie watched.

“Now clean off your cock too, cumslut.”

Fisher swept his pinky over the tip of his cock and slurped off the pre-cum, acquiescing to her every whim.

“NOW, you can shower, Candi.” Sophie said.

Sophie laughed as he slunk through door to bathroom, shaking her head slowly. If only he knew how much the ache for him burned inside her as well. But she couldn’t tell him how difficult it was to keep her hands off him, or her mouth. Seeing his perfect cock so hard, and for such an erotic reason. But she wanted him crazed, and out of his mind with lust for as long as she could. He was already so flustered, she knew he could barely fight back now, part of her wondered if he even wanted to. She knew she should probably keep an eye on him, but the break would do them both some good. Trusting him like this only made him show more submissiveness to her, and if he failed, well, there were much crueler ways to deal with him.

Sophie set out her outfit as she thought about him; a laurel green, scoopneck konak escort tank top, a distressed khaki mini skirt and a pair of Jimmy Choo tan leather espadrille wedge sandals. Satisfied with how it looked laid out on the bed she smiled at her reflection in the mirror.

“Think we are going to turn some heads today?” Sophie asked herself with a smile.


Fisher dried off as Sophie watched him in the mirror. His mind had wandered while he showered, torturing him. He wondered how they had looked like last night, standing together where he stood now, and his hair trigger of arousal responded quickly. Then onto what he had witnessed between them last night and what they had done to him. He had jumped when Sophie entered, the scented soap nearly flying from his hand. Now as he stood there under her watchful eye, his excitement turned to dread and back to subservience as she smiled warmly at him.

“Ready to get dressed Candi?” she asked.

“Yes Mistress,” he answered.

“Good girl,” she said, then continued, “but from now on and until we leave the mall, you can call me Sophie, ok?”

“Ok,” Fisher answered happily, “Thank you Sophie.”

“Good,” she said, kissing him gently on the mouth, “lets have some fun.”

Fisher didn’t know if he would categorize what was about to happen as fun, but when she took his hand and led him back into the bedroom, his fear faded away.

“I have some surprises for you, sexy.” Sophie said eagerly. “But don’t worry, they are all good surprises, I promise.”

Fisher stood silently, wondering what was coming next.

“You look scared,” Sophie said standing in front of him. “Are you scared, my sissy slut?”

“Yes Sophie,” he admitted, “very scared.”

“Don’t be,” she said, placing a hand to his face and pulling him to her, “we are just girlfriends now, girlfriends with extremely good benefits.”

Fisher moaned as she kissed him deeply, his eyes closing as her tongue owned his, twisting and massaging, daring him to resist.

“Feel better?” she asked as she broke the kiss, her thigh brushing his growing erection

“Yes,” he lied, “Thank you Sophie.”

“Good,” she said, “now open the big box on the bed for surprise number one.”

Fisher saw the large white box on the bed, surrounded by several shopping bags. He walked towards it, folded up the flaps and immediately gasped. There inside the box were the most immense pair of breast forms he had ever seen.

He looked to Sophie and she smiled.

“You’ve been upgraded, Candi,” she said, “you’re an F cup now. And these have been specially made to match your skin tone, you’ll finally be able to show off the way you want to…”

“Thank you Sophie,” Fisher said, embarrassed as his body trembled, aching to touch them. “I… I… love them.”

“I knew you would baby,” Sophie said, “but unfortunately, most stores only sell up to a DD bra, so you’ll be spilling out for everyone to see. Being the tramp that you are, I’ll bet you won’t mind one little bit, will you?”

“No Sophie,” Fisher admitted, “I won’t mind at all.”

“Then you’re going to love the outfit I picked for you to wear today!” Sophie exclaimed. “But first we should give you your falsies…”

Fisher nodded and followed Sophie as she took the box over to the floor length mirror. He stood with his hands clasped behind his ass and slid his shoulders back, presenting his chest. She measured him quickly with a tape and marked his chest in four spots, two at the top swell of his tightly sculpted pectorals, and two more at the bottom. He breathed in sharply as she sprayed him with adhesive, then sighed as the forms were pressed to him and adjusted. He strained to see his reflection in the mirror but was blocked as Sophie stood silently in front of him. He could feel himself throbbing again as her reflection tortured him and his new breasts began to adhere to his muscles. His thoughts were interrupted seconds later by Sophie’s voice in his ears.

“Arms down Candi,” she instructed.

Fisher complied and she slipped a zip front sports bra up his arms and over his shoulders. He felt his skin pull and then Sophie pulled each end of the open bra closed. The spandex stretched to its breaking point, Sophie stuffed the bra and slowly worked the zipper closed until he was firmly encased, leaving him with one enormous pink lump on his chest.

“There,” Sophie said, “that should hold them in place until the glue completely sets. And in the meantime, you can see what you’re wearing today.”

Fisher picked the tell-tale Victoria’s Secret bag first, and out spilled a padded lace bra in dark fuchsia and a matching pair of mini cheekster panties. Next came an even smaller bag with hoop earrings and what looked like large diamond cut in half. He looked at it quizzically and then made eye contact with Sophie.

“Body jewelry,” she said. “For right below your belly button. Women and men are going to be dragging their eyes all over your kuşadası escort body Candi.”

Sophie laughed as his face turned red again.

The next bag was from Abercrombie. Fisher swallowed hard as he pulled out a pair of distressed denim short shorts that had barely any inseam. Out of the forever21 bag came a pink plaid button down shirt. He knew then what she planned to do to him. And his heart fluttered as Sophie flipped open the shoebox on the bed, revealing a pair of white, 5 1/2″ criss-cross ankle strap sandals with 1 1/2″ platform.

“So what do you think Candi?” Sophie asked. “How closely will you resemble one of those models who dress up like country whores?”

“Too well,” Fisher responded, his eyes darting from one item to the next, never figuring that he’d be the one dressed like this.

“But something is missing,” Sophie said thoughtfully, “don’t you think?”

Fisher looked at her, the wry smile of hers making it easy to figure out she had something up her sleeve.

“Should I get it now?” Sophie asked her.

“Please,” Fisher begged, his excitement peaking.

“Don’t move,” Sophie said, quickly exiting the room.

“I spared no expense for you, slut,” she called from her walk in closet, “you better appreciate this.”

Fisher nearly fainted when Sophie came back carrying a foam mannequin head, a butterscotch blond wig sitting on top. It had long and perfectly layered locks, every silky strand glimmering in the mid morning sun.

“Custom made just for you, Candi,” Sophie gleamed. “Real human hair, not like that shit we used to use that made you look ridiculous. I’m sorry, but its true.”

“Thank you Sophie,” Fisher said, stunned at how close it resembled his own hair color.

“You’re quite welcome baby,” Sophie said, walking over to him. “I want my little slut to look so fucking irresistible, and when I see how hard you are, and how much you love being humiliated and dominated, it makes it all worth it.”

“I love you Sophie,” Fisher whispered, “thank you…”

“And I love you, my little sissy bitch.” Sophie kissed him deeply, pressing her body into his, feeling his firm cock press against her belly. She moaned in his mouth and he shivered, his cock jumping against her.

“However,” she said as she broke the kiss, “you can’t get dressed like that. Luckily Jenny gave me something that will help.”

Jenny walked towards her vanity, grabbing a tiny spray bottle in her hand.

“This,” she said, holding up the bottle, “is a numbing agent they use at the clinic. Stronger than Lidocaine, you’ll remain fully functional, and feeling should return in about an hour or so. I’m hoping it wears off at a most inopportune time of course.”

Fisher inhaled sharply through his teeth as the spray hit his erection; icy needles penetrating his arousal and dismissing it immediately. He watched as she sprayed and the mist was quickly absorbed into his skin, making him wilt almost instantly. His cock disappeared from view under his mammoth breasts.

“Much better,” Sophie said, surveying his now limp penis. “and you look cute emasculated. Like a true tranny whore.”

“Sophie…,” Fisher whimpered.

“Take that bra off now,” she instructed, ignoring his embarassment, “I want to get the full effect.”

Fisher reached up with trembling fingers and slowly unzipped the constricting piece of clothing. Twin globes of flesh colored silicone fell free, and the Sophie gasped.

“Fucking perfect!” Sophie said, clasping her hands in front of her joyfully, staring intently from one breast to the other.. “Worth. Every. Penny.”

Fisher held his breath as Sophie fawned over him, his balls aching as his cock refused to respond. Sophie cupped one breast then the other, dragged her fingers across Fisher’s new chest and pushed his breasts together. He could swear he could feel her fingers, bit it was impossible, wasn’t it?

“No seams,” Sophie said, letting his breasts fall, “only if you look very closely. And look at the way they hang, they are going to bounce when you walk, and sag when you bend over. Just like real breasts…”

Sophie pinched the fake nipples, then began slapping one then the other, giggling maliciously as they swayed back and forth. Fisher bit his lip and groaned as she toyed with him, fingers digging into his palms as he held the sports bra open. His hips bucked involuntarily as Sophie took a nipple in each hand, pinched and lifted his breasts. Her laughter echoed in his ears as she easily lifted him onto his toes, the glue making them a part of him

“Already a slave to your big floppy tits, Candi” Sophie joked, “I’m sure at least one guy will want to fuck them, don’t you think?”

“Of course Sophie,” he uttered breathlessly without thinking. He cringed as he heard what he sounded like.

“Enough of that, you dirty little slut” Sophie said with a mock scolding tone, “time to get dressed. First things first, take that bra off while I grab one foça escort more thing I got for you.”

Fisher complied, wondering what more she could possibly have to torture him with.

“I picked this up especially for you,” she said holding up a small pink bottle for him to see. “How could I not?”

Fisher read the bottle; Prada Candy Eau de Parfum. Oh, no. He stiffened as he felt the wet knob slowly drift across one side of his neck, then the other. She tossed the bottle again and dragged it between his breasts, then along the lines of both obliques down to the base of his penis. One more shake and his wrists were scented as well. His head spun as the unmistakably feminine fragrance dragged him deeper into submission.

Sophie took Fisher’s hand and led him to the bed, quickly snapping the tags off his bra and panties. She handed them to him then directed him to stand in front of the mirror. He peeked at himself once there, and indeed, it did look as if his breasts were real. He moved to touch them but before he could Sophie was behind him and pushed his hand down slowly.

“There will be plenty of time to fondle yourself when I tell you to, slut.” Sophie teased, eliciting a nervous laugh from Fisher.

“Sorry Sophie,” Fisher said, his face flushed.

“Do I need to put you over my knee one more time?” she asked, cupping his ass in her hand, squeezing her nails into his flesh.

Fisher winced, because while on the surface his ass looked pristine, underneath, the muscles were still sore.

“Please no, Sophie,” he whimpered.

“Good,” she said with a smile, “because I can’t wait to see how your ass looks in your new panties.”

Fisher cursed his genetics. His legs were long and toned, but his ass, toned as well, could not be described as anything but a bubble butt. It was like it was made to wear panties. Something Sophie had reiterated the last time they had played this game, albeit not to this level.

Fisher obediently lifted one foot then the other as Sophie slipped them on him from behind. She wrapped them up over hips pulling them snug and then smoothed them out over his ass, adjusting them this way and that until she was satisfied. She turned him left then right, looking at him in the mirror as his heart rate rapidly increased.

“Spread your legs,” she told him, and tugged the front of his panties down.

Fisher inhaled sharply as she took his limp penis between her thumb and forefinger and pushed his genitals back through his thighs, splitting his scrotum with his wilted member. She let the panties go with a snap and placed her palm against the flat front, murmuring her approval. She took the bra from his hand with a flourish and made a circle in the air with her finger.

“Spin for me Candi,” Sophie demanded.

He did as he was told, hating and loving the way he felt in panties.

“Very nice,” Sophie said as he faced her again. “makes me want to fuck that ass right now, over and over again.”

“Thank you Sophie,” Fisher muttered.

Sophie took his wrists in her hands and slipped the straps of the matching bra up his arms, tucked the underwire under his breasts and slipped around behind him, pulling them up over his shoulders. Sophie smiled as she clasped the 36D bra at his spine and he sighed contentedly. Or at least that’s the way his altered voice made him sound.

Fisher’s jaw hung open as he gazed at the mountain of cleavage his chest had become when the bra slipped closed. The too small cups clung to the outside of each breast for dear life, pushing them up and out, barely covering the large fake nipples. He watched in awe as Sophie turned him sideways and adjusted the shoulders allowing a little more natural (natural?!) droop. He was beginning to look like all those selfies on instagram, and he didn’t want it to stop.

“You’re a sissy bimbo bombshell, Candi” Sophie said, making minor adjustments here and there. “Say it in your sexiest voice…”

“I’m a sissy bimbo bombshell,” he repeated, knowing it wasn’t a lie.

“Yumm, I like the way that sounds,” she said, “now put on your shorts, sissy.”

Fisher reached down and opened the mini shorts, stepping into them gingerly. He bit his bottom lip as they tightened around his thighs and then stuck at his hips. He glanced at Sophie as he struggled, pleading silently for help.

“Wiggle your ass and pull, silly girl,” she teased. “You’re a slut, they’re supposed to be tight, right?”

He apologized, but he wasn’t sure why.

Sophie giggled as he shimmied into the shorts. “That’s better, make those big fake tits bounce, you floozy. Oh my god, quite the show! Fucking priceless Candi,” she exclaimed, derisively shaking her head “you look like such a bimbo, I bet if you spoke your mind, you’d be speechless…”

Fisher blushed profusely as Sophie laughed anew, but finally he managed to pull the ill-fitting shorts to his waist. And to further add to his humiliation he had to look at himself in the mirror as he buttoned them because when he looked down all he could see was two heaving breasts. To his surprise the waist fit perfectly, but when he turned, his ass was stretching the denim to it’s breaking point, and it was barely covered.

“You look hot baby,” Sophie said, “now put your shirt on and stop admiring yourself.”

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