Giving My Wife as a Birthday Gift to Friend

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Giving My Wife as a Birthday Gift to FriendIt was my best friends thirty-fifth birthday. I told my wife I really wanted to do something special for him but was at a loss for what I could do. I asked for her help, but she did not have any ideas as well. For the following weeks, we tossed around various schemes, but nothing came to mind that we thought was in line with what we wanted to do to make the day truly special for him. Then one night after my wife had gone to bed I was up late watching porn when I saw a cuckold video where a guy offers his wife to his buddy. For some reason, the video and thought were super hot, and I sat rubbing one out as I watched. As I went to bed, my mind hatched a wicked idea. The next evening my stomach was in a knot as I was excited to tell my wife what I had been thinking, but at the same time, I was terrified she would think I had totally lost all my senses and gone crazy. I took her out for a meal and bought her a few drinks. She had a great buzz going when I told her, “Hey, I think I might have the perfect idea for something special for Dave’s birthday next week.” My wife was looking at me as I hesitated. She replied, “Oh shit, I had totally forgotten all about that. What are you thinking of doing for him? We should totally do something really naughty for him.” She was laughing with her response. I felt like her reply had just saved me, and I could make this our idea. I looked at her and said, “Oh, that could be cool. I was thinking of taking him to see a Cubs game, but something naughty might be a lot more fun for all of us.” My wife was tipsy and was laughing as she replied back to me, “Yeah, we could do something really out there, like get you dressed in leather and tell him you are going to be his sex slave for the night.” My wife could barely stay seated on the barstool with her comment. I saw my opening and added, “No, wait, what if you dressed up really sexy and hot to tease him and we told him you were going to be his date and you were taking him out for his birthday?” My wife’s agreement was a total shock to me, “huh, yeah that could be a lot of fun. And, it would be really naughty if I actually did go out with him for a date. I mean it would be cruel to just tease him without actually doing something nice for him.” My wife had agreed with no question or reluctance at all. I wondered if she had thought of this before. I waited until we got home and I was checking my email online. I pulled up the video I had watched the previous night, and with her sitting next to me on the couch I told her we should search for approaches for this date idea. She was in agreement, and as I searched, I brought up the video. We both sat and watched the full s*******n minutes of explicit action. We concluded with some intense sex on the couch before heading to bed for the night. The next night after work we talked more about setting up a date night with Dave. My wife said it had been on her mind all day after the video we viewed. The idea genuinely turned us both on. Instead of watching television that evening my wife was searching the internet for titles like married dating and such. She seemed to focus on the cuckold videos of women being fucked while their husband watched from the sideline. One particular video had us fondling each other again and headed to the bedroom for another hot round of sex together. Once we finished and were laying with her in my arms, I asked, “So I was just curious about how far you are thinking about taking the date night concept. Are you seriously thinking about having sex with Dave?”My wife kissed me and replied, “Well, would you get mad if I did?” This was something we had fantasized about and watched videos of to get us excited but not anything we had ever actually contemplated. My mind raced as I wanted for this to happen, but at the same time, I didn’t. I was not sure what to reply but said, “I don’t know babe, it could be really hot and fun.”My wife kissed me again and said, “We can see what happens is we do it, but I think it would be so hot to have another doing me while you were sitting at the end of the bed on the floor naked watching us.” At apprehending this idea coming from my wife a jolt of strong desire bolted through my body while at the same time my stomach knotted up in jealousy. It was my cock that gave my true inner desire canlı bahis away as I was instantly back to being fully erect. My wife went down on my slimy cock as I moved around to lick her pussy which I had just filled with cum twenty minutes before. We both ended up having another hard orgasm while we orally serviced each other. The next afternoon Dave was at our house when we arrived home from work. I asked if he had any plans for his birthday and he said no, he had nothing at all going on. Dave said he had considered going up to visit his mom but had changed his mind. I asked if he would like to come over and maybe go out to dinner or something. Dave seemed to smile and said he would love to. I gave him no indication of what my wife and I had discussed. Saturday night came, and Dave arrived on time as planned. I was dressed in a pair of shorts and a tank top while barefoot, and Dave had a confused look on his face since we had told him we were going someplace nice and it was tie and jacket required. He asked if he had the time wrong and I casually said, “No, you are right on time, brother. I am not going to be going along. We decided it has been some time since you had a date so tonight my wife is going to be your date.”Dave still had a confused look on his face as my wife came into the room, dressed in her hot little short purple sequin cocktail dress. My mouth almost dropped as I saw her hard nipples poke from the fabric giving no question that she had no bra on underneath. She also had not pulled the dress down, so her butt cheeks and pussy were clearly in view. I could not believe how she had dressed for Dave. I got an instant lump in my throat at seeing her along with a raging boner. I now seriously questioned my desire to see my wife going out with another man. “Happy birthday, I am almost ready.” My wife said as she gave Dave a peck on the cheek as she adjusted her dress obstructing the view. I wished Dave a happy birthday and gave my wife a kiss as they walked out the door a few minutes later to make their reservation. My mind was racing as I tried to create busy work but could not help but wonder what the night would end with. I wanted to call and tell them to come back and cancel the entire thing, but my mind was also imagining my wife riding my best friend as I watched them. The next three hours were pure torture as I waited pacing around the house. As I heard them arrive back, I tried to play it off as I quickly sat in front of the TV attempting to act like they had woke me from a nap. Dave talked briefly about the evening and how great it was while my wife stood at his side looking utterly delicious. My wife had her arm around Dave as he talked, it was apparent he was excited about the evening from the way he spoke. My wife finally interrupted him as she kissed him deeply on the lips in a kiss and embrace that lasted close to a minute. As she parted lips, she softly remarked, “Your so sexy.”I got us all a shot for Dave’s birthday, and both my wife and Dave giggled together about the three bottles of wine they shared with dinner. My wife’s dress had ridden back up presenting a free, unobstructed view of my wife’s tight firm butt and her cleanly shaven vagina. My wife again interrupted the small talk by kissing Dave and then bluntly asking him, “So, do you fuck on the first date?” Dave seemed like he was totally taken back by the proposal and by my wife’s brazenness. As he appeared to stumble to answer my wife rubbed his crotch with her hand. Finally, Dave replied to her as he stared at me, “Uhhh, damn I would love to, you don’t know how long I have wanted to with you, but it is up to your husband.” In an almost surreal, dreamlike moment I got up from my seat on the couch and walked over to where my best friend and my wife sat together. Looking at my wife with her sweet pussy in open view I heard myself say, “Hey, tonight you are welcome to do anything you like with my wife, her pussy, her ass, her mouth, her body is all yours for your pleasure and use. Happy Birthday, buddy!” Dave sprang up from the loveseat and engulfed me in a bear hug as he uttered his gratefulness and how much he had thought about something like this but never imagining it would ever occur. As Dave continued to mumble my wife got up from her seated position and grabbed Dave by the arm telling him to come with bahis siteleri her. She looked back at me and told me to follow them. I followed behind with my stomach boiling. I could not believe what was happening, I desired this so bad, but I also hated what we were arranging. We stepped inside a small guest bedroom we used as storage. The bed was made, and my wife sat on the side of the mattress. My wife instructed me to undress, she was being stern, calling me her cuck. It was turning me on but also embarrassing me. I slipped my shirt off over my head and tossed it to a chair and then unbuttoned my shorts and pulled them off adding them to the shirt. I stood in my boxers, but my wife was not done. She told me to get them off, and I felt incredible humiliation as I slid my boxers down allowing my dick to pop out in Dave’s view. Next, my wife drove the humiliation home as she told me to help my best friend get his clothes off for her. Dave and I both fumbled around awkwardly as he undressed handing me his clothes. I helped with his jacket and untied his shoes for him. My wife in her bossy tone directed me to take Dave’s pants off him and then to pull his boxers off him. I had not ever seen my friend naked, but his cock was huge. I never grasped a man could have such an enormous dick. He was rock hard, and my wife was already expressing her delight at seeing it. I wanted to leave, to shut the door and to walk away and not to imagine of what Dave was going to be doing to my wife with that massive tool. But, I also wanted to watch, to hear them together and to get sloppy seconds maybe even when Dave finished. As my mind raced, I could not get the image of Dave’s massive cock in comparison to my own small penis erased from my memory. My wife broke my concentration and thoughts as she told Dave to have me kneel on the floor at the end of the bed and for him to use his necktie to restrain my hands behind my back. This was not rehearsed or planned, I was not expecting this. We had seen it on videos, but I never thought this would be my predicament. Kneeling with my chin resting on the end of the mattress in the middle of the double bed, my friend tied my hands so that I could not touch myself or anything around me. At my wife’s instruction, he also tied my ankles and then tied my wrists to my ankles so that I could not get up or move from the position I was in. Dave slid my wife’s dress off over her head revealing her fully naked body. Her engorged nipples and her puffy vaginal labia gave her arousal away, but as Dave touched her sweet married pussy and her plentiful lubrication clung to his fingers, I grasped how much she craved my friend. His throbbing cock seeping with precum confirmed he was equally fueled with a lust to defile my wife while I could only look and watch. A fragrance I had not experienced lofted and filled the room, it was a smell of heated bodies, lust, and sex. My wife started things out with taking Dave’s cock into her mouth, trying to get her lips around the head as she worked to get him deeper. She gagged but continued to work more and more of his length as saliva flowed from the sides of her lips, and she gagged but never gave up. My wife slowly extracted Dave’s b**st from her pretty lips and she told Dave, “Please fuck me, I need to have you inside me.” Dave asked her how she wanted him, and she replied in a guttural moaning voice, “do me from behind, doggy style.” I watched as only two feet from my face my best friend pressed his massive cock head between my wife’s tight little pussy folds. I wanted to cry out for them to stop, but instead, my mind defied me as I repeated out loud, “Fuck my wife, give it to her hard, fuck her.” I was in a daze repeating myself as I could feel the air on my face from Dave delivering a hammering to my wife, hearing their flesh slap together, listening to her telling Dave to fuck her harder, watching as beads of perspiration rose on their skin and ran off. The sloshing noises of my wife’s juices with his penetrating drives were intoxicating and engrossing. The mix of naked glistening bodies brought me to a tremendous need to stroke myself and to find my own release, but I was helpless. Dave was extracting out further with each thrust and several times his ass made a connection with my face, leaving his sweat on my skin. Dave rammed into my bahis şirketleri wife hard and remained as I watched as his large dangling balls contracted and seemed to convulse as my wife told him to cum inside her. Dave was grunting and groaning about how tight my wife was while the two of them dropped onto the mattress in a collection of sweating bare flesh. Dave was still buried deep inside my wife, letting the last drops of his seed to blast deep inside her. I was captivated at the sight of another man’s cock inside my wife and knowing he had just cum inside her. Nothing on the videos I had watched could ever have exposed the raw emotions I was experiencing at this moment. My reality returned as my hands and legs tingled with painful numbness from being restrained and positioned the way I was. My wife told Dave to get up to let me loose, and he pulled his cock from my wife allowing a stream of thick, frothy cum to follow his cock. Dave began to untie me as he apologized to me saying he thought all three of us would play, but my wife had other plans. My wife lay on the bed telling Dave, “Don’t feel sorry for him. This was all his idea for your birthday, this is what he wanted. This is as much his fantasy as it is mine and your’s. Since we started watching cuckold and humiliation videos the sex between us has been crazy. Don’t let him fool you, he is as turned on right now as anyone in the room.” I wanted to protest but she was, and it was as much my own fantasy as theirs. If it had not been for my wife I probably would never have undertaken it but she made it a reality, and I had loved it. I thought we were done, I was ready for us to all get dressed and then to let Dave go for the night. I remained on the floor in a sitting position with my legs now in front of me allowing the feeling to return and to let the feeling of pins and needles subside. As I gently massaged my wrists, Dave looked down at me and gripped me by the chin causing me to look up at him. This took me by total surprise as Dave spoke up, “So, you want to be a good, obedient little cuckold?” Dave looked at my wife as he stood with small droplets of cum dripping off his shaft in front of me. “D, let me know if I go too far in his or your fantasy. It is mine too.” Dave said to my wife as my mind was reeling not knowing where this was going next. I replayed videos in my mind that ran the full gamut. The most significant thought I was having was, please don’t let him put that monster in my ass. My thought returned as I felt a cold, slimy, wet feel across my face. I looked to see Dave with his limp cock resting on my face. “Cuck, clean up your wife’s cum!” Dave bellowed at me as he pressed his flaccid cock inside my lips. I had not ever touched another man or looked intently at a guys cock before. I had watched videos of cuckolds sucking their wife’s bull’s cock. I had beat off to the scenes but never thought it was anything I would do. Now in front of my wife, I was suddenly sitting naked in total surrender as I was fed my best friend’s and my wife’s bull’s slimy cum covered cock. I tried to resist taking it into my mouth, but my wife got up and stood in the back of me. She held my head and told me to open and suck for her. I slowly complied with her command and sucked the first cock of my life. Dave and my wife were kissing each other passionately as Dave told me it was time to clean my wife for him. His cock was already half erect once again as he pulled it from my mouth. My wife stood over me as the two of them continued to kiss. I had eaten my wife’s pussy hundreds of times but this time was different. She stood over me, and her pussy lips were splayed open, stick and different tasting. As I licked their mixed cum filled my mouth and I had to swallow to keep from making a mess. I was amazed at how much she leaked. Finally, Dave picked my wife up and carried her into our married bed. He placed her down onto the side of the bed with her hips half hanging off to the floor. His hard cock impaled her as my wife screamed out in pure pleasure. I lay on the bed where I usually sleep as I watched and listened and stroked myself until I shot my own load while my wife and best friend fucked like horny college k**s. Through the rest of that night, I was awakened several times as they would start back up together. Dave experienced his yearning crave to fuck a married woman and my wife. My wife achieved her dark fantasy to have a huge cock and to fuck another man. While I discovered what it was like to be a subservient cuckold to a dominant mistress and her bull.

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