Glory Hole Heaven at the Nudist Camp

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Glory Hole Heaven at the Nudist CampI had been going to the nudist resort for almost a year when one Wednesday afternoon things changed dramatically. Work had been a bitch for a few days so I decided to take the day off and go to the resort where I could just relax, enjoy the pool and take advantage of the quiet.I was stretched out on a lounge chair when Bill, one of the resort managers, came over and sat on the edge of the lounge chair next to mine.“How you doin’, Bob?” he asked.“Not too bad, Bill. How are things with you?”“Pretty good. Playin’ hooky today?”“Yeah, I decided I needed to get away from work so here I am. How are June and the k**s?”“They’re fine, k**s are growing like weeds. I’ve got a question to ask you.”“Okay. What’s up?”“I want you to understand that if the answer is no, it won’t ever be mentioned again. I’ll walk away and it will be like I never asked.”That piqued my curiosity so I said, “Okay. Ask away.”He leaned forward, lowered his voice and asked, “Do you like to suck cock?”I sat looking at him for about twenty seconds wondering how in the hell he knew I was a cocksucker. I had kept that part of my life well away from the nudist resort. Finally I looked him in the eye and said, “Yes. Why do you want to know?”He continued quietly, “There’s a few of us who like to suck cock and a lot more who like to have their cocks sucked. If you’re interested, we can talk more later. Do you know where the old equipment shed is up the road from the volleyball courts?”“Yeah.”“Meet me there around two this afternoon. I think you’ll enjoy it.”“Okay,” I agreed and took the opportunity to get a good look at a nice, circumcised cock as he stood to leave.I made my way down the hill, past the volleyball courts, found the old equipment shed and went inside. Bill was sitting on an old wooden desk chair stroking his cock. “Hey, Bob, glad you came. Do you like what you see?”“Yep, a big cock is always a pleasure to see.”“Would you like to suck it?”“Sure. Is this an audition?”“You might say that. I don’t doubt you’re a great cocksucker, but it never hurts to be sure.”I knelt down in front of him, took his cut cock in my hand and began stroking it. Leaning forward I looked at the piss-slit that canlı bahis was leaking precum, scooped it up with my tongue, pushed forward, took his cock in my mouth and began sucking.“Umm, you are good. Okay if I come in your mouth?I pulled off, looked up at him and said, “Hell yes! Cum is the best part of being a cocksucker,” then went back to sucking.It only took him about three minutes before he said, “Ah, shit, Bob, Here it comes! Suck harder, a little faster!”As I pulled back so just the head of his cock was in my mouth he shot a big load and I eagerly kept sucking to make sure I got it all before swallowing. After carefully licking his cock clean of cum I said, “Did I pass?”“Oh yeah. That was great. You are really one outstanding cocksucker.”I stood and presented my hard, uncut cock and said, “Do you suck, Bill?”He leaned forward and just before sliding back the foreskin and putting my cock in his mouth said, “Yep.”It had been a couple of days since I’d last jacked-off and over a week since I’d had my cock sucked so it didn’t take long for me to shoot a load in his mouth. He took it, then pulled out my cock and allowed the cum to drain from his mouth onto the floor. “You don’t swallow?” I asked.“No. It took me a long time to just take a load in my mouth, but I still can’t swallow.”“Well, everyone to their own thing I always say. Now, what is this all about?”“There are a few guys here like you and me that love sucking cock. There are also a lot of guys here that love having their cocks suck, unfortunately their wives won’t do it. So we’ve got a set-up where everyone gets what they want. The only problem is we don’t have a enough cocksuckers to take care of everyone who wants a blow-job. Things tend to back-up and sadly sometimes guys have to be turned away.”“So you want me to join and suck as many cocks as I can, right?”“You could say that. We have the ‘facility’ open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from around two in the afternoon until six. I’m not asking you to here every day, just when you feel like getting in some cocksucking and having a good time.”“Where is this facility you mentioned?”“Right here.”I looked around the equipment shed and it was obvious nothing much had bahis siteleri been going on for quite awhile. Equipment was covered with dust and there were very few footprints in the dirt floor. “Doesn’t look like much has been happening in here.”“Oh, I meant here but not exactly in here. Come on, I’ll show you.”We went outside and he led me around to the back where there was a doorway leading into a wide lean-to built onto the side of the building. Inside I saw the place was about twenty-five or thirty feet long with a bench running down the center. On what would be the outer wall there were large holes drilled about every four or five feet. Even though it was empty there was the very distinct odor of cum in the place.“Ahh, glory holes,” I said. “I didn’t see a door for that side.”“They come in from the opposite end and the door is close to the road so there’s not a lot of footprint evidence to show where the place is. This area is not used much so there is little chance of someone just accidentally finding the place. Plus we’ve got signs posted warning of equipment hazards and the building not being safe.”“So I come down here and just enter the door we used and get to cocksucking?”“Yep, easy as that. There’s usually three or four guys here so you won’t be alone. So what do you think?”“I like it. You can count on me to be here on Friday afternoon.”“Good deal.”Friday could not come fast enough, but once it did I left work at noon, made my way to the nudist resort where, in my trailer, I shed my clothes and then headed for the equipment outbuilding. It was just past two when I walked in and saw four guys seated at the bench and sucking cock. I could hear muffled conversations coming from the other side of the wall. I took a seat on the bench in front of a gloryhole and in the grand tradition slid my finger around the hole to let the guys on the other side know there was a cocksucker waiting for them.Almost immediately a great looking cut cock appeared and I noticed a drop of precum oozing out of the piss slit. I leaned forward, licked up the precum then jacked the cock to full erection before putting it in my mouth. It was a truly magnificent cock – nice full mushroom head, a thick shaft bahis şirketleri and about seven inches long. I sucked and jacked that beauty for a few minutes when I felt it swell slightly in my mouth, signaling I was about to get my first load of the day. I pulled back, leaving just the head in my mouth as I jacked the shaft and sucked on the head. Then without any further warning it was unloading in my mouth – four, five, six strong spurts of cum. Perfect.As the afternoon went on I was treated to a wide variety of cocks – slim, fat, and long and average sized, cut and uncut making my first day working the gloryhole a great one. I think I totaled out with about 16 or 17 loads of cum. Occasionally I would take the opportunity between cocks to glance over at my fellow cocksuckers and watch them at work. As much as I love sucking cock, and even taking it up the ass on occasion, I still enjoy watching a fellow cocksucker working on a hard cock.On Saturday afternoon Bill showed up and gave me a thumbs up as he sat down and immediately took a cock in his mouth. Later in the day, when we had stopped for the evening, he came over and sat next to me.“Enjoying yourself?” he asked.“Oh, yeah. It’s been a great couple of days. To be honest my jaws ache a bit from so much cocksucking – but it’s a pleasant ache,” I answered as I stroked my cock.He glanced down and said, “You really leak a lot of precum don’t you?”“It’s always been that way.”“Looks good, why don’t you stand up here and let me clean out that foreskin for you?”“Well, if you do that you’re gonna have to suck me off.”“It’s a deal,” he answered as I stood and he slid back my foreskin than lapped up the precum before taking my cock in his mouth and sucking me until I shot my load.One evening after we were through sucking cock for the day that I stretched out on the bench and lifted my legs so the guys could check out my asshole. It didn’t take long for one of them to slip a cock up my ass and fuck me while I was busily sucking one of the other guys. Bill complemented me on bringing a whole new experience to the day’s events. Shortly after that guys started backing up to the gloryholes and taking cocks up their ass.I became a regular at the gloryholes until I moved to another state about two years later. Sadly I’ve never found another nudist resort that has anything similar, but that’s all right, I still work the gloryholes at any ABS I stop at that has them.

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