Golden Punishment 01

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Golden Punishment 01“What a terrible day,” Linda babbled on her cell phone as she walked up the sidewalk to her house, “I mean it’s not like I didn’t study for the test and I still only get a B.”She fumbled in her purse for the key to the house.“I know it’s a B but you don’t understand my parents. If I don’t get an A I get punished,” she slid the key into the door and slowly slid it open.“Alright I have to go. I’m home,” she clicked off the phone.“Mommy? I’m home,” she called out but didn’t hear any response.She dropped her books off at the door and walked up the stairs, unsure how she was going to break it to her parents that she only got a B on her midterms. She wondered how she would be punished this time, curfew, grounding, car privileges. She was the only one she knew who was 18 and still getting grounded and it was starting to embarrass her.Click!She paused on the stairs, “What was that?” she whispered though nobody was there to hear her. “Mom?” she asked, “Is that you?”“In here honey,” the sweet voice of her mother rang out from her parent’s bedroom and Linda’s body almost suddenly relaxed.She walked to the bedroom door and slowly opened it, still nervous about how to explain her poor test score.Linda let out a shrill shriek seeing her father mounted on top of her mother. She quickly turned her head, “Mom, I didn’t know!” she started. “I mean I didn’t know that Daddy was in here,” she moved her hands over her eyes and fumbled for the doorway. “I’m so sorry,” she blathered.“It’s okay,” her father answered. “It was your mother’s fault, she should have told you, I took the day off. Oh you feel so good Caroline,” he moaned and then looked up at Linda “How did you do on your big test?”Linda paused, almost paralyzed.“Ok,” she stammered, “I mean, well, I…” her words trailed off.“What?” her dad asked forcefully.“I got a B.” Linda collapsed her head into her hands. “I don’t know what happened. I studied and everything. I tried to hard.” She heard her mother’s moans as the bed creaked underneath her.“You know what this means don’t you?” her father asked. “You do know.”Linda started to sob but was unable to leave the room. “Yes, I’m so sorry I let you down. Please I’m 18 now, can’t I just feel bad and not be punished?” she continued sobbing.“Come here,” her father commanded. “Right now.”Linda didn’t know what to do. She was so scared that she got the B but she was frightened at her father. “You’re naked, please daddy, what are you doing? You’re scaring me,” she cried out. “Get over here right now,” he again commanded, sliding off his wife.Caroline sat up and moved in closer to John. “We talked about this honey. John, I’m çankaya escort sorry, your father, and I decided that you weren’t spending enough time working at school and too much time socializing,” Linda’s mother scolded her young daughter. “We want you to devote all of your time to school. No more boys. No more late nights. Do you understand?”Linda slowly moved towards the bed, looking away from her nude parents. “I am 18 mother. Please, I should be able to do what I want.”“Not well you’re living in my house,” her father said sternly. “You live by our rules.”Linda started to cry uncontrollably, the stress of the day overwhelming her. “Please stop this. You don’t understand, I don’t know anyone else who is my age who gets grounded or, or,” she stammered, “or spanked. It’s so humiliating.”“We know, it must be hard honey,” her mother responded softly. “Please, we’re only doing what’s best for you. That’s why we’re doing this.” Linda looked away scared, her mothers hand reaching out for hers, slowly caressing it. She could see her father standing up on the bed so she tried to look away even more, not wanting to see him like this, naked.“Linda, I think you need your punishment,” he said as he slowly walked towards her. Linda shifted uncomfortably being so close to her father while he was undressed.“No spankings, please daddy,” Linda pleaded.“Oh no, dear, not any more. You’re old enough not to be spanked.” He moved even closer to her. She could feel the heat from his body through he clothes as he slowly reached out his hands and gently caressed her breasts through her blouse.“Daddy!” she screamed. “What are you doing?!”“We’re both naked dear, it’s okay. We’re going to make it so you don’t need to go out with boys until all hours of the night,” her father answered as his hands slowly pulled the blouse up over her head, her soft white cleavage bristling with goose bumps as it is revealed to the cool air.Linda was frightened. She looked at her mother who was now slowly moving towards her fumbling with the zipper on her skirt.“It’s okay honey,” her mother reassured her.Linda whimpered silently as her skirt dropped to the floor, shortly followed by her panties and bra.Nervously she stood in front of her parents naked for the first time as an adult, not knowing what they wanted or why.“What? What are you doing?” Linda asked, her hands reaching out to cover her most private parts. “Please you can’t do this,” she cried.Her father slid up to her, she could feel his hard cock pressing into her, his hot breath getting closer and closer to her mouth. “Kiss me honey,” he half asked half commanded. Linda balgat escort wasn’t able to hold back, she let out a big cry but slowly opened her mouth, the tears flowing down her cheeks she reached up and rubber her lips against her fathers lips. She could feel his cock twitching against her abdomen as his tongue slowly penetrated her mouth, exploring her.She heard her mother sliding out of the bed and coming behind her, her breasts softly brushing against her back. She felt her mother slowly slide her long brown hair to the side, her tongue drawing circles around the back of her neck.“You’re such a beautiful big girl now,” her father said as he slowly pulled his lips away from hers, his hands caressing her breasts. She felt her mother’s hands pressing her shoulders down. “Get on your knees for daddy,” she couldn’t believe what her mother was whispering in her ear.Linda looked up at her father as she slowly descended down to her knees. Her father slid his hands through her hair, pulling her head towards his stiffened cock.“Oh honey, you look so good,” her father continued, as his shaft rubbed against her lips. “Open your mouth now and let me inside sweetie.”Linda felt as if she was in a dream world, slowly she opened her mouth and felt the hot cock penetrating her throat. Her jaw pressed open by the large shaft she slowly slid it in and out of her.Looking up she saw her mother kissing her father, his hands caressing her breasts, pulling on her nipples. A soft moan escaped her father as she felt her mouth fill with a salty flavor.“You feel so good honey,” her father slowly pulled her head back and turned it up, her eyes staring into his. She looked up at him as her mother strolled to his back and grasped his cock. “Honey,” her mother whispered into his ear just loud enough so she could hear. “I think you need to, you know.”Linda was scared. She wasn’t sure what they were talking about as her father slowly became soft in her mother’s hands. He moved his body closer to hers.“Open your mouth honey,” he pulled Linda’s head to his softening cock. “Now don’t be scared just swallow.”Linda looked up at him, a tear slowly starting to form in her eyes. Her father slid his cock to her lips, pressing her mouth open with his hand he slipped it inside. She saw her mother rubbing his ass gently.“Oh god yes,” her father moan as the first drops of liquid formed on Linda’s tongue. “You are such a good daughter,” he moaned the liquid now becoming a stream of pee.Linda gagged realizing that her father was peeing into her mouth, but he pulled her head closer and tighter over him. His golden pee filled elvankent escort her mouth as she swallowed and swallowed to keep breathing, some of it trickling down her chin to her breasts and nipples.“Oh honey,” her daddy moaned as he squeezed the last little bit out into her mouth.Linda started to sob uncontrollably, not knowing what she did to deserve this or how to stop it.“That felt so wonderful,” her father commented to her mother. “I think it’s your turn honey.”Linda looked up to her mother scared. “Mommy, please don’t,” she begged, “Please don’t.”Her mother looked down at her and slowly slid her clean shaven, glistening hips forward to her mouth. “I do whatever your father asks,” she moaned as her lips opened up against Linda’s mouth. “You will too from now on.”Linda looked into her mother’s eyes scared as she lowered her lips to meet her mothers. “Oh yes,” she heard her mother moan before her lips could cup hers the pee dripping down her face and across her chest.Her mother reached down and pulled her head closer to her lips, the pee spraying across her face and into her hair. “Oh dear,” her mother moaned, “I’m sorry” Linda wiped off as much of the pee as she could from her face and chest, still crying uncontrollably.She felt her father’s hands in her armpits, pulling her up towards the bed. “Come on sweetie,” he whispered to her as he slowly lowered her over the comforter. “Daddy wants to feel his daughter wrapped around him.”Linda started to shriek uncontrollably as she felt her legs pressed wider and wider apart, her father squeezing his way in between them. His hot cock pressing against her warm wet lips.“Come one honey, you know you want to feel daddy inside of you,” he moaned pressing into her hard and harder.With a huge groan he finally slid inside of her. She could feel the heat of his shaft ripping into her flesh, back and forth, back and forth.Linda groaned half in pain and half in pleasure as she watched her mother slowly lower his hips to her face, smothering her with her glistening, urine filled lips.“Oh honey,” her mother moaned, “lick me.”Linda slowly stuck her tongue out and licked her mother’s lips as she watched her father and mother kiss, her father pressing deeper and deeper inside of her, stiffening and twitching.“Oh god yes,” she heard her father moan as he stiffened and prodded her. “Oh god yes,” he moaned again as she felt his hot seed spill into her.She felt her mother writhing uncontrollably across her face, her lips locked against her mothers clit.Finally her father slowly pulled out of her and moved his cock to Linda’s face. “Lick me clean honey,” he commanded her. She opened her mouth and slowly let him inside, cleaning off his cock, tasting her own juices mixed with his.Her mother slowly snuck away returning moments later with a razor and some shaving gel.“If you’re going to be our little girl,” her mother said, “you’re going to need to look the part.”To be continued….

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