Gotta Break ‘Em All 6: His hard, Golden rod ready for massacre

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The Machamp came out of the trading station building, alongside Machop and the accompanying humans, and witnessed several localized conflicts in the streets. He wasn’t going to intervene immediately, though. He communicated his priority to Machop: sealing off the exits from the city, just as he had done in Azalea. This was not going to be easy, since there were four points to block.

At least those who had seen a Machoke kill people before might not recognize the Machamp with an unusual coloration.

The plan involved taking down the guardhouses. Here, Machamp would act as a mentor regarding a useful move. It involved observing the target for weaknesses, before landing a devastating punch. The group went to the nothern gate leading to Route 35. Their leader stood still to the side of the gate, paying no attention to the conflicts of Team Rocket grunts and trainers out in the distance. For what seemed like eternity, he looked over the guardhouse, while slowly instructing Machop.

At one point, two of his fists hit the building, and after gaping holes appeared in it, cracks spread everywhere, until the whole structure collapsed in on itself. As Machop, Stephen and the two females looked on in amazement, the Machamp chased after a man who had seen the act of destruction. Tackling him to the ground, the four-armed Pokémon quickly used his special trait in a most brutal manner: having grabbed the limbs of the dazed man, he pulled up on the arms, and down on the legs, straining the spine of his victim. The cracks of vertebrae were followed by a shocked cry of the man, before he fell silent and floppy. Machamp roared in triumph, ejaculating onto the pavement.

Stephen recognized the move Machamp had taught Machop as Focus Punch- an incredibly strong punch that took time to perform properly. He had no idea what the move on the eyewitness was, though. His jaw was wide open at the move that was likely fatal in itself, but the Pokémon finished his latest victim off with a neck snap, just in case. Two of his hands remained free to masturbate during the act.

As wrong as it was, Stephen too, became hard at the sight of that kill. Machamp directed Machop to destroy the southern exit out of Goldenrod. The group went around with Machop, and witnessed his successful use of Focus Punch on the southern guardhouse, as well as his amazement and boner generated by the destruction and death of those he heard screaming as the building crumpled after a few seconds of being struck.

When Machamp returned, and met up with the rest of the group, he went to Stephen, and began an explanation that was somewhat complicated for him. First, he drew a vertical line in the soil near a tree, and then a bit further away, two more lines. Afterwards, he pointed at Stephen, while making a neck snap motion. The only male human in the group thought this was it, but then, the Machamp made a circling motion with his hand, as if to mean the whole city. Again, he made the neck snapping motion. Finally, he pointed to the numbers, uttering his name inquisitively.

Stephen understood it now. “I get to choose…when I die?” – the holder of Machamp’s Pokéball asked, quickly receiving a series of quick nods in reply. The thinking period lasted some ten seconds, before there was a decision.

“I can die first. You’re fully evolved…this will mark the end of one part of your life, and the beginning of another.”

Machamp smirked, and wasted no time in ripping Stephen’s clothes off of him. The human was right- there was no need any more to hide behind a human in a world of other humans. He was set on a path of destruction of said world, and was going to enjoy every step of it.

The four-armed champion of death didn’t hate Stephen with some burning fury, but he didn’t fancy entering teasing foreplay with human males, either, unlike what happened with the opposite gender. Sex with males was more brutality-based, and the gentlest thing Stephen would get to experience is licking and sucking on his killer’s nipples.

The first thing Stephen felt upon being unceremoniously disrobed was a hard push that sent him to his knees. Machamp penetrated his mouth abruptly, and as soon as he felt the human start to suck on his dick, he took his left arm in a kimura lock, and gaziantep rus escort started straining the limb. His dick was so hard that even the pain-induced biting that occasionally happened had no effect: he facefucked the crying human with unrelenting pace, while waiting for the first snap of bone to cum.

Once that happened, the beast’s cannon shot load after load of warm seed down his victim’s throat, which the latter had no choice to swallow, even as he struggled to catch his breath from the overload of pain caused not only by the arm lock, but also the intermittent punches to his own boner, and the torso. Yet, he gave no active resistance, and licked along the length of the thick rod in his mouth.

As Machamp transitioned from a kimura lock to a wing tearer hold, he called Machop up to fuck Stephen’s ass, and hurt him in whatever way he liked. The apprentice gleefully obliged, getting a chance to stick his raging boner in a hole. Stephen’s cries were interrupted by a loud groan, as the unevolved form of the Superpower evolutionary line penetrated him. Soon, though, he was screaming to the point of hoarseness, even though Machamp’s girth blocked some of the noise.

The wing tearer was applied to its conclusion- the loud and ultimate destruction of Stephen’s left shoulder, while Machop timed a particularly deep thrust into his ass with a pull on Stephen’s right arm- it was an abrupt application of a straight armbar that made the tired human’s body sag even further.

As muscles and bones in his arms and shoulders snapped, he screamed and came onto the asphalt, almost slipping into unconsciousness, while the seed of both Machamp and Machop filled him from both ends. Instead of being horrified, the girls that survived Azalea were masturbating, amazed by what Machamp was doing to Stephen, the boy he had accompanied for years, and how Stephen was sexually stimulated by all this.

After some time, Machamp and Machop pulled out, and the broken human was picked up, and then, without much preparation, lowered on Machamp’s rod, as hard as before.

The pained groans of Stephen lasted until Machamp quickly pushed his head down into the insanely rippled chest. Somewhat instinctively, Stephen began to suck on Machamp’s left nipple, and the beast felt pleasure, as his erection grew even stiffer from being worshipped like this.

However, the lower pair of arms began to squeeze Stephen’s torso, just as the thrusts into his ass became quicker. Machamp was going to break the human in half, but not too quickly. The pain became more and more obvious, as Stephen struggled to breathe, yet, he kept trying to lick and such on Machamp’s nipple. His personalized Hell would continue to cause more damage, though. Because, that was Machamp’s way of thanking the puny little human for saving him on a few occasions, for buying him time to counterattack.

By giving him that time back, so he could feel all of Machamp’s power, and drive him to multiple ejaculations. A quick death would not have fitted the occasion.

This is why Machamp wanted the utter destruction of Stephen’s anatomy with submission holds. He encouraged the Machop to go after the human’s legs that hung in the air, since he had been lifted up in the air.

Almost in an instant, the agile apprentice smiles leaping up to wrap his legs around Stephen’s left leg while keeping himself vertical with his neck and shoulder muscles. His arms gripped the foot, and after seeing the horror in Stephen’s eyes, the heel hold happened.

Ankle and foot cracked and popped, followed by muffled screams of the victim, and ecstatic groans and cries of the Machop, who fired a few cum loads onto Stephen. Stephen was getting hard again, but it hurt, just like the rest of his long death. However, something in him was happy at how strong and dominant these two were. He definitely did not want to be saved, despite the panicked pleas of people in buildings for anyone to call the police. Machop immediately wanted to silence those people, but Stephen had one intact limb- one too many.

Thus, his legs released the destroyed limb, only for the agile creature to roll behind the right leg of the “toy”, and grab the ankle with both hands. Once he wrapped his legs around the whole limb in order to secure it, Machop twisted the trapped foot sharply, his cries showing pure malicious joy.

At the same time as Stephen’s right ankle began to snap, he felt his vertebrae start to go. His body was spasming, and he could barely make sounds from the amount of pain he was in. His yelps were weak, and easily overshadowed by the roaring of Machamp, who made noise with each cumshot that followed a crack caused by the pressure of his lower arms that shifted upwards on Stephen’s spinal column.

Soon, Stephen’s limbs were perfectly still, as they could not be moved at all, and his belly was full of Machamp’s cum. Machop had run to scale a lamp post and break into the apartment from which the loudest calls for help came.

Stephen, Machamp, and the two knocked-up girls could hear screams of shock, before a loud crashing sound. A cupboard with dishes was the final destination for a man hit by Rolling Kick. His wife tried to run for the hallway leading to the door out of the apartment, but Machop easily outsped her and took her down from behind in such a way that she hit the floor face-first and lost consciousness.

This gave Machop a chance to play with her body before killing her. Hastily ripping away at her gown, bra and panties, the creature wrapped his legs around her left leg, before starting to fondle her breasts. He didn’t rub his erection on her lower back for long, as the need to penetrate was urgent, and there was nobody to stop him.

The soft noise of his latest victim was pleasant, and he wanted more, alternating between slower, deeper thrusts and more rapid, but shallow ones. Meanwhile, he pinched her nipples, which moved her closer to a state of wakefulness. The noise from outside also turned him on.

There, Machamp had broken Stephen so much that the upper part of his body leaned backwards, having no support in the rest of the spinal column. He was bleeding from his mouth, and could barely see. The time had come for Machamp to finish him off.

He saw the broken toy had a bit of an erection, and readied one of his fists to punch the ballsack. Meanwhile, two of his other hands gripped Stephen’s jaw and back of the skull, respectively. With a vicious sneer, the beast went in for the kill.


A swift twist of the arms to the right broke Stwphen’s neck, just as the punch caused his dick to let out some cum. However, Machamp wanted more, more of that flashy neck cracking. So, he twisted hard to the opposite side, so hard that Stephen’s head spun almost 360 degrees before hanging off of the torso.

He came fiercely, slamming himself to the hilt in the now dead human, as he proclaimed pure victory and domination over him. His deadly arms flexed, before he pulled the broken toy off of his cock, and fired a few loads on the faces of the girls, who squealed in shock and delight.

While they licked the cum off of their faces, Machop was about to fire his cum into the woman he’d knocked out. She had woken up in shock, embarrassed by the good feeling of being penetrated had produced, but not happy that the Machop was using her body for his own sexual needs. However, her protests would end up short-lived, after Machop completed the STF hold by wrapping his arms around the face of the woman, leading to a crunchy conclusion.

“N-no…ahhh…this isn’t right…unh…n-nooo…arkhhh-“ CRRRCK-POP!

The Machop came hard while twisting the snapped neck of his latest kill, while her juices flowed to meet his seed, even as the chance for fertilization was irrecoverably gone. The Pokémon’s loins pulsated mightily, as he felt so triumphant and powerful. He needed more of that feeling, and there was only a wall separating the apartment he was in, from another one where commotion and cries for help could be heard.

Removing his long rod from the dead woman, Machop went to the wall, and after some thirty seconds of keeping still with eyes closed, unleashed a Focus Punch which not only brought the wall down, but knocked out an elderly couple who were apparently the ones making noise, just as they were trying to evacuate.

Grinning, he grabbed the necks of both humans, and after holding them in a tight headlock for a few seconds, he jerked upwards, groaning as the satisfying sound of bones snapping set him off again, as a small spurt of cum marked this double kill.

Machop was going to return to the street level, but heard some soft sounds from one of the rooms. Something told him to hide and try a stealthy kill, because he had a hunch the final occupant of the apartment was hiding.

And indeed, a boy, who was mostly the grandson of the elderly couple soon came out, looking at the corpses with silent tears, before slowly making his way out to the window.

Outside, police had arrived, and there was a standoff, as the 4 officers weren’t confident on taking on the Machamp, not even with their firearms and the Growlithe that was with them. Machamp tried to intimidate them, but did not charge either, since the distance was large enough that he would be wounded. Suddenly however, things would change.

The police officers heard and saw a boy on a balcony. Despite the risk, they invited him to come down the fire escape ladder, and try to run past their position. But neither they, nor the boy were aware that a Machop was sneaking up on him.

Just as the boy was about to make his first moves down the ladder, a bluish figure leapt up to the balcony railing out of the apartment, and, before the boy could notice him, Machop’s two legs wrapped around one more neck to break. Panicked shouts and even gunshots were all in vain- the railing made actual flesh hard to hit.

Once the headscissors caused the boy’s oxygen supply to go away, his legs slid off the ladder rung, and he hung, as if in a noose. One light twist of Machop’s legs produced a cracking sound that horrified the cops. Machamp smirked, then went into action, with the opposition stunned by the newest death.

As he charged forth, the Machop also knew he might be needed, and released thze dead boy, leaping down onto the ground. The Growlithe went at the biggest threat, but here Machamp’s skill had an answer.

A leap into the air had to be followed by a landing, and- it was: the shockwave sent powerful tremors that really affected the Fire type, but also knocked all the police officers down, while creating cracks in the pavement, compromising nearby buildings and raising dust…

Machamp’s Bulldoze ended any danger of these humans stopping him. And he had an idea on how to finish them, and announce his reign of death and destruction to everyone.

Walking past the knocked out Growlithe, the damaged patrol car, the four-armed monster looked at the humans that were getting up. The fine cloud of dust was clearing, and he grabbed each and every police officer, three males and one female, into a guillotine choke. They resisted verbally and physically, but it was useless. Picking a good moment, when he was sure those that had run out of other nearby buildings could see him, he jerked all of his coiled arms upwards.


It sounded like a morbid sequence of tones, as if someone had pressed one key after another. In reality, it was a quick sequence of neck snaps, with each fracture followed by the slump of a body.

Exhilarated, Machamp came again, rotating his body to fire his spunk in a wide arch at the onlookers, while calling Machop over. His apprentice was visibly amazed at the quadruple neck snap, but didn’t expect to be kissed, and engage in mutual acts of passionate muscle worship. Machamp had physical attraction for Machop, enhanced by seeing him use those muscles to deadly end. Ultimately, Machamp had surprising fantasies about lovingly making out with his apprentice for days, with him too, fully evolved, both laying in a pile of dead, broken humans.

After the kiss had ended, Machamp pointed to one person who had licked off his cum load from her face- a blushing Nurse Joy. She would not die immediately, and would be the object of a double-team, a reward for her correct action. Still, a far greater plan had formed in his mind.

He, along with Machop and any other future allies would massacre Goldenrod, and every settlement he got to. And starting from Goldenrod, the final act of triumph would be to create towers of skulls- the dead would pile up as monument to his greatness. The thought gave him a painfully hard boner.

He would soon put that boner in the Nurse he beckoned over, while Machop ran forth, to add to the kill-count…

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