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NOTE: This fetish story is about a very muscular older woman dominating a younger man. This may not appeal to all, which is fine, just want you to know what lies ahead so you don’t expect anything different. If this sort of total female domination doesn’t appeal to you, skip the story. If it does, hope you enjoy it.


She wandered down to the pool of the resort she was staying at, and where a seniors’ female bodybuilding competition had just ended.

She was celebrating, having just won her 60-and-over category, reveling in the victory, alone as usual and just the way she liked it.

She had married young 40 or so years ago when the idea of women more muscular than most men was hardly acceptable. She had children and as many

women do, put on more weight than she cared for.

That’s when she hit the gym in earnest, quickly shedding the fat pounds and replacing them with chiseled, steely muscle.

Which did not sit well with her Neanderthal husband. He didn’t like her new, powerful confident body and mind. So she dumped him.

The divorce left her broke with two small children and the resolve to make it through on her own. She did just that, crafting a career in small business and relying on no one, and certainly no man, to help her.

And never did she give up honing her incredible body, even as she aged, entering and winning many bodybuilding competitions. Now, at 62, this was her latest, as she wowed the judges yet again with her five-foot-ten inch, 180-pound body of rock-hard muscle.

She got a glass of wine at the pool bar, and walked to the patio deck, looking out over the beach, letting the warm breeze wash over her, blowing her silky, shoulder-length silvery hair off her brawny shoulders as the sun dipped below the horizon.

She looked stunning, and she knew it, in her very short sleeveless summery dress, low cut to expose her plated chest of ribbed muscle, bulging biceps, rippling quads and chiseled calves. Many a man noticed, and many tried hitting on her, but she was selective. She liked men – liked using them to be exact – and had criteria that must be met: They needed to be young, submissive and more than willing to do whatever she demanded.

She was a dominant woman, always had been, and in her later years that streak had taken a darker, more controlling tone. What she wanted, she got, by using her incredibly muscular body and dominant mind.

The man who’d been eyeballing her since she stepped out of the elevator looked her type, small, scrawny, young and shy. She noticed his stares, of course, try as he might to hide them, ducking behind the pool deck vegetation. But she noticed. She always did.

She stood by the railing near the beach, the wind picking up, blowing her short dress up over her deeply tanned, muscle-popping thighs, a product of getting into competition shape by eating less and focusing on getting ripped, head to toe. The contest-shape diet left her silky smooth skin pulled tight over the bursting muscles beneath, highlighting every bulge. And hardly looking her age.

The young man drew closer, she noticed, now standing several feet away in the gathering darkness, pretending to sip his beer as he leaned against the railing facing the hotel, casting what he believed were furtive, sidelong glances at the giant muscular older woman to his right.

She gave it some time, reeling him in, turning to bend over and scratch her foot, and in doing so causing her already short skirt to drift higher up her rugged thighs. The move exposed nearly every hard inch of her thick, rippling hamstring muscles all the way up to the muscular ass that was barely contained in the tiny white thong she wore.

She heard him gasp, his moan carried to her on the breeze. She stood, turned and walked boldly to him, extending a large hand. His eyes went wide in the dark as she approached.

“Hi, you are?” she asked sweetly.

“Uh…Danny…I’m Danny..I…” he stammered, taking his huge hand in his comparatively tiny one. “And your name is…?”

“In due time,” she smiled, relishing the air of mystery she exuded and his puzzled look at it. “Nice to meet you, Danny.”

She shook his hand, nearly crushing it in hers, delighting in his wince at the squeeze of her meaty paw, saying “I gather you like what you’ve been staring at since I came out here?”

“Uh…I don’t know what you mean,” he said unconvincingly, looking away and down at his hand, shaking the feeling back into it as she released it. “I…I wasn’t…”

“Don’t lie, I don’t like liars,” she said with that smile. “Tell me: You like muscular women?

Older muscular women to be exact? That why you’re here, for the competition?”

“No..I was here…business trip, my company conference, I just happened to…,” he mumbled.

“To catch the event?” she laughed. “Good, good, that’s common, men stumble into these things and like what they see. Which I take it you did. You saw me win?”

“Yes,” he said softly, blushing, then with gathering confidence, adding, “My God,

ma’am…you…that Maltepe Escort body…your legs…my God!”

He was all hers. He just didn’t know it yet.

“How old are you, son?” she asked sweetly, emphasizing the last word.

“I..I’m uh, 25, just turned a few weeks ago,” he said with a weak smile. “And you?”

“Oh, a lady never tells her age, you know that,” she laughed. “You have grandmothers?”

“Uh, yes, yes I do…”

“How old are they?” she asked, all sweetness and charm.

“Um…both about 60, I think,” he answered.

“I’m up on ’em by two years, my boy,” she sighed. “And a granny myself, three of them.”

His jaw dropped. She laughed.

“C’mon, kid,” she said, putting down her wine glass, feeling the muscles in her arm swell as she did, drawing his eyes to them. “Let’s go for a walk…”

“A walk?” he squeaked weakly, having to look up at her as she stood a good three inches taller than him and outweighing him by 30 pounds at least.

“Yup, a walk,” she said, pulling his arm through hers and strolling to the beach, kicking off her flip flops and leaving them by the seawall, her size 10 feet digging into the sand. “Get to know each other a little better…”

“Oh…OK, sure!” he said with an uncertain eagerness, not sure what to make of this elderly Amazon.

They walked and chatted for a bit, moving down the beach in the dark away from the resort lights, toward a gazebo on a jetty.

“Have you always liked muscular women…older muscular women?” she asked as they walked and she guided them toward the jetty.

“Uh…well yeah, older women for sure..the muscle thing I never…well until today…” he said uncomfortably.

“You never noticed, right, right,” she said.

“Well you certainly notice now, don’t you?”

“Oh yes, yes,” he said with an enthusiasm he quickly reined in. “Uh, yes, I did…I’m sorry if …”

“What, it bothered me?” she laughed, her brilliant white teeth flashing in the dark. “Not at all. Men noticing my muscles? Honey, it so turns me on.”

He stopped in his tracks, an astonished look on his face as he drank in her form and the tiny dress flapping in the breeze that exposed so much of it.

“Really?” he asked in a hoarse whisper.

“Really,” she smiled. “What is it you like, Danny, what part?”


She popped a double bicep pose, drawing a gasp from her young paramour, the upper arms snaked with pulsating veins and capped with sinewy muscle that melted into her peaked shoulders and up to her tendon-streaked forearms. Her low-cut dress top highlighted the thick plates of steel that were her pectorals, dipping down striated muscles to her tiny but well-formed tits, nipples erect and pushing braless through the fabric.

“Or the legs?” she cooed.

She stood, thrusting one out and lifting her short skirt, her thigh immense and veiny, a thick cord of tendon running from her hip to her inner thigh, the quad muscles lumpy and well defined under her tight tanned skin. Below were her diamond-shaped and equally hard calves, fisted bulges of muscle rising above her slender ankles.

“Check this out,” she snarled.

She relaxed that thrust-out thigh and quickly shook it side to side, the giant slab of meat wobbling in a quivery blur before she snapped it out straight, solidifying the muscle with a resounding snapping sound, a miniature sonic boom of rippling steel as it flexed stone hard in an instant.

“Oh…God…your arms…legs…all…everything!” Danny gushed.

“Good, good, you’re eager,” she laughed, continuing to walk, now ahead of him, his eyes drinking in those legs flexing as she dug into the sand. “Eager will get you places, kiddo, if you can handle it.”

He watched her go before hustling to catch up, wondering what she meant. But he didn’t care, all he cared about was getting that insanely muscular old body to himself.

She led them to the empty gazebo and stood in the center of it, waves crashing on the rocks around it, and opened her arms. She drew him to her, having to bend to embrace him and plant her sexy lips on his for a long, lingering kiss. The little man melted into the big woman’s arms, her tongue slicing into his mouth, nearly choking him.

“I like my men young,” she growled, breaking the kiss to bite his lower lip and pull it out until he yelped in pain before letting go to lick his face. “But most can’t last when I do what I do to make me happy.”

“Do?” he squeaked as she pulled his face to her rocky chest, mashing his nose between her little tits and yanking down her dress top to smother him. “Do…what?”

“Do…do things..I like to do THINGS to my slave boys with my body,” she hissed, massive arms cupped over the back of his moaning head, rendering him immobile in her titty smother.

“What things?” he squealed in a muffled question from the prison of her muscular chest.

“Oh, things…like squeeeeezing…controlling…dominating…scissoring…draining…things,” she said in a low growl.

“Scissoring? Anadolu Yakası Escort Draining?” he mumbled, his hands running up and down her bare back as her dress top drifted down over it, astonished at the lumpy, silky feel of muscle beneath skin.

She pulled his head out of her tits by the hair, growling into his stunned face.

“You up for it, boy?” she said through clenched teeth, rubbing her thighs into his crotch, feeling his hard cock on the hard flesh. “Oh, I’d say you are…but when you’re in, you’re in, there’s no turning back, you got that? I WILL own your ass!”

“Oh shit, oh my God, ma’am, yes, please!” he begged, stepping back as she let go and peeled out of her dress and thong, standing naked, his frantic eyes drinking it all in, including the very noticeable shaven pussy with thick, flappy lips.

And there, protruding from those lips, was the biggest clit he’d ever seen sticking straight out of them.

“Oh my GOD!” he gasped, eyes fixed on it.

“It’s something, isn’t it?” she cooed, forking those lips open to let her inch-long nubbin poke out fully.

“I’ve never…seen anything…like that before!” he gasped.

“You’re gonna be seeing a lot of it tonight, kid, and a lot closer than that,” she snarled, jerking it like a small cock, the thick flesh wet and shiny, standing in a half squat that accentuating her bursting thighs. “A LOT closer…”

She stroked her clit a moment longer, feeling her loins burning, her pussy getting wetter, little droplets of her woman goo dripping onto the interior of her huge thighs.

“How…how did it get so big?” he asked, unable to stop watching her play with that giant clit.

“Steroids, common among female bodybuilders, everything gets bigger..including this!” she hissed, stroking it faster and harder, big arms pumping as she worked it. “And baby, does it EVER make us horny!”

Danny groaned, slowly running his hand over his shorts front, feeling his stiff dick.

“Do NOT touch yourself without my permission, young man!” she barked, letting go of her clit and sitting on the gazebo’s wrap-around seat.

“Yes…yes, ma’m, yes…” he stammered. “Uh…what’s your name, by the way?”

She smiled, spreading her luscious thighs wider, curling a finger at him to draw him near, pointing to the floor upon which he immediately knelt before her.

“You can call me by my nickname…” she purred.

He cocked his head, confused. She slowly reached for him, pulling him close, mashing his crotch to hers while slowly lifting her muscle-heavy legs up around his sides. She tightened them and he moaned, feeling the iron-laced interiors knife into his skinny midsection, ribs bending slightly as she locked her feet behind him and squeezed with small, pulsating motions, each eliciting a grunt from the little man.

She hugged his head with those powerful arms, biceps curled into the back of it, bending his face into the plated steel of her chest, mouth at one of her huge nipples that he dared not suckle without permission.

“Nickname?” he winced, feeling her legs cinch tighter, ribs bending in more with each pulsating jolt.

“Grannaconda!” she laughed. “Like the snake that SQUEEZES its prey!”

He howled in agony as she now locked her legs out straight, ankles wound around each other, her titanic thighs fully engorged with muscle and sinew and compressing his skinny middle to the breaking point. He felt his ribs yield to her squeeze, fearing she’d cut him in half, her legs acting like true scissors.

“OH SHIT!” he screamed into her tits as she laughed and squeezed a bit harder.

His trembling hands went to her brutal thighs, feeling the rugged muscles in his fingers as he vainly tried to pull them apart. He screamed a hoarse, desperate guttural scream that was lost in her huge chest and carried out to sea on the stiff wind blowing through the gazebo.

“This is how anacondas kill their prey,” she growled, bending her head to whisper into his

tit-smothered fact. “They wrap ’em up and they squeeeeeeeze…”

“Oh God…please…please…” he begged, banging on her thighs, signaling his submission. “I give, I give!”

“Please what?” she snarled, jolting her legs harder on his skinny, collapsing middle.

“Please…Gran…GRANNACONDA!” he howled.

“That’s better,” she giggled, letting him go.

But not for long. In his weakened state, he was easy to maneuver as she lay on the gazebo floor on her left side, scooping her insanely long, muscle-bunched legs around him and tucking his arms in beside his body, completely immobilizing him in her bodyscissors. She leaned on her elbow, smiling at his face contorted in pain.

She pressured the lock a bit harder, her top right thigh spreading in a massively muscled sheet of steel that extended from his waistline nearly to his neck. When she squeezed, he wheezed, exhaling whatever air he had in his lungs, unable to suck any back in with that gigantic slab of meat scissored around his entire torso.

“Can’t breathe, can ya?” İstanbul Escort she growled, her body now covered in a thin sheen of sweat despite the cooling breeze. “That’s what anacondas do, squeeeeze in, take their prey’s breath away and don’t let it back in…I’m squeezin’ the air outta you boy, and there’s nothin’ you can do about it!”

He tilted his head up, mouth open in a silent scream, unable to utter a sound. He frantically thrashed around in the punishing grip of her killer thighs, trying to extricate himself from her vise grip, his eyes begging for release. Her grin grew bigger, and her legs tighter.

She ran a hand over the top rugged slab of steel compressing his guts, marveling at the size, the cuts, the smooth steely feel. She bit her lower lip as her sexual urgency grew, thrusting her cunt into his side, her juices soaking his polo shirt. With a low growl, she intensified the squeeze, that massive thigh swelling further, squeezing harder, pumping her pussy into his body.

“Fuck, I love this, sooo damned much,” she growled, running her hands up to her muscular little tits, tweaking the thick brown nipples and yanking them out in her strong fingers. “You’re gonna go out, boy, you can’t breathe…passing out, right? Fingers and toes tingling, feel yourself going under?”

His head bobbed, mouth open in a silent beg for mercy. She was right, his extremities were tingling and he grew dizzier with every increasing scissoring jolt with her ever-tightening thighs.

“Nighty night, sweet boy,” she hissed, powering down with a grunt and nearly shearing him in half with her powerful legs.

And then he was out, unable to breathe, slumping limply in her legs. She kept squeezing, grinding his guts, soaking his side with her orgasmic flow, growling out her orgasm before releasing her grip but leaving her legs loosely locked around him.

She laughed at his involuntary inhalation of air in a sudden rush, his body convulsing to life. He blinked, looking around, forgetting where he was until his eyes settled on the gorgeous muscular granny Amazon who was holding him in her long legs.

He felt his cock being worked and lifted his head up off the gazebo floor, looking over the chiseled plank of thigh sweeping over his torso to his dick, which she was now madly stroking to life with one enormous hand.

“Mmmm, nice cock, boy, very nice, not too small, not terribly big, just right,” she cooed, her right bicep bulging in and out with each stroke, her forearm a dancing rhythm of sinew and tendon and muscle. “C’mon, baby, give it up, give it up for Grannaconda!”

“Oh…oh fuck,” he groaned, flopping his head back to the floor, caught up in the sheer joy of the best hand job of his life as she flailed away at it, slapping the juicy head onto the thigh around his belly and chest. “Gonna…oh..oh FUCK!”

And then his dick was bobbing in the wind, lying against that rugged thigh, unattended to. Grannaconda held her hand up, laughing, watching his cock twitch, aching for release that was just seconds away.

“All good things come to those who wait, slave boy,” she growled, flicking at his swollen balls with a finger, making him yelp in pain. “Tease and denial, ever hear of it? I give…then I take away! And you can’t do a damn thing about it!”

“Please!” he wailed, his balls aching more from a denied orgasm than her flicking finger snapping at them. “Please! Let me cum!”

“OK,” she shrugged, reattaching a meaty paw to his dick and resuming her stroking, jacking him quickly, her palm and fingers slick with her sweat and his constant flowing pre-cum. “Do it baby, cum on Grannaconda’s big thigh!”

“FUCK YES!” he bellowed, arching his back.

Again, his dick was free and twitching in the air, the head leaking pre-cum like a faucet, her hand inches above it, teasing him relentlessly as she watched it with a huge smile on her pretty face.

“So close, huh?” she laughed, drawing her long fingernails up the shaft to very slowly tickle the head, relishing his grimacing and twitching as he lay clamped in her scissors. “So close…”

She now just teased the tip, wrapping her fingers around it and pulsating them, squeezing, releasing, squeezing, releasing in a maddening tensing that had him screaming for release. He was there, almost there and tried not to show it, hiding his impending orgasm so she wouldn’t stop.

But she did, expertly reading his body language as it was locked in the firm embrace of her titanic legs, stopping the stroking and so very gently sticking one fingernail into the eye of his dick and slowly working it in. He froze, unsure of it this unusual intrusion into his cock was painful or pleasurable, his face a mask of sweaty uncertainty.

“It’s called ‘sounding’, when a woman puts something in the shaft, the meatus it’s called, tickling the urethra,” she smiled, sounding sexily clinical in her description, Dennis’s body frozen in fear and her tightening scissors around it. “Feels good,doesn’t it?”

“Not…not sure…” he grimaced. “Please…please, Grannaconda, let me cum!”

She fucked his cock with her long nail, then pulled it out, making him gasp. She ran her fingers over the head, smearing pre-cum all over them, and held that hand up over his face. A long, silvery strand hung like a glistening ribbon from her fingertips, headed for his mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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