Graveyard Shift

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Rick hated the graveyard shift. He hated it with a passion. Working at what everyone called the Sleazy G gas station, for the midnight shift, was something any young twenty-one year old guy could really spend a summer without!

But, here he was. Plugging away at numbers for the accounting books out of sheer boredom, something he wasn’t obligated to do but may as well finish or he’d fall asleep.

Suddenly his reverie was broken by the sound of dance music. A red sports car, top down, revved into the station, techno tunes blaring from the hi-fi amps and subs the small red car was hiding somewhere in its innards.

Rick sat up and peered out the window of the small white dingy clerk’s box.

Driving the car was a blonde girl, probably about Rick’s age. She had a friend with her, a girl with light brown hair.

Judging from their make-up and clothes, they were the kinds of girls that hit the clubs a lot, probably intending to do that tonight.

The blonde got out of the car, purposefully swinging her hair over her shoulders as she walked over to the self serve gas pump. She was wearing a short latex bolero jacket and a pair of tight black leggings that had small tassels. The tassels hung from her waist and had tiny silver bells attached to them, so that her every step probably jingled, except the music was much too loud.

As she bent over to open up the gas port on the side of her car, Rick watched her smallish round breasts peek out from the front of her jacket, which he now realized was quite undone. She wore nothing underneath, and her tits came forward as she leaned over the back of the car.

She flipped her hair to the far side so she could force the nozzle into the hole, and that was when she started to slowly lick her very full and darkly painted lips.

Rick watched, grateful that the clerk’s box hid all of his body behind the wall and counter. He stared at her out the window, watching as her tongue slid around and around, top lip to bottom lip then back up again.

Rick gulped and finally tore his eyes away from the blonde to see what the other girl in the passenger seat was doing.

The car was only slightly forward from his booth, so he could peer down into the low red vehicle and see exactly what the brown haired vixen in the passenger seat was up to.

She had on a tight leopard-print dress, low cut in the front and short on her thighs. From where she sat, she could look up and see Rick quite clearly.

And she had been watching him.

Now that she had his full attention, she smiled up at him and blew him a kiss with her lips, as her hands pulled at her dress. She was laughing lightly as Rick’s eyes went wide and her dress top went lower and lower, until he could almost see the dark circles of her nipples.

Rick’s fingers gripped the counter edge tightly. He wasn’t sure if he should be pulling away or leaning forward more.

She put her feet up on the dash infront of her, forcing the tight hem of her dress to slide further back up her thighs. With her dark brown eyes on Rick, she put her hands on her dress and began to tug it higher and higher, exposing more skin.

Then, just as the dark curls of her privacy were beginning to show between her legs, the driver side car door slammed shut. Rick jumped. The two girls laughed and sped off, the vigorous beat of their music trailing behind them and fading quickly to nothing.

They hadn’t paid for their gas.

“Fuck,” Rick said, swallowing several times. He glanced at the clock. It would be hours before the manager came in to check the istanbul escort books and do the night’s cash count.

Rick knew he’d be replacing the money for the gas the girls had stolen out of his own pocket, before the manager came in. He held his head a few moments, trying to get the sight of the two vixens and their exposed flesh out of his mind. Then he grabbed a clipboard and pen, and left the booth, locking it behind him.

Rick walked over to the gas pump, shifting himself in his pants. His cock was hard and it was making him uncomfortable in his tight jeans.

Damn, those two chicks were hot. Why don’t we ever have hot chicks like that around here? he thought, writing down how much gas they had taken and the price.

Suddenly, there was a soft purring noise, the sound of a finely tuned engine creeping slowly closer and closer. Rick turned around.

It was the red car. The girls were back, music off, car coming quietly up to where Rick was standing.

For several moments, no one spoke. Rick stood infront of their car, blinking in disbelief and wonder. And the two girls just stared at him, smiling wickedly.

Finally, Rick made to move out of their way.

“Wait,” the blonde called.

She backed her car up and parked it in the shadows behind the deserted clerk box. Then she and her companion got out of the car’s front seat, and climbed in the back.

They beckoned to Rick.

“C’mon,” one said.

“There’s no one around for miles and miles.” “Come on, we felt bad about not paying for the gas.” “Let us pay you back…our way…”

In the darkness of the shadows around the deserted gas station, Rick could see them touching each other and moving against each other.

His breath came hard and his mouth felt dry.

Should he do this? Who would know? No one would. If anyone asked why the security camera showed he had been out of the stall, he could just say he was checking out a problem with the pumps. The tape would show him moving off to one side and out of the camera’s view, nothing big about that.

Rick shook his head, and licked his lips.

Fuck it, he thought, and jogged over to the car.

The blonde opened the door on her side, pushing the driver seat forward and pulling Rick by his hip onto the seat between herself and her friend.

“There, now, let us do all the work.” “We won’t bite, unless you ask.” The two girls giggled, one on either side of Rick. One took the clipboard and attached pen from him and threw it out onto the gravel outside the car. Then both sets of hands were pulling at his clothes.

They pushed Rick to stand up, and he did, closing his eyes as they undid his jeans and pulled them down to his ankles. Then they lifted his feet up out of his pants, shoes and all, and turned him around.

He could hear them cooing and squealing in delight as they took in the sight of his rigid hard cock. He knew he was well endowed, he’d never had a problem with chicks before. But in his short sexual history, he’d never done anything so wild as this. It made him even hotter that these two babes were staring at him and making happy pleased sounds.

Rick looked down, watching as both mouths quickly moved toward his cock. Soon, both their tongues were dueling over his shaft. He’d had blow jobs before, but never anything like this.

In unison, the girls reached their hands up and guided Rick’s fingers into their hair. He ran his fingers through their soft curls, stroking their heads as they lathered his cock with their lips and tongues.

Mmm, he esenyurt escort thought, closing his eyes and moaning loudly as one of them moved her mouth to his balls. She was licking at lapping at him, and the feeling was so incredibly.

Then one of them was fully sucking his cock, and he began to pump his hips forward and back, forward and back, forcing himself in and out of her mouth. Her lips were divine. He didn’t even care who was doing what. He just knew it felt so good.

“Do me,” one of them said.

Rick opened his eyes.

The darker haired girl was leaning back in the seat. She had pushed the passenger seat forward, giving Rick room to kneel between her legs. She had spread herself wide for him, pulling her dress up to just beneath her tits.

“Hell yeah,” he said softly.

Then he moved himself between her thighs, and quickly thrust his cock insider her tight sheath. Her hands ran over his chest, her nails dragging across his skin.

The blonde girl put her hands on her friend’s tits, pushing her top down and lifting out the heavy mounds. Rick watched, pumping, while the blonde pulled and teased at the other girl’s titties, tugging hard on the nipples.

Soon, Rick could feel the dark haired vixen beneath him cumming. Her cunt stroked his cock, and he thrust into her deeper and deeper. She moaned and squealed, shaking and trembling and squeezing her eyes shut.

Finally, she was done. Rick pulled out, panting, sweating.

“Now me,” the blonde said.

Rick had definitely never fucked two girls before. This was just too much.

The blonde got on her knees on the back seat, facing away from Rick. She pushed her ass out towards him, wiggling it. Then she pulled her leggings down to the backs of her knees. She was naked underneath.

Quickly Rick slipped over to her, patting her ass boldly. Then he pulled her back to him by the hips and impaled her on his long, thick shaft. Soon he was buried deep inside her, and fucking her wildly from behind. She clung to the back seat, gripping it tightly and forcing herself back against him hard, each time he pushed forward into her.

She loved it hard and deep, and groaned and moaned as Rick slammed in and out of her tight hole.

Then, she was cumming. Again Rick’s cock was milked sweetly by a woman’s orgasm.

And he still hadn’t cum himself.

Breathing hard, Rick pulled out, looking down at the girls. He couldn’t help it. He began to stroke himself. He wanted his hard-on to stay, to never end. Everything felt so good right now.

“Come here,” beckoned the brunette.

She pulled Rick down, turning him so he landed on his backside on the seat. Then both girls leaned forward, gobbling over his dick. He closed his eyes, hands in their hair again, gripping tightly. He felt the dueling tongues, heard the frantic slurpings.

Then they pulled off of him. He looked up.

The blonde climbed into his lap, her pants completely off now, her long legs bare and sleek. She faced him, her jacket open, and promptly shoved his hard cock inside her cunt. Then she began to bounce up and down in his lap.

Rick put his hands up inside her jacket, squeezing her small tits. He cupped one in each hand, caressing them as she bounced.

After a few minutes, she got off of him, making Rick whine. But quickly, the brown haired girl replaced her.

“I have something better in mind,” the dark haired vixen said.

She turned away from Rick, holding onto the seats infront of her as her ass rounded beylikdüzü escort out towards Rick’s face.

The blonde came close, stroking Rick’s cock firmly, slowly, then holding it still as the ass of the brunette slowly began to descend.

“I know what she’s thinking,” she said, aiming Rick’s cock.

The next thing he knew, he felt the tight pucker of the brunette’s ass hole meeting the head of his cock. The rim of muscles that started the tunnel was ever so tight, tighter than anything Rick had ever imagined possible. It was like a small condom, constricting around his cock head as the girls forced him into the brunette’s tight ass.

Hot warm flesh enveloped Rick’s cockhead. And he groaned, loudly. Then the brown haired girl forced herself even further back and down his shaft, taking more of him inside. The further in he went, the more heat he felt, the more he was constricted.

Suddenly, she sat down completely, and Rick was buried deep in her ass. She stayed still for a few moments, giving Rick time to adjust. Then she carefully leaned back against him, pulling the top of her dress down. She took Rick’s hands and put them on her tits, giving him her fresh round mounds to play with.

“Let me get in on this,” the blonde said, squirming her way into the front of the car.

She was between the two front seats now. Rick began to rock his hips, slowly forcing his cock up and down inside the girl’s incredibly tight ass. Then he felt the hands and fingers of the blonde.

She was playing with her friend’s pussy. He could feel her fingers, at first, as she soaked them in the girl’s cunt. Then Rick felt the awesome sensation of her tongue as she slathered over the other girl’s pussy.

The blonde ate out the brunette while Rick fucked her sweetly from behind, grinding and rubbing himself along her canal. The brunette came several times, and each time, Rick got to enjoy the feel of her juices slipping down over his balls, only to be lapped up eagerly by the blonde.

Finally, he couldn’t stand it any more. He had to get off, and it was going to be a doozy.

“Move,” Rick said to the blonde, who promptly obeyed.

Without pulling his cock out of the brunette’s ass, he pushed her forward between the two front seats until she was on her hands and knees, awkwardly. He knelt on the backseat, gripping the edges of the two front seats. Without holding the girl at all, he had her wedged firmly, unable to move.

Then, he began to pound into her ass. Hard, hard, hard, Rick fucked her tight steaming hole, his cock beginning to swell.

As he rammed into her, she squealed, in pain and pleasure as Rick’s dick got thicker, moved faster, became hotter.

Then he was cumming. He buried himself to the hilt in her tight asshole, spurting into her. Quickly, he pulled out and buried himself in her cunt for a few moments. Then, just as the last drops were gushing out of his cock head, he pulled out and jerked himself off all over her ass and backside.

The girls cooed and ahh’d then. Everyone was exhausted, panting. Rick wiped the sweat from his brow with his shirt, and the blonde fished around the backseat of the car for an extra shirt or a towel. She cleaned her friend off, then wiped at Rick’s spent cock.

He smiled at them, then pulled his pants up. Then he helped himself out of the car.

“Wait!” called the blonde.

“What’s your name? What’s your phone number?”

Rick laughed, walking away from the girls. Then he stopped and turned around to face them, smiling as he picked up his clipboard and pen.

“Well,” he said, scratching his head.

He couldn’t stop grinning. “I work tomorrow night. If you come by at the same time, maybe we can share.”

Then he shrugged and walked away, and the girls drove off into the night, their loud music blaring as they disappeared down the highway.

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