Growing Pains and lessons learned

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Growing Pains and lessons learnedWe were never aware of the word ‘p*******es’ when I was a girl, some think its just a new word that describes men with a lusting for k**s, for which no doubt it does, but as a girl growing up, I was experiencing it before it became fashionable.Men would expose themselves to me and my friends, having a good handful as we watched, we were knowledgeable about the white stuff they would shoot from their cocks long before we were ovulating.I would lay awake in bed listening to my mother and her current lover having sex, her moaning and his foul-mouthed descriptions of what he was doing, I often suspected he just somehow knew I was listening and gave the running commentary for my benefit.Once barged into the bathroom when I was peeing, completely naked and semi-erect, proudly showing me his manhood, still wet and steaming, ‘Did you hear us’ he asked excitedly, ‘Yes’ I replied and his manhood twitched in response to my acknowledgement, remarking he was going to ‘Do her again’.Once he asked me to slide forward on the toilet seat because he needed to urinate, and as he urinated down behind me, I could feel the warmth of his piss as it hit my bum, no doubt deliberately, and he was delighted as it would run between my curves to be secreted into the pan, just as if it was I, who was doing the pissing.’Dont forget to wash down there Mariel’, he would say, standing as close as digitalbahis yeni giriş he could, he seemed to enjoy being close to me, studying my reaction to his penis being inches from my face and his odors strong in my nose.It was not just me who was getting the adult treatment, my closest friends were getting eyefuls and being the recipient of daddies special love.One of my closest friends, back then, replaced her mother in the bedroom, when her mother passed away. She told me it seemed natural to her, as she found in her middle teens she had a strong bond with her father and her only stipulation was that he wear a condom, which he did and they became constant lovers.In the end I too became his lover, but by then I was sexually active with a number of men, so one more was just an enjoyable experience.There was a notorious bench in the local park which sat directly opposite a thick bush, it was notorious to us girls as men would jack off when we sat there.One afternoon on an unexpected half day off I wandered on my own down to the bench, I was in the mood to watch some action, and within a short time an older man walked past, looking directly at me, as I looked at him and smiled.He walked back and went off the tarmacked path and ducked into the bushes.I waited for him to start and when he did I got a good eyeful, as he took all his clothes off and almost stepped back digitalbahis giriş onto the pathway, asking me to come over to him, offering his penis to me, but I remained with a smile as he pumped away furiously, shooting his all at me.He emerged from the bushes and walked across to me, handed me a note with some money in it, said thanks and walked away.The note asked me next time to remove my panties and let him look at me, then let him take my panties with him, for that he would pay me enough to buy another pair.This was a new experience, a new twist to the game we played, so instead of being a voyeur, I was to become an exhibitionists, and the idea excited me.After a few dummy runs I succeeded in exhibiting myself to him, sitting with one leg raised and open, exposing myself indecently as he wanked, everything was happening very quickly now he was aided by visual stimulation.Handing him my panties sent a shock through my being, it was such a turn-on walking home bare assed and knowing I let a stranger look at me as he wanked off.I was rewarded by his generosity and his demands were getting closer to the ultimate climax, my going into the bushes and doing the dirty deed myself, while he touched me.No longer a virgin by then, I finished up having sex with him, paid for again, so in a sense I was a teenage prostitute, humping old men for pleasure and money, which allowed digitalbahis güvenilirmi me to buy clothes that pleased them, things like stockings and garters and toys.My friend was tiring of her father by then, he was becoming jealous of her boyfriends and eventually she left home and went to another city.She wanted to be like me and start prostituting herself, so we decided as we were young enough to carry it off, we could earn a fortune providing sex for senior citizens, under the guise of home helps, we soon had a large client base and out little pussies were earning a large amount of money, hence my strange affliction for men many years older than I, all the younger guys looking for their desserts were sidelined while men their grandfathers age were dipping us with the aid of the new d**g Viagra.My first gang-bang was always on the cards as I was looking for more excitement, so when it happened I just slotted right in there and let it happen.I was standing at the home-bar nude of course as were a couple of older men, when one came in behind me and I felt a jab go into my bum. Before I could react a sudden warmth came over my being and I relaxed as man after man took turns with me. I felt on a constant state of arousal, I wanted sex all the time and encourage all these guys to hump me, it seemed in slow motion and I was never reaching an orgasm just wanting to fuck.Later I found I had entertained more then twenty men, men who were just coming there to have me, we had been set up and the jab I felt in my bum was a d**g that made me horny and insatiable, thankfully I suffered no ill effects, but learned a valuable lesson, and yes I still enjoy the occasional GB, supervised by my husband.

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