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Subject: Growing Up Charlie Chapter 38 (Gay/Incest) DONATION: Nifty is a not-for-profit organization that heavily relies on our donations to keep the site free and accessible. Your donations pay for web hosting fees and other day-to-day activities for the wonderful staff of editors/publishers. You can donate on the website at fty/ Every little bit counts. DISCLAIMER: This story is a work of fiction, and contains explicit, sexual content involving adults over the age of 21 and minors under the age of 16, and scenes of incest involving step-parents/step-children. If viewing this material is illegal where you live, OR you’re a minor under the age of 18, please stop reading this. If you’re not sure about this legatilty, please stop reading until you have looked into your own, local laws. Any likeness or similarity between persons, places, products or concepts are purely coincidental. If you would like to leave any positive feedback, please let me know. Thank you. Chapter 38 Will woke up before everyone else. He needed to make a few phone calls and check the weather report to make sure their way to the prison was clear. He decided to get breakfast on the way, so the boys could sleep a little longer. When it was time, Will checked Billy’s room first and saw the bed was empty, though it looked slept in. He turned around and opened the door to Ry’s and Charlie’s room and smiled. The two eldest were curled around the smaller mound Will recognized as Charlie. Will could also see that Ry and Billy were holding hands. Silently, Will made his way to the bed and woke Ry up first, since he knew the eldest Barton boy needed more time. After he was sure Ry wasn’t going to fall to sleep, Will left the room to get another pot of coffee started. Ry laid in bed not wanting to let go of Billy’s hand. His brother’s touch was beautifully familiar and welcomed. He hadn’t realized how much he missed it till they fell asleep. However, he needed to get out of bed and take a shower. Billy always took the longest, which meant that there might not be enough hot water for him and Charlie. As Ry started to move out of the bed, Charlie rolled over and wrapped himself around Ry. “I’m sorry,” Charlie whispered. Ry looked down and saw his baby brother’s brown eyes. Ry tilted his head and kissed Charlie on the forehead. “It’s okay,” He whispered back. “I’m sorry, too.” Charlie hugged his brother and said, “I love you, Ry.” “I love you, too, Charlie.” “I love you both,” Billy said from behind Charlie, making his brothers jump, “but can you guys be a little quieter with your love. I’m trying to sleep.” “What the Hell are you doing here?” Charlie said loudly at Billy, who opened an eye in annoyance. “Language,” Will said from the doorway. “Ry get in the shower, Charlie you’re next, and Billy you’ll have ten minutes.” Ry got his shower things as Will walked back to the kitchen. He looked back and saw his brothers cuddling and smiled. He hadn’t slept that well in a very long time. “Yes!” Billy exclaimed as Will tossed his son the car keys. “Obey the traffic laws or you’re done,” Will warned. “I’m a good driver,” Billy said, hurt by his father’s unspoken accusation. “Glad to hear it,” Will said, as he got into the front passenger seat. “You’re not just driving my car. You’re also driving the majority of your family, so keep that in mind if you decide to see how far you try my patience.” Ry got in behind Billy and Charlie was behind Will. Everyone buckled up, and Billy made sure to show his father that he was a responsible driver by making absolutely sure he was following every traffic law he could remember. Will knew his son was a good driver and honestly, he wasn’t concerned about his son’s driving; however, Will wanted to make doubly sure that Billy wouldn’t do anything to get them pulled over. The normally long drive was made longer by the snow. Although not a single flake fell on the way to the prison, the roads were still slick and by the look of the abandoned cars along the side of the road, there were plenty of people who didn’t know how to drive in inclimate weather. Billy pulled over at their şişli travesti usual diner. Charlie tried ordering coffee but was rebuffed by Will, who apologized for the severity in his tone. All three boys could see that Will was looking less and less comfortable as they got closer to the prison. They silently and separately concluded that it was due to the near decade the man had spent in a Nebraska prison, so they were willing to accept the small bouts of negativity. Ry also wasn’t looking forward to the visit, either, though for different reasons. He barely had any contact with Ronda before her incarceration, which was about four years prior. What little contact they did have was positive, but she was still very much a stranger to him. Then there were the reminders of his older brother’s death while inside. Though Ry had never seen James in prison, he saw such places as death camps, which only served to remind him of everything he had lost before gaining his new family. Charlie was all kinds of excited. Despite the events of the previous afternoon, he was ready to see his mother, and he didn’t care if he was the only one. What made everything better was that his brothers shared the same bed last night. He had woken up to feel his brothers holding him but assumed it was a nice dream, but seeing Ry and Billy together somehow made him feel happier than he had been in years. Billy, however, was conflicted. He loved his mother but visits were generally stressful, at least they were with Rick; however, they were going with his other father, who happened to be his mother’s first ex-husband and the man she sent to prison. It also dawned on Billy that this would be the first time that his birth parents would be in the same room together since he was two, just before his mother had Will arrested. He was dreading their behavior more than he usually dreaded the visits. To make things even more complicated was being with Ry. Last night was more than he had ever hoped for. He could tell that Ry–and even Charlie–were just as thrilled as he felt about it; however, Billy was with Justin and had started to develop feelings for someone else, and Ry was with Amanda. After everyone ate, Will decided to drive the rest of the way. Billy offered Charlie the front passenger seat, so he and Ry could be alone in the back. The look Charlie gave him indicated the ginger brat suspected too much. Ry got in behind Charlie, since he needed more room because of his leg, which was starting to hurt from all the sitting. Billy got in behind his father, and couldn’t help but smile a little at the happy look Ry gave him. Charlie looked back, gave his brothers an “I knew it” look and went back to his phone. The elder Barton brothers gave each other nervous looks, and slowly inched their hands towards each other, until they finally held hands. Their palms were sweaty despite the cold car, which was still warming up. They’re hearts raced, as if it were their first time being publicly intimate, but neither wanted to let go, despite their internal conflicts. The Sun was well above the horizon when they reached the prison’s perimeter. Snow was thick on the grounds, and Charlie started to worry that they’d have to turn around; however, as they neared the visitor’s entrance, he saw the parking lot was cleared and mostly empty. Will parked the car as close to the gate as he could, and everyone exited the vehicle. A crisp breeze chilled everyone. Will told the boys to leave their jackets in the car, since bulky clothing wasn’t permitted. Thankfully, the lack of visitors made the security checks much easier. Billy groaned as he saw the touchy-feely guard from before. He pulled his father to the side and explained the situation. Will then went to the desk and asked to speak to the Officer in Charge. The guard said that the O.I.C. was too busy, and Will insisted that the O.I.C. make his way to visiting, as an accusation of sexual assault was being made against one of his staff. The guard rolled her eyes and got on the radio. Charlie was again growing impatient. He wanted to see his mother and saw Will’s conversations beylikdüzü travesti as means to deny the visit. It was nearly a half-hour before the over weight lieutenant entered. Will pointed at the officer doing the pat-downs and openly accused him of groping Billy’s genitals. The guard protested as predicted, but Will threatened to call the state police unless the officer was permanently removed from visiting. At first, the lieutenant scoffed, until Will gave the fat man a business card. The lieutenant’s face turned red, but complied with the request. Another officer arrived, and Will made sure that this new guard conducted himself appropriately. It was nearly an hour into the visiting session when Ronda finally walked in. She greeted her children with hugs, shook Ry’s hand and gave Will a stiff nod of acknowledgement, though her expression was cold and stony. The session was good despite the tension between the adults. For his part, Will ignored his ex-wife and gave the boys their time with her, except when he got everyone something from the vending machines, such as soft drinks and candy. After the first session, Will made sure to tell the officer checking people in that they’d be back for the second session, hinting that he expected the pervy guard to not be there. He then drove the boys to their hotel room, where they had lunch and talked about the visit. Charlie’s mood was greatly improved and he couldn’t wait to get back to the prison. He checked his phone and saw several messages. Joey texted him asking how everything was going and ended the message with a kissing emoji, which made him blush a little. David also asked how things were going and wanted to know if he could stay the next weekend to game. Charlie said he’d have to ask his dad, but he didn’t see a problem with it. His next message was from his father, also asking how things were going. Charlie responded with one word: Fine. His last message was from Justin. Charlie’s stomach jolted. He hadn’t heard from the teen in what felt like forever and was honestly hoping to never hear from him again. The message asked about the visit. Then another came up, “When can we hang out again? I miss you.” Charlie didn’t respond. He felt overwhelmed, set down his phone and took a nap. The second session was better than the first. They all noted that the removed guard hadn’t returned, and they were hastily moved into visiting. Ronda and the boys played some games and generally had a good time, while Will continued to occupy himself with his thoughts. “Don’t you want to play, Uncle Will?” Charlie asked. Will caught the flash of disgust in his ex-wife’s eyes. He secretly took joy in her annoyance. “No thank you, Charlie,” Will said politely. “It’s your time with your mother, so you should spend as much time as you can. I’m afraid that I’d only be a distraction at best.” “It’s not a problem,” Billy said. Looking at his mother, he added, “Is it Mom?” Billy’s expression reminded Will and Charlie of the looks Ronda gave when wanting her way in an argument. She grudgingly looked at her first ex-husband and said, “I don’t mind,” though her tone said otherwise. To the boys, Will said, with a bit of a chuckle, “I appreciate your effort, but seriously, I’m not here to engage in any hostility. You go ahead and continue. We’ll be back here tomorrow, anyway, so we’ll see how things go then.” The rest of the visit went by without issue. Ronda even thanked Will for bringing the boys, though it did sound forced. They went back to the hotel room before going out to dinner. There wasn’t much around, so they settled on a fast food restaurant and got some burgers. Will got two rooms and left it up to the boys to decide who slept where. They each would get their own bed and the rooms were connected by a doorway. All three boys didn’t know what to do. Charlie wanted his brothers to be together, but he had never shared a room with Will before. Ry was conflicted because he wanted to sleep with both of his brothers. He saw how Charlie behaved after going through his messages after the first visit and wanted to talk to his baby brother; istanbul travesti however, he really wanted to have a night alone with Billy and see where things would go. Billy, on the other hand, wasn’t sure if sleeping with Ry was the right thing to do, though there was a part of him crying out for the opportunity. He decided to end things with Justin once they got back to Washington, but he couldn’t get Ry and Trevor out of his mind. He knew what being with Ry was like, and he longed to return to those days. However, there was still the chance that the reasons for their breakup would be put back on center stage, and Billy didn’t think he could go through that again. Billy also wasn’t sure if anything would ever happen between him and Trevor. They hadn’t even gone on a date, but there was something about the boy’s laid-back nature that attracted Billy. In the end, it was decided that Ry and Charlie would share a room, while Billy stayed with his dad. Ry and Charlie took turns in the bathroom, with Charlie going first. After Ry came out, he found Charlie was in the bed furthest away from the window. “Can I join you?” He asked. “Yeah,” Charlie said, pulling back the blankets for his brother. Ry propped his crutch against the night stand and got under the blankets. Once he was settled, Charlie cuddled against him. Ry kissed the top of Charlie’s ginger head and hugged the boy. They laid there for quite a while. Lately, that’s all they did during their cuddle time. Ry was worried that he’d accidentally say something about the reoccurring dreams he had about Charlie and their son. Charlie was worried he’d say something about Justin touching him, and as much as it hurt to do so, Charlie kept his promise to not tell anyone what happened. Tired of his thoughts and the silence, Charlie asked, “Are you and Billy dating again?” Ry stopped stroking Charlie’s hair. He was dreading this conversation. “I don’t know,” he said. “We haven’t talked about it.” “Why not?” Charlie asked, looking up from Ry’s bare chest. “Charlie, it’s complicated.” “Don’t you love him?” Yes, cried the voice inside of Ry. “Yes,” Ry muttered out loud. “Then why can’t you two be together again?” Charlie tried to hide the desperation in his voice. “He’s with Justin, and I’m with Amanda for starters. I also don’t know if it’s a good idea.” Charlie sat up, hoping that Ry would take him more seriously. “It’s the best idea! You two are perfect for each other.” Ry couldn’t help but smile. He realized how cute Charlie’s serious face was. Luckily, Charlie took it the wrong way and saw it as Ry conceding to his point. “We were all happy before you guys broke up,” Charlie said, his voice cracking a bit. Ry’s smile fell as he saw a deep pain behind his baby brother’s rich, brown eyes. His own heart hurt looking at the desperation Charlie expressed on his face. Ry pulled Charlie into his arms and held the boy, who began to cry. Ry felt himself tearing up and hugged Charlie tighter, careful to not crush the smaller, 10-year-old. Eventually, Ry whispered, “I wish things were like they had been, too, Charlie. I really do, but love doesn’t work that way, unfortunately. I still love Billy and I always will, but I honestly don’t think there’s a future there.” Tears fell heavier and faster down Ry’s cheeks, as his heart cracked once more. “We might be good for a few months, maybe a year, but I can’t trust him to not cheat on me again. I just can’t, no matter how much I want to be with him.” Charlie knew he couldn’t make his brothers be boyfriends again, but it meant that Justin was still going to be in Charlie’s life. He placed all of his hope into his brothers getting back together, and with Ry’s declaration, it was clear that Justin was going to be in Charlie’s life forever. Ry and Charlie didn’t say anything else for the rest of the night. Once Charlie was sure Ry was asleep, Charlie grabbed his phone and sent Justin a text. “Can you pick me up after school on Monday?” Justin’s response came a few seconds later, “Of course! I can’t wait to see you. Do you miss me?” Charlie’s breath and hands shook as he replied, “Yes, I miss you.” Justin sent a heart and kissing emoji. He then sent another text. “I love you.” Charlie had a hard time replying, having to continuously wipe the tears off of his screen, but eventually replied, “I love you, too.” ***Coming Soon, Chapter 39***

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