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Brian was in class and Hailey’s parents were gone for the day. She was alone in the house. Deciding to spend some time at the backyard pool, Hailey put on a string-type black bikini.Before leaving, that morning, her father had cautioned, “Don’t forget about the yard guys. Today’s their day.”Hailey might have been only seventeen, but for the last couple of years, there had been a tantalizing development in her body. The male attention she was attracting had initially made her nervous, but now she was actually going braless around their house guest, Brian, and in the last couple of months had gotten to where she was actually encouraging him and others to look.Hailey was excited by the likelihood that the yard guys would show up while she was sunning. She grabbed a shirt she had appropriated from her father and pulled it on over her skimpy bikini. As she buttoned it she thought, Those yard guys can’t be much more than twenty-five and they are kind of cute. Who knows… might be fun showing off for a couple guys I barely know. With the shirt loosely buttoned over her bikini she slipped through the sliding glass door into the backyard.The yard guys weren’t there yet and Hailey took the opportunity to pull the outdoor table over to the edge of the pool. She brought three of the chairs as well. Then she stretched out on a nearby lounger.She thought to herself, I was out here several times last summer when the same guys were here and they didn’t bother me then. Of course my bikini was more substantial and I was still sorta flat-chested. Still, it is not likely that anything could happen that I don’t want to happen.Hailey took the shirt off and turned face down on the lounger. She undid the strings on the top. With the top undone and such a tiny bottom, she thought, it’s almost like I’m naked. Just then she heard a truck in the drive and soon after, the gate creaked open. She cradled her head in her arms, her face turned toward the gate, but with her eyes nearly shut, looking as if she was asleep.She watched as the yard guys came toward her. Both were shirtless and wore shorts. They were even better looking than she had remembered. Hailey made a few small movements, the type she might have made if actually sleeping, just to be sure they güvenilir bahis noticed her.They stopped abruptly, about ten feet away. “Whoa, uh, uh, lookie there!” one of the guys whispered urgently to the other.”Uh yeah, she’s the one lives here,” the other replied, also keeping his voice low. “Remember, we saw her last year.””Uh huh, but she din’t look like that las year and ‘sides, she’s damn near nekkid.”Hailey’s eyes popped open. She feigned shock and surprise at seeing the two of them. “Oh my god,” she blurted, hastily clasping her hands over her nearly bare butt.”Didn’t mean ta scare ya,” the one said. “Maybe we should uh… leave and come back later?” He felt his cock stiffening and hoped the girl wouldn’t send them away.”Uh no, that’s not necessary,” she said, removing her hands from her butt and resting them on the edge of the lounger. “After all, I’m the one who forgot you were coming.”The spokesman licked his lips and said, “That’s right kind of ya. Now jus git back to yur sunnin and forget we’re here. We’ll be gone ‘for ya know it.””Fine,” she responded, “but if you guys keep your backs turned long enough for me to get my top retied, I’ll feel a lot better about you being here.”The guys nodded their agreement and walked off in the direction of the flower beds. Their job was actually gardening but they called it landscaping. They took care of the shrubs and other plants along the fence line at the far edge of the yard.Hailey followed them with her eyes, making sure their backs remained turned away. She sat up, leaving her bikini top on the lounger. She was topless and facing the guy’s backs. They weren’t supposed to turn around, but Hailey knew it was still a possibility. Her nipples hardened and a shiver of excitement went through her body.After a few seconds, she picked up the bikini top and reluctantly tied it in place. The gardeners were now a good fifty feet away, almost to the far side of the yard. Hailey pulled the lounger into a sitting position. She knew that eventually they would look back in her direction. She wanted to be sitting when that happened.Hailey picked up a paperback book and began reading. She deliberately held it high enough so it didn’t hide her breasts. The guys might be working but Hailey güvenilir bahis siteleri expected they would also be watching. She peered over the top of the book to verify her assumption. They were kneeling in front of the flower beds, but yes, they were also turned sideways, definitely keeping an eye on her.Continuing as if she were reading the book, and pretending to be unaware that she was being watched, with her free hand she coaxed the triangles of black cotton covering her breasts, little by little, away from the center and toward the sides.One of the workmen whispered urgently to the other, “Ron, you watchin?”Ron’s eyes snapped quickly from the flower bed and focused on Hailey. “Holy shit,” he whispered. “Her nipples are damn near showin!” Hailey dropped the book and looked down at her half bared breasts. “Quick!” Ron whispered as he jerked his head back, “Look like you’re workin.” Hastily, both turned to their work.As if it had just occurred to her that they might be watching, Hailey looked in their direction. Without taking her eyes off them, she undid the string from around her neck and retied it under her arms and behind her back. She looked down at her breasts again, confirming that the nipples were still covered. Hailey put her fingers under the edges of the bikini top and pulled it down until her nipples were barely concealed. Then she picked up the book and resumed her reading.Ron took a peek. “Oh my god, JR, I’m not believing this.””What?” JR said as he turned quickly. “Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!” he intoned, then turning back to Ron he asked, “You think she knows we’re watchin?””She must,” Ron replied.”Then that means…””Yeah… means she wants us to watch.”Hailey peered over the top of the book again. She saw that all work had stopped and she had their undivided attention. She held the book high, making sure it didn’t obstruct their view. When she adjusted the top she had felt of her nipples. They had already been as stiff as they were going to get. She felt moisture building between her legs. Her hand, as if it had a mind of its own, slid down the bare expanse of her stomach.JR knew they had work to do but he couldn’t pull his eyes away. “Oh, oh, please no,” he moaned as Hailey’s fingers crept inside iddaa siteleri the bottoms.Hailey had intended to tease, but when her fingers came in contact with her clit she lost control. Her head went back as she vigorously attacked her pussy. Ron and JR watched in awe as she pushed the bikini bottom down and pressed what looked like two fingers inside her. Then she suddenly remembered she was being watched. She had gone too far, and she knew it.Hailey jerked her hand from between her legs and tugged the bottom of the bikini up as far as it would go. She reached to the deck beside the lounger and snatched up the shirt, hastily covering herself from neck to knees. She leaned back and looked up at the sky, not wanting to acknowledge what she had just done.Ron said quietly, “I think the show’s over.””Yeah, think so, Bro. Better get back to work”They turned to the flower beds. Hailey reclined the back of the lounger and spent several minutes on her back, watching the movement of the clouds. Thank god they were so far away. Probably couldn’t see anything anyway. At least she hoped not.Hailey propped herself up on an elbow and looked in the direction of the gardeners. They were still turned from her, pulling the weeds. One of them stood up and with a pair of clippers began trimming the hedge, but his back remained turned to her. Hailey debated with herself over what to do. Maybe I should act as if nothing has happened.She pulled on the shirt and buttoned it securely from top to bottom. Now if I can just maintain my composure. Hailey stood and walked over to where the guys were working. She stopped a few feet away. “Uh… ” Both turned abruptly. Each gave her a quick once-over. Hailey’s face turned red but she managed to stammer out, “I was going into the house to get a cold drink… thought you guys might like one too.””Uh, yeah,” replied a very surprised JR. “That’d be great!””You too?” Hailey said turning to Ron who was nodding vigorously.”Yeah him too,” confirmed JR, “He’s bashful but I know he wants one.””Three cold drinks coming up,” Hailey said as she turned toward the house.She returned via her bedroom door, the same way she had come out. She hastily undid the shirt and tossed it on the bed. Slut, she thought as she caught sight of herself in a mirror. She considered putting on some regular clothes, or at least a less revealing bikini, but nixed both. She did straighten up the one she was wearing and retie it properly, so it at least covered what it was supposed to.

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