Halloween Pool Party Pt. 05

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We arrived home and Annie greeted us warmly, then stepped back to get a good look at me from head to toe, having me turn to see the full look. Satisfied with what she saw, I was told to bring in my clothes, put them away and then pick something pretty to wear as dinner would be ready shortly. Miss Maddy and Annie headed into the main house and I went about my task.

The new clothing would practically fill my closets and drawers. I carefully unpacked my new panties and bras and placed them in the drawers along with my skirts. I hung my dresses and night gowns in the closet and put my makeup in the bathroom. Finally a chance to take off the damned panty girdle that had been crushing me all day, I chose a pair of red open crotch panties, thigh high lace-top stockings, and a flared skater skirt with black 3 inch heels. On top I had a matching red shelf bra to hold my padded tits up and a sheer blouse that tied above my navel. My makeup was still perfect so I just touched up my lips and was ready to join my Mistresses for dinner.

I had to pose for Miss Maddy and Miss Annie before I was handed an apron and told to serve them their meal. I was famished after a long day of shopping but was not allowed to eat with them. Instead I was told to crawl under the table and service them as they dined and enjoyed a nice steak and fine wine. I started with Miss Maddy, beginning with her feet. After a day of shopping they needed a good cleaning and I bathed them with my tongue and slowly made my way up her legs and thighs. The delicious aroma of her pussy was intoxicating me and I longed to clean her and suck on her beautiful lower lips. But it was not to be. She pushed me away and I moved to Miss Annie. She, had other ideas than Mistress and immediately pulled me up to her cunt and rode my face as she ate. I savored her taste as I was totally addicted to the taste of pussy. It drove me wild. I could lick and suck her all day.

All to soon they finished eating and commanded me out from below the table. I was told to clean everything up and then I would find a salad and beverage for myself waiting in the fridge. After eating I was to join them in the pool room. I quickly cleaned up and found a scrumptious green salad with shrimp in the fridge and a large glass of juice. Well it wasn’t really juice. It was a full glass of golden champagne from my owners. I savored it as I ate my salad, cleaned my dishes and wiped the table clean and headed to the pool room.

Miss Maddy and Annie had moved the lounger to face the big screen TV and had some other equipment near by. I was directed to strip down to my panties and stockings and recline in the lounger. Maddy said the crotchless panty was a great choice as she wanted access to my caged clitty. I was told to bend over and my butt plug from the previous night was reinserted and inflated but not as much as last night. Miss Annie lit a joint and we smoked as Miss Maddy told be what was going to happen. “You will be here for quite a while so we will try to make you comfortable. We are going out for a while but can check on you by cam feed on our phones to be sure everything is OK.” It was really good weed and we were all pretty mellow as Miss Annie attached some large cups to my chest with hoses attached to them. She flipped a switch on a box on the floor and my breasts were sucked deeply into the cups. After a minute the pressure released a bit then sucked deeply again. “The Dr. said will help stretch your skin and help your implants fit in you better”‘ she said.

Miss Maddy then attached something to my chastity but I wasn’t sure of its purpose. “I hope you are ready to enjoy a nice long movie tonight Brenda. You are going to be in this chair for a long time as we need to step up your programming my dear bimbo. You will not sleep. You will remain still and keep your eyes open. You will not be able to close them or look away from the screen, no matter how hard you try. You will love how it makes you feel. You will not look away. You will not sleep. You will love how you feel. You will not look away. You will not sleep. You will love how you feel.” she spoke these words so softly to me. I felt entranced by them. Miss Annie was putting a hose of some type around my face. It was like an oxygen hose that you see people using that feeds directly giresun escort into their nose.

“As you will be here for quite sometime you may become thirsty. If you turn your head slightly you will find a straw to sip some water through.” She touched the straw to my cheek so I would know where it is. “If you need to pee do not worry as there is a tube on your chastity to relieve yourself through.

As I looked down I saw my feet with the message on my toe nails. “Sissy Bimbo” they reminded me.

“We have a special treat to help you enjoy what you are watching. It will also help imprint the messages deep in your mind. Have you ever heard of “poppers” Brenda?”

“No Mistress”

“Well think of it kinda like laughing gas for sex. It will make you tingle all over and your sissy pussy will feel excited as you breathe it in. It will make your senses more acute to what is happening and make you want it that much more. And it will leave your mind helpless to resist the messages you receive”. She turned a valve and I smelled something sweet entering my nose. “Take a nice deep breath of your sissy sauce Brenda”, she whispered in my ear as I felt Miss Annie bind my wrists and legs to the chair.

With the first deep breath I felt my body floating and my clit begin to harden. “That’s a good girl Brenda.” Mistress said in a soothing tone. “Let it envelop you. Let it make your mind a blank page. Accept that you will be a bimbo. Love what you are to become”. And then headphones were placed in my ears, my Mistresses left, the lights went out and the TV screen came on.

I saw beautiful girls on the screen, pretty, pretty girls, and they all had little clit cocks like mine and oh so pretty breasts. Some of there clits were locked away, some hanging softly. Words flashed across the screen but I could hardly read them they went by so fast. The girls were so pretty. More words on the screen. Then with the music in my ears was Mistress Maddy’s voice. “You are a sissy girl. You love to be a sissy girl. Sissy girls don’t have cocks. Sissy girls have sissy clitties. Breath deep. Again. You are my sissy now.”

I was floating as I felt a vibrator start up on my cage and plug. My cock, I mean clitty became hard in the cage. I could feel the spikes attacking it. I felt my ass trying to squeeze my pluggy.

” You love being a sissy girl. You love to please. You love being a sissy girl.” The pictures were flashing rapidly on the screen. Now there were pictures of cocks. Big and small but all of them hard. “You love looking at cocks Brenda. You will love cocks. Sissy bimbo’s crave cocks. Breathe deep Brenda. Poppers take you deeper. Poppers make you want to suck mens cocks. Breathe deep.” I tried to tell myself that I didn’t want to suck cocks but the pictures were bombarding my mind. The sissies were sucking cocks and had big smiles. They were so happy so suck. I wanted to be happy too.

“Sissies love cock. Sissies were made to please mens cocks. Sissies love the taste of cum. You are a sissy Brenda. You love cocks too. You love to suck a cock and please Mistress. You are a bimbo sissy Brenda. You will always be a bimbo. You will love to suck cock. Poppers make you want to suck” You are a popper bimbo sissy”.

The pictures just kept flashing in front of me. I could not help but get hard. The spikes were digging into my clitty and all I wanted was to feel them more. To feel them punish my clitty. I wiggled on my pluggy hoping my cock would get harder and force the spikes further into it.

I was intoxicated by the poppers as my mind began to melt. More pics flashing. Pretty sissies sucking cocks, getting fucked in there sissy pussies. Cum squirting on their faces. Pussy asses left gaping as the cocks pulled out and moved to their mouths for cleaning as another cock filled there bottom hole. Pretty sissy breasts, large and bouncy and covered in cum. More tiny sissy clits. More sucking. More words flashing across the screen.

Mistresses voice seductively talking me through it. “You are a bimbo. You love to suck and fuck. You must have cock. You must have cum. You love your poppers . You love cum. You need to suck. You need to taste cum daily. You live to drink cum. You are a sissy bimbo. You love to please men. You want cock gölbaşı escort deep in your ass. You cant resist cocks. You want to suck. You are a cum sucking Bimbo. You love to feel your useless clitty hurt. Its pain brings you pleasure. Its pain brings your owners pleasure. Your pain brings your master pleasure. You are a sissy bimbo. Your mind only thinks of serving and suffering. You were never a man. You are only a sissy girl. A bimbo to serve. You love cum. You want to please cocks. Cocks are as beautiful as pussys. You will serve all. Breathe deep Brenda ind tell us what you want. Breathe deep and proclaim your love of cum and cocks. Breathe deep and tell us you live to serve and suffer. Breathe deep and tell us you are a bimbo. You know this is what you want.”

I breathed heavily on loving your sissy sauce. Loudly you spoke. ” I am a sissy bimbo, I want to suck for Mistress. I am a bimbo cock sucker. I want my ass filled with cock. I want to suck them clean. I need cum in my mouth. I need cum on my face and breasts and in my ass. I want to suck. I want to me fucked. I want my clitty to hurt for masters and Mistress. I am a sissy cum slut. I am a bimbo cock whore. I am a sissy whore. I want big breasts. I want to be pretty. I want to be a bimbo.”

The vibrator kicked up a notch and the spikes dug deeper into my clit. I breathed in more poppers and felt myself fully submitting to the pain. It felt so good to suffer and hurt. “I am a sissy pain slut. I want to please I want cock. I need cock to suck. I need to please Mistress. I need to pleasure cocks. I am a bimbo”.

The images kept getting faster before my eyes. I was breathing heavily lost in a trance. I drooled over the pics of cocks pumping sissy asses. Smiling happy sissy bimbos like me. Sucking on cocks sucking on pussies. Sissies tied to beds sucking cocks. Sissies tied to toilets sucking cocks. Drinking pee from cocks, serving cocks. Sucking pussies and asses. Faces covered in cum. More cum for sissies. Mistresses voice in my ear” Succumb to it Brenda. Be the bimbo. You love cock. You love pussy. You love to serve them. You are the bimbo. You love being a sissy bimbo. You love the pain in your useless clitty. You love having a useless clitty. You want do serve. You need to serve. You want to be a pretty sissy girl. You want to obey. You must obey. Your love cum. You want cum you love to taste it. You are a sissy bimbo. You will never resist. You only want to please cocks and pussys.”

I don’t know how long it had been going on. I was so hot. My clitty wanted to explode but I knew it wouldn’t in my chastity. By breasts were large and puffy from the pumps. The spikes were so hard. I wanted to feel them harder. My mind was adrift.

Mistress Maddy and Miss Annie had returned to the house and were watching me live on their TV. 2 men were with them. Dr. Dane had returned with Dr. Atkins. “So what do you think of our pretty blonde sissy Dr’s” asked Miss Maddy?

“I wouldn’t believe it if I wasn’t seeing it”, said Dr Atkins. “She will look lovely with her new breasts I assure you. Are you certain her programming is working?”

“I promise you it is. In fact, we will join her soon and see just how well it works. I bet Thomas would love a chance to cum wouldn’t you darling?” said Maddy as she stroked her hubby’s cock through his pants, causing his chastised cock to strain in its cage.

“She will be the worlds best bimbo when we are finished”, added Annie, her breathing getting harder as Dr Atkins reached around her chair and gently massaged her breasts. “we should go in and see her soon.

It was very early in the morning and the sun was starting to rise over the river valley as they quietly entered the room. The TV had turned off as had the music, breast pumps and vibrator. Sissy was lying in place staring at the blank screen. We heard her as we entered. ” I am a sissy bimbo, I need to suck cock, I need to drink cummies, I want to be fucked. I want to be a pretty sissy. I need cum. I love cocks. I love cum. I want to lick pussies. I want to suck cock. I want to please Mistress. I want to worship cocks. I want Mistresses pain. I want to be a bimbo I will be a pretty sissy bimbo. Mistress Annie turned on the lights as Mistress Maddy gently brought Sissy’s attention göztepe escort back to reality and released her bonds. Sissy stretched a bit after the long confinement and knelt and kissed her beautiful feet.

Looking up he saw the two doctors standing with Miss Annie and a smile crossed her lips. “How are yo my bimbo?” asked Maddy.

“I am fine Mistress I watched a nice movie last night.”

“Oh really sissy, what was it about?

“Um, I don’t remember Mistress”

“That’s OK sissy, I know remembering is hard. Is there anything you need right now sissy?”

After glancing over at the doctors sissy looked at his Mistress and said. “Please Mistress I would like a cock to suck please Mistress.”

Mistress Maddy’s face lit up like the morning sun and said yes my bimbo I would love to see you suck my Thomas’ cock”

She walked to her husband and told him to strip as she took the key for his chastity off of her necklace. She unlocked her hubby and said he would go clean up a bit first. “No need Thomas darling that’s what our sissy is. Just have a seat on the lounger.”

“There you go sissy, your first cock”

I was told to kneel and mistress held a small bottle to my nose and told me to breathe. The poppers put me in a trance where all I could do was lean forward and take the masters cock into my mouth. It was soft and warm and as I took it in I felt it start to harden and tickle the back of my throat. It tasted like a sweet cherry lollipop as I bobbed up and down on it. Sucking the shaft then running my tongue around the head. I couldn’t get enough of it. I looked up at the Dr. as I sucked up and down, stroking the shaft with my hand.

“Try to hold back Thomas said Maddy. I know its been a while for you but I want her to work hard for it Don’t cum until I say or you will be locked back up I assure you.” she said calmly, Knowing how difficult it would be for him. Especially the way Brenda was trying to devour his man meat. Dr. Atkins had taken down his pants and showed an impressive 9′ cock. Annie rubbed some lube on it and stroked him till he moaned and led him over behind the cock sucking bimbo.

“There ya go Dr., a nice virgin sissy pussy for your pleasure.” Sissy moaned as she sucked, then wiggled her ass when she felt him pull out the plug. He slid in to her stretched bottom and started pumping as the two Lady’s caressed each others pussies and watched their creation in action. Sissy increased her pace as her bottom was pounded, feeling one set of balls slamming against her bottom and another set on her chin. When Miss Maddy told Thomas it was time, Sissy felt the cock swell a bit in her mouth and the first stream of cum splashed into her throat. She sucked harder loving the taste and wanting to taste all of it. Thomas was bucking up and down as his pent up balls released more and more tasty cream into the sissy bimbos mouth, finally pulling out as the last bits splashed into her still made up face.

Dr. Atkins was now ready to go as sissy’s ass had clenched him tight as she thrilled to the taste of Thomas’ cum. He soon let loose with a loud orgasm of his own deep in the sissy girls ass. He pulled out with a plop and demanded the bimbo clean his now dirty member. Sissy hesitated a bit but knew she must obey and needed more cock and went down on the dirty cock and sucked like it was a last meal. She soon had him hard again and kept stroking the fat cock as she brought him to another orgasm. Dr. Atkins wiped his spent cock on her face and said “what a good cock sucker sissy.” Sissy sat back on the floor and said thank you for your tasty cum sirs. I loved sucking your cocks. Cummies taste so nice. I hope I have pleased you too Miss Maddy and Miss Annie.”

“Yes Brenda, you did a good job for your first time.”

“Thank you Mistress, I hope I can do it again soon the cummies are so sweet and tasty, almost as good as you Mistress.”

“Well thank you sissy, and yes you will get a lot more cocks to suck for us. Now you have had a long night and need some sleep as it is almost 9 AM. We are going to breakfast and have some planning to to for your breast surgery tomorrow. Now off to your Barbie Bed and get some sleep. “Yes Mistress, I am kind of sleepy.

“Oh wait one more thing before you sleep Brenda” said Annie holding the now cleaned but plug. Lets put this back so you don’t leak and cummies out on your pretty sheets.” As I bent over she easily popped the plug back in and gave it a few extra pumps before removing the tube. I smiled and thanked her and headed to bed exhausted.

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