Hanukkah Tradition Ch. 03

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This is not just a holiday story, but rather a tale of two newly weds, Rachel and Geoffrey, who have begun a new holiday tradition on this, their first Hanukkah together. In the spirit of the holiday they are exchanging eight sexy gifts on each of the eight nights. You don’t need to be Jewish to appreciate the story. Neither must you have read the other parts of the series, but you might appreciate it more if you have. Enjoy!

“Yeah, I know we said we’d spend the holiday together just the two of us, honey, but your mom asked us over. What was I supposed to say?” I too was a little disappointed since tonight it was my turn tonight to get a sexy present.

“Tell Mom we’re engaging in a new holiday tradition and that I’m planning to fuck you thoroughly tonight,” he said straight-faced. I giggled, picturing his mother’s face turning beet red from such a lascivious comment.

“Listen, we’ll go, we’ll have a little dinner, we’ll light some candles and we’ll sit around and chit chat for a while. No big deal.” Looking over at him pouting only made me more amused. How cute. He’s almost more anxious to give me my sexy present than he was to get his last night.


“So tell me, Geoffrey, what did Rachel get you?” his mother asked.

Geoffrey froze, his forkful of pot roast nearing his mouth, and I stifled a giggle. Geoffrey was very good at improvisation but not with his mother.

“Wow, must have been something really special,” she said, seeing his startled reaction. “Come on, what was it?” Geoffrey’s father rolled his eyes. He had long since stopped being surprised at his wife’s prying and invasive questioning.

Choosing my words carefully so as to be truthful but not too truthful, I answered. “We just spent a quiet evening at home alone together. It was nice.”

Geoffrey’s mother opened her mouth to step up the questioning but his father put an end to it quickly. “Rhoda, they’re newlyweds. Give them a break. Is there any more pot roast?”

After a while we retired to the living room, immaculately clean and decorated with slightly outdated but pristine furniture. Geoffrey had told me that as a child he was never allowed to sit or even go near these white couches, and that they were only for company. No wonder then that he seemed so uncomfortable sitting next to me. It was ingrained into him early on that he might ruin them just with his presence.

“You’re awfully quiet, honey. Are you ok?” his mother asked him with genuine concern. I knew he had probably spent the whole night thinking about last night, my surprise tonight and the rest of the holiday, all while trying not to have an erection at his parents’ house.

“You know, Mom, I think I might be coming down with something.” My eyes widened and for a very brief moment I was concerned. He turned to me and, away from his parents’ view, he winked at me. What a bad boy he is, I thought, and I again stifled a giggle.

“Yeah, maybe I should take him home. He needs his rest,” I said with a simulated worried tone.

“Here, honey, let me get you some chicken soup for later. I have some in the freezer.” His mother flew out of her seat toward the kitchen and again I saw his father roll his eyes. She was sure that any illness that couldn’t be fixed with chicken soup must be life-threatening, so we knew from experience that it would do no good to argue.

From the kitchen she emerged with a paper sack filled with frozen Tupperware bowls of soup and who knows what else. We were already standing at the door with our coats on and Geoffrey holding his keys in his hand. Hoping his mother couldn’t tell how anxious we were to get home, we thanked them for the soup and quickly exited.

In the car it was my turn to beg for a hint. Only my reasoning was valid, I argued. I deserved a hint since it was already well past sunset. Geoffrey just smiled and wouldn’t budge. That man could be such a tease sometimes.

We changed into t-shirts and underwear and as I sat on the couch, Geoffrey ran to his “secret” hiding place. I’d happened upon this “secret” hiding place months ago while trying to find a bank statement in the third drawer down of his office filing cabinet. He kept a surreptitious stash of porn there as well as some old letters I didn’t read. I’ve never been anti-porn but I knew that men had funny ideas about illicit erotic materials. Apparently some of the sexiness of looking at porn was tied to it being forbidden. In any case, I’d never question where my man gets his appetite as long and he always comes home for dinner.

Bounding from the office, he held several small packages and again it struck me how adorable he was, giddy with excitement. He gave me the packages in order and I opened them somewhat quickly, no sense in torturing him further.

“Oh, umm…a loofah, and bath oils…” I tried to seem eager but so far this seemed like something I’d get from my mom. Geoffrey just smiled. Another package had a very short satin robe, and I began the peripheral izle to wonder if this was a present for me or a present he got himself for me to wear. The next package had foaming shaving cream with a set of women’s razors.

Just as I was considering what he could be up to, Geoffrey blurted out, “You get a spa night. Come on, you’ll see.”

Geoffrey took my hand and gathered the packages, pulling me enthusiastically into the bedroom. I sat on the edge of the bed as Geoffrey flew around the room getting things set up. Fluffy towels were selected from the closet and he carefully laid one out on the bed. He hung the robe on the bathroom door hook and winked, before turning around and starting the bath. As the water ran in, I watched him bring candles into the bathroom, lighting them and giving the room a warm glow.

I walked over to the bathroom door and watched as Geoffrey bent over testing the temperature. He peeled off his shirt and shorts, leaving only his boxer briefs. Bending over, he spilled a little sweet smelling bath oil into the water. I swear I will never get tired of seeing that man’s cute little bottom. Unable to resist, I snuck up behind him taking a cheek in each hand. He laughed, nearly caught off balance with surprise. Turning around, he took my face in his hands and kissed me deeply.

“Ok, let’s start,” Geoffrey said almost impatiently as he began to strip me of my t-shirt, shorts and panties. I expected him to playfully cop a feel, but he was all business. He turned off the water and helped me step inside. The sweet smell of the gardenia bath oil filled my nostrils as I settled in, submerging myself in the water. Slipping lower, my body was covered up to my chin in luxurious water, with only the tips of my breasts and my knees peeking from below.

Geoffrey took the new loofah and moistened it, lathering it up, and ran it down my neck to my chest. Lightly he traced over my breasts. The roughness of the pad made my nipples crinkle. I watched Geoffrey’s face, delighting in how meticulously he was working while clearly deep in thought. Closing my eyes, I felt him slide his hand lower over my tummy, skipping my pussy, and along my thighs. The rough texture of the loofah made my skin tingle while simultaneously coaxing me into deeper relaxation. I guess every woman loves to be pampered sometimes.

Up and down his hand traced, and I spread my knees further apart wishing he’d spend a little time on my middle. He pulled his hand away from my body and told me to turn around. Pulling my long hair over my shoulder, he re-soaped the loofah and began rubbing over my shoulders. I felt the warm water trickle over and drip from my breasts. Leaning over the other side of the tub, I relaxed further and nearly started to doze as I felt him trailing over my skin.

Geoffrey nuzzled my neck from behind and said, “Don’t fall asleep now. You’ll miss the best part.” I giggled having a pretty good idea of which “part” he had for me.

Geoffrey turned me around and held my head back with one hand while pouring a cup of fresh warm water over my head, getting my hair wet. His fingers massaged my scalp as he spread the lather through my hair. He loved my long hair and I loved his fingers caressing through my hair, so this was another in a long list of ways we were compatible. He rinsed my hair with water and worked the conditioner through my hair, twirling it into a bun on top of my head to keep it from the bathwater.

Geoffrey gently directed me to lie back down in the tub and this time he used a soft washcloth over my body. The roughness of the loofah had heightened the sensitivity of my skin and the softness of his touch was starting to make more than just my skin tingle. Sweeping the washcloth around my breasts, he finally started rubbing my sensitive nipples, rolling my little rubbery tips between his soapy fingers. I nearly squealed when he pinched them and sent waves of pleasure through my body.

Geoffrey’s hands left my breasts and gently pulled one of my legs up into his lap. His warm cock pressed against my ankle as he brushed the washcloth over my calf and further up my leg. I felt him washing further, getting closer and closer to my tingling middle as he headed along the inside of my thigh. I felt the cloth brush against my pussy lips under the water, and softly moaned. My clit was aching to be touched. Instead of touching me though, he eased my leg back into the water and traded it with the other. Again he teased me, getting so close to my pussy but then putting my leg back into the water.

Geoffrey knelt down close to my face as I lay with my eyes closed. His bare soapy hand trailed over my tummy as I felt his breath on the side of my cheek. Spreading my legs wider, I tried to slide up a little, willing him to get there quicker. He softly chuckled into my ear. He liked to see me impatient.

“How do you like spa night so far?” he whispered the recruit izle into my ear.

“Mmm…its nice,” I replied, not opening my eyes, “but it seems there’s a spot you’ve missed.”

“Oh, I haven’t missed it, honey. It’ll be getting plenty of attention soon.” Opening one eye I turned slightly to see his wicked little boy grin. And with that, he reached over and pulled the drain plug. “OK, hop up and let’s rinse you off.”

I stood up, shivering slightly in the coolness of the room, crossing my arms over my breasts as Geoffrey nonchalantly peeled off his underwear and turned on the shower. With most of the water drained, he stepped in behind me, directing me to turn around and rinse the conditioner from my hair. He quickly ran the soap over his body, getting himself cursorily clean as the water ran through my hair. There’s hardly anything as sexy as the smell of freshly cleaned man, I thought as I watched the suds flow over his half-hard cock. I wanted to reach out and touch him right there.

As if reading my mind, he gave me a ‘now-now, there’ll be none of that’ look and smiled. Holding my hips in his hands, he turned me around to rinse my front of the suds and bath oil. From behind me he directed my hands up to the shower wall and I trembled as I felt his palms dance over my sides to my hips. He reached over my shoulder for the bar of soap and, as he did, his hardness brushed between my thighs. Playfully I pinched my legs together, trying to trap his cock between them, but he was too quick.

Leaning me over with gentle pressure on the small of my back, he had my hands firmly against the tile wall. He knelt behind me, gently easing my legs as wide apart as the shower would allow. I felt his soapy hand slide up between my legs and I pushed my ass up a little higher, standing on tiptoes. I wanted him to touch me so badly. How could he continue to torture me like this?

“We need to get you very clean for the next step in spa night,” he said. I groaned thinking, next step? Is he kidding? If he doesn’t fuck me right here against this wall, I’ll kill him.

Breaking me out of my murderous thoughts, I felt his soapy fingers slide further up. The water sprayed down the front of my body, dripping from my nipples and down my tummy. His fingers lightly smoothed over my pussy lips, slipping just barely between them. I tried to spread my legs a little wider, bending my knees and trying to grind against his hand. He was avoiding my clit and it was driving me wild. His fingers washed over my mound then further back, very barely dipping into my pussy, then traveling further back between my butt cheeks. His slippery fingers grazed back and forth along my slit, soaping me into quite a froth.

As much as Geoffrey had teased me in the past with touching my ass, we’d never really done much past that. I was pretty sure he noticed how incredibly excited it got me and how I would cum really hard after such teasing. I think it excited him too since he never seemed to tire of touching me there and making me squirm.

He reached around me, lathering my pussy with one hand while sliding his fingers over my bottom with the other. I felt his strong index finger slide into my wetness as his other soapy index finger pressing gently on my tight little other hole. I moaned loudly, the sound reverberating slightly in the small shower stall. His hand ground against my mound, pressing gently on my clit but not enough to get me closer to orgasm.

He began delicately poking both fingers in and out of me, just an inch of each, and I was overwhelmed with the sensations. Unconsciously I started to rock my hips back and forth. Geoffrey’s hard cock brushed against my hip as I felt him stop moving his hands. He held his digits perfectly still and rigid, both just barely inside me. I continued moving my hips, and he watched in silent awe as I rocked back and forth fucking myself on his fingers.

Just as I was starting to really get into it, grinding his finger deeper into my most private hole and alternating with the other finger deeper into my pussy, he gently pulled his hands from me. I gasped, hardly able to catch my breath and turned toward him, begging with my eyes. He smiled and leaned forward kissing me, giving me a playful light smack on the butt. His hands brushed my bottom half to quickly rinse me, then turned the shower off.

I stood shivering and dripping as Geoffrey stepped out of the shower and returned with a fluffy towel. He took his time drying me, chuckling softly when he saw me pouting. He slowly dried my hair, over my body and down my legs. He put one of my feet up on the edge of the tub as he knelt down and dried my pussy and ass and I steadied myself holding his shoulders. My clit was engorged and nearly peeking between my lips as he purposefully dried all around and pretended not to notice.

Without warning he leaned in and touched his warm lips to the top of my pussy, the rig izle and just the very tip of his tongue touched my clit. It nearly knocked me off balance but I moved my hands to his wet hair pulling him closer and moaned loudly.

He looked up at me with a mock grimace, “Jeez, Rach, a little fuzzy down there. How long has it been since you shaved?” He knows that since well before I met him I was in the habit of shaving myself everywhere several times a week.

“Geoff, you know how long it’s been,” I answered, slightly exasperated. “It’s been since almost a week ago when you borrowed my razor for something or other in the garage and never gave it back.” I scowled down at his mischievous smile. I hated feeling my pussy fuzzy too.

Geoffrey laughed, thinking himself very clever. “Okay, Rach, how about we fix that.” He hung up the towels and pulled the new robe off the hook, helping me into it. It was scandalously short, I thought, looking at my butt peeking from the bottom in the mirror. As I modeled just how sexy this robe was, Geoffrey filled a bowl with warm water and set the razor, a washcloth, shaving gel and a small towel on the bed stand.

I walked out to the glow of more candles in the bedroom and my husband kneeling on the floor beside the bed. I walked over, smiling and somewhat stunned. I was overwhelmed by how much thought he’d given this. He’d offered to shave me before but I always sort of put him off. Since I had done it for so many years, it only took me a couple minutes. Plus, whenever we were making love, I was always sure to have freshly shaved. Looks like Geoff came up with a way to be ensure that he’d be doing the shaving tonight.

Taking my hand, he led me to the bed and had me lie down on the towel he’d laid out earlier. My knees drawn together over the edge of the bed, I felt my clean smelling husband climb over my body, kissing me all over my face and looking into my eyes, smiling. “Trust me, Rach. You know I’d never hurt you.”

He climbed back down, gently parting my legs, and kneeled between them. My pussy was so excited from all the touching in the shower that the lips were puffy, begging to be fucked. Again though, Geoffrey was all business. Taking each of my knees in his hands, he pulled my feet up to the edge of the bed and spread my legs wide like a butterfly. The bottom of my robe fell open, revealing everything below my navel. The cool air blowing over my moistness made me shiver a little.

Geoffrey dipped the washcloth into the warm water, carefully squeezing out the excess and tenderly bringing it to my pussy. The warm water felt so good and the water dripping from my mons to my ass felt like tiny delicious caresses over my skin. He rubbed probably a little longer than necessary and I’m sure he noticed that all the moistness there didn’t come from the washcloth.

Dispensing a huge glob of cream onto his hand, he started toward my pussy. I had to hold back a giggle. He was using 10 times the amount I would have. He slathered it all around, from the creases of my legs, down the lips and up to the bottom of my belly. He drew this process out, drawing little circles in the foam, then gently clearing the foam from the slit. He pulled out the razor and dipped it in water, starting at the top and shaving downwards. He’d seen me shave countless times before in the shower and I saw now that he’d been paying close attention.

Shaving downwards over the top, he carefully pulled each stroke toward the middle of my slit. He was being so cautious and his face was close to my middle so he could see everything. The razor lightly traveled over the stubbly skin as he used his fingers to pull the skin taut. I wondered briefly how he might have learned to do this so well and, more important, why had I waited so long to let him?

The slow and deliberate shaving continued until the only foam left was a thin wisp along the slit. Geoffrey gently nestled his index finger between the lips to protect the most sensitive areas while he shaved the last little bit. The pad of his finger resting just above my throbbing clit, and I resisted the urge to wriggle against it. He finished up shaving along my slit, never once looking up from his job. It took all my will to lie still and with my eyes closed my mind wandered to how I wished he would fuck me. I reached up and lightly pinched my nipples through the silky material of the robe.

Before long he removed his finge, and got the washcloth back out. Finally, I thought, finally done so he can touch me. He rinsed me off and tapped my thigh, signaling he was done.

“OK baby, flip over on your hands and knees.” Quickly and excitedly I jumped up, turning over., Finally he was going to fuck me. I looked over my shoulder expectantly, and was surprised to see he wasn’t standing up to impale me. He was reaching over for that damn washcloth again. Geoffrey lightly pressed the small of my back, directing me onto my elbows with my ass high in the air. Then with one hand he spread my knees apart wide and with the other he held the washcloth, hovering it over my ass.

The water dripped down over my bottom and I was slightly startled when his hand gently spread my ass cheeks apart. Before I could question it, he ran the washcloth between my cheeks, making me moan and wriggle.

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