Happy Birthday Darling

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You wake in the morning to the exquisite pleasure of my tender, moist lips wrapped around your morning-stiff cock, suckling gently on you as your sleep-clouded brain gradually realizes this is not a dream. Your eyes flutter open to find my dark eyes peering out at you from under my long lashes, locking onto yours as my warm mouth bobs up and down on your hard cock. Now that I have your attention, I become more deliberate with my motions, applying more suction, and drawing the tip of your cock in and out of my mouth with a loud series of audible pops.

With my fingertips, I would gently stroke your balls, slowly moving back to press firmly in small circles against your perineum, placing just the right amount of pressure against your prostate. Sinking my lips as far down your shaft as I could, I would suck as if to pull the cum right out of your balls as I push it out by manipulating your prostate. Soon, your legs quiver as your body tenses, your toes curling reflexively as your spill your load into my mouth. Gingerly, I lick away all traces of your sticky cum, before placing a tender kiss on the sensitive head of your cock before pulling away and sending you off to the shower.

When you walk into the bathroom, you find a small gold box with a crimson ribbon resting on the vanity with a card that reads, “Something for later…” You pull on the ends of the bow, unraveling it and opening the box to find a new bottle of thick, high-quality lube, and you smile to yourself as you rest it on the counter and step into the shower, pulling the curtain behind you.

As you exit into the steam-filled bathroom, another, slightly larger gold box is waiting for you upon the counter, next to where you left the bottle of lube. Still dripping water onto the floor, you eagerly read the card: “A special accessory for your special day…” Opening the box, you find a medium rubber plug, this one featuring a slight curve to pleasure your prostate throughout the day. Quickly, you pat yourself dry and speed through the rest of your morning routine, strolling into the bedroom with your birthday presents in hand. I’ve laid out your suit for the day on a chair, but I am nowhere to be found.

You lay upon the bed, drawing your legs up and spreading them wide. With well-lubricated fingers, you deliciously tease your clean, tightly puckered rim, making it slippery and coaxing it to relax. Taking the toy, you rub it against your pulsating hole before slowly pressing it inside your receptive ass, moaning as it lodges inside you. You are running short on time, but you take a few moments to stroke the toy in and out of your stretched opening, feeling your rim spread and contract around the bornova escort foreign presence before nestling it deep inside for the day. As you dress, the toy presses tantalizingly against your prostate, causing your cock to partially harden and thicken.

At the office, it is virtually impossible to focus on your work. The toy violating and stimulating your delicate rectal lining is keeping you in a constant state of heightened arousal. Just before your lunch break, an email from me pops up in your inbox. It reads only, “Check your jacket pocket.” Reaching your hand inside, you detect the unmistakable presence of silk, and your cock lurches inside your pants, knowing what you’ve found even before your brain can put the pieces together. Surreptitiously, you glance around to make sure no one is looking and your trembling fingers pull a pair of my red silk panties from your pocket. You jump as your cell phone vibrates with a received text message. It is from me: “A preview for later.”

You long for relief, but this is neither the time nor the place. Nevertheless, you spend most of your afternoon surfing your favorite adult websites, occasionally brushing your fingertips across your stiff but captive cock. With minutes to go before you can finally leave for the day, a messenger arrives at your desk, wielding a box. You sign the delivery slip without standing, struggling to keep your erection hidden under the desk. With a letter opener, you slice open the white cardboard packaging to reveal another golden box, another crimson ribbon. This time, the card reads, “Who says only women wear jewelry? I want to admire this on you tonight.” Inside the box, you find a silver cock ring, and another dizzying wave of lust washes over you. You slip it in your pocket, saving it for later.

The commute home seems to stretch on infinitely as the promise of release looms large in your mind. Finally, you find yourself in front of the door, the key in your outstretched hand, nearly trembling in anticipation of the evening to come. Before you can press the cold metal to the lock, the door flies open, revealing me standing behind it. Your eyes travel from the bottom up, taking in the metallic gold pumps and the full skirt of a golden dress, tied at the waist with a scarlet sash. I’ve polished off the look with deep crimson lipstick, and a sweep of subtle shimmering eye shadow across each lid.

Stepping across the threshold, you secure the door behind you, and grab my wrists, drawing them over my head and pressing me firmly against the wall, crushing my lips against yours. However, the intensity of our kiss is not enough to distract from something buca escort vaguely amiss. You pull back, looking at me quizzically. Your grip softening in your confusion, I take your hand and guide it under my dress, revealing your final gift of the evening, a large, firm, strap on cock.

Taking your hand, I lead you into the bedroom, and stand before you. “Where is the present I sent you earlier?” I ask. Reaching into your pocket, you produce the gleaming silver ring, and I take it from you, slipping it over a pair of fingers as I begin to attend to the buttons of your shirt. I look into your eyes as I systematically divest you of your clothing, leaving you standing there naked and exposed to my gaze. “Unwrap me,” I suggest in a barely audible whisper.

Just as you did with the presents, you begin with the sash, untying it and allowing it to fall to the floor. With agonizing slowness, you unzip my dress, and I shrug my shoulders, causing the material to slip from my body and fall in a heap around my feet. I now stand before you naked, the menacing dildo protruding lewdly from my hips, affixed to by body with a set of black leather straps. Your full, stretched ass throbs with anticipation around its plug as you take in the sight of me.

I graze my manicured nails across your cock one last time before slipping the cock ring, warmed from my body heat, over your cock and balls, causing your turgid member to become just that little bit harder. Pausing briefly to admire my handiwork, my lust for you is written all over my face. Firmly, but gently, I guide you onto your hands and knees on the bed, where your hands reach back to spread your ass for me, without my even needing to ask. Seeing the flared base of the plug I left for you so many hours ago resting between your firm cheeks sends a bolt of arousal coursing through me, and I grasp it tightly between my fingers.

Slowly, I tug at the plug, your well-exercised hole stretching once more as the wider body of the toy presses against your sphincter from the inside. I hold it there, allowing you to bask in the delicious pressure, as a moan escapes your lips into the mattress. Drawing the plug out to its widest point, I hold it there, reveling in the sight of your ass stretched to its widest point, the tender inner flesh of your rim exposed all along the edge of the toy. Unable to resist, I lower my mouth to lick all around that sensitive flesh, sending a glorious wave of sensations through your entire groin, before sliding the toy back inside. Over and over I repeat this action, opening and closing your slackened aperture, systematically ridding it of its remaining resistance, çeşme escort until you can no longer hold the plug inside and it slips from your body.

Peering into your red, engorged rim, I take in the sight of your dark channel, powerless to resist its next invasion. Tentatively, I touch my fingers to it, feeling how loose I have made it, all hints of tightness gone. I dribble some of the lube upon it, soothing it, and pour some into your empty, inviting rectum. For good measure, I drip the moisture all over the surface of the dildo jutting out from my body, stroking it wetly, the sound of it echoing through the room. I catch the sight of your gaping hole fluttering at the sound of it, hungry to be filled once again.

At long last, I place the tip of the artificial phallus against your tender bud, rubbing gently before your relaxed rim spreads around it, and seemingly draws it deep into your body of its own accord. With one smooth, slow motion our bodies are pressed together, my cock deep inside you, filling you up, as my breasts rest against your back. Staying still, I let you become accustomed to the feeling of fullness as I pepper your shoulders, ears, and the nape of your neck with soft, wet kisses. Almost imperceptibly, my hips begin to grind against you, moving the dildo inside your ass, as you feel it rub against previously unexplored spots deep within your bowels. Sensing you are ready, I begin to fuck your ass in earnest, pushing and pulling the toy inside you, its bumps and ridges raking against the walls of your dark void. When you begin to move your hips to meet my thrusts, I know I have you.

My hand moves below you, seeking out your aching erection. The cock ring has it harder than I’ve ever felt it before, and the veins stand out in high relief beneath my fingers. I smile to myself as your muffled moans grow even louder, knowing it won’t be long now. Spreading your precum along the length of your cock, I stroke you in time to my firm thrusts, pushing you closer and closer to an explosive climax. Finally, a preternatural scream emanates from deep within you as your violated ass spasms violently against its conqueror, and your cum erupts from your cock in a powerful volley against the sheets. Your entire body convulses with the force of your climax, as I expertly milk the last drops of cum from you, and you collapse, completely drained.

I slide the toy out of your wrecked hole with a wet plop, watching, as it stays open from the onslaught it just experienced. The cool air of the room seems to waft deep inside your body, but you are too exhausted to fight it. The harness falls to the floor as I unhook the straps, and crawl into bed next to you, draping an arm across your back, and nestling a leg between your own splayed thighs. Still unmoving and breathing heavily, you glance at me sideways, the side of your face pressed against the sheets, as I trace the edge of your ear with a trail of kisses and whisper to you, “Happy Birthday, darling.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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