Happy Birthday Pt. 01

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This story contains sex between men and women, women and women, men and men, and supernatural creatures and humans; all of whom are over the age of eighteen.

A special editor thank you goes out to kenjisato.


As I entered the kitchen, I found my twin sister Beth bent over the counter that separated the dining room and the kitchen. I wasn’t sure what she was doing, but her thick, delicious-looking, ass wiggled delightfully, so I wasn’t going to complain. Her panties were thin, tight, and translucent. Without intending to, she gave me an almost unobstructed view of her pussy. She glanced around and bit her lip. Her eyes pierced my soul causing a sensation in my groin to grow and radiate outward. I was feeling things I shouldn’t have felt for my sister.

“Good morning, big brother,” she said slowly. Her smile grew as she my eyes darting back and forth between her face and the outline of her warm center. As I watched, a wet spot formed and enlarged as her vagina clenched. “You want some… breakfast?”

The saliva got stuck in my throat and I choked. “What?!”

“Like my outfit?”

“It’s… uh… It’s very form-fitting.”

She giggled as she slid from counter and turned toward me. My breath came in quick short gasps as her erect nipples pushed through her clinging tank top. My heart beat harder as she slithered toward me. “It feels like silk on my bare flesh,” she said as she lay against me.

My hands, of their own volition, slipped around to cradled her firm pliable ass.

“What do you want for breakfast, Alexander,” she asked, her voice low and sultry. Her gaze never left mine as her hand slid into my pants. “I know what I want.”

Sweat beaded on my forehead as the blood in my veins caught fire and raced to my groin. The woman in my arms, with her hot little fingers wrapped around my cock, was my sister, but not my sister. My sister was damn near skeletal while the woman stroking me was anything but. Her curves were deep and gentle like that of a long slow drive in the mountains on lazy summer day. As we explored each other, I realized I too was different. I was taller, muscular, and the penis pressing into her was much bigger than my own. I had went to bed with a micro-penis, but had woken up with eight inches of manly flesh. Her hand looked tiny as she tried to close her fingers around my thickness.

A second pair of hands slid up my back as our mother moist words whispered into my ear. “Don’t forget, Alex, your mother is expecting you to fuck her too.”

Mom’s warmth pressed against my back as she pushed me into her daughter. I gripped Beth’s ass and lifted. Her legs spread encircling mine and Mom’s waists. Suddenly, the three of us were naked and in my room. As I laid my sister back onto the bed, Mom laid down next to her. Mom smiled as Beth spread her legs for me and as I entered my sister’s warm wet folds, she kissed our mother.

For a moment, all was right with the world, but then, as I drove my cock in and out of my sister, I realized I was dreaming. I looked at Mom as she exchanged kisses with both Beth and me and knew, like my sister, this wasn’t my mother. The mother I knew would’ve been screaming about us doing anything remotely like what we were doing, let alone join us. Before my thought train could get to far away from the station, Beth pulled me close.

“Cum in me, Alex, fill me with your seed.”

Her words were the trigger that caused every nerve along my shaft to scream. Sensations exploded through my body, and with a shudder, I flooded my sister’s vaginal canal.

The dream broke around me as I created a sticky mess under my sheets.

I hated wet dreams. One, I didn’t start having them until after high-school. That’s not to say I hadn’t had fantasy dreams, but none had ever involved sex. But when I started college, my fantasies, like me, grew more adult. The second reason I hated them was, they were so realistic and felt amazing, but upon waking, the disappointment set in. Disappointed because I never had a real sexual experience, and every pair of sticky underwear was a demoralizing reminder. The strangest thing about my dream, besides its rarity, was I had dreamed about Beth.

I knew it could’ve been worse. I mean, instead of dreaming of my family, I could have dreamed I was fucking my English Comp professor. And while Mrs. Bertram was a lovely lady, she was also in her nineties and her skin was so thin, you could see her insides.

Sadly, Beth and I had more in common with Mrs. Bertram, than we had with our mother, at least physically. Our hair was stringy with a layer of perpetual grease, our physiques were willowy, and our glasses were so thick we could see the future. These were not traits that made panties wet, or cocks hard. At least my sister had the luxury of makeup to help hide some of her physical issues, I had nothing but delusion.

Beth also had Mom’s personality. It was forceful and strong, and other girls had responded to her as their leader. My personality was that of a smartass, which only Çeşme Escort got me bullied. Granted, it was more verbal than physical, because apparently, if a kid looked sickly, it was more acceptable to crush his soul rather than his body. My only solace was that I hadn’t had to go through the ugly life alone. The boys I called friends were like me, covered in acne and not in the best physical shape. I’d known them all my life and unlike them, I couldn’t seem to grow out of my awkward phase.

Once, as I wandered the halls of higher education, I figured out why we were so miserable, Mom was too damned attractive. My hypothesis was simple. If Mom had been like Beth and me—ugly—we would have had a better life. I mean, it stood to reason an ugly mother could teach her ugly children to live in a world where we were at a disadvantage. But Mom wasn’t ugly, not even a little bit, she was gorgeous. At times, almost supernaturally so. She, and not my sister, was the one the men of our neighborhood wished they had a chance with, she was the reason my friends begged to stay the night.

I hated to admit it, but Mom was a MILF, in the truest sense of the word. She stood at five-eleven, taller than me or my sister, and she had luxurious raven-dark hair. It was long and fell down over her full breasts and supple back. Mom was the type of woman who never had to exercise, and even though she ate like a starving trucker, her body was taut all over. My friends wanted my mother in a base teenage way, but their parents were on another level. Where my friends stared and drooled, their parents swarmed her whenever we were out. She was every man’s wet dream, exuding sexuality as others exuded sweat. Her outfits were always very conservative. She was always buttoned up to the neck, she never spoke without purpose, and she was generous to a fault. That was the woman we grew up with, that was the woman I expected to see when I entered the kitchen on my twenty-first birthday, but that wasn’t what I got.

The morning of my birthday, the morning after the dream, I entered the kitchen to find a woman bent over. Unlike my dream, it was Mom instead of Beth I’d found, and I couldn’t help but freeze at the sight. Mom had gone to bed in a long, modest nightgown and arose in a short, lace-trimmed silk dress. No, that wasn’t right, it wasn’t a dress. It was more like two flaps of cloth held together at the sides by dental floss. I saw more of a real female’s body in five seconds, than I’d ever seen in my entire life. She knelt on the stools, legs spread for balance, giving me the perfect view of her waxed, glistening pussy. My micro-cock was hard in an instant, but I didn’t care as all I could concentrate on was the entrance to my original home.

“Oh my God, Alex, stop staring at Mom like that.”

Mom looked over her shoulder. “Don’t worry, Beth, that’s how men look at pussy. Besides,” she said, with a smirk and wink, “if they stopped loving pussy, how would we control them?”

My jaw dropped, having never heard Mom say anything close to what she had just said. Then my jaw fell off, as she jumped down from the stools and ran to hug us. Beth cringed away, but I pulled her tight to me and enjoyed how warm and soft she felt.

“Happy birthday! I’m so glad you’re both twenty-one now,” she said, as she let me hold her. When she whispered in my ear, “Who wants to spank Mommy,” I almost embarrassed us both, but luckily, I’d already come once that morning.

“Mom,” Beth yelled. Like a bear with its cub, my sister pulled me away from my mother and stood between us. It was funny, but Beth seemed to think she needed to protect me from our mother. “What the hell has gotten into you?!”

Mom bit her bottom lip, as she looked at me and said, “Nothing… yet.”

My eyes grew wide as her meaning became clear. Beth put her arm back and pushed me further behind her. We were twins, and while I was taller than her and a tad stronger; in that instance, she was in protection mode. I’d seen her do it at school, when she caught others picking on me, but I’d never seen her do it at home. Of course, Mom hadn’t ever acted like a sex-starved maniac before either.

Mom rolled her eyes and sat on one of the stools crossing her legs, her erect nipples pushing out of her silk nightgown. “Calm down, Beth, I’m joking. You’re twenty-one now, take the stick out of your ass and loosen up.”

“Seems you’re loose enough for both of us.”

Mom laughed. “Okay, you don’t want to spank me, and that’s fair, it’s your birthday after all. Tell you what. Alex, sit down and let your sister lie across your lap.”

“Okay,” I said. I had no idea what was happening, but I was willing to go with the flow. Before I could move, Beth grabbed my arm and held me in place.

“I’m not going to lie on Alex’s lap, and let him spank me.”

“Why not?”

Mom asked with such sincerity, that for a second, I looked to Beth for an answer. My sister, true to form, furrowed her eyebrows and said, “Have you been drinking?”

Again, Mom rolled Çeşme Escort Bayan her eyes. “Of course not, but I don’t see why we can’t have a bit of grownup fun. I mean, think about it for a moment, and try to come up with a good answer on why we can’t enjoy Alex spanking us.”

Beth didn’t hesitate as she replied. “He’s my brother and your son.

“Tss, when I turned twenty-one, I use to fuck my brothers all the time. My brothers, my sisters, my father, my grandmother; honestly, anyone who’d let me.”

“That’s disgusting.”

As Mom shrugged, I asked, “Am I spanking anyone?”

Mom said, “Yes,” as Beth said, “Ew, no. What’s wrong with you?”

“Well,” Mom said winking at me, “I’d say his cock is doing most of his thinking right now.”

Beth turned around, and because of how close I was, her hand bumped against my crotch, and she could feel my small hard-on. “Jesus, Alex, what the fuck?”

Mom shook her head. “It’s hilarious how offended you’re acting, considering your pussy’s as wet as his cock is hard.”

“It is not!”

Mom smirked, “Baby, I can smell you from here.” She glanced at me and said, “Alex, check her.”

Without thinking, my hand reached for my sister’s crotch. Her hand grasped my wrist like a vice grip stopping me inches from my target.

“Touch me and die.”

“Well, I don’t need to touch you to see because your natural perfume is,” she said, as she drew in a large breath, “everywhere.”

I leaned toward Beth and took a whiff for myself, but to me, she smelled like my sister. Before I could tell her I couldn’t smell anything, her face blossomed red and I knew Mom wasn’t lying.

“Who wants breakfast? I have pancake mix,” Mom said, as she went to the cabinets and bent over for a frying pan. Her warm center once again aimed at me, she looked around and asked, “Alex, wanna make Mommy some batter?”

I nodded and started to move forward, again only to have Beth stop me. “We’ve got to get ready for school.”

Still holding my wrist, she pulled me from the room. As we went back up the stairs, Mom ran after us. “I’m taking you both out tonight for your birthday. We’re leaving at eight, so be ready.”

Beth looked around and said, “If this is how you’re going to act, we’d rather stay home.”

Mom sighed, and I finally caught a glimpse of our old mom. “I’m taking you out, we’ll have a drink and talk.” Beth started to protest again, but Mom snapped. “Beth, end of discussion.”

The two women in my life glared at each other. Not an uncommon occurrence, but not something I enjoyed, either. After a moment, Beth growled and then disappeared into her room. Mom gave me a smile and another wink, as she turned back toward the kitchen.

I stood there for a long moment trying to decide whether I wanted to chance Beth’s wrath by returning to the kitchen. Sanity won out over my hormones, and I decided I’d better eat breakfast on campus.

The rest of my day went as expected. Dave, my best friend, wished me happy birthday at the top of his lungs and tried to get the class to sing to me. No one did. I smiled knowing in a world of insanity, Dave was always the same. After my classes and a few hours of video games at Dave’s, I returned home and got ready.

As I showered, I heard Beth yell to hurry and that they’d meet me in the garage. I yelled back okay, but she was already gone. Knowing this was our birthday dinner, I dressed in what Mom called my business-casual clothes. Khaki pants, a three-button pullover, and my nicest tennis shoes. When I got to the garage, I found the feud still raging, although it had moved into the Cold War phase. Beth, in silent protest, wore her baggiest, most-rumpled sweatpants, and a t-shirt large enough to fit both of us at the same time. Mom, on the other hand, wore a slinky dress so tight, there was no doubt she was sans underwear. Not to mention the six-inch stiletto boots that pushed her height to over six feet. I was in awe, and my mouth dried when she smiled down at me. I had to look away to keep from getting aroused again.

“It’s about time,” Beth said, her impatience evident in her tone and posture.

“Sorry, I was getting dressed.”

“Tonight’s going to be a special night and there’s still time for you to change,” Mom said.

Her lip curled and I took a step back. “I figure you’re showing enough skin for the both of us.”

Mom shook her head and tossed me the keys to her car, a fifteen-year-old Toyota. “Have it your way. Alex, you’re driving.”

“Why can’t I drive,” Beth complained.

“Because Alex is about to bust a load, and I need him to pay attention.”

As Mom got in the car, Beth’s eyes snapped toward my crotch and I turned red. “What? I can’t help it.”

“You’re such a pig.”

I wanted to argue, but she was right. After the thoughts I’d had about my own mother that day, plus the half dozen I’d had in the shower, I was a pig. I also knew my being a horny man wasn’t the only thing bothering my sister. She, like me, knew our mother was hot. Unlike Escort Çeşme me, Beth could only see how bad she looked in comparison. As she waited for me to reply, I decided to hug her instead. For a moment, she resisted then gave in.

“I can’t believe you’re hugging me while aroused by your own mother.”

I chuckled and said, “If it helps, I still think you’re the best-looking girl in school.”

She pushed me away as if she were mad, but I could see her trying to hold back her smile. “You’re so stupid.”

“I know.”

“Come on, you two. The night’s not getting any younger.”

I looked at Beth and said, “Are you sure you want to go out like that?”

She smiled, “I’ve got a dress on underneath. I just wanted to piss Mom off.”

“I heard that,” Mom called out.

We laughed as we got into the car. Mom told me where we were going and then tried to chit-chat with Beth. Besides changing, my sister was as stubborn as our mother and barely responded. I, on the other hand, threw out enough smartass comments to get them both laughing. We had left the house in a cloud of anger and arrived at the restaurant in a haze of humor. For some reason, Mom had me drive two towns away to some hole in the wall.

As we got out, Beth looked around and asked, “Where are we?”

Mom took my arm and said, “This is Bailey’s, the best steak joint in the state. Anytime I’m feeling down, I sneak away to here, and then go across the street for some drinks, karaoke, and a bit of naked fun.”

My eyes found Beth’s and as expected, her brow furrowed again. I knew it was too much to hope that she’d be happy with what she heard, and she wasn’t. “Why’re you acting so… weird?”

The hostess smiled and welcomed Mom by name and asked if she wanted her regular table. Mom said yes, and as we followed the younger woman, Mom looked at us and said, “I’m not acting weird, I’m acting like the real me.”

Beth waited until we sat and the waitress took our drink orders before she spoke again. “We’ve known you all our lives and you going to some dive bar to get laid isn’t at all like you.”

She laughed. “Trust me, it’s more like me than anything you’ve ever seen. And it’s more like you than you know, it’s just that you aren’t fully formed yet.”

“What does that even mean?”

“It means that as my children, you have a choice to make. Complete the ritual or stay human forever.”

“Is that supposed to be an answer,” Beth asked, as the waitress delivered our drinks.

She took a sip of her wine and said, “Sorry, I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long I’m getting ahead of myself. Okay, let me tell you a story.” She leaned forward looking at both of us. “Once upon a time, there was a beautiful woman. She had gorgeous dark hair and smooth delicious skin. Her entire existence was for the pleasure of a man. She was to be his equal, but also to submit to him, whenever and however he wanted. As an equal, this didn’t sit well with the woman. She rebelled and was cast aside. She railed against the punishment. For centuries, she wandered alone until another found her. The other transformed her and made her more powerful than she’d ever been before. She had become the first demon.

This displeased the creator, and with an act of great vengeance, He twisted the powerful woman until she became a monster. When she refused to please one man, the creator changed her until she had no choice but to please all men to survive. The woman’s name was Lilith. And because of her willful defiance, her children, our family, must rely on the children of the creator to survive.”

“Is that why we’re so ugly,” Beth asked in a soft voice, “because you think we’re demons?”

“First, I don’t think you’re demons, I know you are. Well, half-demons, you haven’t fully turned yet. Second, yes, the way you look is directly related to that part of you.” She sighed. “The part of you that is of Lilith has been starving since the day you were born, and on November first, that part will either die or flourish. If it dies, your human side will take over and your biologies will start acting human. You’ll fill out more, take on a healthier pallor, and your skin will clear up. You’ll never be gorgeous, but you won’t be this anymore, either.”

“What happens if we pass the ritual,” I asked.

“Then you become like me, and the rest of my family. Horny, depraved creatures who look like angels and will fuck anything that moves.” Beth made a face and Mom rolled her eyes. “If it makes you feel better, we get nourishment from sex. Or rather from sexual energy, but the upside is you will always look like me, the pinnacle of human existence.”

She wasn’t lying, at least about the looks. She was right up there with some of the hottest women on the planet. The strange thing is that she looked even hotter in the restaurant than she ever had before. Before I could ask why, Beth said, “That’s got to be the most bullshit thing I’ve ever heard.”

“I agree, but it’s an ancient tradition, or law, or something. I’ve got an older sister who tried to violate it a few centuries back, and the vultures are still picking at her flesh. Oh, that’s another thing, we’re sort of immortal. As long as we feed on mankind’s sexual energy, we’ll be fine, but if we stop then we’ll grow old and die.”

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