Happy Booty-Day, Dear Pt. 01

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Jared’s hands came up automatically to grip his wife’s shoulders, to steady her. Or at least he thought it was his wife. He did a double take at the sex goddess standing before him. Same long auburn hair cascading in gentle waves like a waterfall about the same pretty features. As usual her make-up was minimal. Sybil’s beauty had always come from within.

But that was where the similarities ended. From the black heels that were nearly twice as high as she usually wore them to the black lace shelf bra that cupped his wife’s full tits. This was a sex goddess whom he did not know.

He knew of course that with it being his birthday Sybil would have packed the children off to her mother’s. He could even smell the lovely dinner. Pot roast with rich gravy and homemade roll was the traditional choice for this annual event. Of course he had been looking forward to his other present more. Although he knew it was not her favorite thing to do, Jared always looked forward to these special occasions that allowed him entrance into Sybil’s back door.

Being a true gentleman though, he was careful not to abuse her precious offering. He loved his wife. He had since they met in college. He knew from their first date that this was the woman that he wanted to carry his children, grow old with, to spend the rest of his life loving. And nothing had changed.

Watching Sybil as she nervously shifted her weight from foot to foot and stared blushing at the floor, well, his feeling shad not changed at least. His wife’s appearance on the other hand. The only word that came to mind was…Wow. He had never dared hope to see her dressed like this.

Not that she did not dress up for him. She owned several very nice pieces of lingerie. She wore one of them at least once a week. Just for him. But they were sedate next to this. Silk and lace confections that hid as much or more than they revealed.

No, nothing like the outfit that she wore now. Jared felt his cock stir to life. His wife still had that effect on him even after a decade of marriage. But not like this. A fire burning through his blood. Igniting fantasies that he had never thought possible. He was rendered speechless. “Wow,” was all he could say.

Sybil smiled, blushed and stared down at the toes of those ridiculously high heels. “Do you really like it? It’s not too much. Beth, my new friend at work, said that men liked such things. But I thought it was too obvious…”

His wife was nervous. She always talked too much and too quickly when she got nervous. He smiled as he remembered how he could barely get a word in edge wise on their first date. He smiled even more that after all these years he could still make her nervous like that.

He caressed her upper arms softly and bent to kiss her. His cock thickened even more as his lips brushed across her soft ones that tasted like her favorite bubble gum lip gloss. Her breath was minty sweet. It reminded him how dirty he was. Sweat from a log hard day at work, too many cups of coffee and even the birthday beer that he had shared with his friends at work. He had been as quick as he could be. He did not want to appear unfriendly to the guys that always had his back on the job, but he wanted to get home. He knew he had a special present waiting here. Just not how special this year.

“Anyway dinner should be almost done,” she stammered as if realizing suddenly how much she had been talking.

He nodded, “Do I have time for a quick shower before dinner?”

Sybil nodded, “Sure that would be perfect,” as she started to scuttle carefully off down the stairs.

Jared stood for a moment watching the gentle sway of his wife’s round bottom. He loved that butt. And tonight it was all his. It was his turn to grin like an idiot. When she disappeared out of sight, he opened the bathroom door from which she had just come.

He stripped as he went, tossing his dirty work clothes into the hamper before adjusting the shower temperature. The bathroom already had the foggy appearance. Sybil Isparta Escort must have spent quite some time in here getting ready for tonight’s main event. He hummed as he lathered his body with the masculine smelling body wash that sat next to her girly stuff.

He cleaned his cock and balls especially well as he thought about her sweet mouth wrapped around it. “Down boy,” he cursed as his cock thickened again. He was tempted to use a bit more soap, lather it up well ad take the edge off. He could not remember being this excitable since their first time. And he did not want to embarrass himself by coming too quickly.

He sighed as he remembered that he had specifically been abstaining for the past week. Just for this reason. He knew that this was not his wife’s favorite. That it truly was a gift of love for her. So he tried never to take advantage of that. The point of this night was to get in, get the job done and enjoy it as much as he could…until the next time.

He sighed with resignation as he reached for the towel. He supposed he should be glad that she allowed him this privilege at all. Lots of wives would not even consider it. No matter what. Whereas his loving wife endured it several times a year. But he did not want her to just endure it.

He wished there was some way he could make it good for her too. He was always as slow as possible, using loads of lube, until she was so slippery that he barely felt any friction despite how tight her back door was. In the end, it was all useless. Sybil just wanted him to get it over with as quickly as possible. The worst bit was that even once he did come instead of cuddling and kissing as they did after ‘normal’ sex, she hopped right out of bed and rushed to the bathroom. Oh, he knew that anal sex could be messy, but still?

He reached for a towel and wrapped it about himself before walking over to the sink. He rubbed his face and thought about shaving again. But his five o’clock shadow was not that bad he assured himself and he did have a sexy woman and ho food waiting downstairs. He reached for his tooth brush to erase the smells and taste of the coffee and beer.

That was when he saw it. How could he miss it? Its shiny blackness sparkled against the white granite surface of the lavatory. But even then his brain did not quite register what it was. Shaped like a bullet except where it flattened and flared at the end, forming a tail of sorts that was perpendicular to the head. Oh, he knew what it was. He had even considered or rather fantasied once or twice about buying one for his wife.

He just never for a moment that she would purchase one. He picked it up. It was obviously clean. And his heart thumped a bit in disappointment. She had probably purchased it on the spur of the moment, egged on by this new friend of hers. But then never had to guts to actually use the thing. He sighed, “Oh well, what do they say? It is the thought that counts.”

He started to put it back where he had found it when the door to the bathroom burst open. His wife stood in the door way. Shock and embarrassment were clearly written on her face as she stared at the black piece of rubber he held in his hand.

“Oh,” was all she said as she shifted nervously from foot to foot once more.

Jared chuckled as he held up the butt plug, “What, dear? Did you forget something?”

He did not think he had ever seen his wife’s face as red as it got then. But in the end, she merely nodded. “Never mind though,” she stammered as she turned to leave.

Jared felt his chest tighten a bit like an elephant had decided to sit upon it. “Were you going to actually use this?” he stammered as he held it up.

Sybil’s could not meet his gaze as she scuffed the toe of that ridiculous shoe along the cold tiles of the bathroom floor. She nodded mutely as she turned to go, “But I guess it is not important now. Your dinner will get cold,” she stammered as she turned to go.

Jared had not moved that quickly in years as he Isparta Escort Bayan practically ran to block the doorway. His mind was like a bowl full of thick hot oatmeal as he held the butt plug in his hand. Had his wife actually planned to use this? For him? He swallowed past the lump in his throat. Had she already?

He brought the thing to his nose and carefully sniffed. As he had noted it was definitely clean, but the deep musky odor that greeted him was undeniable. The thing had most definitely been used at some point. Perhaps more than once.

“You’ve been?” he stammered as his wife shifted faster and faster from foot to foot. He used his other hand to lift her chin, force her to look into his eyes. “Did you…did you use this?”

He was not sure how it was possible but she seemed to redden even more somehow. as she nodded. “Beth said that if I used it all week. Wore it while I was at work. Then it would loosen the muscles…you know down there. Make things easier. More enjoyable.”

Jared could see that his wife was on the verge of tears, embarrassed after all these years. But he could not stop his body’s natural reaction. The idea of his prime and proper wife walking around her office with this thing up her tight ass had him hard in an instant. He even let out a long, low moan at thee thought.

“I took it out earlier so I could…” she paused with her mouth in a perfect O of shock.

Jared was more than curious now. He had to know. What had his wife been doing in their bathroom earlier. “So you could what, Sybil?”

She shook her head as she tried to free her chin from his grasp, tried to look away but he was not letting her. “What, sweetheart?”

She burst into tears then. “I knew it was all stupid. I don’t know what I was thinking. It is just that Beth is so worldly. She does things…well se just does. And I thought if I got her advice then maybe this time. I don’t know I thought maybe I could like it too, you know. But it was all a mistake,” she blathered on and on.

Jared wrapped his arms about his wife and drew her against his chest. He scoped her up and carried her into their bedroom. Holding her and rocking her as she cried. But through it all, all he could think about was the butt plug inside his wife’s tight ass…all day as she worked. “How long?” he muttered as her tears began to quiet.

She swiped at them with the back of her hand as she finally found the courage to look up at him, “How long what?” she hiccupped.

“How long have you been using the butt plug?” he asked.

She sighed and stared at a place right over his heart that was pounding so quickly and loudly that she must be able to see and hear it, he thought. After a moment, she whispered, “Since Beth took me shopping on Monday after work.”

Jared remembered the text. She would be home late because she had an errand to run. She would pick up dinner on the way home. He had thought nothing of it at the time. She was probably just getting something for a birthday. She had been all right. Oh what a present too!

But now that he had opened the flood gates the whole story poured forth from his wife’s lips. “Beth, I told you about her, the new girl at work. She is so young and pretty and she has so many boyfriends. The wild thing that girl does…and talks about them too. Anyway I thought if I confided in her, maybe. I don’t know maybe this year I could make things even better.”

She shook her head, “Anyway, she took to this shop. A sex shop. It was not as bad as I imagined. Actually it was pretty nice. It was mostly woman too. The only bad thing was that it had huge signs all over the place that said all kinds of naughty things. Dildos and vibrators, lube, anal. You know. Anyway she had me buy some stuff that she said would make things…easier. nicer, you know.”

Jared’s heart was hammering so loudly in his brain that he was not sure he could hear himself think. His wife had gone to a sex shop. A sex shop. For him. His birthday. He felt Escort Isparta as if his cock would explode right then and there. The idea was so naughty, so beyond their usually sedate lifestyle. It was doing things to his mind…and his body. “What things?” he stammered.

“The butt plug and this ridiculous outfit you know about. But she had me,” his wife toyed with a single hair on his chest, twirling and plucking it as if to distract herself. “Special lube…and an enema thingy. She said that if I was clean…you know…down there. Then I could relax and just enjoy things more.”

Jared swallowed the grape fruit sized lump in throat. Not only had his wife been walking around the office all week with a piece of rubber only slightly smaller than his cock up her ass, she had actually purchased an enema kit? “And are you, Sybil? Are you clean down there? Did you use the enemas to get your sweet little ass ready for my hard cock?” Jared was shocked at his own words. He had never dared to say such nasty and dirty things to his beloved wife. He barely used the word ‘pussy’ even in the heat of the moment.

She nodded, “Before you came home, I followed Beth’s instructions. I too out the plug and used the…” she was stammering again but Jared could not think of anything except his wife’s soft thighs spread as a nozzle breeched her tight sphincter muscles. Warm water flooding her insides just as his come did.

“Let me see,” he commanded. He could not believe that the harsh, guttural voice voice was his. It brooked no disobedience. His wife stared up at him wide eyed and shocked. “I said let me see. Get on your hands and knees and open yourself up for me.”

Jared half expected his wife to slap him across the face, birthday or no. But after a moment’s hesitation, her eyes lowered and she turned over on their bed. It took her a moment to get into the position he had ordered. And when she did, his breath caught in his throat. Not only were her hard nipples brushing against the soft duvet that covered their marital bed, but for the first time he saw.

The skimpy lace panties that she wore…were crotchless. Although scraps of lace and elastic ran along the side of her swollen pussy lips they only served to frame and accentuate its beauty. His wife of ten years was open and wet before him. Kneeling submissively on their bed. Jared felt a power surge through him at the sight that he had never imagined. This was his…all HIS.

He looked down at the round, heart-shaped curve of her bottom. It never failed to excite him. His wife had an amazing ass. It was the first thing that he had noticed about her. The way her tight jeans hugged full hips. Baby bearing hips. The kind that always offered just enough cushion for the pushin’. “Beautiful,” he whispered as he bent and kissed first one and then the other cheek.

He looked around the bedroom. He knew it would be there somewhere. It always was on night’s like this. He saw it on the nightstand just above her head. The bottle of lube. He stretched over her prone body. His hard cock nestled just between the crack of her ass. Exactly where it loved to go. She shifted from side to side on her knees, brushing against him.

His free hand came down hard on the side of her ass. “Be still, woman. I wont have you getting me too worked up. Yet,” he growled as his fingers wrapped about the bottle.

Slowly he straightened back up. But he kept his hard cock wedged between the cleft of his wife’s ass as he read the pink label on the bottle. “Booty oil, is it?” he chuckled. “A sensational extravaganza for those special occasions,” he read.

He bent forward as he flipped the cap on the bottle. One hand ran the length of his wife’s body from her shoulder to that breath-taking ass. “Special occasion? Let’s see just how special we can make this night, Sybil.” He pressed a soft kiss to her ear as he blew into it. “I don’t want to be unappreciative of your birthday present, dear.”

He had not thought it possible but his beautiful wife of ten years, the mother of his children, his lover and best friend had done the impossible. She had truly surprised him with this birthday present. “Happy booty-day to me,” he growled between gritted teeth as he fought for control. Fought not to ravish her. His most special gift of all.

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