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happy new year momyIt’s been three weeks since school ended for the year. I feel good for I did exceptionally well, as my marks will attest. I’m looking forward to high school next September. The thought of high school makes me feel grown up. I’ve watched high school girls at the malls, and on the street, and they seem to be very mature. I would love to be able to dress as they do; but, I know it’s only a dream. Mom doesn’t earn that kind of money to indulge me in designer clothing. I’ve been babysitting since I turned twelve, but I use most of the money for school projects and trips. What little I’ve left over is used for lingerie. That’s the only sexy items I own. I developed early and already had noticeable titties in grade six. The rest of my body took shape at the same time. Mom is always concerned about me outgrowing my clothes before she can afford new ones.I envy many of my girlfriends that have a dad and a mom. My dad was killed in a work accident when I was eight. The insurance money went to pay off all the bills so mom didn’t have to worry. The small pension mom receives makes sure we always have food on the table. Mom’s wages pay the rest. That made it necessary for me, at a very early age, to become a babysitter for my brother Robbie. He’s in subsidized day care; but, he’s home at four each afternoon when I get home from school. Mom can’t afford a babysitter; so, that job fell to me. I’ve learnt over the years how to keep Robbie happy when he fidgets.It’s early in July when Robbie and I start to look at the advertising in the local paper, speculating about what we would like for Christmas. It’s a game we play to keep us occupied till mom comes home for supper. We both know that it’s only a dream; mom just cannot afford the items we wish for. Robbie is seven and I am thirteen. My name is Jayden St. Pierre. I have been looking out for my brother for as long as I can remember.When Robbie was little, he always seemed to be crying. At least it seemed that way to me. The job to soothe him is my responsibility because mom is usually exhausted when she comes home and needs to get some sleep. I discovered, quite by accident, that rubbing Robbie’s third thumb is the answer. When I want to get him to relax and be quiet I rub his little cock; that’s what I call his third thumb. As he got older, and realized how good it feels to have me massage his third thumb, he would often come to me and expose himself for me to rub him. Robbie is six. I’ve just finished bathing him and I’m putting him to bed. He is lying on his back and his thumb is sticking straight up.”Jayden, rub my thumb; it feels so good when you do it.”For some reason his stub looks most appealing; so, I lean over and suck it. It didn’t taste bad and I suck for nearly twenty minutes. Then, looking at him, I notice Robbie’s asleep with a contented look on his face. From that time on I suck his third thumb regularly.When mom gets home there is usually a mad scramble as we have the supper that I’ve prepared, and then clean up before mom lies down. I take care of Robbie and, if it’s early enough, we go to the park for some exercise before getting ready for bed. The park is usually full of people enjoying the evening. I enjoy watching the flow of families with their c***dren in tow.Often I watch as some very beautiful women pass through all dressed in designer fashions I’d die for. Their bodies are well toned and accented by their skirts and blouses. Their long legs are always encased in nylons and striking high heels. I ask one of my girlfriends who they are and she whispers.”They’re escorts. They’re likely going to work. They’re beautiful aren’t they?”Nodding my head yes, we watch them parade in from of us. I’ve heard the term “escorts” before, but never understood what it meant. That night, after putting Robbie to bed, I log on to the Internet and search the word escort. It appears that there is a massive amount of information on escorts. There are a number of sites and I read a number of them; one has a listing of escorts. It provides names and I bring up Eritrea Tekie. The site provides four pictures of a very beautiful woman. In all of them she is wearing very revealing clothing; then, I see a box labeled ‘more pictures’. It opens up a set of four nudes showing everything. I’ve never seen a naked woman before. Eritrea is beautiful. When I click on rates I am baffled. One hour is three hundred and fifty dollars, overnight is one thousand dollars and, the biggest one, five thousand dollars for a weekend. I don’t know what she does for a living; but, it’s obvious she’s well paid. There’s an email address for appointments. I decide to write her. Maybe she could suggest away for me to get some Christmas money for my family.’Eritrea: I was on your site today and saw your pictures. You’re very beautiful. I don’t know what you do for a living but I’m in dire need of money for my family and Christmas. My name is Jayden St. Pierre. I’m thirteen years old.Hope to hear from you.Jayden.’I really didn’t expect an answer but I dream about all that money and what a wonderful Christmas I could have with mom and Robbie. After school, when I come through the door, Robbie is crying.”Jayden, some boys pushed me down and I bruised my knee.””Come over here, Robbie, and let me look at it.”Dropping his pants, he shows me a large bloody area on his knee. It’s only a deep scrap but it looks terrible. I walk him to the bathroom.”Take off your pants and I will clean it.”Off come his pants and shorts. He’s standing before me naked. I clean the wound and put a bandage on it. His thumb is now erect and looks enticing.”Jayden, will you suck my thumb. I feel so much better when you do.”I really enjoy sucking his thumb so we head to the bedroom. Mom won’t be home for another two hours. With Robbie on his side I lie beside him and engulf his thumb. Sucking him relieves me of any stress from my day. It works well for both of us. I close my eyes and suck. I’m a little surprised when Robbie starts to move his hips back and forth as I suck. This is something new. Usually I just suck and he lies very still. I’m stunned when his body stiffens and he ejaculates in my mouth! I swirl the liquid in my mouth. It tastes a bit salty.”What happened, Jayden? I have never felt anything like that before. Can you do it again?””You ejaculated. It means you’re growing up. It’s what happens when you masturbate or have sex. I didn’t think you could do it so young.””Can we do it again?””Not with that shriveled up thumb.”For some reason I feel all tingly between my legs, just like before I masturbate at night in bed. I’ve been reading many stories about guys using their thumbs in girls. I wonder if Robbie is actually big enough to put his cock in me. It’s something to think about.”Mom will be home soon. Get dressed and I will start supper.””Bu, will you do it again Jayden, please?””Maybe, we can try after you bathe and I put you to bed.””Thanks Jayden, you are the greatest!”Mom comes home in a good mood, but very tired. She got a small raise in her hourly rate and plans on spending the extra on something for the family for Christmas. It’s not much; but, to us, it’s something we all can look forward too. Maybe Christmas isn’t going to be as bleak as it usually is. After dinner the usual ritual of cleaning up and washing dishes takes place. Mom is yawning and I tell her to sleep and that I will make sure Robbie is bathed and put to bed. Robbie is smiling.After mom goes to bed, I have my bath and dress in a nighty and robe. My luv lips are all puffy. It must be from the excitement of Robbie cumming. Compared to the picture of Eritrea, I’m very small between my legs. Her pussy is shaven and her luv lips are very thick. It makes me tingle just thinking of her picture.”Robbie, it’s time for your bath and then to bed.””Jayden, you will do it, right? It feels so good!””We will see; get bathed and ready for bed.”While Robbie bathes I check my email. There is a reply from Eritrea. There’s a surge in my tummy and between my legs. I won’t open it till Robbie is in bed.”Jayden, I’m ready.”Entering his bedroom, Robbie is on his back with his thumb sticking into the air. It really looks good. Sitting on the edge of the bed, I caress it.”Robbie, you know girls are different than boys?””Yes. I’ve seen Pam naked.”Pam is our eight-year-old blonde neighbor. She’s very attractive for her age.”How did you manage that?””Well, I showed her mine and she showed me hers. It looks like a peach.””What else did you do?””I touched it. It’s so soft. She put her hand on my thumb and rubbed it. She liked doing it.””So, how often do you do this?””Whenever we can, usually when you’re late coming home from school; we go to her house and into her bedroom. Her mom doesn’t get home till six every night. Her daddy is usually out of town during the week.””Well, my peach likes to be touched like Pam’s. Would you like to touch mine?””Oh yes, Jayden, please.”I take off my robe, lift up my nighty and stand in front of him. My pussy is puffy and it feels wet. Robbie’s eyes light up as he stares.”Oh, Jayden, you’re bigger than Pam and you have some hair.””I like it touched and I’d like you to kiss me there.”The look on his face is one of surprise. He’s thinking about it.”You want me to suck your thumb don’t you?””Oh, yes, like you did this afternoon.””Well, I’m waiting.”Robbie leans over and I can feel his hand gently touch my luv lips. His finger runs up and down my slit and then he spreads them. It’s the first time anyone has touched me there. It does feel good to have someone else do it. Then he kisses me on my antep rus escort luv lips. His tongue licks me. I push my pussy towards his mouth. Oh, this feels so good. I lift my nighty higher so he can see my titties. He stops licking me to get a better look and touches them.”Pam only has little nipples. Yours are so big.””Well, you can touch them Robbie.”His hand gently rubs each nipple and then he cups my lemon-sized breasts. I take his head and pull it to my nipple his mouth opens and he sucks me. I feel the thrill of ecstasy run through my body. Then Robbie looks at me.”It’s your turn, Jayden.”Robbie’s on his back and his thumb seems to be bigger than it was this afternoon. It must be in my mind. I have him lie beside me on his side and I start sucking. Almost immediately he starts pumping his cock into my mouth. This time he doesn’t take long. I feel this thumb start surging and again he squirts cum into my mouth. I just swallow it.”That feels so good,. I want to do it every day. Please?””We can when we have time; but, you have to lick me too.””I promise, Jayden.””It’s time for you to go to sleep.”When I leave the room, Robbie has a smile on his face and his eyes are closed. He has had a big day today; his first cum and my first blowjob. I head to my room and bring up the email from Eritrea.’Are you for real girl?Where do you live?Eritrea.’I’m surprised at the terse wording; but, I answer that I live in Rhodes, that is what the area I live in is called. It covers many square miles. I send the reply and wonder what she is really like.When I get home from school the next day I have to suck Robbie’s thumb as soon as I get in the door. He had seen Pam and had licked her. He said she didn’t taste as good as I did. With Robbie’s taste still in my mouth I log onto the Internet. There is an email from Eritrea.’What a coincidence, we both live in Rhodes. If you really want to meet, I am free Saturday morning. Do you know Riverside Park?Eritrea.’I answer her saying yes.The next day I receive the following.’I’ll meet you in the park at ten o’clock, at the coffee shop. You know what I look like.Eritrea.’I’m excited and confused. Excited because I’m going to meet Eritrea and confused because I don’t know what to say to her. Mom has to work late Friday night so Robbie and I will be on our own till nine thirty. Robbie wants his usual. His thumb is out the minute I close the door. I do enjoy milking his small thumb; but, I feel I need more for myself. Tonight we will try something different.Robbie gets ready for bed early; not because he is tired, but his thumb is hard again. I follow him to his bedroom and he lies on his back. Instead of lying beside him as usual I drop my robe and stand before him, naked. I get on the bed and straddle his body. My pussy is just above his small spear. Robbie is nearly four inches long. I guide my body towards him. He looks at me in bewilderment. Then I lower my body. I can feel his thumb against some resistance. It feels different, but nice. I’ve seen guys doing this to girls on the porno sites, but this is the first time I’ve put something in my pussy. Robbie is getting into the swing of things; his eyes are closed, but he’s pushing his hips against me, but there is no actual penetration. My finger is on my bud. It feels good. Robbie stiffens and I can feel his cock jerk. He squirts his cream inside of me.”Jayden, what did we do? I put my thingy inside of you. Did you feel it when I squirted? I want to do that again.””Well, maybe tomorrow. Let me tuck you in.”That night all I could think of is my meeting with Eritrea. I fall asleep wondering what I should wear. The morning starts with a rush. Robbie is up early and waiting for his breakfast. Mom tells me to wake her at noon, as she needs to rest after the rough week she had. I see Robbie mouth the words ‘Can we do it now?’ I answer ‘no, maybe later.’ He finishes and is gone outside to play.I finally decide to wear a red mini skirt and white blouse for my meeting with Eritrea. I select a sexy red pair of bikini type panties with white lace trim. My hair is in a ponytail. I wish I had more on top. I dab a drop of mom’s perfume to the back of my ears and I’m ready.It’s a warm sunny morning. The street is full of people. It is a few minutes to ten when I reach the coffee shop. I’m so nervous. I notice her sitting at a table next to the window. She’s beautiful. She is one of the girls I’ve seen walk through the park many times. Today she is wearing a tailored pantsuit. Her hair is piled on her head giving her a majestic look. I slowly walk towards the table.”Eritrea? Hi, I am Jayden St. Pierre. How are you?””Hello, Jayden. That’s a beautiful name. Sit down; can I buy you a coffee? It’s very good this morning. Sometimes it’s very bitter, but this morning is just right.”I nod my head yes and look at her. She’s strikingly beautiful. She looks better in person than the pictures posted on the Internet. Her breasts are full and her suit accents them in an attractive way. Her makeup is flawless. Her perfume is a very provocative scent and, likely very expensive.After my coffee arrives, she looks at me.”Jayden, you are a very beautiful young girl. Your email has me curious. What can I do for you?”I explained my situation and how I wanted to help my family at Christmas. I told her about looking at her site and the money she made and wanted to know if I could do it too.”Jayden, do you know what I do for a living?””Yes, you’re an escort.””Yes, but do you know what an escort does for a living?””No but it must be important to make that kind of money.”Eritrea’s smile is very disarming.”Do you know about sex?”I’m blushing, but I whisper.”Yes. I have taken it in school and seen some of those naughty sites on the Internet.””Well, that’s what I do for a living. I sell my body for sex. It pays well; but, it cost a lot of money for me to look like this. Are you sure you want to hear more about this?””Do you think I could sell sex?””Are you really sure you understand what I am talking about, Jayden?””Not really.””You have seen people having sex on the net?””Yes.””Well, that’s what I charge men to do with me. Do you want to do that? You’re very young.””Would men pay me to do that? I don’t look much like you.””At your age, men would pay a fortune to have sex with you.””You mean men like having sex with young girls? I have never heard of any girls doing it.””It isn’t something that anyone advertises. It’s very i*****l. That’s why they would pay a small fortune to have sex with someone as young as you.””What do you mean, fortune?””I don’t think this is the place to discuss this. Would you like to come to my apartment tomorrow morning? I’ve an appointment this afternoon and again tonight.”Now, I know what she’ll be doing.”I’ll have to ask mom if I can go out. She has tomorrow off; but, sometimes she sleeps and I have to take care of my brother, Robbie. Do you have any appointments tomorrow afternoon?””Not yet.””Well I’m sure I’ll be able to visit you sometime tomorrow.””Ok. This is my private telephone number. The second one is my cell, just in case I’m on an appointment. I’ll leave my cell on, and that’s my address. Tell the doorman I’m expecting you. He’ll call to announce you.”The address is a swanky apartment building two blocks from here. I’ve often wondered who could afford to live there. Now I know. Eritrea is about to leave. She leans over and kisses me. Her lips are so soft and she does smell so good.”Jayden, you’re so beautiful. I want to have sex with you. I’ll see you tomorrow, if everything goes well.”With that, she is off. I watch her beautiful body move gracefully to the door. All the male patrons watch her every movement. I can’t blame them, she’s so striking. Watching her, I wonder what she meant by wanting to have sex with me? We’re both girls! After finishing my coffee, I return home and wake mom. She’s in a good mood. She suggests we go window-shopping at the mall. She calls a neighbor, who has a son Robbie’s age, to see if she will keep an eye on him while we are away. Mom tells me to find Robbie, tell him what we are doing and to make sure he knows he will be eating at the Greens. With that task done, mom and I walk the five blocks to the super mall. There’s a large department store and nearly seventy other stores. I like looking at all the woman’s clothing, daydreaming how they would look on me.The first thing we see is one of the new high definition televisions. They have a movie playing, showing its features. It sounds like a movie theatre.”Wouldn’t that be something to be able to afford? Mind you I don’t know where we would put something that big in our small apartment.”We look at clothing for the family, everything that is out of our means; but, that is the fun of window-shopping. When we leave the mall, we stop at a real estate kiosk and pick out our dream house to hold all the imaginary things we just purchased. It is a four-bedroom bungalow with a garage for the new SUV in a good subdivision. Places where dreams come true. We are exhausted from the walking when we get back home. I go and retrieve Robbie from the babysitters. Mom stays up for a while chatting with Robbie and me. She gives in to her tired body and goes to bed. I have Robbie take a bath and I get ready for mine. That night in Robbie’s bed, I have him lie on top of me and pump. Now that really felt good!The next morning I’m on pins and needles. Mom gets up feeling rested. It’s okay for me to go out and see my girlfriends. I neglect to mention how old the girlfriend is. It’s ten-thirty when I call antep rus escort bayan Eritrea and she answers the phone with a pleasant voice.”Hi Eritrea, it’s me, Jayden. Are you free this morning?””Yes, can you come over? It’s funny, I was thinking about you. I talked to one of my clients yesterday about you.””You did? I can be there in about twenty minutes. I’m nearly ready, but I have to walk.””I’ll see you soon.”My outfit consists of a soft pink spandex shorts and a tube top. Everything I have can be seen. I hope Eritrea likes it. The men that I pass on the way certainly do. As I walk to her apartment, I wonder what Eritrea talked about with her client in regards to me. Her apartment building is so large compared to the one we live in. It must be thirty floors. The doorman rings Eritrea’s apartment, then he opens the door for me and directs me to the elevator. She lives on the eighteenth floor. Soft music fills the elevator. It comes to a very smooth stop and the door opens. Her apartment number is 1807. Ringing the bell there’s a soft chime inside. It opens. Eritrea is dressed in a flowing white robe and a red sheer lace trimmed camisole. When the robe opens I can see her massive nipples. She’s so beautiful.”Come, Jayden. My, you look beautiful this morning.”I’m in awe of the room. It’s larger than our whole apartment! The furniture is the type you see in the fancy magazines. I didn’t think people actually bought it. The sofa is massive. There’s another large room next to this one. I can see a large stereo system and a large screen television. I follow her wave of provocative scent. My body’s tingling. Eritrea’s body movements are smooth like a cat.”You’re really sexy. Would you like something to drink?””Me? Look sexy? I like your camisole. It makes you look sexy yourself.””Well, I hope you don’t mind. I had a shower and, when I have no appointments, I like to dress like this.”She leaves the room and I hear cups and saucers. When she returns, she has a tray with the cups and coffee. She puts it on the table in front of me. She sits down across from me and offers me coffee.”The cream and sugar are on the tray. I have a special blend of coffee. I think you will like it.”I prepare my coffee, and then sit down. That’s when I notice that the slit in the gown has caused the camisole to ride up her legs. She isn’t wearing any panties. I am mesmerized looking at her full bare luv lips. She shifts her body and they spread showing a bright pink interior. When I look up she is looking at me, smiling.”I guess you want to know exactly how I earn my money.””Yes, and if you think I could do it too.””I, and a number of other girls who also live in the building, have a clientele that are willing to pay dearly to have sex. We watch out for each other and meet once a week for coffee and compare notes on the weirdoes. If one girl gets a weirdo, she makes a note of his name, description and phone number and passes it out. It helps the other girls to avoid the nut. We don’t share the good clients, for obvious reasons.””So, guys pay you all that money for sex? How come?””Many are business men who haven’t got time for a relationship; others … they are married and their wives may not be as young and willing as we are.””To us, it is a business; so, we keep up our bodies and tell them how manly they are, even if they are a pain in the ass!””Do you think I could earn money that way?””Well, I have an offer of seventy five hundred dollars, for an hour of your time, if you are a virgin.”I am astounded at that comment! Who would pay that kind of money to me for an hour of my time?”How much?””You heard me. I had coffee with an old friend of mine and told him about you. Nothing personal, just that you were thirteen and were interested in getting into the profession. He made the offer.””If being a virgin means no sex, then I’m a virgin. I’ve touched my brother Robbie, but he is only eight.””That’s what it means; but, I may have to check you, if we actually do anything.””Check me?””Would you like to see the rest of the apartment?””Oh yes, please. It’s so large.””Well it does the job.”We go to the next room, which has a very large television and a massive stereo system. There are more sofas set up to watch television. The accessory tables and lamps are all large and very fashionable. They are similar to what mom and I looked at last night; but, I guess much better. I don’t think they came from a mall store. I couldn’t believe the bedroom. It is very large with a king-sized bed with very stylish coverings. It’s a very large bed for one person. The bureaus and set of drawers all match. The closet is larger than my bedroom and full of very stylish clothing. Her bathroom has a tub the size of a small swimming pool. How I would love to bathe there!”Well, what do you think?””It’s breathtaking, Eritrea! I’d like something like this, but that’s just a dream.””Not necessarily, Jayden.””Want to try the bed. It has a very special mattress.”Taking off my shoes, I climb up to the top. The top of the bed is at my boobs. It’s soft and luxurious. I sink into the mattress. My eyes are closed. When I open them, Eritrea is standing beside me naked with her legs slightly spread. My eyes are her crotch level. Both of her lips are smooth with no stubble showing. They are puffier than mine. They look so kissable.”Why don’t you let me undress you and then we can get under the covers. What time do you need to be home?””Mom is expecting me at three.””Good! We have nearly three hours to get to know each other.”Once undressed, she spreads my legs; I’m so embarrassed.”Jayden, you’re beautiful! You’re going to be a real man killer. Your body is so well proportioned. You skin is so smooth.”With her hands on my legs, Eritrea caresses me with a calming motion. She’s moving towards my pussy. It embarrassing, but exciting, and it feels so good every time she moves her hand. I have never felt anything like this. The only person that has seen between my legs is Robbie. I nearly jump out of my skin when I feel her lips on my thigh. Her kisses are so soft and so soothing. Then, her tongue is on my peach. I can feel her fingers spreading me wider. Her moist tongue is pushing against my slit. Then I feel her finger enter me. She meets resistance.”Well, you’re still a virgin. Don will certainly pay for the privilege; but, you have to decide if you want to go through with this.”Eritrea moves beside me and hugs me. She moves my face to one of her massive nipples. Opening my mouth, I suck. Her breasts are so soft. Her nipples are the size of large g****s and, in my mind, as tasty. When I stop sucking, it’s pointed and hard. I take the other one and do the same to it.”Jayden, that feels so good. Have you done this before?””No. I didn’t even think about it, but you’re so beautiful.”She gently puts pressure on my head wanting me to move down her tummy. Soon I am facing her luv lips that are full and puffy. Her scent is overwhelming! There’s moisture on her slit. Her body moves as she spreads her legs. The slit magically opens up showing me her moist, pink, inner lips. What really has my attention in the half-inch protrusion at the top of her slit? It reminds me of Robbie’s third thumb. I touch it with my tongue. Eritrea’s body moves like she is having a convulsion.”Oh, Jayden, don’t stop! You’re so gentle. You have no idea how good that feels!”I continue to suck her clitoris. Her fingers are running through my hair. I can’t believe how wet she is! Her moisture is on my chin and I am surprised when she tenses up and cums. There is a surge of cream flowing from her pussy. It’s semi-clear and there’s lots of it! It doesn’t taste bad. I continue to lick as it continues to flow. My face is covered.”Oh, Jayden, I’ve girlfriends that will pay you to do that to them. You’re wonderful!”When I look up at her, she laughs.”You look a mess! I really secrete lots of juice. In my business that’s a good thing because I need it to take the large cocks. We will have to check to see if you are able to do the same.””How will we do that?””Well, I’ll bring you to a climax. Do you know what I’m talking about?””I think so. Is it something like you just did?””Yes, have you ever done it to yourself?””Well, I have rubbed myself, and my bother Robbie has licked me; but, I never did what you did!””Let me try to bring you to a climax.”Eritrea has me straddle her face with my pussy at her mouth. I can feel her tongue tracing my slit and then she spreads my peach and concentrates on the top of my slit. She touches something that makes my body twitch and I grab the headboard for support. She continues her assault on that area. My legs feel rubbery and my body starts to tremble. What’s happening? Then something wonderful happens. My body feels like it’s floating on air and, then, everything explodes! The image in my mind is magnificent! I’ve never felt anything like this! I’ve no control and collapse on top of Eritrea.Eritrea lifts me from her face and is smiling. Her face is wet with liquid, which I can only assume is from me.”We don’t have to worry about lubrication for you. You have a well of it, and you taste good.””Was that a climax? It feels much better when you do it. I have never felt so good! Does that happen with a guy?””With some guys, yes; but, in my business, it really doesn’t matter as long as he cums. That’s what we get paid for.””So, it doesn’t happen all the time?””No.””I feel so sticky.””Let’s have a bath. Would you like that? We can talk about you and the choices you’ll have to make.”I follow her naked body to the bathroom. rus escort antep I watch as she runs the water, adding bath oil. The room fills up with her scent.”I have the bath oil made up especially for me. It is scented with my favorite perfume. Do you like it?”I nod yes. Then, I realize we are both standing naked in her massive bathroom like we have been friends for life! When Eritrea leans over, her bum cheeks spread, exposing her pussy, that I enjoyed, and her large bum hole. It is much larger than mine with wrinkled skin around the opening. I stare fascinated.”What are you looking at?”I blush, being caught looking at her large anal opening. What am I to say?”I was looking at you. I think everything about you is so sexy. I wish I could be like that.””What do you find so sexy?””Well, your pussy is so large, compared to mine, and your bum hole is so big. How’d it get that way?”Eritrea starts to laugh.”Well, that bum hole, as you put it, gets a lot of use from the guys I date. Many of them like to put their cocks in there and use it like my pussy.”She can tell by the look on my face that I’m startled. I can’t comprehend how that could happen.”Many men like to fuck a girl’s asshole, just like they do a pussy. I like the feel of having something deep inside my bum. I hope you do too. If you really want to do what I do, men will want to fuck you there.””Really?””Oh yes, and you’re so cute with your clothes off. I can just imagine how horny they’ll get when you lean over and show them your butt.”I lean over and spread my bum cheeks. I know my hole is small and smooth. How will it get wrinkles?”Oh, Jayden, that’s beautiful! Some man will pay handsomely to be the first one to use it.””How much do you think?””Plenty! But, we can talk about that later. Come, get in the tub with me.”I’ve never enjoyed a bath as much as this one. The scented water combined with the scented soap is a dreamy experience. Eritrea takes great care to wash me everywhere. She shampoos my hair and then works down my body. She has me lean over and spread my cheeks again as she probes my opening. It does feel good when she shoves her finger deep into me. It feels like I should go p*o. I watch as she spreads my pussy and gentle washes everything. Then, it is my turn. Eritrea’s body is so soft and I can’t get over the size of her breasts and nipples. I gave each one a gentle suck and am rewarded with an appreciative sigh. Her pussy, and bum-hole, fascinates me. It is easy to put three of my fingers deep in her bum hole.”You can put your complete hand in, if you want.”Again, I am confused, but excited. I wonder how my hand could go in her asshole! I make a point of my fingers and push. Eritrea pushes back and I watch as my hand disappears to my wrist. It’s so warm and moist. I slowly pull back.”Gently push your hand back and forth, Jayden. It feels so good.”I do as I’m told and feel Eritrea’s bum muscles contracting on my hand. She starts breathing heavily. I can see moisture forming on her pussy lips. Then her body shudders.”Oh, Jayden, that feels so good!”When I take my hand out of her ass it doesn’t contract, leaving a large opening. I gently wash her opening and around the rim of her asshole. Her body twitches as I finish bathing her.By the time we get out of the bath, and dry each other, her hole is nearly normal in size. It’s fascinating! I’m going to have to try to put something in my asshole tonight just to see how it feels.Eritrea puts on a transparent robe and I wrap a towel around my body.”Come, Jayden, we have to talk.”Once in the massive living room, Eritrea takes out a pad.”Have you started having periods?””Yes, nearly a year ago.””When was the last one?””I just finished Thursday.”Why all the questions? Eritrea has moved her body so I have a great view of her naked pussy. I feel tingly between my legs again. My mind recalls how good she tasted.”We’re going to have to get you on the pill. I don’t suppose your mom knows what you have planned?”The blush on my face makes that self-evident.”I’ll make an appointment for you with my doctor. I will tell her you’re my niece. Can you meet me Monday afternoon after school?””Yes. I will tell mom that I have to get some stuff for a school project. Robbie will stay with our neighbor till I get home.””Good. I’ll set up your first meeting for the gentleman for next week. This is just to get you comfortable. We’ll make an appointment for him to fuck you three weeks from now. It’ll give you time to think about it and, if you want, to change your mind. If you do, it’s fine.””I won’t change my mind.””You have the option. I want you to see how big his cock is that will be fucking you. You may change your mind.””I know I won’t. This is something I can do to help mom and Robbie.”Eritrea beckons me to come and sit beside her. She removes the towel and starts caressing me. She plays with my small nipples and gets them hard. When she leans over, her robe opens and teases me with her g**** sized nipples. I caress her breasts, then lean over and suck her nipples, moving from one to the other.”That feels so good, Jayden. You can do that any time you feel like it.””Eritrea, you mentioned that this man would pay a fortune to take my cherry. How much of a fortune?””The figure I gave him is seventy five hundred dollars, cash.”It takes a while for the figure to sink in. Mom makes about three hundred and fifty dollars a week. I could earn in an hour what she earns I five months! My head’s spinning.”You’ll be able to get the same amount for the first cock in your asshole.”I can’t believe these amounts! I don’t know any men who could afford that kind of money. Eritrea must have been reading my mind.”There are many gentlemen rich enough to afford the price. I know a number of them and I’m sure Don, the man I mentioned, knows others as well. He may even offer to be the first for your bum. If you go through with this, you will need new clothes, a bank account and a safety deposit box.””A bank account and a safety deposit box?””Yes, this is a cash business; so, you will need an account to deposit it in and a safety deposit box, as well as a complete new wardrobe. You can put some cash in the box, plus any jewelry that you will receive from the gentlemen enjoying your company.””They give you jewelry? Why? I can’t afford new clothes.””The men I’ll introduce you too are very rich. Money is no object to them. If they like you, and I know they will, many will give you little trinkets of appreciation, as well pay dearly for your favors. As far as the wardrobe goes, I will help you pick it out and pay for it. You can pay me back when you start earning money.””I never dreamt of anything like this!””Well, it’s nothing you’ll see on T. V. or read about in the paper. This is highly i*****l.”Before I leave, we make arrangements to get together tomorrow for the doctor’s appointment and on Wednesday for me to meet the gentleman who will pay to take my cherry. My mind is whirling. Before I know it, I am standing in front of my apartment building. What a difference between it and Eritrea’s! That night mom goes to bed early, as she has to get up early for work. She calls Mrs. Green to ask her to look after Robbie tomorrow, while I am looking for items for my school project. She asks me to get Robbie ready for bed and goes to her bedroom. That night I suck Robbie’s thumb and finger his tiny little asshole. He squirms for a few moments until I get my finger buried and slowly pump in and out. He soon starts to moan and his body movements give him the maximum enjoyment as he pumps his thumb deep in my mouth and the reverse movement moves my finger deep in his asshole. Soon, I feel him tense and his cum is shooting in my mouth. I suck until his thumb goes soft.”Thanks Jayden. I love you.””I love you too, Robbie. Now go to sleep and I’ll see you in the morning.”In the tub that night, I use the body brush handle on my bum hole. It’s really difficult to get it in. However, I use some soap on the handle and it slides in nearly four inches before it hits resistance. It doesn’t feel bad at all.Needless to say, school the next day is a blur. When the final bell rings at three, I’m out of the school and running towards Eritrea’s apartment building. The doorman recognizes me and smiles as he holds the door open. Eritrea is waiting at the door.”Hi Jayden. Are you ready for your examination?””Well, I would like to shower and put on clean panties. Can I use your bathroom?””Of course; but, we can’t do anything. The appointment is in forty five minutes!”I quickly shower and dress. I’ve selected a light blue pair of panties and matching bra. If I have to get undressed, at least my undies look sexy.We take a taxi to a very impressive building down town. Mom and I have taken a bus to this area before and just walked along the streets. Everything is so clean and there are no street people in this area at all, not like in our neighborhood. We take the elevator to the twenty-sixth floor. The office is massive. The furniture in the waiting room is like the furniture in Eritrea’s apartment. It isn’t long before my name is called. Eritrea walks me to the receptionist.”This is my niece and I would like to accompany her during the visit.””Follow me.”The doctor is a beautiful young woman. She takes me to the examination room and asks me to undress. I take off everything but my bra and panties.”Everything, young lady, please.”I’m blushing as I remove my panties and bra. She indicates she wants me on the table with my legs in the stirrups. I feel my legs spread wide as she is in between my legs. I know I am turning red and I can feel my pussy tingling and getting wet. She is staring right at me. She spreads my lips and I feel a cool gloved finger enter me. It is blocked at my hymen. Then I feel the finger probing my asshole, as her finger goes up inside me nearly three inches! It went in smooth, so she must be using some sort of lubrication

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