Having Faith

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Have you ever been so attracted to a woman you’d do almost anything to have her? I honestly don’t know if women ever feel that instinctive, physical need for sex the way men do but, at the very least, I believe ladies will understand what I mean. Mind you, I’m not talking about that caveman, ‘beat her on the head and drag her home’ cliche. That brutally simplistic image is far too crass and no man worth a woman’s affection would seriously ponder the idea. No, I’m speaking about a twisting, lump-in-your-throat longing that leaves a man breathless, and saddles him with a hard-on that just fucking refuses to go away.Yeah, that feeling.There have been only a few precious moments in my life when I’ve been driven by that insatiable need to fuck a girl. Most of them occurred as a teen when I was blessed with the raging hormones of youth. God, what an incredible time that was. It was a time when a girl only had to move in certain ways to make me hard. It was a time when nothing more than a young woman’s innocent smile would make me want to fuck her so badly that my hands shook. Arousal was like a drug in those days, a palpable urge that burned through me like wildfire.As is true for most drugs, this testosterone-induced high is most potent the first time a young man feels its heat in his belly. In my case, it was in the summer of nineteen-eighty, the year my parents bought a house on the street where Faith and her husband, Jack lived. I was sixteen years old.It was brutally hot that particular morning, and the Midwestern humidity made it all the more uncomfortable. I was shirtless as I worked and only my blue, cut-off Levi’s and worn, checkered Vans protected me from the sun-heated, wooden posts as I nailed insect screening around our porch. With the sun darkening my sweat-glossed skin as I stood on a ladder, I had no thoughts of love or lust. Not, that is, until my first glimpse of Faith walking her puffball of a Pomeranian up the street. Even now, I cannot adequately describe the rush of this drug as it pulsed through me. It was as if I’d been struck by lightning. Electricity danced on my skin, and a tight knot of pure, adrenaline-fueled lust formed in my gut. My heart seemed to pause between beats and breath lodged in my throat.I’ve never understood what made her so irresistible to me, but I vividly remember the way her ponytail danced over her shoulders as she strolled down the walk. She was so vibrant, so very alive that I couldn’t look away. When I close my eyes now, I can remember a joy in her that still takes my breath away. Being somewhat sheltered as a youth, I was convinced a woman of any age would be put off by a young man’s shameless ogling, but Faith smiled, raised a friendly wave, and glided up the cobblestone path leading to our porch. “Hi there,” she began in a soft, bubbly soprano. “I’m Mrs. Collins, but please call me Faith. My family and I live right bahçesehir escort up the street so I guess we’re neighbors.” Oh, my lord, I silently gasped as she stopped at the base of the ladder. She was beautiful, and my mouth dried as I attempted to speak. Swallowing, I struggled through an awkward pause, feeling an embarrassing hot flush coloring my cheeks. “Hi. Yeah… I’m Sean Marshall,” I eventually choked out. “Right, Sean, pleased to meet you,” she said, seemingly amused. Her eyes sparkled and the smile became even warmer. “I saw you pull up the other day, but I haven’t seen anyone else. Are your parents around, or do you live here on your own?” I wasn’t mature enough to be humiliated by the idea of living with my folks, so my shrug and weak, “I wish,” was an honest rather than a painful admission. “I’m just unpacking some stuff and getting a few things ready while my folks clean up our old apartment. But they’ll be here Monday if you want to meet them then.”“Well, I’m sorry they’re not here and I can’t get to know them yet,” she replied, her smile fading only for it to dazzle a moment later. “On the bright side, it has given me a chance to meet you.” She went on to say more, but I was distracted by how deliciously sexy she was. From my position several rungs up the ladder, I looked down on the most impressive set of jiggling boobs I’d ever seen. Round and alabaster-white, her wondrously full breasts created an alluring cleavage before disappearing into the feminine mysteries of her blouse. My surge of lust grew stronger as the seconds passed, and I felt my cock harden in the constraining tightness of my shorts.Being as young and stupid as I was, I didn’t understand why she was sucking on her bottom lip while she gazed at the rising bulge. A youthful horror of offending her burned in my cheeks, and I almost turned away, fearing that my cock might actually grow long enough to peek out of the leg of my shorts.I expected her to be angry or disgusted, but then I sensed a real and playful interest appearing in her eyes. In that instant, the undeniable spark of fantasy was lit in my mind. The very idea that a woman, especially one as beautiful as Faith, might be interested in me seemed impossible. I hoped to God I was wrong, but youthful shyness beat down my budding confidence, driving me back into a cocoon of self-doubt. Fidgeting on the ladder, I tore my gaze from her breasts and shrugged in a way I was certain seemed childishly lame. “It will be great to get to know you,” I said with less enthusiasm than I actually felt, “but I’ve still got a lot to do before dark. Maybe we can talk tomorrow?”Faith nodded, but her smile refused to drop away. ”Tell you what… why don’t I come back in a bit and give you a hand? That way, you finish your jobs and we still have a chance to get to know one another.” oo0ooMy thoughts wandered through the most beylikdüzü bayan escort lecherous corridors of my mind as I waited for Faith to return. I was flush with desire and my heart pounded as one unlikely scenario after another played out, each in vivid detail. I kept telling myself I’d read too much into her smile, the brief moment her gaze flicked over my cock, and the flirty way she touched my hip.I was being silly. I wasn’t even out of high school and the attentions of a woman in her thirties had to be no more than an afternoon’s diversion. Maybe she was bored of daytime television, or maybe she was kind and liked to help. But the idea that she might actually want me? My God, how could I think such a thing? Yet, a young man’s dick often speaks louder than his mind, and when she reappeared in a tight, blue tee and a pair of faded, loose-fitting shorts, my chest grew tight in the desperate hope I might somehow be lucky. By then, I’d finished the porch and Faith helped me with some boxes stored in the garage. She was friendly and cheerful, and, thankfully, we avoided a repeat of those awkward, sexually charged moments on the porch. That said, I took every opportunity to admire her curves and wonderful bare legs as we moved my parents’ things into the house.Even so, as we worked, I managed to persuade myself that I’d misread her intentions — and I was caught off guard when the atmosphere suddenly changed. Going backward and forward into the rooms, we’d meet in the hall going in opposite directions. This time, Faith was bringing in a box and I leaned back against the wall, intending to allow her to pass. But the size of the box meant it would be a tight squeeze and she turned her back to me. Oh, my God. As she moved closer, I was tingling and my cock began to stiffen when her body contacted mine. I trembled and could barely breathe as arousal and impotent indecision wracked my mind.Working so closely with Faith already had my knees weak, and I swallowed hard, almost moaning as her ass slid over my thighs. She was so short that her butt passed beneath my bulge but I was sure she could feel it pressing into the hollow of her back. She’s so warm, was my first thought, followed by glorious amazement at how soft her body felt. Being in such intimate contact with her felt absolutely exquisite, and my cock twitched as the pressure of her inadvertent touch increased. How can she not feel that? Doesn’t she know I’m hard? Oh, fuck! What if she does?I was at the tender crux of youth and maturity, and unprepared for a sexually confident woman. My thoughts confused reality with desire, fantasy with expectation, and all I could do was hold my breath and tremble as this compact bundle of sexiness slid across my body. She struggled with the box, mirthfully apologizing for squeezing so tightly against me. As if I minded having her body escort beylikdüzü on mine! I swooned and lurid urges flooded my thoughts until I couldn’t think straight. The scent of her hair, and the subtle hint of musk I couldn’t quite place, made me dizzy with lust. The moment seemed to drag, a few precious seconds stretching out to infinity as I fought for control. Then, it happened: the touch that changed everything. My right hand — I swear it was a completely subconscious move — came up and lightly traced a line over her bare thigh, stopping only at the hem of her shorts. There was no mistaking the reason for my touch, even if it was not actually intended. Faith stopped short, pausing with her body still pressing hard into mine. I saw her chest expand on a quiet intake of breath and she rose slightly on her toes, rubbing the upper cleft of her ass over the straining bulge of my cock. “Sean, what are you doing?” The question hung in midair, my mouth went dry, and my throat closed. Fortunately, that very silence and my continued caress on her leg were all the answer she needed.“Oh my God, Sean, this isn’t a good idea.” Even as she protested, though, Faith leaned into me, as if she craved the touch of my body every bit as much as I craved hers.”I know. I’m sorry,” I whispered into her hair as it tickled my nose. “Do you want me to stop?”“Stop? Oh shit, no Sean… it’s just… oh God… let me put this down, okay?” Removing my hands from her hips was the hardest thing I’d ever done. She moved away to put the box down and I was sure the moment had been broken. I expected she’d move as far away emotionally from me as she would physically. But no. Faith came close and took my hands in hers. “You’re trembling, baby. Haven’t you ever? Well, you know.” The directness of her question floored me, and I can’t explain how inadequate I felt. Having been fairly sheltered, I shook my head. “Um, no. At least nothing more than a kiss, anyway.” The smile on her pristine face was filled with a joyful compassion and her eyes glinted with excited kindness. “Was it a kiss like this?” She rose on her toes and brushed her lips softly against mine. Tasting the sweet moistness made my whole body hum in delight, but it did nothing to prepare me for the passionate wave that followed. ”Or was it like this?” She put her arms around my neck. Following her lead, I pulled her close, crushing her breasts into my chest. With her fingers playing in my long hair, she parted her lips and flicked out her tongue, brushing my bottom lip. Oh, fuck. I couldn’t believe this was happening and I breathed deeply as I met her kiss with the pent-up force of a young man long denied the taste of passion. A switch had been thrown in my mind. It was as if my shackles had been sundered and I stepped forward, forcing her back against the wall. A point of no return had been reached and the kiss we shared could only lead to something far more profound and intimate. The sound of gasps, of deep breathing and sudden exhalations, filled the air as our hunger exploded. I began pulling up her top but Faith gently pushed me back, stepping away from the wall. “Sean, please, wait. Not like this. You need to cool down, baby.” 

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