He Begs Me to Choke Him Pt. 04

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The Double Tap

I push Luke down so he is laying on the bed, with his head hanging off of the edge. I kiss along his throat and collarbones while I slowly and gently tease his cock with my hand. I can feel his pulse against my lips, and I pause to suck a hickie onto the side of his neck. He sucks air in through his teeth and his cock twitches. I add a chain of hickies along the base of his neck. I feel like this marks him as mine, in a way.

“Did you enjoy worshipping me?” I say into his ear.

“Goddess… I will pray to you on my knees every day if you will let me.”

“Can you do something for me?” I move the collar back up his throat so the bell is sitting on top of his Adam’s apple.

“I await your command, Mistress,” he says with a sly smile.

“Make the bell ring.”

He knows what I imply, and bounces his apple against the bell, making it jingle. I laugh.

I tell him to stop and open his mouth, which he does obediently, and I reach for the whipped cream I brought up with me from dessert. He stifles a giggle and sticks his tongue out expectantly, head still hanging upside down off the bed. I fill his mouth full with whipped cream and kiss his neck while he swallows it up.

“I think I will tie you up again,” I say, eying the wooden posts coming up from the corners of his four poster bed. He eagerly thrusts his arms to either side, towards the two nearest posts. I bind his wrists too them. His arm span is long but not long enough to be directly bound to the wood while laying perpendicular across the bed, so he grips the line of silk tie that connects his wrists to the posts. I am sitting on my knees next to him, and he looks up and gives me a grin. I can tell he is excited because he is shaking a little. He is at my mercy, so I will play with him.

“Relax…” I say, running my fingernails along his lean body. His head hangs back down again, and he begins breathing deeply. Both my eyes and hands savor the lines and angles of his body. I lightly scratch his ribs and he twitches, squeaking, which makes me laugh. I trace the jut of his hip bones and follow the muscle line of the V that points towards his crotch. I reach between his legs and feel his balls, holding them in my hand and gently squeezing them, eliciting a groan from Luke. I feel a deep arousal once more- already satisfied once, it is less urgent and less painful, but looking at his throbbing cock seeping precum I can tell he has been aching for release all night. He has been good not to complain. With one hand still cupping his balls, I slide the other to rest over his heart as I curiously consider again what his cock would feel like kuşadası escort against my tongue. I lean forward and place my lips around the head of his cock, swirling my tongue against it slowly. He gasps.

“Oh, my Goddess…” He moans, his heart pounding hard against my hand. He automatically pushes his hips up. My hand slides up his chest and I grip his throat.

“I said relax, Luke.” His hips sink back into the bed. Keeping one hand on his throat, I grab the whipped cream with the other and spray it along his shaft. I feel him gulp as I lightly suck the tip of his cock. I take the rest of him into my mouth to lick up the rest of the whipped cream. I can’t reach all the way to the base of his cock; I stop when his head hits the back of my throat.

“Hnnng…” Luke manages to squeak as he struggles to keep his hips relaxed against the bed. I scrape my teeth very lightly along his shaft as I come back up, and swirl my tongue around his head again. His breathing becomes heavier as I repeat my slow teasing of his cock. My hand is still at his throat and my thumb is massaging his Adam’s apple, occasionally pressing hard into it.

“Mistress…” He whimpers, “I await permission to cum…” When I look over, I see his hands gripping his bonds so tightly that they are red, beads of sweat forming on his forehead. He is trying so hard not to cum. I sit back up and he takes a deep breath, but when I swing a leg over his waist to straddle him he stops breathing. I am poised with my cunt over his cock, and I wrap both hands around his throat. He looks up at me pleadingly, but I don’t squeeze yet.

“Ah! This time, tap the silk twice with either hand if you need me to stop. I’ll notice,” I say, relieved that I remembered his hands couldn’t tap my thigh. It is also then that I realize that my dagger is still strapped to my thigh. It might be fun to tease him with it, but perhaps not tonight.

“Yes, mistress,” he says. I lean forward to kiss him, rubbing his throat. When our lips part, he says weakly, “…my Goddess, choke me again… please, I beg you.”

The grip of my hands becomes more firm, but not enough to actually choke him. I place a thumb above and one below his apple, as I finally press the lips of my hungry cunt against the head of his cock, and allow him to slide inside- just not all of the way. I hold myself above him, teasing him by swaying my hips with the head of his cock inside of me. He gasps and bites his lip, stretching his head back further in eager expectation of my thumbs pressing into his trachea. He shifts his hips but keeps them firmly pressed into the mattress.

“Luke, stay relaxed kuşadası escort bayan while I play with you. Don’t make me remind you again, tonight,” I admonish gently into his ear, my breasts brushing against his chest. He swallows and nods.

“I’m sorry, my Goddess… I submit to you.”

I feel his body slacken again beneath me as I slowly lower myself down to the base of his cock, squeezing my thumbs into his throat with the motion, so his apple looks bigger, like it did when I was choking him on the loveseat. His moan vibrates against my thumbs which causes the depths of my fully filled cunt to throb with pleasure.

I look down at the man I’ve bound, raggedly breathing against my grip, and contemplate how I will best time the rhythm of my body with my erotic strangling. He is new to me, so I am hoping this works, though our needs have been remarkably synchronistic so I think it will.

I begin to leisurely ride him and his breathing becomes heavier and more difficult as I pick up the pace. When I feel his pulse quicken, I slow down again. I enjoy the sensation of his long, thick cock sliding against the sensitive walls of my cunt. I enjoy watching his skin flush as he comes closer to orgasm- only to be denied when I slow my pace once more. He bites his lip and whimpers in pain or pleasure every time I tease him, my grip just tight enough to allow him to breath. I feel completely in control.

My body shudders in pleasure when he swallows against my thumbs, and I feel an orgasm building inside of me. I press the bottom thumb into is Adam’s apple and he gags slightly. I massage his apple as I pick up pace once more on top of him, the muscles in my thighs and core working precisely as I ride him. He gasps audibly and moans, and I squeeze my top thumb into his trachea, cutting off air completely and making his delicious apple pop out more. I lean forward to suck it as I rock my body across him. I take a moment to check his face as I continue to ride, his lips are parted and his eyes have rolled back in pleasure. I glance at his hands and they are still holding onto the ties; no tapping. With one hand still gripping his throat tight, I put the other on his chest to feel his heart hammering, and I suck and bite on his apple as my second orgasm tonight continues to build. He still can’t draw breath against my grip.

“I want you to cum inside of me…” I whisper in his hear.

He swallows and I feel his Adam’s apple bob against my thumb. I cum so hard I cry out and almost pop off his cock completely, so I grind my hips down against his. The walls of my cunt convulse around his cock and his escort kuşadası body begins to twitch. That is when I notice his hand tapping the silk. I release the grip I have on his trachea and it is his turn to cry out in ecstasy. I feel his cock twitching and pumping cum inside of me. I stay on top of him and keep him inside of me as he continues to orgasm and gasp in pleasure. I let my hands rove over his chest and abs and shoulders as his muscles mimic the waves of pleasure rushing through his body.

“Fuck…” he whispers breathlessly, his balls already empty as his tired cock spasms a few more times inside of me. I reach over and untie his wrists, and then pull off of him and roll onto my back, satiated. He continues to lay where he is, still and limp, his breathing slowing. I kiss his cheek.

I glance at the clock and notice that it is 10:30 PM which is technically not too late to go home, but… I really don’t want to. I have a lunch date with my best friend tomorrow (which is something we usually plan for the day after we go on dates) but I can always head home in the morning, if Luke is ok with me staying over.

As if he anticipates my desires, he says hoarsely, “You can stay tonight, if you would like to, my Goddess.”

“You can call me Fae again,” I say, kissing his cheek once more, “and I would very much like that. Would you like to take a shower before we get into bed? What is your usual night routine?”

He tells me what he does before bed, which includes reading, as we head to the shower. I tell him about aftercare in BDSM as I use his soap to clean him up in the shower, which is nice and hot. I notice slight bruising beginning to form on his throat. I have some arnica which helps with bruise healing, but he says he would rather they remain to remember me by until the next time we see each other. He likes the hickies, too. He mentioned that he liked tea, so when we are done, I go downstairs to brew him some herbal tea. He cleans up the dishes from dessert. I am wearing a pajama shirt and shorts of his, which is a little big but very comfortable.

“What book do you usually read before bed?” I ask, perusing his many bookshelves as the tea steeps.

“I actually need to start a new one- do you want to pick it out for me?”

“Sure. Would you like me to read to you so you can relax a little more before bed?”

He loves that idea. I pick out a fantasy book that looks interesting, and we settle into his bed. He lays his head on my lap and I stroke his hair as I read to him. He hasn’t stopped smiling once since we both finished, and I can’t help feel a warm and excited glow inside of me at the thought of doing more with him. Soon, three cats appear and take up residence on the bed as well.

We both eventually fall asleep. I wake up only once when he reaches out and pulls me against his chest and wraps his arms around me. I feel like I can purr as I begin to fall asleep again.

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