He Calls Me His Baby Girl

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This is our first story and loosely based on our own role playing experiences. All the characters are over 18

Our appreciation and thanks to Roman for the editing.

All I can think about is you and how that text message reads:

“I want you, my dirty little slutty princess to be daddy’s little cum slut for the night”.

I was trying not to blush while reading this at work in between taking messages and running errands for the boss. Not one of the nicest looking guys to work for. I’m pretty sure he undresses me every morning with those beady little brown eyes of his that seem to follow me where ever I go. I could leave, but after five years I have worked my way up to Company Secretary at one of the top law firms in the city. The truth is that it has lots of perks. The corporate events are always a highlight and to be said

“They are the best perks literally of the job.”

I sometimes think that my boss has X -Ray vision because of the smile that creeps over his face. Well I can’t actually blame him, I like to think that I am a very voluptuous woman. I dress every day in erotic thigh-hi silk stockings under a firm fitting pencil pleat skirt, with killer black heels, a lacy bra and matching panties, and a silk blouse that doesn’t really hide the fact that the text messages from my you, my boyfriend. They always get me aroused to the point that the blouse falls to the shape of two distinct hard as bullets pair of nipples, and just like magic, the boss never seems to miss the show. You can guarantee within moments of my arousal I am messaged into his office to take a memo for him.

Roger Dodger as he is commonly known amongst the ladies in the wash room. His hands never seem to surface above the desk, playing with his bat and ball no doubt. So today, thankfully, he was out to lunch considering what I was wearing. It was a figure hugging low cut blouse which exposed firm round D-cup tits that jiggle when I walk. It makes most men stop in their tracks hoping and wishing them to pop out of my black opened cup bra that just holds my perfect breasts in place making them look very perky. Just one of my guilty pleasures under my clothing. With the message received from my boyfriend it would have left nothing for Roger’s imagination.

We’ve been together for nearly fifteen months. I think we had sex within minutes of meeting, it was the hottest, most fiery lustful mind-blowing quickie ever, as we took the lifts to the next floor to the VIP washrooms to finish off what we started. Luckily enough we composed ourselves just as the elevator doors opened, mind you I think somehow the hold button was pushed or just maybe one of us accidentally pressed our bodies against it. The sex had been way too hot for just a minute quickie, best cooperate fuck ever.

I remember you suggesting one night during a romantic dinner the idea of role play.

“How about fantasy” you said.

“And what would be your fantasy be?” I asked.

“Well,” you began “how about daddy/daughter role play?”

With in seconds my pussy started to twitch. The wetness and throbbing between my legs made it obvious that my body was agreeing with the idea before it had even registered with the rest of me.

Well I could tell from the excitement in your voice that it was something that you would really like to try.

“Why not. That would be so hot and sexy” I said.

We kissed softly and deeply just as the waiter brought out our desserts. Secretly it is something I have been longing to do. The idea of being a daddy’s girl for the night was rather hot and exciting and very sexy. To act like a young girl, and feel your warm big hands over my body. To act like a little girl for you. God how sexy is that I thought!

A few months had passed and I hadn’t even given it thought until today. Startled by my phone saying I had a text message. It read:

“Tell me princess, tell daddy what you want to do to me. I’m your daddy for the night and you are daddy’s baby girl”.

In my text back I wrote:

“I have been thinking about all the things you have said that you wanted to do to me Daddy I am so curious after you whispered it to me. That night after our romantic dinner out when I was sitting on your lap and I was very sleepy. I remembered the words that you spoke as you stroked my long brown hair. I remembered you said you wanted to lick me and fuck me and do all sorts of naughty daddy things to me”.

Hitting “SEND” I started on the next part of the text message.

“Ohhh daddy, just thinking about it is completely turning me on. I have never done these sort of things before daddy”. the undeclared war izle

‘There. I though, ‘that should put a smile on your face

After a few minutes and checking my phone still no response.

‘Well’ I thought ‘this next text will get those juices flowing.

I wrote:

“My hands are drifting in between my panties and I’m slowly fingering myself. I’m imagining how it would feel to have you licking my slit and having your big, strong fingers spreading my soft pink lips apart. Ohhh daddy. I can feel your tongue touching me as your fingers start to fuck me.”

I hit “SEND”

‘Hmmm’ I thought, my arousal heightening as I fantasies about the encounter.

A few minutes later and still no response.

Knowing you you’ve been called into a meeting and probably trying to hide a semi-hard cock from the viewing eyes of his work colleagues. The rest of the day couldn’t have passed any slower, so I decided I would pick up a gift for us both on the way home from work.

On the way home I pass a lingerie shop and I’ll take any excuse to stop at my favourite store. I found what I was looking for pretty quick, a cute, silk baby doll nightie. I’d look a perfect daddy’s little girl, that would add to our little game that I had planned. If I wear my hair in pigtails that will really set the scene.

I heard you come in from work and it was late, I quietly slipped out of bed and wonder down the stairs and into the lounge room. I know you always watch the television until very late. As I slowly walk up to you, the light from the TV was making my baby doll nighty almost see through. I was clear that I was wearing no panties and that my nice round ass silhouetted against the light. My freshly shaven silky pussy seemed to glisten, my hair tied back into pigtails. I really looked like a daddy’s girl.

Softly I giggled, just like a school girl. As you start to look up all there was to see were two firm pink nipples poking through impressively against the thin fabric, along with firm round tits which you couldn’t miss.

“Hello pumpkin” you say as you hold out your hand and motion me to sit on the couch. “Can’t you sleep my baby girl?”

“I need some loving from my daddy” I said as you watch me sit on the couch and cuddle up next to you.

You plant a kiss to the top of my head. My hair smelling of vanilla and sandalwood which was divine. As you take a breath in the scent makes you moan. The fact that he knew tonight was the night that your fantasy of daddy role play was coming true turns you on even more. I can see your cock starting to grow in your pants.

I slowly place a hand in your lap, on the hard bulge.

“Ohh daddy, What’s that? It feels kind of big and firm and warm”. I said with a giggle and a naughty grin.

I look up at you, knowing that’s this little girl talk would turn you on in our game of role play.

As you look into my eyes I could tell that you had received the text messages and that our night was ready to begin.

“It’s a special toy just for you baby girl but it’s our little secret”.

“I like secrets daddy.” I spoke in a child like voice.

“I know you do pumpkin.”

“When can I play daddy?” My eyes wide with excitement.

“All in good time my sweet baby girl. You have some toys of your own that daddy would like to play with as well. Will that be okay Baby girl?”

“Ohh why yes daddy” acting more like a child as the excitement grew from the way we were talking to each other.

I’m making you feel like a naughty daddy who is just about to do something that’s so taboo and so naughty but ever so sexy.

You place your fingers under my chin to make me look at you. You lower your lips to mine and began to slowly suck on my lower lip, slipping your tongue in between my lips briefly. I hear and feel you moan.

“Ohhh daddy’s baby girl.”

It makes me feel so good, hearing those words whispered to me.

“My sweet baby girl.” You begin in a daddy kind of soft but loving way “I think it would be better if we go into the bedroom”.

I can see your cock is now twice the size it was before and looks in need of attention

“Pumpkin, what if daddy turns off the TV and takes you to bed and play a game with you. Is that okay with you my darling baby girl?”

I nodded at you in a child-like manner. You take my hand and we walk hand in hand back to the bedroom.

“Ohh daddy, this will be so good having you in bed with me your body next to mine. Can you kiss me like before daddy?”

It had felt so good having your warm tongue the watcher izle in my mouth. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy. I look at you sweetly just like a child would.

“If you are a good little girl daddy will kiss you more and play some fun bedtime games”

I clapped my hands together just like a little girl and smiled.

“Ohh yes please Daddy, your kisses are so playful.”

“Good that settles that” with a firm father sound to his voice, “What if daddy removes your nighty so it doesn’t get into the way of all the games we are about to play?”

Grabbing the bottom of the nightie he lifts it up over my nice tight ass, his fingers brushing against it. He continued to push it up over my huge firm round tits and then puling it up and over my head and shoulders.

“That’s better. You are the most sexiest baby girl ever, Daddy loves you.”

Walking and stopping half way to the bed he slowly sank to his knees, stopping ever so briefly to flick his tongue over my nipples. I softly start giggling and moaning.

“Mmm I like this game daddy”.

As I look into his eyes and he has a twinkle in his eyes and a mischievous grin.

“I love you baby girl.” he said. “Daddy is going to start to play this game with you so stay as you are baby girl.”

Dipping his head between my legs he slowly licked between my pussy lips.

“Ohh pumpkin! What a beautiful sight. Your freshly shaved hairless pussy is so smooth and bald and I can see how swollen your pussy lips are, extra sensitive as well. You are giving daddy such a hard on.”

I stood there like a good baby girl while he spent many minutes eating my bald, wet, smooth pussy .

“Ohh fuck you taste so good baby girl.”

He held me and cradled me in your arms, scooping me up and carrying me to the bed in the centre of the room. I look into his eyes and gaze deeply into them, thinking daddy’s little girl is about to make up for lost time. All those months that I have been craving this night from the first time he mentioned it.

Laying flat out on the bed raised on one elbow I watch as he undresses. Suddenly I felt the wetness between my legs grow as I watch his huge cock spring from his boxers. Keeping up the game as a daddy’s girl I couldn’t help but giggle just like a little girl.

“Ohh daddy your toy looks so good.”

“It’s all for you baby girl”, He replied.

“Mmmmmmmm. Thank you daddy.”

“Daddy wants to start this game off by slowly teasing your clit.”

He began slowly moving his fingers around the collection of wet juices, running his finger up and down my slit.

“You are so wet for your daddy. Daddy likes it when you are so wet for him. It makes his toy so hard for you”.

Moving his fingers up to my clit, he softly rubbed in little circles. Softly his baby girl moans.

“Ohh daddy, that feels so good.”

“You like that don’t you pumpkin?”

“Ohh yes daddy” don’t stop… Please dont stop.”

I started to slightly rock my hips against his talented fingers.

“Mmmm….. Oh yes daddy it feels so damn good, but I need more daddy. I want more!”

His strong hands reach up to my swollen tits and softly caress them, he runs his thumb over my tight hard firm nipples making me moan even more.

“Ohhh fuck it feels so good.”

He kept massaging my tits as his strong hands continued to rub my pussy slowly up and down. He gently pushes in two fingers, circling slowly as they begin to plunge in and out of my dripping pussy. His thumb starts rubbing around my very swollen clit making me quiver with pleasure. He feels my chest heave my breath, changing pace with each stroke. He brings his face close to my cunt lips and starts slowly licking and lapping at my swollen clit feeling his ‘pumpkin’ writhing in ecstasy. He continues to lick deep and far inside my quivering pussy.

“Ohhhhhh daddy” I moan loudly as I push my pussy further in to his face.

“I want my baby girl to experience more” he moans softly into my soaking cunt.

He spreads my legs wider but keeping my feet almost together. Pressing his fingers deep inside, my clit twitches as he began to finger fuck me. His fingers going in and out just a little quicker than before. He hears his baby girl moan and wriggle with enjoyment making his cock ache and throb, as pre-cum slowly dribbles out.

“Ohh princess you are making daddy feel so naughty but in a good way. Daddy’s special toy will soon be ready for you to play with. You’ll like that won’t you pumpkin?”

“Yes daddy I can’t wait to play with it” I reply giggling just like the watchful eye izle a little girl.

“You don’t know how much daddy thinks about you my baby girl . I want to touch you and kiss you and look at you naked and gaze at your your soft beautiful tits. I so much want to do things to you. I want you to Fuck me.

Tell daddy, tell me pumpkin , Do you play with yourself and think of me?”

“Ohh I do daddy, all the time.”

His lips graze and nuzzle deep into the side of my neck.

“Daddy is going to teach you something really special but not until you suck my special toy you would like that?”

“Oh yes daddy I love sucking your cock deep in my throat.”

Slowly I sit up, as he is already kneeling on the bed in front of me.

“Take my cock, your special toy in your hands and gently stroke it. It feels good doesn’t pumpkin?”

“Ohh yes daddy it does”. I said as I stroke his nice thick long shaft.

Looking at him I pause for a moment.

“Daddy do you wank and think about me. You do don’t you daddy?”

“All the time my baby girl and I can’t stop thinking what it would be like for you to suck me. Suck daddy’s cock”.

“But daddy it’s so big for a baby girl.”

“Do it for daddy. Show daddy what a big girl you are”.

Rubbing my finger over his cock I smear the pre-cum. Pressing my lips against the tip of his cock my tongue starts sliding around the big head. Closing my eyes and moaning I open wide, taking as much of his cock in my mouth as I could. Slowly bobbing my head up and down his shaft, my sweet lips making a wet sucking and slurping sound against his cock as I suck in and pull on his cock. He could feel my warm wet saliva trickle down along his throbbing aching wet shaft.

Letting his cock slip from my mouth, I grip it tight, slowly looking at up him with lustful eyes. Both of us hot and ready to go.

“I’m ready daddy, I want you to fuck me. My pussy is warm and wet. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. I want that cock in my cunt daddy.”

“Are you ready?”

“Yes daddy. I’m ready.”

Straddling over him his cock presses against my swollen, moist pussy lips and slowly he begins to rub it up and down my entire slit. Pushing forward he spreads my swollen lips apart with his throbbing cock head. Slowly I lower myself down onto his length feeling the heat and passion, moaning and grunting as his erection fills my wet, warm pussy. He moans as my bare tits press firmly against his chest, skin on skin as we settle in for a good deep fucking rhythm.

“Oh!! I am daddy’s bad little baby girl.” My squealing and moaning all rolled into one. “Ohhhh daddy!! It feels so good. Oh fuck you’re going to make me cum”.

Wrapping my arms around his neck we kiss, his tongue thrusting deep and far into my mouth as I gasp and moan. I meet every thrust grunting and groaning my tits swaying as I ride his shaft up and down, taking more of his cock as it fills me completely. My pussy begins to tighten around his cock, my juices coating his thick shaft. One hand grips my ass guiding me as I ride him faster, a little harder and a little deeper .

“Yes!! Oh fuck.” I moan.

“Ohhh, yes, I can feel how wet you are! Ohh fuck you are so good at being daddy’s baby girl. Mmm how warm, how easily I fit inside you! Fuck I can feel you dripping down my balls as you move.” His words bring me ever closer to the edge.

“Ohh daddy.” I moan ever so erotically. “I love you in my bed fucking me all night daddy, fuck me, fuck your dirty baby girl. You like doing that to me don’t you daddy. Ohhh fuck daddy. I am going to cum. I am yours daddy. Suck my fucking tits. Kiss me, Ohh fuck yes.”

“Suck me pumpkin, suck my huge, throbbing cock”.

Easing his cock out of me he stands up and offers his cock to me.

“Suck my fucking cock you dirty baby girl. Daddy wants to see how bad his baby girl really is. Oh Fuck Baby”.

Just as his baby girl opens my mouth and reaches for his hard on, his sticky cum shoots from your cock and splashes across my cheek, down my lips and all over my perfect tits.

“Oh fuck yes”. He moans

I grin at him “Ohhh daddy I like this new game”. I lick your cum of your cock and it tastes so good”.

I rub his cum all over his ball sack and cock as it drips from my face and tits.

“Mmm daddy, I am your dirty little daddy’s baby girl now. Oh daddy I am such a good girl for you. Let’s play again daddy” This new game left me to lust and want far more.

I think to myself how much I like this game of pretending to be daddy’s little girl.

“We need to rest baby girl, but remember it’s our little secret okay?”

“Yes daddy. I love you daddy.”

“I love you too pumpkin now sleep, we will play in the morning, promise.”

As he kiss me deeply I knew that my effort as acting just like a daddy’s girl turned him on so much that in the morning that this daddy’s girl will be eager to play again. Perhaps as a naughty girl that needs a spanking.

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