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Her pussy was wet and slippery. She lay on the mattress with her legs obscenely spread and just the tip of my finger tickling her. This was the way she liked it. There was something that completely turned her on about being violated. She was a real head trip. 4.0 student, deans list, full scholarship, all that stuff. I think that’s why sex was such mind game for her.

We had broken up and got back together at least 5 times in the summer since she graduated from college when she decided she had to screw a family friend that she had always had a crush on. It was just before she graduated. She said she was riding in his truck up skiing and she realized she was completely wet even though they weren’t doing anything except talking.

“What were you talking about?” I asked her.

“I don’t remember” she told me, “but, after about half an hour we were talking about whether his cock would fit into me and how hard I would cum when he fucked me. I don’t even know if we were talking. Maybe we were both just thinking the same thing. Then all of a sudden we were parked and he was diddling me and I was coming all over his fingers.”

We broke up after that or really that when the torment began. She went through a string of guys. It seems like when girls graduate they do that. But, she would get used by some jerk and call me in the middle of the night and I’d come over to ‘talk”. We would always end up “talking” just like we’re doing right now with my finger in her and her wiggling her cute ass all over the bed. It was a game we played but I have no idea how it started. She would strip for me. Slowly removing everything. She had nice full tits and was athletic. Not super lean but round where she should be round and flat where she should be flat. She was young. She possessed all the qualities of youth like a bright optimistic smile and flawless skin. She had entered college early and had a perfectly smooth ass and gorgeous clear brown eyes. She was so the way home izle pure and wholesome. Who would know she had such a hidden need to be fucked and tortured?

“Touch your clit” I would command her after she was good and wet and aching for release “Stroke it with just one finger” She obediently complied with my order without saying a word. I would be fully dressed except for my cock sticking out of my pants. She was spread eagle as I kneeled over her. “That’s a good girl” I would praise her. Our eyes were locked. She languidly traced her fingernails from he pubic bone up to her nipples as she performed for me. “Fuck yourself” I would tell her and would she rub her clit harder using more fingers. “You need to be fucked don’t you? You need to be diddled and come isn’t that right?” She would sheepishly nod her head.

“Look at my fat cock.” She would look down at my engorged member. “Do you need to be fucked by this bad cock?” She would nod again and avert her gaze. “Then come for me”. As soon as I said it she would close her eyes and start going stiff and tingling. She wasn’t a screamer. I’ve had some experience with those. It was more like she was trying to suppress it. As if she was trying to keep the actual event from coming. She got on the edge of the orgasm and held it there. She would intermittently open her eyes and look at my cock like someone taking another shot of whiskey to enhance the feeling. All the time my finger is just barely in her but, not moving. Not rubbing. The only rubbing is from the gyrations of her hips. She has little gasps and quick breaths and I can tell by her movements that she is so close.

“Put your fingers in you until you cum” I said as I moved around so that she could suck my cock as she came. I cupped her breast with my fingers as she put her finger in her wet fuck hole. Her other hand moved wildly now on her clit bringing her off for the first time. “Come the witcher izle again” I said softly as I pinched her nipple. Her eyes would roll back into her head and her hips would come off the bed. Just the head of my cock would be in her mouth but she could barely focus enough to suck it. Just having it there was enough and my words coaxing her to “do it again. Make yourself COME.” Her face would change and she would buck against her fingers. Each orgasm was more intense.

“Fuck me. Please fuck me” she would beg quietly.

“Bring yourself off for me” I would tell her. “You’re not ready to be fucked yet. When you are ready, I’ll fuck you” Just the words were enough to get off again. Eventually I couldn’t take it anymore and filled her with my cock. I suspended myself on my toes and hands in the missionary position so that only my cock touched her. She liked long deep strokes. She liked it when I almost brought my cock all the way out of her. She liked it if I brought the helmet to the lips of her sex and then plunged in. She liked an irregular rhythm instead of a constant steady fuck. She liked to have only my cock in her. Of course all the time her fingers were buzzing on her clit and her other hand was reaching from behind tickling the opening to her sex as I pumped my cock in and out of it When I pulled my cock out she would stuff her fingers in as if she were trying to stop a gushing wound. She was drenching the bed with her wetness.

“Do you need to come again?” I asked. She had come 4 or 5 times already. I remember thinking that it wasn’t so unusual at the time for a girl to come so much. She was my 3rd girlfriend. I had taken her cherry. She wanted to give it up more easily than I had wanted to take it. I suppose that should have given me some indication of what a nutcase she was. But, as she came for the 5th or 6th time I had no idea how unique it was for a girl to frig herself off into oblivion the witcher blood origin izle like this. She was a masturbating machine. She could come and come and come. “Do it again” I would tell her in a stern voice and she would. have a mind-blowing orgasm just like the first one or the second or any of them.

I once had a girl friend that said she had multiple orgasm that were like little ‘flutters’ as she called them. I don’t think she ever even HAD an orgasm. This girl had ORGASMS. Each one was intense. It wasn’t immediately clear whether she was going to live though them or not. It wasn’t clear if she was going to be able to speak English after any one of them. It wasn’t clear if her head would spin around and start uttering the secrets of the universe. It wasn’t clear if her nether region was going to burst into flame from the heat. It was insane how hard she came.

At nineteen I had a hard on all the time. I think this was the only time in my life that I could come three or four times within a two-hour period. It was the only time in my life when I would fuck a girl who HAD her period. I didn’t care. I just had a hunger for pussy. I was so wound up by the sex that I felt like the only thing that mattered was my hard cock in the girl’s wet pussy. Hmmm. I was a walking turgid hormone.

My coming was almost anticlimactic (no pun intended) after her performance. By the end of the session she had come maybe 8 or 9 times. She claimed her personal best was 13 times when she was all by herself with a pad of paper on the nightstand to keep track. It was almost like a science experiment for her. After all her father was a professor. But, it had all been about her. Commanding her to come. Diddling her. Frigging her. When I couldn’t stand it any longer I shot cum all over her and she was pissed that I got some in her hair. She was instantly enraged and all essence of sex or sex play was lost. What a bitch. I was too spent to fight about it. I only had control of her in the bedroom and as she became more mature this was increasingly apparent. In our relationship (if you could call it that) she was the one in control and I suppose that is why she married an architect.

She never knew I fucked her room mate and nearly fucked her step-mother. But, those are tales yet to tell.

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