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Subject: Headline Hayden Chapter 20: Turn, Turn, Turn I will leave Hayden’s age up to my readers and note that this is a complete work of fantasy. This story is set in a completely fictional world and I certainly would not encourage anyone to try and replicate this fantasy in the real world. It is just a flight of my fancy. Please feel free to email me at ail with feedback, comments and suggestions! This is my first Nifty story so go easy on me. Headline Hayden Chapter 20: Turn, Turn, Turn There was a sense of excitement and new horizons as I loaded up the car for the final weekend camping trip with Hayden before both of us moved to the same city, in different ways. I could feel the anticipation and slight nervousness that both of us were feeling in the air. In a way, this was a break with lives that both of us had become used to. I was starting all over in a new job and he was beginning at a new boarding school. It was an upheaval but it was also an opportunity and both of us knew it. As we cruised down the highway, my stereo blasting some summer jams courtesy of my favourite synthwave bands, Hayden was bobbing his head and singing along as he learned the words. He grinned across at me, his pretty face glowing with youthful energy. “Ah man I am so fucking stoked to be going camping with you! It’s gonna be so fucking awesome to be out there in nature with you. Just to be alone where no one can bug us is gonna be so cool!” I nodded my agreement. “Hell yes! I love the idea of us just being alone out there with no distractions. We can hike, swim and well…do whatever we want out there and no one can butt in on it!” My teenage lover nodded vigorously. “Shit yeah! Hell we can probably even skinny dip. Man that’d be fun!” Our excited planning of what we were going to do once we got there filled that car with a mixture of sexual energy, joy and a profound sense of freedom and release. It made the hours of boring long distance driving before we hit the forestry roads pass by quickly as we shot down the highway. Pretty soon, we’d turned off the main drag and began bumping our way along the gravel road that wound through hilly forests dotted with azure lakes, rapidly flowing clear streams and full of fascinating rock formations that jutted out from the hills. Through the open windows of the car, the deep mossy scent of the forest filled everything. Hayden was smiling so widely that it seemed his face might split. “Ahh that smells so good. I haven’t been camping in so long! Matt, this is gonna be so awesome!” That moment reminded me that his youthful joy at the world is one of the reasons that I loved him. No matter how hard he tried to play the jaded, laconic teenager I knew that he was still in love with the world and what made it wonderful. Cynicism had not yet crept in to taint that view. He was a counterweight to the more cynical viewpoint that I had and made me feel as if I could see the world through new eyes. I turned us down a road that was going to test the solidity of my brick of a Volvo but the stalwart old box made it without any trouble at all. I pulled us into the remote camp site, far away from prying eyes and crowds. It was also the psychological gap between the pressures that both Hayden and I felt as our lives were filled with upheaval. Out here, we could share in each other’s bodies and minds, free of constraint. Eventually we made our way to the remote campsite that I had selected. It was nestled in the trees, surrounded by a dense carpet of moss and backed by a swiftly flowing creek that filled the air with its rushing sounds. As balıkesir escort I stopped and parked the car, Hayden piled out and spun in a slow circle, holding his arms open as if to embrace everything around him. His smile was positively radiant. “Oh my god, Matt! It’s so amazing here! It feels so totally peaceful!” I climbed out and nodded my approval. “Yes it does! I think it is what we both needed in a big way. Come on, let’s get things unpacked and the tent set up. We can have some lunch after and maybe take a hike back along the creek.” There was enthusiastic agreement from my teenage lover and we got down to work. It didn’t take us long to get the campsite in good order and after a light lunch of some sandwiches, we got ourselves all kitted up to go for a hike. It was a mildly warm day, so we swung along easily into the woods. The creek was clear and flashes of sunlight spilled through the trees, catching on the water as it rushed by. We wound along, isolated out here. It felt so good to move through the cool woods with Hayden for company. It seemed like it was only us in the whole world. Eventually we broke out into sunny, open meadows and the heat of that sun made Hayden slip his shirt off. Once again, the stunning beauty of his youthful body struck me and made the crotch of my pants tighten as I began to feel a sense of arousal fill me. He was just so sensual, beautiful and the way I felt about him only deepened my desire for him. We stopped and he turned, seeing my eyes devouring him, and he came close and kissed me hard on the mouth. The salty scent of his sweat and the aroma of the flowers that surrounded us blended into one intoxicating aphrodisiac. I kissed and sucked on his tongue, feeling the mingling of our bodies even in that action. I had brought a blanket along and I threw it down on the ground from my pack and yanked him down onto it. He tossed his pack aside as I did mine and we kissed, his hands fumbling with my shirt buttons and sliding it off. We kissed, his body pinning mine, as I felt his own arousal against me. Our two fabric covered erections rubbed and slid, hard cocks throbbing and leaving wet traces of our arousal on that fabric. Eventually he broke the kiss and tore at my shorts, pulling them and my underwear down before I did the same for him. Now we were naked, hard and wild with desire in nature. At that moment, something happened, naturally that hadn’t actually occurred before. Hayden had moved so that he was above me, his throbbing cock in my face and mine was standing stiff in his face. Without hesitation, almost at the same time, we slid our hungry mouths down on one another and engulfed each other in warm, wet pleasure. Out there in the wild field, the sun on us and the wind rushing around there was a primal need that fuelled our hungry sexual play. Waves of warm ecstatic pleasure filled me. Fire shot through my erect shaft as his wet, soft lips took me in and his throat enfolded me as mine enfolded him. We eagerly suckled and swallowed, aching with pleasure until we could no longer contain that ache and we both orgasmed hard, trembling and shaking, out there in the wild. All of those sensations were heightened by the nature and the wild life and growth all around us. Back in the camp, we sat at the simple picnic table. Hayden’s beautiful eyes were wide. “Holy shit! I haven’t ever cum like that just from getting blown. It was like so fucking cool. It was like something about doing out in that field that just made me so hot.” I grinned. “I guess it just brought out the animals in us bartın escort huh?” Later, we built a fire and I took to the marinated pork tenderloin I’d prepared before we set off. I also wrapped some potatoes in tin foil with some butter and set them on the coals as I began to grill the tenderloin on the grill rack I’d also brought. There’s something about fire and food that just makes everything so much better, especially when the rush of a creek and the mossy scent of the forest is around you. We ate ravenously and with relish, everything was so full of flavour it seemed. After we’d cleaned up, twilight began to fall. I laid out a blanket on the flattest part of the ground and as we saw the night rise, twilight fading from blue to black. I had stoked up the fire so the flickering glow also lit us. The endless starry field began to grow more pronounced and I held my lover’s hand tightly, fingers interlaced. Eventually he propped himself up on his arm and looked at me. “God I am so lucky to have you, Matt.” I squeezed his hand. “No. I’m the lucky one, Hayden. I’m so privileged to see you becoming the person you’re going to be. The wonderful, strong and sweet human being who has made me see so much about myself and my life.” He ran his fingers down my chest and swirled them there. “I never knew I’d be able to feel like you make me feel, Matt. I love you so much.” It was a warm evening and pretty soon, we stripped off naked, laying there in the mingled glow of firelight and starlight. I could see that Hayden was aroused, his beautiful uncut cock growing as I traced circles on his arm. I grew hard too, seeing him rise to full mast and slid over across him. I had cleaned myself thoroughly before we left, knowing that the first night would be the best chance for having Hayden inside of me. I was still a little sweaty, as was he and that intoxicating scent filled the air. I had a tube of lubrication in the pocket of my shorts and I slid it out. First I knelt over him and began to lovingly, slowly stroke his stiff hardness, tracing the shape of the flared glans, now that his foreskin was rolled back, down the veiny firmness of his cock and then down to caress his full balls. He moaned and gasped as I wet him and stroked him before I rolled onto my back, thoroughly lubricating my pink hole, pushing one and then two fingers inside, masturbating in front of Hayden with my free hand as he stroked his own hardness and watched. Once I was thoroughly lubricated and his cock was coated in a mixture of precum and lubrication, I squatted over him and took hold of his erection. His cock shuddered and trembled in time to his pulse as I lowered myself onto him, sinking until he rested balls-deep against me and we both let out deeply contented moans. I began to ride him, facing him, my cock bouncing on his flat abs as I took him in and slid up, down and up again. I was full of him, his heat, his hardness. I braced my hands against his chest as I kissed him and then sat up, riding and writhing, feeling his erect cock bounce off my prostate and send waves of pleasure through me. The stars wheeled above us, the fire’s glow illuminated our twined, sweating bodies and our pleasured gasps and moans filled the air. We were lost in the wild and lost in each other. Eventually we both came, my body contorting as I shot my hot load out, splattering him. My mouth hung open and the prostate orgasm I was having made me nearly want to pass out as Hayden’s thick, hard cock spasmed hard, his strong abs flexing as loud moans of orgiastic pleasure filled the air. I knew batıkent escort he was having a powerful orgasm in me and that was arousing enough. We lay there until we were too cold and then stood and went to the tent. It didn’t matter that we both smelled of sweat and sex, that our strong scent would fill the tent. It was part of the primal experience that we were having, part of revelling in one another’s presence. Out here, we could be free of all constraints and pressures of conformity. The next days passed in more long hikes, blissful sessions of sexual pleasure and yes, even a few skinny dipping experiences. The days seemed long and idyllic, but like all things eventually they had to end. Hayden was quiet in the car as we merged back onto the highway. I glanced across at him and touched his hand. “You okay, honey?” He was quiet a moment more as he met my eyes for a moment before I had to look at the road. “I’m fine, babe. I’m just a little worried about what happens next. Like I’m happy that you got to move to the same town and that I can see ya, but I hate this new school idea. It’s only for a few years, I know, but…it’s gonna make it hard for us right?” I squeezed his hand again. “Sure. No point in pretending that it won’t but we’re gonna be fine. The last few days have showed that. We got this, Hayden. Look at what we’ve been through, what we’ve survived.” My beautiful boy sighed softly. “You’re right, Matt. We’re strong, we can do this! I love you, you love me. What else counts right?” It seemed like a return to reality, the closer we made it to the city. The colours seemed less vibrant, the world less alive. However, Hayden stayed like a bright beacon through all of that drab reality. I dropped him off at Jason’s house, as he had to get packed and ready for his parents to pick him up. Before we got out of the car, we kissed deeply and passionately. He looked into my eyes and gave me a firm nod. “We’re gonna do this! I’ll call you before I gotta get picked up. I know you gotta pack up too, Matt.” The next days were a blur of last minute preparations. It was hard to believe that I was going to leave this place behind. The only thing that kept me going was the fact that it was all to have a future with Hayden. The months that had passed had been full of pain, love, angst, worry and desire. My life had been transformed out of all measure and I had come to know myself better. It was all because of one beautiful, smart, funny and sexy young man named Hayden. Moving was hard but Hayden and I kept connected. We learned that he would have free days to come see me and of course we could text and communicate. The reality of this situation was growing and with it there was the realization that we truly could do this and make it work. It has been three months since Hayden started school and things are, if not easy, than quite manageable. My new job is more work but I am enjoying it. The new city’s larger and more vibrant, giving both Hayden and I more to do. He is on the school’s soccer team, he has found a new breakdance crew and is excelling as I knew he would. The fact that I could be with a teenage boy in a committed relationship is a continual source of amazement to me. It isn’t usual and it still gives me pause sometimes, but it has happened. Who knows what the future will bring or what might happen? Only time will tell. All I know is that love is love, no matter how strange. As the song says, “the future’s not ours to see” but at the moment, I am happy to live in the present and let the future take care of itself. (Author’s Note: This is so long, not goodbye for Matt and Hayden. I just felt this was a good point to break from the story for a hiatus. I am still going to be writing some shorter work on Nifty and when my well of ideas for Matt and Hayden is full again. I’ll pick up the story again.)

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