Heather Peace and Roxanne McKee lesbian sex

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Heather Peace and Roxanne McKee lesbian sexAfter her successful role as Louise Summers in the UK soap Hollyoaks she was offered a major role in the BBC drama called “Lip Service” which is set in Scotland and is about lesbian relationships.Although Roxanne has always been a sex symbol she’s never really shied away from, not-only playing, raunchy roles but also stripping off for glamour mags as well. All very tasteful but she had been approached many times with cash to go further but she’s always said no.Now just turned 30, she’s a 5ft 7inches tall brunette with a slim model-like figure and she’s never been short of boyfriends and she’s always enjoyed sex.Roxanne was pleased with her first ever performance playing a lesbian, whose role was to be enjoying an orgasm from another girl then reciprocating, but she did say to the on-site media that she’d over-played the volume even though she assumed that orgasms aren’t be that loud in the real world.That evening after the take, one of her co-stars Heather Peace, 34, (who has since come out as a lesbian in real life) knocked on Roxanne’s lodgings door with a bottle of German white wine. “I thought we’d drink a toast to your first day on “Lip Service” and I would like to offer you some good practical hands-on advice of how a lesbian sex session really goes if you’re OK with that.” Roxanne was looking a little perplexed wondering what on earth she meant. She was soon to find out.“Look sweetheart, you are playing felahiye escort a lesbian and how better to learn the role than actually taking part in lesbian sex?” Heather looked straight at her face and could see that Roxanne was looking a little agitated and reddening.“Come here Rox, let me show you what I mean.” She reached over to Roxanne’s shirt and whipped it off over her head then unhooked her bra. Her short mini skirt was next to go followed by her pink panties and, in less than a minute, Roxanne was naked.Just like in the scene today Roxanne was pushed hard against the wall and Heather hooked Roxanne’s feet apart before inserting her two middle fingers of her right hand into Roxanne’s bald pussy. Without waiting for Roxanne to react Heather had the heel of her palm over Roxanne’s clitoris and she commenced to masturbate her pussy until it was obvious that Roxanne was going to cum very quickly.Roxanne’s squeals turned very quickly to a scream and Heather had to put her left hand over Roxanne’s mouth to avoid one of the other residents hearing her.Heather was not stopping as Roxanne came again and she was squirting all over Heather’s hand as she brought this beautiful actress to the greatest orgasm she had ever experienced but she was not finished with her yet.On and on she went and Roxanne was almost collapsing with the pure a****l pleasure she was enjoying and she came for a third time, spraying her juices again and this time Heather stopped as the naked quivering wreck in front of her was nearly collapsing already exhausted.Heather actually lifted the helpless form onto the bed and laid her on her back. Her pussy was wet through and her juices were dribbling onto the bed.“Now that’s what I meant sweetheart,” she kissed Roxanne on the lips and Roxanne couldn’t speak as she just lay there totally fucked, breathing very heavily.Heather wasn’t finished with her yet. One of Heather’s fantasies was to make lesbian love to a straight girl and she knelt on the floor next to the bed and pulled Roxanne’s ankles towards her before opening the naked girl’s legs wide and started licking Roxanne’s wet red pussy.Even though she’d already cum Roxanne was jerking again as Heather lapped at Roxanne’s exposed clitoris and inserted three fingers into her wet pussy and started masturbating her all over again. The result was the same, albeit took a couple of minutes before she came again, squirting into Heather’s face this time.Heather managed to coax one more smaller orgasm from her before she stood up, leaving this beautiful star lying on her back still jerking in the final throes of her orgasms. Roxanne’s chest was heaving after her exertions and her eyes were closed as she moaned slightly.Heather went over to her handbag and fetched out a huge dildo which a full eight inches long and about the same in diameter which she took over to the bed and quickly pushed it all the way to its hilt inside Roxanne McKee’s open red pussy.Roxanne screamed as the sheer brute force that Heather used on her but the feelings were tremendous as Heather worked the dildo in and out while she licked Roxanne’s protruding clitoris. Roxanne could not believe that she could take such a monster inside her and, amazingly, she came again for the sixth and last time.Heather left Roxanne calming down on the bed as she opened the wine and filled two glasses.Roxanne had enough energy to sit on the side of the bed, still naked, and sip her wine. They drank another glass of wine each before Heather turned to Roxanne and said, “Well sweetheart, it’s your turn now to fuck me.” Roxanne was shocked but realised she owed it to Heather for what she’d done to her so she nodded and started undressing Heather.Now both naked Heather said to Roxanne, “Just do exactly the same to me as I did to you and make me cum and I’ll be satisfied OK?” Roxanne nodded.Amazingly Roxanne brought Heather off quite easily and from Heather’s reaction she’d got it right. Heather only came three times but she told Roxanne she was a natural.An hour later after showering Heather left but not before reminding Roxanne; “That’s how women fuck women babe and make sure you reflect that in your next sex scene. See you tomorrow!”All Roxanne could do was lie there naked shaking her head and trying to take in all of what had just happened to her.Wow!Heather has since married her long time lesbian partner and Roxanne has a new sex life to consider even appearing totally full-frontal naked in Game of Thrones.

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