Hedonism Ch. 05

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George climbed off me and headed for the bathroom and seconds later I heard the splashing as he relieved himself. Winston collapsed into a chair and Adele moved onto her elbow and looked down at me as I lay there covered in cum and smiling broadly. She bent down and kissed me before commencing to lick George’s spunk from my face and tits. When she had finished I cleaned her up in a like manner and we then headed for the shower.

The warm water flooded over our tanned skin as we began to soap each other down and it wasn’t long before our lips were touching and our fingers exploring. George and Winston, the two Jamaican lads who had just fucked the pair of us into several orgasms, were forgotten as our tongues flicked seductively in and out of each other’s mouths. Our nipples hardened as we pressed our bodies together in our embrace whilst our fingers roamed gently over each other’s body. This was not sex between two girls; this was lovemaking between two lovers. Although we had both enjoyed having our bodies ravaged in frantic abandonment by various men we had encountered on this holiday it was nothing compared to the tender embraces that Adele and I were so fond of giving to each other. Adele and I were in love. Truly and deeply in love. As our tongues searched deep inside each other’s mouth we both knew that this was going to be the highlight of the night.

Yes we had both just been fucked silly by our two male companions from the hotel bar but the feel of our naked bodies pressing closely together forecast a sexual experience that only two girls in love can give.

I broke our kiss as my right hand stroked softly over Adele’s small bum cheeks and I pulled my head back so that I could look into her eyes. I could see myself in her pupils and I smiled softly before murmuring;

“I love you Adele. I love you from the depths of my soul. I want to be with you forever. I want to kiss you to sleep every night. I want to taste your womanhood and smell your sweet aroma as I lick you to orgasm. I want to hug you and make love with you for the rest of my life.”

Adele leaned forward and kissed me softly on the tip of my nose.

“And you know I love you Linda. You are my life. My Princess. And I want to feel your soft skin against mine as I touch and fondle every sweet inch of your naked body.”

Our lips met again and our tongues slid gently back into each other’s mouth as my hand continued to press lightly over the curves of Adele’s bum; halting briefly at the crease where her long, tanned legs met her curvaceous bottom. I felt her body stiffen against me; I knew one of her G spots and my fingers lingered there for a few moments and I pressed my breasts even tighter into her own. My body gave a slight tremble as Adele’s fingers ran gently down my spine along with the warm water from the shower as it touched our naked bodies and washed away the smell of sex that had so recently been unloaded onto us by the two men in the adjoining room. Now was the time for us to create our own sexual scent. The sexual scent of two women making love. Adele pressed her pelvis to mine and I delighted in the feel of her vaginal hairs as they brushed over my almost naked pussy. Naked except for a thin strip of hair that I kept neatly trimmed just above my slit. I moaned softly as I felt Adele against me. The water from the shower was trickling down between us but I knew that Adele’s pussy was secreting it’s vaginal juices just as mine was.

Without another word between us our lips parted and Adele bent her knees to allow her mouth to encircle my left breast. After all our love making she knew which nipple was the most sensitive and a low moan escaped my lips as her mouth began to suck gently and send ripples of sensitive pleasure quivering through my upper body.

A gentle suck and then a slight nip. Another suck. Another nip. I trembled in pleasure at the attention Adele was giving to my breast; I trembled even more as her finger dropped to rub softly against my slit. I moaned as I opened my legs to allow her finger access to my waiting pussy and I almost screamed as it touched my sensitive clitoris. My hands went around her slender neck as I pulled her mouth tighter to my breast. My hips thrust forward in an effort to force her finger into me but Adele withdrew it in a teasing manner that left me almost screaming at her to finger me. I threw my head back as I was pressed against the tiled wall and began to moan softly with each nip and suck on my nipple. The finger that was teasing my clit was driving me wild with pure desire. I wanted more.

I looked down at her when her mouth loosened it’s grip on my nipple and her eyes looked upwards from under her long sexy lashes. Our eyes met and she smiled. Adele smiled a sensual, teasing smile just seconds before her body dropped and she went to her knees. Her hands held my hips tightly and her face shot forward. The touch of her tongue against my clitoris sent a wave of trembling throughout my body and I almost screamed. I tried to push my hips escort forward into her face but her hands held me firmly against the tiles as her tongue began to lick lightly over my dripping slit. I trembled again and grabbed at her head and this time I was successful in pushing her face hard into my womanhood. I felt her tongue stiffen and enter me and I screamed. My whole body shook and my legs began to tremble; I let go of Adele’s head and grabbed at my own breasts with both hands and began to mould them hard in a circular motion that caused my nipples to press firmly against my palms.

Adele suddenly pulled her head away and she raised her eyes to mine for just a few seconds before ramming her face hard into my pussy again. Her tongue pressed against my clit and my orgasm started. Suddenly. Violently. My hips shot forward and my clit was forced hard against Adele’s tongue as she continued to lick and press against the tiny bud that was protruding like a tiny cock waiting to be sucked. And Adele sucked. And then she licked. Sucked. Licked. Sucked. Licked. I went crazy and I came.

My body shook; my eyes watered, my legs trembled and I went to heaven as my orgasm rippled through my entire being. I could feel Adele’s tongue diving in and out of my depths as she sought the juices that were flooding from me before they were watered down by the shower that was still splattering our tanned bodies and causing our skin to glisten with the water droplets that slowly trickled down us.

My orgasm finally subsided as Adele stood up and her arms encircled my trembling body and held me tightly whilst I slowly came back to earth. We looked deep into each other’s eyes and smiled. We kissed softly before Adele smiled and whispered..

“You ready for some more cock if the boys are up to it baby?”

I smiled back at her. “My clit is a little sensitive still but hey why not.”

Turning towards the bathroom door we just caught sight of it as it silently closed. Adele looked at me and smiled.. “I think we had an audience Princess.” Smiling back I nodded and the moment we entered the bedroom our suspicions were confirmed. The two lads were sat in the chairs talking as if they had been there all the time we had been in the shower; but the hardness of their cocks told us different.

“Did you enjoy the show boys?” I asked smiling.

They both mumbled something but didn’t actually deny or confirm.

“Well if you like watching two girls screwing I think Adele could do with a good tongue licking from me now.. ” and without another word I stooped down and picked her up in my arms and carried her the short distance to the bed. Laying her gently down on the side of the bed I slid to my knees on the floor beside her and bent over her upturned face. Again our lips met as we kissed while at the same time my right hand slid straight between her legs and my finger entered her without any hesitation or fore play. Adele’s hips arched upwards to meet my probing hand and our kiss became even more passionate. Her hand went around the back of my head and pulled my face down tightly to hers as our tongues flicked in and out rapidly and sensually.

Meanwhile my finger had been joined by a second whilst I allowed my thumb to flick rapidly over the swollen clit that awaited it. Adele was almost screaming into my mouth with the thrill of the sensations that my fingers and thumb were bringing to her young body. Her hips continued to move up and down against my fingers as she fucked herself onto them. My left hand had been stroking her long, blonde hair but I suddenly moved it and felt for the handle of the bedside cabinet. My mouth continued to kiss her deeply and my fingers continued to fuck her now very wet pussy as I pulled the small drawer open and quickly found the 8″ long, and very thick cock shaped vibe. It had a tiny bird perched at the base with it’s tiny plastic beak pointing towards the bulbous head of the shaft. Without breaking the kiss I suddenly removed my right hand from Adel’s quivering slit and took hold of the vibe from my left hand. While that went back to her hair I placed the head of the latex cock against the lips of her dripping pussy and pressed it in gently. Just an inch or two to begin with. That was enough to cause Adele to almost scream into my mouth. I held the vibe in place for a few more seconds then eased it in a little further.

Adele was going wild beneath me. I could feel my hard nipples pressing against the side of her body as my own juices started to build up inside me and I slid the vibe in another inch. When she had taken six inches I used my thumb to flick the switch on the base onto slow speed. Adele’s hips rose upwards and she began to fuck against the ‘cock’ inside her as if she was demanding more. With our tongues still flicking hard into each other’s mouth I held the vibe still for a minute longer before sliding it another inch into her and flicking the switch to medium.

I felt my cunt juices begin to trickle down my legs as my sexual bursa eve gelen escort want increased and my nipples must have been digging deep into Adele’s skin; they felt that hard against her.

One more flick of the switch; another push and the whole 8″ were inside her soaking wet pussy. The beak of the tiny bird began to vibrate hard against her clit and Adele went crazy. Her hips began to thrash about on the bed as they forced themselves upwards to meet the probing latex cock that I was now fucking in and out of her. The bird’s beak touched her clit on every thrust forward and I could feel her attempting to scream into my mouth as I held it firmly against her own.

Faster and faster I fucked her. Deeper and harder I reamed the latex cock in and out of her trembling womanhood as my left hand suddenly slipped from her hair and slid down between my legs. My index finger began to rub hard against my clit and I knew that neither Adele or I could last much longer before our orgasms erupted.

It was then that I felt a pair of hands slide around my waist as Winston knelt down behind me on the floor beside the bed. I felt the hardness of his cock against the base of my back as he suddenly grabbed my hand and pulled it away. I was about to protest when I almost screamed into Adele’s mouth as I felt my own slender finger being replaced by Winston’s longer and thicker finger. I felt Adele’s body begin to tremble beneath me and a second later she almost bit my tongue off as her orgasm ripped through her trembling body.

I continued to fuck deep and hard into her juicy pussy as she erupted onto the thick shaft of the vibrator and then my own orgasm began; brought on by the feel of Winston’s cock pressing against the base of my back and his long, thick finger as it fucked into me while at the same time his thumb pressed against my clit.

I shook. I screamed into Adele’s mouth as her own moans began to subside and I came. I heard the intake of breath in my ear as Winston felt my juices flood onto his finger and his cock stiffened against my back even more. My orgasm rippled through me for much longer than the average 8 seconds. More like 15. Eventually my shaking stopped and I slid the vibe from Adele’s soaking wet slit. I pulled my head away from Adele’s face and we gazed into each other’s eyes and smiled. No words were said. Non were needed. Just the smiles that showed our love for each other.

I felt Winston’s finger slide from my now tender pussy as he stood up and I glanced at him and smiled.

“God that was good hon. Thanks. Now I guess we had better sort that hard cock out for you.”

I looked round for George and found him standing at the base of the bed with his eyes almost bulging from his sockets as he looked down between Adele’s still open legs and into her glistening pussy. His right hand was stroking gently at his giant hard on.

Leaning back down to Adele’s face I kissed her again briefly and whispered into her ear. She smiled and nodded and as I stood up she raised herself from the bed and slid to her knees with her arse at the edge of the bed. I in turn knelt down beside her and our hands reached out as we gripped each other’s palms tightly.

Without looking around I said loudly..

“Ok boys. Get rid of those hard cocks. But our cunts are still tender so take us in the arse please.”

Winston and George needed no further asking and seconds later I felt a pair of hands on my hips and the tip of a hard cock at the entrance to my arse. My face was almost buried in the quilt and I didn’t know who’s cock it was. Besides I didn’t care. My arse is small and the cock was big and when it slid slowly into me I almost screamed with the pain. But it was a nice pain and I felt Adele’s hand grip mine even tighter and I knew that she too had a cock in her arse.

Slowly picking up the pace the cock began to glide in and out deeper and faster until my arse muscles opened up and relaxed themselves and the pain vanished. I slid my right hand down between my legs to find the tenderness had gone from my clit and I again began to rub it as my arse got fucked hard and deep.

In and out the cock rammed into me and I could hear the moans from the two boys as they fucked us on the edge of the bed. I heard Adele begin to moan and knew that she too was fingering her clit. On and on the cock in my arse pounded away as the owner’s hands gripped my hips tighter and tighter. I could feel the beginnings of another orgasm rising up through me when, to my surprise, the cock behind me slid out of my arse and the pair of hands left my hips. I was about to turn my head to find out why when I felt the cock ram back into me as the hands grabbed my hips again. But it was a different cock and a different pair of hands. The two boys had swapped over. The cock in my arse was slightly bigger and a little thicker and I now knew that it was George that was fucking me. I heard Adele moan loudly as Winston’s cock thrust into bursa görükle escort her tight arse and together we gripped our hands tighter as we had our arses fucked like never before.

Both of us were rubbing our clits like crazy when I suddenly had an idea. Looking around I saw my vibe still laying on the bed where I had left it. I grabbed it and thrust it down between my open legs and into my cunt.

Hard. Deep.

I almost screamed as it went into me and the bird’s beak touched my clit. I came. Ripples of pleasure shot through my body as I fucked my own cunt and George fucked into my arse. I could hear his moans and knew that he could feel the head of my latex cock thrusting against his own hard prick and it was exciting him even more than the tightness of my arse. As my orgasm subsided I pulled the vibe from my slit and handed it to Adele. She grabbed at it and thrust it deep into her own pussy and began to fuck like crazy until she too orgasmed onto the thick shaft.

Suddenly George pulled his cock from my now quivering body and I felt his hands on my shoulders as he pulled me from my knees and roughly threw me onto my back. As l looked around I saw that Winston had done the same with Adele and as we lay there the two boys began to wank their cocks like crazy. I knew that any second a hot, white streams of spunk would spurt out onto our bodies and I shouted at the two wanking boys..

“Yes. Yes. Go for it guys. Cover us in your spunk.” Looking around at Adele again is saw that, like me, she had her mouth wide open.

Ten seconds later Winston’s cock erupted and a thick globule of cum spurted out and hit Adele in the chin. A miss. Next moment George came and his first globule hit me in the eye. Another miss. It stung for a second until I wiped it away but ensuring I kept my mouth wide open. I saw the next spurt shoot from Winston’s cock and this time it went straight into her mouth; George’s next spurt was also on target and I tasted the salty cum as it slid down my throat.

Where all the spunk came from I will never know but both boys continued to spurt hot globules into our mouths, over our faces, onto our tits and even into our hair. But finally the barrage ceased and the cocks went limp in their hands. Adele and I turned to each other and kissed as again we began to lick cum from each other’s body while Winston and George looked on; still clutching their sagging cocks. Next moment I sat forward and beckoned George towards me. I took his cock in my hand and leaned down. It seemed strange having a soft cock in my mouth as opposed to a hard one but I knew George was enjoying the feel of me cleaning his cock with my tongue just as much as I was. Seeing what I was doing Adele began to do the same to Winston but then, to my amazement, the cock in my mouth began to get hard again. I let it slip from my lips but still held it firmly as I looked up at his smiling black face.

“Can you?” I queried as his cock continued to harden slowly.

“Well sweet Linda I think it’s more of a question of ‘can you’ get it hard again. It certainly feels like you can girl.”

I looked around at my girlfriend and smiled as she said; “Let’s go for it Princess. Let’s suck some cock.”

Like twin sisters we both slid from the bed at the same time and settled ourselves on our knees before our men. My hand slid under Georges balls and cupped them as my mouth wrapped itself around his hardening cock. A few movements of my head towards his groin and back and his tool was almost as hard as when it had fucked my arse. Gripping my lips tight around the shaft I began to mouth fuck this wonderful guy’s cock until I heard his moans begin to creep from his throat as my mouth worked it’s magic on his thick shaft. Glancing sideways I could see my Adele was taking Winston’s cock deep into her own mouth and knew she would soon have his cock erupting more spunk with her expert sucking techniques.

Meanwhile George had grabbed my head of red hair and was holding it firm while he began to ram his hips back and forth and sink his lovely cock into the back of my throat. I closed my mouth slightly so as to allow my teeth to gently scrape the shaft and he went wild.

“Oh my God. Oh Linda. Oh God you lovely bitch.. that’s it. That’s it… suck me.. suck my spunk from my balls.. oh my God baby yessssssssss.”

George had no way of knowing that dirty talk, such as swearing and calling me names, was a massive turn on for me but when I began to mouth fuck him even faster at hearing those words I guess he must have realised and continued with the expletives even more. I became very excited at hearing the abusive language and wanted to let him know I was enjoying hearing it. I let his cock slip from my mouth for a moment as I yelled at him..

“Yes baby. Yes I am your bitch. I’m your whore. Your fuck toy. Now fuck my mouth hard like the wicked bitch I am.”

Before wrapping my mouth back around his cock I again grabbed my vibe from the bed and slid it into my now wet cunt. Holding it with my left hand and fucking myself hard with it I used my right to go behind George and allowed my middle finger to slide into his arse. Knowing that most guys enjoyed this while having their cocks sucked off I was not surprised when he thrust his hips back onto my finger and yelled at me again.

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