Helping my hubby to get a promotion

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Helping my hubby to get a promotionThat morning I was being fucked in a wild way by Jamal, my black personal trainer, when the cell phone rang.I did not answer, because Jamal had me on all fours and his huge hard dick was taking me at the verge of an intense orgasm.Then I came screaming like crazy.My black lover reached out to grab my phone and he laughed when he saw the lost call was from my loving hubby…Then he slipped out from my soaking cunt and slapped my buttocks I cried in pain as he gave my phone, saying it was time to call back my cuckold husband. He called me “a dirty married bitch…”I started dialing Victor’s office number, but Jamal grabbed me by the waist and made me straddle his still hard dick again,When Victor answered, I was in heaven, rocking back and forth onto that magnificent black dick.“Hi love!” He said. “Did I interrupt anything?””I was just enjoying a huge hard black cock between my legs”.I moaned and told him, knowing he would not believe me.Victor laughed and asked me for a simple favor…”Chance will be there by taking some papers I left on my desk…”“I will handle them to your Boss, babe, do not worry about it…”I hung out just in time to scream loud for another wild orgasm.That black bastard under my body really knew how to please me.I came onto his dick and then he exploded in my cunt, filling me.Then I told him to dress and leave, because my hubby’s Boss would come anytime. Jamal laughed and said he could stay and we could have a threesome; but then I kicked him off from my house.I went to take a shower as I thought about, Chance, the Boss…He was some years younger than Victor and he did not have half the experience or qualifications of my smart loving husband. But Chance had married the Owner’s daughter and he had recently been promoted as Victor’s boss; a position that my husband had been coveting for years. Even worse, Victor had ended up doing most of Chance’s job for him since the guy was lazy and incompetent…As I caressed my swollen clit under the warm shower; I thought I could help my loving husband anyway…I dried up my body and called my slutty girlfriend Helena, asking her if she had a couple of hours to spare. Then I explained the idea I had in mind and my friend was more than happy to join in.A while later there was a knock on the door and Helena stepped in, just wearing a raincoat and a sexy see through black gown under it.We went to my bedroom and I made Helena strip off. I also got naked and soon we both were rolling onto the bed, starting caressing each other, wanting to look as hot and flustered as possible when Chance arrived. Helena licked my hardened nipples canlı bahis and then she crawled on my body until she reached my swollen pussy lips. Soon she stuck her soft tongue in and she smiled with an evil grin…“You filthy bitch… Tell me this salty taste belongs to a black cock”I looked at her and said Jamal had been fucking me very early.Helena laughed and said he had been fucking her two days ago, She had even let him to enjoy her fully stretched asshole…I laughed too and parted my legs wide to let her dive in. Helena buried her face in my wet slit, wanting to get her face covered by my sweet juices. I moaned loud as my girlfriend started tongue fucking me.Just as I was going to come in her mouth, we were interrupted by the doorbell. Helena stepped up from between my legs. She was flustered and her face was wet with my pussy juices. I wrapped Helena’s gown around myself, leaving ample cleavage. I put on a pair of stiletto heels and went to open the door…Chance smiled at me and I saw he was trying not to stare at my hard erect nipples that were threatening to poke through the gown. “Ana, I have come for a folder…””Oh yes…” I said as I giggled silly. “Would you be so kind as to help me find it…?”Chance nodded and he stepped in as I closed the door behind him.”Victor’s office is down the hall” I said over my shoulder as I led Chance towards the bedrooms. I glanced in through the wide open bedroom door and saw that Helena was shoving her own fingers deep inside her stretched cunt. Chance had a quick glance also.”Did I interrupt anything?” Chance asked at Victor`s office.”Oh; not at all. I was just eating my girlfriend’s pussy” I answered.I found a green folder and handed to him.Chance smiled at me and then he looked directly into my eyes, as he approached me very close. The bastard then whispered at me:“Has your naughty girlfriend been eating your pussy…?””Not today…” I quickly whispered back, leaning to his ear…”But will she be eating it today?” Chance insisted.“As soon as you are gone, for sure” I smiled at him devilishly…”Would you mind if I stay and watch?” Chance whispered.”My girlfriend and I do not like an audience…” I replied and saw the disappointed look on his face.”But you’re welcome to participate; if you dare to.” I added…Then Helena came inside my hubby’s office. She was fully naked, her nipples hardened and her pussy lips glistening and wet…I dropped the black gown and Helena walked over to me, kissing my red lips deeply and caressing my tits.”Would you share your cock with us?” Helena asked Chance.The poor guy did not even speak. He quickly undressed and came over Helena and me with his bahis siteleri semi hard cock in his hand.Helena kissed him and begged him to come to bed with her.She directed Chance to lie down on the bed and she dove herself straight down on his cock, sucking it in to her warm mouth.I straddled his body, rubbing my wet cunt across his chest hair and leaning forward to allow him to suck on my hard nipples.Chance moaned out loud and bit my nipples as he felt Helena was sucking his hard dick in such a wild way.I stepped off him, turned around and straddled his face with his head tucked tightly between my thighs. His tongue lapped up my wetness before he parted my pussy lips. Then he licked my clit…I moaned out loud with pleasure. Then I felt his tongue starting to fuck me. I knew that I was going to cum soon.As I looked at Helena sucking Chance hard dick, she pointed at a birthmark right next to his erect shaft and it was very distinct. I reached for my cell phone and took some snaps of that cock, as Helena grabbed it and smiled to the camera…Chance’s tongue kept fucking me furiously and I finally gave in to an intense orgasm. My cunt contracted tight around his tongue and I screamed out my pleasure. As I stepped off his face, Chance let out a roar and shot his load into Helena’s hungry mouth. Chance smiled to both of us and he asked whose pussy would be first to get a taste of his hard cock…Soon I was on all fours, lapping on Helena’s pussy lips, as Chance fucked me from behind. He pumped me in a wild way. He was hard and rough; but I found myself enjoying it. Every time he slammed into me, his heavy balls hit hard into my swollen clit, making me gasp for air, but with my face buried in Helena’s cunt, I only sucked her even harder…I started finger fucking Helena. My own cunt was dripping down my thighs as Chance kept fucking me. All of a sudden, both Helena and I cried out in unison as our bodies convulsed and our cunts contracted around the hard cock and fingers that were fucking us. I raised her head from Helena’s cunt and pulled away from Chance, as I leaned over my girlfriend and kissed her deeply, sharing her own pussy juices.Then Helena begged Chance to let her ride him.Victor’s Boss just lay down and watched his cock disappear up the wet cunt that felt so warm and wonderful around his shaft. Then he rolled Helena over and fucked her harder and faster.Chance slammed into her, grinding into her clit with each thrust. He did not seem aware of my presence being in the room. Then I managed to get a few more photos. Chance’s face was clearly visible as he fucked my girlfriend’s hot cunt like crazy.Finally bahis şirketleri Helena moaned out loud and screamed Chance’s name as her cunt convulsed around that hard pumping cock. He picked up the pace even more and as soon he pulled out and with a roar he shot his load all over Helena’s belly.I took as many snaps as I dared when he came onto her body.”Could we do it again tomorrow?” Chance asked as he smiled.”I don’t think our husbands would be too happy about that” Helena answered, as she licked Chance’s cum from her fingers.Then the stupid bastard looked at us with an evil smile. “If I don’t get to fuck you two again, I will tell Ana’s husband about today and he will not be happy about that…” He also laughed…”We should discuss that point another day”. I said coldly.”I will call you tomorrow, babe” With those words Chance left the bedroom, collected the folder and his clothes from Victor`s study and soon left the house.Helena and I had a long shower together, taking time to finger each other to reach another orgasm. Then I processed the pictures from my cell phone.I had managed to get a picture when Chance was coming- His dick was wet with Helena’s juices and his face was twisted in orgasm.That night at bed with Victor, I decided not to tell about the facts.I had posted the photos to the Owner and his daughter already…Victor was in the mood for fuck; with just a quick touch of his finger he felt how wet I was for him. He shoved his cock inside me and pulled my legs up over his shoulder. As he leaned forward to kiss me, he raised my buttocks off the bed, letting him get deeper inside my cunt.I moaned loud. Victor was pumping me with long, deliberate strokes. Almost out completely and then straight back in again. He got deeper and deeper inside me…My cunt was throbbing around him, trying to suck him deeper. His lips closed over my sensitive nipple and his fingers grabbed the other one. He fucked me real hard. Soon I had to give in and with a moan I allowed my cunt to cum around my husband’s shaft. He still pumped me throughout my intense orgasm, which had my cunt gripping his cock hard.Victor pulled out and he turned me over. Once again he slammed his shaft into my hot cunt. He pulled me up by my tits as he slid in and out my wet vagina. He reached around and stimulated my clit.He fucked me harder and deeper. I lost control again. My cunt convulsed around Victor’s cock and I screamed as I felt the final slam into me as he finally let go and shot his load up my cunt.The next morning I was having a cup of coffee at the mall, as I was shopping with my slutty Helena. Then my cell phone rang.It was my loving husband, very happy and satisfied, telling me that he had been promoted.I really felt so proud of him and happy about him.I hung up and Helena smiled at me saying:”It looks like we are going to have some fun this weekend…!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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