Her Collar

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I hate it when I get into trouble, I mean don’t get me wrong, the spankings rock; but, what hurts me the most is when Master removes my favorite collar. The heavy metal replacement just isn’t comfortable and it doesn’t mean the same.

I remember the night he collared me like it was yesterday. I still close my eyes and fantasize about it, sometimes ending in me placing my fingers between my legs and relieving myself of pent up passions.

We were invited by a couple to attend one of their popular swinger parties. Their house was located up in the hills over looking the bay. Sheila and Tom always threw successful parties, she does her own catering and everything. She’s like the Martha Stewart of the BDSM community.

I spent hours on the internet looking for the perfect outfit that Master would approve of. I finally found something red and lacey, but classy, a cocktail dress similar to the black one Julia Roberts wore in Pretty Woman, only with a shorter hemline and a train to the floor. Red silk stockings and matching garter completed the outfit.

It fit like a glove, hugged my curvaceous body snuggly. I stood in front of the mirror admiring my reflection, posturing for myself and practicing my best fuck me looks for Master. I placed droplet pearl earrings in each lobe and slipped on five inch stilettos.

Applied dark cherry liner and shimmering gloss to my already luscious red lips, brushed each lash with mascara and lined each lid with dark kohl to finish the bedroom eyes look. Cover girl smiles and play boy poses in the mirror once more, turning around and bending over to get the best glimpse of my sweet shaved lips, wishing I had someone to take pictures of me. Making a mental note to ask Master.

I spritzed Bora Bora and walked into the mist, the smell filling my nose with tropical delights. Putting me in Hawaii almost immediately, alone with Master, on a deserted beach. The mental image was soothingly erotic.

Master walked into the dressing area of our bedroom, sat down on the divan and stretched out, his eyes undressing me. The heat of his gaze felt like kisses all over my body. My nipples became erect, my pussy was tingling, aching to be touched.

Master always has that affect on my body. He has been training my pussy to cum with just a breath against it. Just thinking of his control over my body gets me aroused. I cum so hard when he teases me to the very edge, lowers me back down, only to rise me to the heights again I squirt! He will do that to me over and over again until I am pleading with him to let me cum.

My looks told him what my words spoke. “I am ready for you Master.”

His arm reached out and caressed up the inside of my spread legs, barely touching my cunt. His fingertips grazed down my peach, moistening them, sliding easily into the heated folds and out into his mouth.

I looked down at him with pride filled looks as he tasted me.

“I see that Princess.” His loving looks melted me. I kneeled instantly, looking at him adoringly.

“Please may I suck your cock before we go to the party?”

“My mouth and cunt are needy today Sir.” Drooling lustful looks at him.

His fingertip reached out and tapped the tip of my nose.

“Cock worship is only one of the things I have planned for you this evening My Pet.”

Micheal looked at me, stroking the side of my cheek as he continued in a strong calm voice.

“I think I may parade you around, teasing all of the men there, and if you are obedient with what I ask of you, I may let a few of them fuck that tight little love box of mine.” He chuckled as he watched my face turn a bright pink.

“I would be honored to serve you publicly Master.”

My pussy wet with the anticipation of many cocks in my hot wanting cunt. My mouth started to water thinking of all the pricks he may let me suck.

Pinching my clit with his thumb and forefinger as a taste of what is yet to come. Knowing me so well, being able to read the look on my face.

“Yes my sweet cock slut, you will, and,” pauses as he pinches my itty bitty clitty again drawing out the words, “you will enjoy every pleasurable moment of it.”

His eyes twinkled at me telling me tonight was going to be very special indeed.

“Oh Yes Sir, I will do everything to make you very proud of me.”

Little school looks of wanting and needing affirmation.

I love him so.

He reads me so well and plays me like a fine tuned instrument.

Micheal marveled at the woman he has chosen to be his. He knows how excited she will be this evening when she receives the gift of permanent domination.

Her bedroom blue eyes that deepen after she climaxes, the sweet scent of her pussy after she cums, the look of her body contorted in silk rope suspended from the ceiling, her ass red from being cropped, all bring satisfaction and pride to him knowing she is his.

Tonight will surprise her.

He rises from the divan, stretching his neck and rotating it, the loud cracking sound confirmed kuşadası escort he hit the spot. An outstretched hand rests against firm buttocks, his lips curl up at the ends and becomes a charming smile.

“Now my cherished Pet, it’s time for us to depart.”

His hand caresses up my lower back as he guides me gently out the bedroom, flipping the lights out as his feet make casual strides out the door. We continue down the long hallway.

I look up at the paintings and pictures, remembering the day we hung them, and the sore red ass I had from arguing with him over placement. I won in the end, and we’ve never discussed the issue since.

We stand facing each other in the foyer. I walk over to the coat tree, that is made from tree branches, and grabbed his hip length leather coat. I held it out to him, opening it, assisting his strong arms as they stretched out into them.

The smell of the leather mixed with his scent was thoroughly arousing, and I looked passionately into his eyes, my knees began to lower instinctively. His hands reached under my arm and began to raise me.

“Don’t be so anxious my sweet pet, I will give you cock as I see you earn it.”

His hand slapped my ass, the sting burning through the lace gown I was wearing.

He escorted me to the car, opened the door for me, and closed it securely after I seated myself onto the cool leather front seat. I stashed my black leather clutch purse next to me, crossed my legs and listened to the sound of his footsteps on the concrete drive way as he rounded the back of the car and seated himself in the drivers seat next to me.

The black Porsche’ 911T Carerra took off, the purring of the engine echoing into the warm night air.

We arrived fashionably late for the party, the cobblestone pathway to the double front doors were lit with trees adorned in white lights spaced 3 feet apart.

Master kept his hand on my lower back guiding me up the walkway. I was wondering all the while what his plans were for me, anticipation causing a stirring in my pussy, the night was upon us…

The Stevensons met us at the door and took our coats.

Sheila wore a black leather corset and short mid thigh black knit skirt, her long lithe legs were bejeweled with rhinestones up the back of her each black silk stocking leg creating a sparkling seam. Her sultry voice was welcoming and her smile inviting.

Tom wore black cotton jock shorts with leather chaps. His chest was bare and hairy, his nipples dangled silver hoops, his peppered hair was loose and wild, his moustache had streaks of gray as well, his kissable lips smiled and as he led us to the living room.

We stepped onto crème colored Berber carpeting. The room was filled with large oversized white leather sofas and chairs. The far wall of windows with sliding glass doors opened to a screen enclosed porch. Five adults sitting in a Jacuzzi raised their arms and waved to us.

Our eyes continued to scan the room as our host explained to us where the bathrooms were, the bar, the kitchen and what was happening in each of the four bedrooms, a game room, his private den, and downstairs in the *play room*.

We decided to go into the Jacuzzi, we passed a Master with his male slave on a leash, on his knees, with collar that says cock sucker on it. The Dominants hands were laced in his sluts hair as he fucked his face, his hips thrusting, reddening his cheeks. He pounded his hips one final time and grunted, his semen spewed into his young slaves mouth, then he pulled out, cum dripping down the head and smeared his handsome face with it.

As we walked past the bar I brushed against a Barbie looking blonde, her legs spread wide, exposing her sweet shaved cunt, inviting anyone to come and feast upon her. Next to her, a brunette leaned back on her elbow, her legs spread finger fucking herself, a red head had her face buried into another Barbie types pussy, her hand grasping a butt cheek, raising her hips up into her head. The blue eyed blonde squeezed her nipples, pulling and pinching them. Her moans were pleasurable to hear, and my pussy began to tingle wanting to taste one of the gorgeous woman myself.

Master read my mind, “Go ahead my little slut, wet your appetite by eating her.” He continued, “Show me what a good pussy licker you are.”

“Yes Sir.” I nodded quickly, flashing him my best cover girl smile.

I stood in front of the first tart on the end of the bar. Greedily my face lowered over her luscious cunt. My moist tongue protruded, waiting to taste the delicate dark pink flesh. My hands rested on her thighs, assisting her in keeping them spread. Flushed cheeks became wet with her juices, my lips suckling her inner folds as the tip of my tongue flattened across her pearl size clit.

She tasted so good!

I latched on like a hungry baby, suckling her nub, flicking my tongue over it and around it. Middle and forefinger held together as I inserted into her hot depths. Fucking her slowly at first, then more forcefully kuşadası escort bayan after feeling her now engorged clit getting harder in my mouth. Her inner walls squeezing my fingers, clamping down on them.

I could feel Masters heavy hand resting on my head, then I heard a zip and knew he was removing his thick cock, felt his shaft press and slide against my cheek before he inserted his plump mushroom head into her hot box. He fucked her cunt then my mouth repeatedly.

I felt my throat being stretched as Micheal pumped his plump head in and out of it. My lips wrapped tightly around his hardness, sucking hungrily before he released and reentered her slippery hole. The taste of her was sweet on him and I swallowed.

Her hips gyrated under me and into him, her cunt swallowing up the girth and length of him. Her juices flowed around his cock and I lapped up what ever my tongue could reach.

His sexy eyes gazed into hers as he fucked her harder.

I licked my lips before going back to my task.

His cock thrust into her, and withdrew slowly, then he pulled out, held his throbbing member in his hand and circled her fat clit firmly. He completed several circles and plunged back into her.

His sexy eyes gazed into hers as he fucked her harder.

Her hips gyrated under me and into him, her cunt swallowing up the girth and length of him. Her juices flowed around his cock and I lapped up what ever my tongue could reach.

My mouth continued to orchestrate upon her swollen clitty, both my hands spread her butterfly wings open, I watched as my Masters thick hard prick probed her wet wanting pussy, my own twitching and tingling, needing to be fucked.

She moaned out. Laid back farther, her long red tresses cascading over the edge of the black marble bar, her red fingernails laced in my hair and tugging my face against her pubic bone as her body spasms through her orgasm.

Master blasted her with his hot fluid, injecting her multiple times until he released all of his seed into her. We left her there on the bar, spent, running her fingers through her hair as she sat up, plucking fingertips of his cum and sucking them.

He took my hand and guided me around the corner and down a long hallway.

We passed a door where we heard a woman shrieking of pain, we both looked at each other. “We’ll go back” we said simultaneously, then laughed.

The next open area was the game room, it was almost as large as the living room.

In the middle of the room sitting about six feet apart was the pool table and the air hockey table.

On the right wall was the cue sticks and rack. Next to the rack was a tall oak tower stand, a bowl of powder and blue cue stick chalk sat atop it.

A fifties juke box was on the opposite wall, subtly lighting up the room. Pictures of fifties icons decorated the walls. Pinball machines were sitting in each far corner. Two black vinyl bar stools were on each side of the many tall round tables against each wall.

The end of the room were five floor to ceiling windows. The view of the L-shaped pool with the woods nearly ten feet away was vast. Six padded chairs surrounded the iron and wood picnic tables with full umbrella shading, and several matching padded lounge chairs with rose colored prints were arranged pool side.

I walked to the windows and looked out, a threesome was forming in the Jacuzzi while a trio of couples were coupling in the pool. Then I remembered the last time we were here for a pool party, we all ended up fucking in the hot tub.

I smiled at Master after turning around, my cheeks flushed, my pussy still tingling for want of his touch. He looked at me passionately and walked towards me, I met him half way.

His hand reached out and grazed my cheek, caressing it with the back of his fingers, he leaned forward and kissed my lips, sharing the taste of the redhead I had previously dined on.

“Did I tell you how handsome you look tonight Master? My bedroom blue eyes twinkled up into his.

My adoration for him evident for all to see. I would do anything for this man, because I know he always has my best interests at heart.

Tom came up behind us and waited patiently for the kiss to end. He smiled at Master and handed him some silk rope, a ball gag and blindfold.

“Per your request Micheal.”

Micheal took the items gladly, tucking the ball gag and satin blindfold into his coat pocket. He held my hand and led me back to the pool table. He undressed me, setting my garments on one of the bar stools carefully.

“Climb up baby and lay spread eagle for me.” He said to me as I stood naked in front of him. His tones were demanding but soft, and by the look in his eyes he expected me to obey.

I climbed up onto the green felt and laid down, my arms outreached and my legs spread as wide as I could get them.

Master secured my ankles with the help of Tom, then my wrists were next. I couldn’t see a thing after he placed the blind fold escort kuşadası over my eyes. I was surprised when someone one placed the ball gag in my mouth and secured it behind my head.

Master and Tom were discussing knots and various ways of securing slaves to stationary objects as they tied me to the pool table.

I could hear more voices, I guessed they were people from the party who were starting to make their way into the gaming room. I felt fingers tugging at my nipples, touching the bareness of my pussy lips, my heat increased and my breathing quickened. I didn’t know what he was going to let happen to me.

I felt his moustache tickling my ear as he whispered to me.

“I’m going to let them tease you Princess, I want you to lay back and enjoy this.”

I nodded in response, not able to answer him.

I didn’t know how many of them there were, or the ratio of men to women, but from all the caresses and touches all over my body I suspected there were many.

The shiny silver dildo slid into me easily, and someone’s soft silky hair was moving across my belly as someone else’s mouth breathed hot air over my waiting cunt. I tried unsuccessfully to push my hips up to her mouth to get her to kiss my wetness, but the person biting the inside of my thigh held my stomach down with her strong hands.

My shoulders were being caressed as well as my legs, it felt like chubby cock heads were rubbing up and down my legs.

Every inch of my skin was tingling, there didn’t feel like a part of my body wasn’t being touched. My ass was being fingered, my clit now sucked, each nipple was pulled taut then released, only to be squeezed again. The person holding the dildo was fucking me slowly, my pussy was juicy and accepting the vibrating dick penetrating me.

“Yes my sweet lil slut, let your body be fucked and sucked, you are making Master so proud.”

Micheal bent over me and kissed my tender red lips. “I have a special treat for you my love.”

He unfastened the ball gag and I could feel someone climbing up onto the table, and sat next to me. Then I felt soft silky knees straddling my face, and wet pussy lips sitting on my face.

I flicked my tongue up and down her slit, then probed into her opening. Her hips rubbed forward and back, grinding her clitty against my chin and nose. I sucked at her hardened nub as it passed over my mouth.

My chin and cheeks were saturated with her honey dew juices, and she fucked my face ferociously, squeezing my head with her thighs, gyrating her hips, pressing against my face from chin to nose.

Sounds of cocks jacking off over my body intensified my pleasure, my toes curled, I closed my eyes and screamed into her pussy as I rode the intense orgasm up, like riding a wav.

I shook my head back and forth while I sucked hard on her clit, causing her body to spasm and jerk forward, rocking on my face.

My imagination was going wild with the visuals, picturing women being slapped, fucked and sodomized, their moans and screams vibrated in my ears.

That excited me even more!

Micheal knew I couldn’t beg to cum, the fact was my face was being used as a fuck toy.

I was loving every moment of it!

“That’s it baby, cum for Master.” I heard him say, coaxing me, his sexy resonating dominant male voice put me over the edge.

Sometimes I think it’s the little things he says to me that excites me the most.

“Yes,” stretching out the Yes, and then continuing, almost a low guttural purr that turned into an erotic demanding tone.

“Let me see you spray me with your hot cum.”

He knew I could do it, he’d seen me masturbating in front of a mirror once, spraying it four feet away.

My pussy clenched the dildo being driven in and out of me, the spasms racked my hips and I rocked them until my orgasm subsided. My own sweet secretions squirting out and being licked up my taint and pussy by hot moist tongues.

Sprays of lust were released on my pussy, belly, thighs and tits. The hot cum oozed down my curves, and over my nipples. Hot mouths were felt suckling my pert dime size nipples, and all over where the men shot their loads, slurping the cream hungrily.

The blind fold was removed, my eyes blinked open, adjusting to the lighting.

His gaze was tender, affectionate, and his smile told me everything I wanted to hear at that moment. I was his, and he was proud of me.

“I enjoyed watching you being ravaged by six men and women immensely my dear, we’ll have to wait and see what the rest of the night brings us.”

He chuckled and winked at me, caressing my cheek with the back of his right hand.

“More intense pleasure, I’m certain.”

My voice sultry and throaty. “Yes Sir, I wish to please you, what ever you ask of this cum slut, I will obey.” My eyes twinkled dark blue into his, my smile widening.

He grabbed the back of my neck and kissed me deeply, savoring the taste of sex on my breath.

He then untied my binds, rubbing my wrists and ankles after each silk rope was removed. His hands reached out and held mine as he assisted me to sit up.

I sat up, dangled my knees over the edge of the pool table. The sexy redhead walked up and leaned into me, then kissed me, her tongue fucking my mouth like mine had her.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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