Her First Time With Two Guys

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Big Cock

Her lips were wrapped around the base of my dick, her tongue darting out to lick my balls. I grabbed her hair and started fucking her face like there was no tomorrow, feeling my hardness slide through her mouth and down her throat.

Pippa lift up her head, taking my dick out of her mouth and started to stroke it. “God, I want someone to fuck me whilst I suck your dick.” She reached down and shoved her vibrator back into her soaking wet pussy, started moaning, and went back to sucking me off.

I felt myself get closer and closer to exploding down her throat, when I heard the door bell ring. I was tempted to ignore it and shoot my load when I remember that a friend was dropping around some DVDs before he headed off on holiday.

It occurred to me that Pippa hadn’t heard the door bell, given how hard she was working her vibrator and my dick. “Do you really want to be fucked at both ends?”

She moaned. “Oh yes, I want to be completely filled.” Just then the door bell rang again, and this time she heard it.

I jumped up “Stay there. If that vibrator isn’t still in you when I get back the only place my dick will go this weekend is your ass.” I threw on some jeans and a T-shirt and headed down the hall and opened the door. Sure enough, it was Mark.

“Howdy. How you going?” I asked, still slightly out of breath.

Mark grinned. “Good, but not as good as you. You can hear Pippa down the driveway. I was about to leave this stuff and head off.”

Pippa has had a thing for Mark for years, which is clearly reciprocated. Before I met they had fooled around, but I’ve never known how far they had gone. Last year we went on holiday with Mark and his then girlfriend, and Pippa made sure to walk around in her skimpiest lingerie at night to give him maximum opportunity to see her. She even gave me a blow job in the living room in the middle of the day, and when I said I heard him coming back to the house, she sucked harder and faster until I came in her month. But she didn’t stop, or start to put her top back on, until she had slowly swallowed it all. She seemed almost disappointed not to be caught.

A couple of months ago Pippa and I had started seeing Julia, her friend who now joined us in bed on a semi-regular basis. I’d been thinking recently it would be only fair to share her with another guy. And here seemed to be the right opportunity.

“Look, Mark. I don’t know how to put this. But before I answered the door Pippa was begging to be fucked by two guys. I know you’ve always had a thing for her. How would you feel bursa sınırsız escort about lending a hand, so to speak?”

“Are you serious? Now?”


“Do you mean it? You want me to stick my dick in her?”

I thought about it for a second before responding. “Well you’re not sticking it in me, that’s for sure. And no, not really. But she says she wants it. Worst case, you’ll get a hell of a blow job. After that it’s up to her”.

At that point Mark started taking of his shirt. “After you. And I owe you one.”

“OK. But here are the ground rules; Anything other than oral is her call. Do not cum in her. We’re still trying for a kid. Frankly, I’d rather you kept out of there altogether. Her ass is yours if she offers. But you have to cum on her face. That’s what gets her off the most.”

“Blow job. Check. Ass fucking. Check. Facial. Check.” Mark had the biggest grin I’d ever seen.

As I opened the door she was lying with her eyes closed, the vibrator pulsing away, and her hand rubbing furiously on her clit. “Who was at the door?”

I replied, finding it hard to keep the smile out of my voice. “Just Mark dropping off those DVDs.”

“Mark? I could so do with his dick in my mouth whilst you fucked me!”

Mark started to walk into the room slowly, and take off his clothes. Pippa’s eyes were still closed, and she didn’t know he was there yet.


“Oh yes. His long, hard dick in my throat.” Her breath was getting shorter with each word

“Well Mark, I guess that’s an invitation.”

Pippa’s eyes opened with a fright, to see Mark standing at the edge of the bed with his hard dick in his hand, and me at the base of the bed taking my jeans off.

She looked at me, unsure of what to do. “If you want,” I said. Her confusion turned to lust and she dove on his dick, diving across the bed to take his entire length down her throat in one go. Mark gasped.

“Fucking hell.. Mmmmm… Suck me. Suck me like you’ve always wanted to Pippa.” Well I guess they’d never made it this far then. Good to know.

I watched her head bob up and down on his dick, slurping sounds coming from her mouth, taking him right down her throat. I knew what she was hoping for, and straddled her. She was so wet I didn’t even take out the vibrator. I just slid in there with it, feeling it vibrate against my shaft and the end against my balls, and began to fuck her pussy.

Mark looked up and me and grinned as he pumped his dick into her mouth. “I haven’t had my dick bursa üniversiteli escort sucked like this in ages. She takes it all”. “Mate. If you keep fucking her face like that she’ll be drinking your cum before you know it” His eyes opened, and he grinned even more, as she moaned.

Pippa finally stopped sucking. “Honey. I want Mark to fuck my ass, whilst you fuck my pussy. And then I want you both to cum in my mouth. Is that OK?”

When I didn’t respond straight away she kept going. “And then I’ll let you fuck my ass every night for the next month, and swallow as much cum as you can give me.” Pippa gets off having cum on her face more than down her throat, and usually we mixed it up.

I responded by stroking her ass hole with my fingers “Well your wet enough.” “No, I want to hear you say it.” I knew where she was going – we are often very specific with our sexual desires.

“Yes, you can have Mark fuck your ass whilst I fuck your pussy. And then we will both cum in your mouth.”

“And what does that make me?” She asked.

“A cum slut who likes having a dick up her ass.”

“Damn straight. Now get over here and fuck my ass!”

Pippa pushed me over on to my back, pulling out the vibrator, and sliding my dick back into her pussy.

Mark didn’t miss a second. He had also obviously done this before and I felt him pulling my legs apart to give him the right access. As he started to climb up and rub his dick against her ass-hole, she stared straight down into my eyes. “Thank you Thank you so much.”

As Mark started to press his dick into her ass, she lent down and started kissing me passionately. Being slightly thinner than me he slid in with ease. Mark moved slowly, and I could feel him starting to rock gently moving his dick into her open ass inch by inch. I reached up and played with her nipples as our tongues met in her mouth.

As I felt Mark get into a certain rhythm I tried to match it, pushing in as he pulled out. Mark reached around with one hand to grab one of Pippa’s firm tits, as I reached up to grab the other and play with her nipple. The look on her face was as wanton as I have ever seen it – Ass and pussy filled, and tits being stroked and fondled, and nipples pinched.

We rocked back and forward – one dick penetrating her ass, as the other slid out of her pussy. Repeating over and over, I felt her juices running down my balls and soaking the bed.

Mark looked around Pippa. “Push in when I push in. Just trust bursa ucuz escort me.” Pippa had a look of fright on her face as if we wouldn’t fit at the same time, but that passed as we both pushed in together. I could feel his balls slapping against me as we both thrust at the same time, and our dicks filling her completely, separated by only the sensitive wall between her ass and pussy.

“MORE. HARDER. FUCK ME MORE!!!!” If you could hear us in the driveway before, you could hear us clear down the block now. “FUCK ME LIKE A SLUT! FUCK MY ASS! FUCK MY PUSSY! FUCK ME!!!!!”

As she yelled I felt her start to orgasm. Her pussy opening and contracting, holding me tight and then letting go as she started to lose control. As she started pushing back towards Mark, I grabbed the vibrator from the pillow beside me and, turning it to full, pushed it between our pelvises and rested it on her clit.

She roared as the orgasm began. Mark and I lost our rhythm and just began to fuck her as hard as we could, burying our dicks into her as far as we could, grabbing her tits, and moaning with pleasure. I swear this went on for at least five minutes.

Mark slowed down, and could barely speak “I need to cum. Pippa, where do you want my cum?”

“In my mouth. Both of you cum in my mouth. Cum on my face.”

Mark moved off the bed, and Pippa leapt onto the floor, sinking to her knees, and shoving another vibrator completely up her soaking wet pussy.

Mark and I stood above her, dicks in hand, jerking our dicks as hard as we could. It wouldn’t be long now.

“Cum in my mouth! Cum on your cum slut! Cum on my face! Cum in my mouth! Cum on my tongue! Cum down my throat! Let me taste…” She was cut off by her own orgasm. As she let out a demonic scream and tilted her head back, we both started to cum.

Mark was a man of his word, and aimed straight at her mouth. So did I. Stands of cum landed on her tongue. First in one direction, then the other. Cum layered over her lips, and chin. A think rope of cum (his I think) shot over her nose and onto her forehead. More cum over her lips and cheek (mine). More cum shot into her mouth, and then half spent the last drops of cum fell onto her huge tits, leaving a sheet of cum glaze from her forehead to her nipples.

With her own orgasm finished she looked up at us both, and showed us the huge mouthful of cum she had gathered – so much it threatened to leak out of the corners of her mouth. She closed her lips, smiled, and swallowed it all.

For a couple of minute she did nothing but switch between the two of us, taking our flagging dicks in her mouth, cleaning them, and starting to make us hard again. As she rubbed the remaining cum into her tits she looked up at me “I wish Julia was here to lick me clean. She would love this.”

Mark looked at me, and then Pippa. “Julia? You guys and Julia?” Oops. So much for being our secret.

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