High Rise Exhibitionist Ch. 03

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Considering how my Saturday started off with Kay coming by to collect the money for my new living room furniture and winding up nearly fucking my brains out, the rest of my Saturday was rather mundane.

I showered and spent the rest of my morning and most of the afternoon stocking my new apartment with groceries and what I figured I’d need to set up house. My last stop of the afternoon was to get my fireplace fuel tank re-filled so I could see how my fireplace looked when ignited.

On my third or fourth trip to my car to retrieve items I’d purchased I was greeted by two lovely ladies who had just parking across from me in the buildings private lot. As they walked toward me I checked them both out. They both appeared to be in their mid to late thirties. The driver was close to my height and slightly plump. Her shoulder length brown hair was wavy and looked to have way too much hair spray applied because the gentle breeze had little effect on it. She worn a tight short sleeved pink top with “Hot Stuff” emblazed across her tits in silver glitter. Her jeans appeared to be painted on fitting so tightly that they gave her a camel’s toe in the crotch. Her wedge shaped open toe sandals revealed flashy red toe nails which matched her long fingernails. Conversely her companion was perhaps only five two and much thinner. Her longer straight hair while blonde appeared to have several shades of highlights added by her stylist. The warm afternoon breeze blew her bangs back off her forehead. She had the cutest little button nose and thin lips, shaded with an enchanting shade of pink lip gloss. Her slender figure accentuated her petite breasts and it was clear that she was not wearing a bra as her nipples clearly showed as twin points of interest through her bare midriff tee shirt. A shimmering belly button jewel sparkled drawing my attention to her exposed abdomen. Her jeans fit perfectly the bottom hem resting exactly on the top of her white sneakers.

I smiled and said, “Gday ladies” as they approached my open trunk.

The dark haired female smiled broadly at me and replied, “Well hello there, you must be the new guy on twelve?”

“That’s me.” I answered extending my hand to greet my new neighbors.

As I shook her hand I said, “I’m Allen, just signed the lease for 1218 yesterday.”

She grinned broadly and offered, “Nice to meet you Allen, I’m Gina and this is Staci.” Gina said looking toward her petite companion.

“Hi Staci; its nice to meet you.” I said unable to offer my hand to her since Gina wouldn’t let go.

Staci wasn’t nearly as friendly as Gina acknowledging my greeting with only a half hearted grin and a glance in my direction.

“Looks like you’re still moving in Allen.” Gina offered checking out the contents of my trunk.

“Yep, I’ve been shopping for kitchen stuff since I didn’t bring any from my last place.” I said making small talk hoping Staci would warm up to me as much as her plump friend had.

I reached in and lifted the heavy propane tank from my trunk grunting slightly from its weight and the awkward lifting position I was in.

“You gonna invite us to your barbecue Allen?” Gina asked.

“Oh this is for my fireplace Gina.” I said adding, “I really don’t have room on my balcony for a grill.”

“Oh that’s right, twelve and up are still allowed to light their fireplaces.” Gina said.

“What is that all about?” I asked.

“Well you see Allen, because that old bitty on 10 complained about the fumes last year management stopped allowing anyone on 10 and lower to use their fireplaces.” Gina explained.

“You’re kidding.” I said, “That really sucks huh?” I added.

“Sure does Allen, I miss being able to snuggle up in front of the fire.” Gina exclaimed causing Staci to roll her eyes back.

Her expression made me wonder just who and with whom did more snuggling in front of the fire.

Staci turned and began walking toward the entrance to our building. Gina finally left go of my hand and leaned closer to me and said, “We’re in 923 Allen stop by if you want anything, or if you’d just like get to know us better.”

Gina turned and half ran and half bounced to catch up with her room mate. I followed behind with a box of pots and pans under one arm and a heavy propane tank in the other enjoying two completely difference but equally sexy asses. By the time I made it to the elevator they were already half way to the ninth floor.

As I rode the elevator up to the twelfth floor I imagined Gina would be a rather easy fuck, but the real challenge would be Staci. But I do love a good challenge. wednesday izle

I spent the rest of the afternoon and most of the evening unpacking, putting all those kitchen items in cabinets and drawers. I made a quick trip to the wine and spirits shop to stock up on my favorite beverages just in case one of my new acquaintances stopped by unannounced. I completed my chores for the day by finally connected my fireplace to the propane tank. A flick of the electronic igniter and in an instant I had a romantic fire glowing in my living room. I said to myself, “No fuss no muss, instant romance.” I could hardly wait to try it with a sexy lady.

I re-heated the leftover chicken and fried rice from Friday night and settled down on my sofa to relax and read for an hour or two. The combination of my rather active day, the extremely comfortable sofa I’d bought from Kay and a rather boring novel caused me to doze off in less than half an hour. I awoke to a dark apartment and a light knock on my door. Stumbling half asleep toward the door I flipped on the kitchen ceiling light and peered through the peep hole in the door. I was completely surprised to see a fish eye image of Staci standing at my door.

I opened the door slightly and said, “Hi Staci.”

She smiled and replied, “Hello Allen.”

She was alone and still wearing the bare midriff tee shirt and jeans she’d worn earlier. She smiled tentatively and asked, “Can I come in for a minute.”

“Oh gosh, I’m sorry Staci.” I replied opening the door wider and smiling as I added, “Please come in.”

I closed the door as Staci took a step or two stopping in the stream of light coming through the kitchen door.

“Let me get a light on.” I said walking past her to turn on one table lamp next to my sofa.

“I was reading earlier and fell asleep.” I offered as I turned to face her wondering why she showed up at my door after the cool reception I’d received from her earlier.

Staci took a couple steps toward me as she said, “Allen I want to apologize for being so unfriendly this afternoon. It isn’t like me to come off that cold when I meet someone, but Gina had me upset and I’m afraid I took it out on you.”

I smiled and said, “Gina did kind of take charge.” Remembering how she had held on to my hand.

“She does that all the time Allen, but what had me upset was the remark she made as we pulled into the lot.” Staci said.

“What was that Staci?” I asked.

“Its kind of embarrassing Allen, Gina can be such a sexist sometimes.” Staci replied.

“Oh and I thought only men were prone to sexist remarks.” I answered hoping Staci would fill me in on the details.

“Don’t get me wrong Allen, I love Gina like a sister, but when she says “oh look new cock meat.” I could just kick her in the ass.” Staci admitted.

“I can understand why a remark like that would upset you Staci.” I said.

“It did Allen, and I was still fuming when she approached you, so I want to apologize for acting the way I did.” She said as she walked closer to me.

“Well apology accepted even though it’s not necessary.” I replied as Staci placed her slim fingers on my shoulders.

“Thank you Allen.” Staci said with a beautiful wide smile. Her fingers arched and she slowly dragged her perfectly manicured nails down over my chest.

She continued, “And for once Gina isn’t going to be the first one to sample the new cock meat in the building.”

I couldn’t believe my ears or my eyes as Staci slowly knelt before me and her fingers reached the clasp of my jeans. She kept her eyes fixed on mine the soft light from my table lamp highlighting her beautiful face. She shook her head causing her blonde locks to slide behind her shoulders and smiled as her skillful fingers undid the clasp of my jeans.

“Oh my god.” I exclaimed as Staci’s fingers pulled the zipper tab slowly down.

Her gray green eyes twinkled and sparkled in the harsh light shining on her face from under the lamp shade. As she peeled my jeans over my thighs using her index fingers and thumbs she let the other six sexy digits scratch at the skin along the front of my thighs. Once the denim fabric was below my knees she released it and while moving her fingers almost like a spider’s walk she brought both hands back up across the tingling flesh of my naked thighs.

I watched her eyes dip to glance at the growing bulge in my jockey underwear, and then return to stare sexily up into my face. As her delicate fingers reached the elastic waistband of my shorts her thin lips parted and she used weekend family izle the tip of her tongue to moisten their pale pink surface.

I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. Staci was nearly a total stranger other then the fact that we’d been introduced by her chubby room mate earlier in the day. And now this very sexy petite woman was kneeling before me preparing to suck my cock. Her index fingers hooked the elastic waistband and slowly pulled it down first exposing the curly patch of pubic hair above my cock and then down over the growing shaft. As the elastic stretched and finally popped over my ass cheeks Staci once again dipped her eyes to examine what her skillful fingers had uncovered.

Returning her gaze upward as she inhaled deeply through flaring nostrils she whispered. “I love the odor of a man’s loins.” Her tongue again moistening pink lips in anticipation of her first taste of those loins. My own anticipation built as her fingers slowly lowered the cotton jockeys. Her pinky and ring finger nails scratching lightly along my twitching thighs and her middle fingers nails tickling along the length of my cock shaft as more of it was exposed.

“hmmmmmmmmmm…” Staci moaned as the elastic slipped past the wide corona and over the head of my growing erection. Her fingers moved faster sliding my jockeys down to where my denim jeans were already gathered around my ankles.

She smiled widely as she dipped her shoulders keeping her head tilted back bringing her lovely pink lips to within an inch of my cock head. Her smile disappearing as she parted those beautiful lips and exhaled hot breath over the head of my cock. A deep groan escaped my throat as her lips first touched me, taking the swelling head between moist lips and onto her equally moist tongue. Her nails slid up my thighs to tickle at my scrotum and tease my tightening balls.

Staci moaned seductively as the flare of my corona slipped between her lips, and a sensual “Hmmmmmmmm..” came from her as the flavor of my swelling cock covered her taste buds.

Our eyes were fixed on one another as Staci’s slow back and forth rhythm brought me closer and closer to fully erect and surging in her hot mouth. Her passion filled eyes and sexy mouth had me rock hard and pulsing in no time at all. She raised up and slid one hand to my throbbing shaft and slowly stroked me as her lips and tongue kissed sucked and nibbled at my corona and cock head.

Letting me slip from her sensual oral grasp she whispered, “It tastes so good Allen.”

Her tongue circled my corona licking at it almost like a child licks at a soft ice cream cone. But this was no soft cold child’s treat. This was a rock hard searing hot cock. An oral experts treat and Staci certainly was quickly proving to be one hot oral expert.

Her soft hand stroked up the length of my now throbbing shaft and across my corona causing me to groan deeply and rewarding her with a droplet of pre-cum which she quickly licked from the tip.

As Staci slowly stroked my erection she whispered, “Why don’t you sit down and relax Allen.”

I stepped out of the twin puddles of fabric around my ankles and moved around to the front of the sofa sitting on the other side of the end table. My erection stood at full attention the shaft glistening with her salvia and the swollen head pulsing with every increasingly rapid beat of my heart.

Staci waited until I was comfortably seated before she began a slow seductive crawl on hands and knees around the end table to position herself with her head lowered in front of me. As she slowly lifted her hands from the carpet straightening up in front of my throbbing cock she threw her head back causing her blonde tresses to fly behind her head. Her pink shaded lips sparkled nearly as much as her seductive grey green eyes.

Once her spine was straight her delicate fingers grasped the bottom hem of her tee and she slowly peeled it up and over her head exposing her naked petite tits to my first gaze. My eyes studied her tits intently. Perfectly shaped erect nipples tipped equally perfect shaped champagne glass sized breasts that I couldn’t wait to touch.

She cooed softly as her hands slid up to caress her tits and tweak her incredible nipples between thumb and index fingers.

“Absolutely beautiful!” I whispered knowing Staci was waiting for my reaction to her naked chest. She crawled forward on her knees bringing her soft hands to rest on my thighs. As Staci moved between my tanned legs she again arched her fingers to perform that sensual spider walk welcome to chippendales izle up along the trembling flesh of my thighs. Once again her moist tongue traced her pink lips signaling me that she was about to take me inside her wet mouth again. How off base my earlier assessment of this sexy woman had been, first impressions can be deceiving and mine that she was unfriendly was by now turned a full hundred eighty degrees. Staci is extremely sensual, her movements, mannerisms, and actions those of a passionate desirable woman, and my cock trembled and twitched as those traits again came into play.

She leaned forward and exhaled hot breath against my cock head just before her tongue made contact with that most sensitive spot at the base of my cock head where my corona blends in with the shaft. Her tongue circled my corona once, twice and a third time eliciting a deep sensual moan from deep within my throat just before her lips parted and my cock head disappeared into her hot wet mouth.

“Yeah baby, suck that cock!” I exclaimed as Staci’s salivary gland went berserk flooding her oral cavity with hot salvia. She concentrated her oral expertise on just my cock head and the first couple inches of throbbing shaft but let her lips loose enough that hot spit escaped and cascaded down soaking the entire shaft and onto my scrotum.

Her soft hand slid up to grasp my cock shaft below her lips and as she bobbed up and down on my cock head she stroked the shaft in unison with the movements of her mouth. Every few strokes Staci would lift her sweet mouth from me and slid her hand up over the corona sucking spit from me and back into her mouth.

Stroking me slowly with her soft hand she asked, “Do you like how I suck cock Allen?”

“Staci I love how you suck my cock!” I exclaimed.

She smiled and lowered her mouth to me once again taking my cock head into her hot wet mouth. She sucked the head softly and stroked my pulsing shaft with her incredibly soft hand. Again she withdrew my cock head from her mouth. Extending her wet tongue she slowly slapped me against her exposed tongue causing me to groan deeply.

“Oh yeah Staci that feels incredible and looks so fucking sexy.” I said.

Her lips circled my raging cock and she pressed my cock head deeper inside then before not stopping her plunge over my cock until the tip was resting against the back of her throat.

“God baby you’ll make me cum if you keep that up!” I almost screamed.

I could feel the tingling of an approaching climax deep in my balls at they prepared to explode sending my seed shooting into her hot wet mouth.

Staci opened her mouth wide and let me slip from her hot oral grasp to grab my cock shaft with one hand. Straightening up she leaned forward and smeared her hot oral fluids over her tiny tits and erect nipples.

“Hmmmmmm…” Staci cooed as she coated her tits with my salvia covered cock head.

She grinned sexily at me and began slapping my cock head against her nipples.

Slap, slap, slap… time and again my twitching cock head banged into her tits. Her eyes fixed on mine as she pleasured her own perfect champagne glass tits with my surging cock head. I could feel the cum boiling in my scrotum, surging into the shaft about to coat her chest with sticky fluids.

Bang, bang, bang.. my cock slapped against her chest. Bang, bang, bang…My senses raced, I opened my eyes to a dark room. My totally erect cock pressing against my jeans.

Bang, bang, bang.. I realized in my cloudy half asleep state that the banging of my cock against her tits was actually someone banging at my door. Stumbling toward the door my brain finally realized that her incredible blow job was nothing more than an erotic dream, one that was nearly a cum shooting wet dream.

I opened the door to find the building super standing there, rather perturbed at having to wait so long he said, “Yo dude, your fireplace is sending smoke up into the apartment above. I need to check it NOW!”

Turns out that the gas jets were partly clogged from lack of use and my fireplace wasn’t burning the propane completely. The super shut my fireplace off and said it was too hot to repair tonight. He’d have to come back Monday to change the jets. He was gone in less then 2 minutes.

I went to the bath room and splashed some cold water on my face trying to bring myself back to reality. Returning to the sofa I stripped out of my jeans and pulled my hard cock out and slowly stroked myself to an awesome climax shooting sticky cum all over my abdomen instead of in Staci’s hot mouth.

I laughed thinking she would be quite a challenge, but one I certainly was going to accept to see if she is as hot in reality as she is in my dreams.

To be continued….

In part four Allen returns to Kays shop to purchase another room of furniture. Please be sure to vote and leave me feed back about my stories. Thanks, R U Romantic 🙂

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