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Subject: High School -awakening High School Awakening cajuncock If you’ve gotten this far you know the drill. This a fictional story containing gay sexual situations. If this offends you or is illegal where you live lease leave. The story is the sole property of the author andmaynot be reused or reprinted without his written permission. If you enjoy the stories on this site please consider a contribution to keep it going fty/donate. Comments are ail High School Awakening cajuncock I guess I had a notion I liked guys, even in grade school. I know I admired some of the boys in my class even though I was shy and afraid to talk to them. Looking back 60 years sort of brings everything into focus. I guess I reached puberty earlier than my school mates. I discovered my favorite play toy- my dick- in the 8th grade. By the time I was in high school, an all male Catholic school taught by an order of priests, I pretty much was an outsider. I had a few friends, mostly other shy guys like myself. We were the obvious misfits. It didn’t help that my school was next to a major Catholic college, again mostly male. After school we’d take a short cut through the campus to get the bus home. Often we’d stop in one of the cafeterias to grab a snack and talk. Over time we sort of blended in with the college students. No one seemed to notice or even care that we were around the campus. Often we’d be joined by one of the students, young guys like ourselves. My friends would sort of shut down when they joined us. But I always took up the slack. One guy in particular seemed to always be around. He was an English major and active in the campus theater group. Once he offered to take us on a tour of the theater. My friends made excuses about getting home. But I wanted to see more of the campus (and more of what he had hidden in his pants, just curious, not sexual.) The two of us agreed to meet the next day and I’d get a personal tour. Looking back now, I guess the guy, Joe, was grooming me. But then I was an innocent. The tour began,as promised, starting with the theater. It was dark and empty at that time of day. We toured backstage and met up with a few of the behind the scenes people involved with the productions. Most were friends of Joe so they were pretty cool with my presence. Later Joe took me to the physical education building. Now my high school did not have gym classes. The good fathers wanted the students to focus on academics. It was my first time in a gym and a locker room. We walked through the locker room where there were guys changing up. Then we passed the showers, more naked guys. Joe noticed my staring at all the naked bodies. Outside he suggested that we sit for a few minutes. He got us some sodas. He asked me about my high school classes and my family. I told him that my school didn’t have gym or physical education classes. He smiled and asked if that was the first time I’d seen naked males. I sort of blushed and nodded yes. He softly told me that it was Ok. He then switched the conversation to my family. I told him that I had 4 younger siblings. My mother was from a small, southern town and my father worked for the government. Joe asked when I was due home. I told him that I usually went to the library before going home. In the quiet library I’d work on my homework before going home by 6PM for dinner. Joe said well, it’s not quite 4PM. He asked if I’d like to see his dorm. I jumped at the chance. His room was typical- 2 small beds, desks, dressers, posters, closets. His room mate was still in classes so we were alone. Joe took off his jacket, then his shirt. I’d never seen an almost naked guy except inside of an old Sears catalogue. Joe just had on a sleeveless tee shirt and jeans. I sat there unable to take my eyes off of his body. He asked if I wanted a drink. Darn right! I needed something to wet my dry mouth. He slipped out to get me a soda. When he returned he had a coke and a cup of ice. He poured the ice and soda into 2 glasses. Then he reached into the back of his closet and pulled out a bottle of rum, mixing it with our sodas. My father had let me sip his drinks so I wasn’t a stranger to the taste. We sat on his bed talking and sipping out drinks. Joe asked if I’d like to go to one of the plays on campus. I hesitated knowing my parents never let me go out alone. I explained that to him. He reached over and gave me a hug telling me it’d all work out. I pulled my arms around his toned body, feeling like I’d met a true friend. Joe pulled back and looked into my eyes. We didn’t need to say anything. But inch by inch we moved toward each other until our lips were a mere inches apart. I dont know why but I closed the distance between our faces. That first kiss on my virgin lips set off fireworks inside me. We groped and wrestled on the small, twin bed. I felt his hardness pushing aginst my own. The only things separating our naked skin were his escort izmit tee shirt, his jeans and my school uniform. The soft sounds of our moans filled the room as he began to grind against my hips. He suddenly stopped and spoke softly into my ear “Not now, you have to get home but soon I’ll love you in a proper way.” Joe offered to drive me home. On the way he asked about my sexual experiences- none, I admitted. He reached over and grabbed my hand while we were stopped at a traffic light saying “Don’t worry I’ll teach you everything.” We worked out a story to tell my parents why he’d given me a ride from school. He’d seen me on campus a lot and talked to my group of friends. When I was waiting for my bus he’d offered me a ride. Now I knew my mother would be hesitant about my accepting a ride. But Joe would smooth everything over. He also would offer to tutor me in math and English after school. This would give us a reason to see each other. The tutoring part brought her around since I was terrible in math. My father arrived home from work as we were talking. He and Joe talked about the college and my need for a tutor. All was set up. The next day Joe would begin tutoring me, teaching me about the many things I needed to know. It was a few weeks before the next student production so we had time. Joe managed to visit my school and talk to the priests who taught me Math and English. Everything fell into place. I’d meet Joe in one of the study rooms in his dorm and we’d work on my assignments for 90 minutes. Then take a break in his room. Funny thing was I never met his room mate. Later, I found out that they had an arrangement. The room mate would be elsewhere when Joe and I needed to be alone. Not only did my school grades improve but my sex education lessons were going along smoothly. I was a good student in the latter. Joe was gentle and careful with me. He taught me how my body could be stimulated by the slightest touch. I was always hard when around him. We’d always begin with kissing, then he’d remove my cloths piece by piece. I’d do the same to him. I couldn’t resist kissing every part of his naked body. Our first anal lesson started with a bit of pain But Joe assured me that it would be brief. He gently coached me while very slowly entering me. The initial pain was very soon replaced by a pleasurble fullness. As the pleasure took over my dick resummed its hardness until I was drippling pre-cum all over my chest. Joe was kissing my neck and shoulders mumbling how good it felt to finally be inside me. Our first time was quick, both of us on edge. But we both recovered to make the second time that afternoon slow and tender. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he lifted me from his bed. He carried me around his room impaled on his stiff cock. I wanted him to stay inside me forever. I bounced up and down on him trying to get more of him inside me if that were even possible. He gave me his second load of the day. Finally, his dick softened and slipped out. In his bed he still held me tenderly in his arms. He reached for a nearby towel and cleaned both of us. Luckily, we were soon dressed when his room mate returned. Now I thought Joe with his sparklng blue eyes and dark hair was handsome. But Ned, his room mate, was a ginger haired, green eyed gym bodied god. He smirked and sniffed the air when he walked in saying “Open the windows this place smells like a whorehouse.” He was casual saying “You must be John, the guy Joe’s been raving about. Glad to finally meet you.” Ned, having just come from the gym, immediately stripped off his brief gym outfit right in front of me. No prude this guy I assumed. I gasped at the body hair. I’d never seen such a hairy guy before. Ned burst out laughing, “You like?” he asked and continued “Joe likes it too.” He wrapped a towel around his waist and left to shower. My cock had gotten hard as soon as I saw Ned’s naked body. It was something that Joe immediately noticed. He smirked “OK, yes, we’ve done stuff. I can tell by that tent in your pants that you were also impressed.” I blushed ashamed at being so obvious. “Dont worry he knows me well enough. By the way, from your reaction I guess you like him too?” I was ashamed to admit it. I liked both of them but Joe was my first so I felt something more for him. Ned returned wrapped in his now wet towel. He hung the towel up and lay naked casually on his bed facing us. “So from the smell of the room I’d guess that you two hve done the nasty deed. It’s about time! Joe has been talking about you for weeks. He’s quite taken with you.” I looked over at Joe seeing him blush. “I like him too.” I replied. Ned smirked and then leaned closer to us “I taught him all he knows about sex with a guy.” He laughed and said “I guess you were a virgin before today.” I nodded in the affirmative. Joe grabbed me and pulled me close. He kissed my neck and said rather shyly ” It was izmit escort the best.” I noticed Ned’s cock chub up watching us cuddle. Joe began to unbutton my shirt and reach in to rub my nipple. At the sight of Joe massaging my chest, Ned sprung a full hardon. It was impressive, a good 9 inches of hard, uncut man cock. Seeing both men so turned on I upped the stakes and grabbed Joe’s now stiff tool through his pants. I smiled at Ned as his slit opened and a first drop of clear liquid emerged on the tip. “Joe, I think Ned is just a bit turned on. We shouldn’t tease him this way.” I whispered loud enough for Ned to hear. Joe stood up and walked over to Ned’s bed. “You seem up for something Ned.” he said. Ned began to pull on his tool. Joe turned to me, pulled me to my feet and began to unbutton my shirt revealing my bare chest. By now my hard cock was making a really large tent in my pants. Ned gasped as Joe lowered my pants to the floor along with my underwear. Ned’s breath held as he saw me naked for the first time. In not time Joe had stripped off his own cloths. Joe and I fondled each other as we kissed deeply. This was too much for poor Ned who gasped “Joe’s description didn’t do you justice. You are a beautiful angel John.” He stood and walked over to us. He put an arm around each of us pulling us into a three way hug. I felt their two stiff dicks pressed against my hips. Fluid leaking from all 3 of us made us slippery as we moved against each other. Joe moved behind me allowing Ned to pull my face to his own. I felt Ned’s tongue push into my mouth dueling with my own. We wrapped our arms around each other. Ned moved his hands to my ass pulling my cheeks apart. This gave Joe the opportunity to easily enter my rear. We soon develped a steady motion. Joe moved in and out of me. While he did this Ned grabbed my cock and his own. He began rubbing them together. The room then again began to smell of male sexual exploration. Our explosions occured at almost the same time. I felt Ned’s body tense up. He exploded against my cock sending me over the edge. My ass muscles tightened around Joe’s cock sending his seed deep into my body. We all fell to the floor in a tangled mass of limbs. We were all breathing heavily from our exertions. Joe was the first to recover. He got up pulling me with him. His first words were “WOW! we need to get you home in time for dinner.” We hurriedly dressed. On the way to my home, Joe stopped the car a few blocks from the house behind a store. He leaned over and kissed me. He said “I think it’s time I brought up the idea of the play on campus next Friday.” I agreed with him. He had to convince my parents that he was no predator chasing their son. We arrived at the house a few minutes later. I could hear the young ones screaming at each other. Mom was clearly upset and embaressed. She sent the young ones into the back yard as we got to the front door. Joe ignored the messy house and I thanked him for his help. He turned to my mother asking “Would it be ok if John came to the student production at the campus theater this Friday night? I have a free ticket. His teachers have sent me some notes they’ll be using next week. If he could spend the night we could go over them early the next day. He also might like to get a feel for college life. My room mate is gone for the weekend and he could stay with me in the dorm.” I jumped in remembering that we had a test coming up next week in math. My mom hesitated but the chance for another free tutoring session convinced her. It would give me a possible time away from the screaming kids. I took only a minute to agree to the plan. The next two days passed very slowly. I could hardly wait for Friday to arrive. I rushed home after school to prepare for my evening out. Mom had packed a bag for my night including pjs. I knew that they’d never be used. Joe and I had discussed the plan. He’d have to pick me up 90 minutes before the show. He needed the time for make up and dressing. I’d stay at the dorm with Ned until show time. I’d go over with my ticket. Ned had a curfew due to his rugby match the next day. He’d walk me to the theater and be back in the dorm for his 9PM curfew check. I’d meet Joe after the show for a quick meal. Then we’d go back to his room for the night’s fun. Ned was waiting in the lobby of the dorm for me. He took me to his room, quickly stripping me naked. He grabbed my shoulders and pulled me in for a deep kiss. I stripped him of the few things he was wearing. In no time we were rolling around in his bed. I knew had about an hour before I had to leave. Ned made good use of the time filling me twice before we took a shower together. I avoided another sex session in the shower room down the hall. It would’ve been difficult anyway since guys were coming and going constantly. I dressed and then we headed across the campus to the theater where Ned left izmit kendi evi olan escort me saying he’d be waiting up for us in the room afterwards. The production, a musical, was very good. Joe’s part was small but he had lots of stage time. During the intermission one of the guys I’d met on my tour came up and introduced himself as Cal. We talked about the show. He bought me a wine while we talked. At the end of the show I waited outside for Joe and the cast to leave. Joe was the last one out. He walked up to me and hugged. He directed me to an off campus pub. We ordered a meal and sat eating in silence. Joe bought 2 beers for us to finish the meal and a six pack to take back. We took the long way back to the dorm enjoying the beautiful night. We kissed in a quiet corner of the campus before we headed to the dorm. We headed up the back stairs to the room. We opened the door to see Ned naked on the bed with copies of Playgirl spread across the bed. He looked up smiling and said “I was wondering if you two would ever show up. I thought that I’d been stood up. I didn’t want to start alone.” We laughed and began to strip naked to join him in the dress code for the room. I could hear other guys coming and going from their rooms. Some were obviously drunk. I wondered if they could’ve heard us earlier. I didn’t have time to wonder for long as Joe pushed me to his bed. He leaned over for a deep kiss. I felt his hands moving down my back. Ned interrupted us by giggling and asking if we were exclusive yet. I didn’t respond not knowing what to say. Joe turned to Ned to say “You know how I feel, but he’s not my property. I have strong feelings for him and I think he feels the same for me. But he’s free to make his own decisions.” They both turned to me. I looked away sheepishly. My cock grew to full erection pointing to the ceiling. They moved closer to me. Each one grabbed a shoulder and pulled me between them. Now I was the meat in a naked man sandwich. Joe whispered “You mean so much to me. You’re the only virgin I’ve ever had. If you decide to share your body with Ned I’ll still love you.” I turned to kiss him. Our tongues battled for dominence. I felt Ned’s finger run up and down my ass crack searching. I let out a moan when he passed my hole over and over again. I felt Joe’s hard cock push against my own dick. I was lost in new feeling of lust and being desired by these two handsome men. Here I was a high school boy with two hot college men wanting my skinny body. Until I met Joe I was a virgin, innocent to all possible evils. Now I stood naked before those same two men. The atmosphere in the room was highly charged with sexual tension. I knew that this night I’d cross the line and that there would be no going back. My family life was not great so any attention I got was welcomed. For the rest of the semester my tutoring continued as my GPA reached new highs. Joe was often at my home for dinner. My parents quickly adjusted to our hanging out together. We spent many more weekends studying. Ned even got a guest pass for the college gym for me. He was determined to erase my old skinny image and at the samw time improve my self confidence. One weekend Joe’s parents came to vist. I was introduced as a friend of Joe and Ned. Most times I’d spend Sunday mornings at the gym with Ned before going back to the dorm for some more pesonalized exercise. As April approached so did the issue of college for me. Ned and Joe were eager for me to join them. We talked with my folks about scholarships and financial aid. A number of schools sent me packages and invited me to visit. My father and Joe selected ones that might be a good fit. We visited them as a trio with Joe and I sharing a hotel room each time. Finally, I received an acceptance letter from Joe’s school. The one condition was that as a freshman I would need to live on campus. I pushed my folks to agree to that. Joe and Ned were over joyed. They’d have their sex buddy close at hand. Over the summer Joe invited me to visit his parents’ home in upstate New York. I was eager to see him again. He drove down to pick me up. It was a good week being around Joe. We were able to sneak off for daily sexual romps. By the time I returned home Joe and I had discussed our relationship. We both knew that a strong bond had developed between us. Joe wanted to move off campus with Ned. It’d give them a quieter place to study and a sense of responsibility. They agree to help with that situation. It was understood between us that I’d be visiting often. In late August Joe and Ned, along with Joe’s parents were in town apartment shopping. I tried to stay out of the picture since I was busy getting ready for my new college life. The first rule I imposed was no surprise visits from my parents. I warned them that I had to devote most of my time to my studies. I also insisted that I was now an adult and expected to be treated as one. Mom was reluctant to let her oldest go off on his own. But my father convinced her that it was for the best. So packing a few boxes with things I thought I’d need I moved onto the campus. Ok, that’s it for now. Let me know what you think.

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