His Advantage

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It had occupied her thoughts all day and it had sent a tingle from her head right down her spine into her nether regions. She craved for it, she wanted him to render her helpless and vulnerable. And he usually did just that, often and whenever he pleased.

He was the one who knew of her deepest longings and who knew how to get into her head with his demands and her yearnings for them. He demanded for her to follow his orders and adhere to his wishes at all times. He was the one who could make her feel completely detached from her real life when he put her in the restraints she craved.

It wasn’t restraints of the regular kind that she hungered for. She craved for restraints typically used to help people get better and become independent in life after traumatic injuries or surgeries. The restraints she desired to be in consisted of medical braces and aids. To her those kinds of restraints triggered other emotions. To her they caused the opposite of independence. It was the need to be supported and assisted, the need to be helpless and dependent on him or other aids. She wanted to be restrained in braces and to be at his loving but stern mercy.

The day had turned into night, all daily tasks were accomplished. She was exhausted but the thoughts in her head had not subsided. She was hoping he would let her have what she longed for so bad, that he would sense her anticipation of some fulfillment.

When she heard him come down the stairs, she became nervous. When he walked into the room her nervousness turned into anxious excitement as she saw the leg braces he had brought with him, two bulky objects making her heart skip a beat. He smiled at her and walked over.

The leg braces had been custom made for her by a skilled orthotist catering to the likes of her. They were made of steel and black leather, thick softly padded leather straps to wrap around her slender legs, steel bars running up and down her legs on the outside and inside almost touching her pussy. The leather straps had buckles and pins stitched into them for ultimate restriction of mobility, straps that would be buckled around her legs and even lockable if he desired to do so. Locked so she couldn’t take the braces off and would have to be in them for an extended period of time.

It was Friday night and there was a whole weekend ahead of them, a weekend she would most likely spend in her heavy braces, walking around awkwardly and stiff legged since he liked to keep her legs locked straight in the braces. There were times when he would lock the braces in a 90 degree angle and she wouldn’t be walking but rather be crawling around.

Soft spoken he ordered her, ‘Take your pants off!’

She got up and did as told in front of him, she didn’t wear any panties.

He explained lowly, ‘You haven’t been in your leg braces for days. You’re going to be in them and make up for the time you haven’t worn them, so be prepared to stay in them over the weekend. You won’t be let out until I allow it.’

Just he saying the words sent a soft chill over the skin on her bare legs. The outlook of having to be in the braces was scary but also an exhilarating thought. Maybe he would keep her in braces all weekend, or maybe even longer. He would possibly make her sleep with the bulky, heavy braces strapped around her legs.

She felt the chills on her legs but up between her thighs it was anything but chilly.

He stated, ‘If you need to pee you better do it now, because once I strap those braces on, you may not find it so easy to go.’

She knew what he was talking about, it was somewhat difficult to use the bathroom when wearing the braces on her legs. Swiftly she rushed into the bathroom.

As she came back into the room he was in the process of laying out the braces, getting them ready for her to be strapped in. She sat back down on the couch, the braces were laid out on the large foot stool in front of the couch.

He looked at her, ‘Put your right leg up here’, and he gestured to the right brace.

She slowly moved her leg up and into the brace. The familiar coldness of the steel reinforced side bars and the smoothness of the leather cuffs touched the bare skin of her long leg.

Without any words he adjusted her leg into the brace and started to tightly buckle the leather cuffs. Two wide black cuffs, padded softly on the inside wrapped tightly around her thigh as he secured the buckles. He moved on to the shin and calf cuffs of the brace and pulled them into the buckles to let the strong metal pins slide into the buckle straps. The brace was strapped on tightly, encasing her leg from top Aydınlıkevler Escort to bottom, rigid and stiff in the locked position so she couldn’t bend her leg an inch. The inside of the leather cuffs was padded and soft but it didn’t change the fact that the brace was tightly locked onto her leg and she would not be able to ignore its grip for a few days.

He strapped the left leg in the same way, smirking at her when she shifted a bit. He genuinely enjoyed the process of putting her in the predicament she longed for so much but hated at the same time. She loved how he ordered her to get the leg braces on, it was hot when he tightened the brace cuffs around her leg, forceful yet loving, because he knew how much she liked it.

Both legs were now encased in the bulky and heavy leg braces, holding her legs straight and rigid, not able to move too much. The braces were locked in the straight position, she wasn’t able to bend her legs.

He draped a blanket softly over her braced legs so she wouldn’t get cold sitting there on the couch, ‘Let’s watch a movie.’

He glanced at her and saw her face flush a bit. She wasn’t cold, she was warm enough and warm moisture was creeping around her pussy, naked and aroused, her bare ass pressed on to the leather couch.

He wanted to watch a whole movie. She was intrigued but she would try to keep her arousal in check. Next to her he took his shirt off and threw it over to the side as he took a sip from his drink. Shyly she admired his strong upper body, the muscles showing nicely and the tattoos decorating his skin.

They watched the movie and he glanced over at her a few times, smiling. She tried to focus on the movie, not on the permanent arousal she now felt travel through her loins and the thoughts of what she wanted him to do to her.

Toward the end of the movie he reached his hand under the blanket and straight for her pussy he felt the heat radiating from her. Slowly he slid his fingers over the thigh cuffs and then pushed his fingers under to make sure the cuffs were still tight.

She parted her legs just a little so he could reach her better. His fingers played around her opening causing her to breathe a little quicker. She couldn’t move much, her legs were rigid and heavy in the braces; she pushed herself against his hand. She laid her head back as he leaned over her and kissed her hard. She longed to feel him inside her soon. He withdrew his lips and turned the TV off. She was aroused and warm under the blanket.

As he picked up his glass he said, ‘Let’s go upstairs!’

She pushed the blanket off and let her legs down from the foot stool. For her to get up she had to spread her legs, because they were stiffly locked into the braces. Turning herself around while he watched with the glass in his hand, her ass up in the air she pushed herself up from the couch with her legs straight.

When she grabbed the blanket to cover herself again he ordered, ‘Leave it, you go in front of me up the stairs. I want to see your ass and the way you make your way up the stairs in those braces.’

She was embarrassed but at the same time very aroused. Oddly she walked stiff legged toward the stairs, her naked ass swaying from side to side as she tried to walk as graceful as possible. By placing one foot after another, legs spread out to the side and holding on to the rail she pulled herself up the stairs breathing heavily, one step after the next.

He was right behind her the whole time watching and touching her ass, ‘Nice! That is a good girl going up the stairs strapped in leg braces.’

Two flights of stairs and she finally reached the bedroom.

He ordered her, ‘Put on the candles!’

He disappeared into the bathroom. She clumsily walked around the bedroom, lighting a few candles, setting the bedroom in a soft yellow glow. She didn’t sit down because it was difficult with the braces so she just stood there leaning on the dresser when he came out.

He looked her up and down. Then he came over and pressed her against the dresser and kissed her. She wrapped her arms around his neck, he had his strong hands on her soft, round ass cheeks. He grabbed them a little harder, pushing her a bit rougher against the dresser and kissed her hard. Pulling her hair in the back keeping her face right by his he pushed his tongue forcefully into her mouth.

She was immobile, planted on the spot and her arousal increased. She stroked her hands over his muscular arms and to his back, she dug her fingernails in as he grabbed her ass roughly with his hands. They kissed and Aydınlıkevler Escort Bayan he pulled her shirt over her head, exposing a red bra covering her large round tits. He unhooked the bra swiftly. She had moved her hands down to his jeans where she felt the bulge. He let her unbutton and unzip his fly, slid the jeans down his legs some and he took care of the rest. His hard cock was bulging in his boxers.

He released his grip from her and said, ‘Get down on the floor!’

He helped her sit down on the floor and for a moment both her legs were unlocked but right away he bent them and locked them in a 90 degree angle. She couldn’t get up anymore and sat on the carpet, her legs bent in front of her, the braces holding them in place without mercy.

He sat on the chair nearby and ordered her, ‘Crawl around for me and then get over here!’

She turned herself around and right there in the light of the candles she crawled around for him in her locked braces and her pussy was pulsating of excitement. He pulled his cell phone over and with a wicked grin he recorded her for a little while and then took some pictures. She felt silly in a way but also excited and wanted to be as sexy as possible for him.

He ordered her, ‘Now get over here!’

She crawled over and sat in front of him, his large erection was pointed up and he nodded toward it, ‘I want you to give him some attention before we take this further.’

She let her mouth and lips come down to his cock and caressed it with her hands at the same time. His cock was warm and hard as a rock. Her hands travelled up and down the shaft and she pumped it just right, then adding her mouth and wrapping her lips around its head, sucking it into her mouth. It filled out her mouth and she let it slide into it as far as she could and she let it come up again, making sure not to lose the suction to it. She wanted to do good for him, she wanted to give him the attention he and his cock deserved.

After a while of letting his cock enjoy the attention she moved her mouth to his balls and let first one come all the way into her mouth and then back out. His balls were large and full of cum waiting to be released soon.

Her pussy was throbbing for his cock but right now it was not her time yet, he wanted her to let him have all the devotion he demanded.

He was leaning back on the chair enjoying her care and attention to his manhood. She let his cock come in and out of her mouth and glanced up at his muscular, tattooed chest and saw his hard belly rise quickly with the breaths he took. He softly moaned and pushed her head down more making sure she didn’t even think about letting off her sucking his cock.

Eventually he told her to stop and ordered, ‘Get on the bed!’

She gently let his cock detach from her mouth and sat up

Since she couldn’t stand up she obediently crawled over to the bed, her legs stiffly locked in the bent position. At the bed, she moved one bent leg up on the bed and then the other, struggling to get up while he stood there and watched.

Her pussy was pulsating and hot now, wet and ready from the humiliation of crawling on the floor in her leg braces. On the bed she kneeled, held a pillow in front of her and her ass stuck out in the air.

She wanted to feel him inside her pussy soon but instead he fetched the lube from the drawer and asked her, ‘Are you ready for me to give it to you in the ass?’

The words made her nervous but excited at the same time. She had hoped so much to feel his cock inside of her pussy but apparently he wasn’t going that route this evening. She would have to take his cock in her ass, whether she liked it or not.

He roughly grabbed her by her hips and pulled her up some more, ‘Let me see your ass so I can lube it up. I want to make sure you can take it.’

She felt her heart beat fast and she grabbed the pillow in front of her, trying to relax at the outlook of having his large erection enter her anal opening. She trusted him though because many times he had been giving it to her in the ass. And he had always known exactly how to make it as comfortable as possible for her. Nowadays he often inserted a butt plug into her randomly so she could train her ass to be on the receiving end when he needed it to be.

He dripped some lube onto her opening and rubbed it in, making it easy to for him to get inside the tight space. He took a firm stance next to the bed.

The braces were tight on her legs, and her ass was exposed just high enough in front of him. He grabbed her by her hips, and pulled Escort Aydınlıkevler her closer to him. His large hands stroked over her soft ass cheeks. He was breathing heavily admiring the exposed woman in front of him, ready for him to give it to her, her legs imprisoned in the heavy braces and her ass up in the air for him to conquer.

He pulled her toward him more, the braces squeaking softly and her nervous breathing was all he heard. She held the pillow in front of her, waiting for him to enter her from the back. This evening it wasn’t her pussy he wanted, it was her ass and holding her steady, pulling her to him, he aimed for her ass hole, stretching it out so his large hard cock could fit in.

She moaned and groaned with the almost unbearable pressure of the penetration as he entered her ass slowly and patiently, pushing in further and further, making sure he wasn’t inflicting any pain she couldn’t handle.

Her pussy left stranded was soaking wet, wanting attention too but not getting any at this time. He wanted to be inside her from behind and her ass hole finally had swallowed his cock and tightened around it, almost cutting his blood flow off as he thrust into her slowly, over and over, breathing heavy and all the while glancing at her legs, encased in the leather and steel, not being able to straighten or really do anything about him being inside her.

The opening of her ass was very tight around his cock as he slapped her ass cheek hard a few times. With every thrust into her ass, her pussy vibrated just enough to want more and more and craving for some attention at the verge of her climax but he wasn’t letting her have it just yet. Her muffled sounds into the pillow sounded like a whining and moaning at the pressure his cock put inside her ass. But she handled it well, she wanted it just as much because it brought her to an almost unbearable arousal.

The feeling of the braces on her legs added on to her arousal and wanting to orgasm so badly. He thrust into her a few more times until he moaned loudly and with a deep groan he let his orgasm send shock waves through his body and transferring into her as she begged, ‘Let me cum too please!’

He didn’t say anything, instead his hands held on to her hips with a merciless grip as he thrust his cock into her ass hole a few more times, making her squeal into the pillow she held in front of her face.

She wanted to feel his hands or something on her pussy, inside her pussy or at least be able to push her body down onto the bed and rub herself enough to cum but he still held her ass up to him and let his own orgasm run through him and eventually subside.

She was breathing quickly and her fingers were digging into the pillow and she begged, ‘l need to cum, please give it to me!’

He finally reached his hand to her front and felt the moisture run out of her pussy, she was ready to have her release. She twitched at his unexpected touch but then pushed into his hand, still feeling his cock locked into her ass. He didn’t really move it anymore but now turned his attention to her and rubbing her pussy and clit just right.

She knew better than to beg again, because he might change his mind of letting her orgasm if she kept on begging. Instead she just took the caress he showed to her pussy now and she felt the tingling and arousal build again. His cock still put enough pressure on all her insides as he let his hands run over her pussy helping it to get her where she wanted to be as well.

She was still holding on to the pillow, breathing quickly and he said over her, ‘You were a good girl in braces for me. Great job with showing my cock some attention and letting it get inside your ass. I think I will always do that now because I like it so much better than in your pussy. You are so nice and tight around me with your ass.’

He saying those things brought on her climax and she dug her finger nails into her pillow and she pushed her face down into it as his large fingers slid in and out of her pussy and she felt him tickle her inside, flicking her clit with his thumb. As he shifted some she still felt the merciless penetration of his cock inside her ass and with the braces locked around her legs she felt her orgasm come on strong and fast as he worked her pussy just right.

A shock wave raced through her and she moaned loudly. He let her feel his cock again by moving inside of her and she felt her climax take over.

Softly and with a smirk he said, ‘You’re going to be in those braces for me all weekend and tomorrow we are going out and you’ll stay in those braces so everyone can see it. You’ll be dripping cum by the end of the night. You’re going to be a good girl though.’

And she let her body relax as her orgasm subsided slowly leaving her in exhaustion but pleasure and when his hand softly ran over her back and he slowly pulled his cock out she knew she would have an exciting weekend to look forward to.

The End

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