His Daughter’s BFF

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Martin couldn’t get his mind off Nicole, his daughter’s best friend forever. He was aware of the opinions some people had about a man desiring a woman that he doubled in years but she was that—a woman. And she had been a woman for five years.

Random people’s views didn’t much matter to him but his daughter, Lauren, was far from a random person. And she was on the side of the argument that thought it was gross, disgusting, and a load of other negative adjectives for an older man to consider sex with a woman half his age or more.

He wouldn’t hesitate to take a bullet for Lauren and always gave all he had to her. It could have been the last dime in his pocket or a helping from his bottomless pool of love. Whatever Lauren wanted, Lauren got. And he was proud to do it. That’s not to say they weren’t like two rams clashing at times. She had her mother’s personality!

One day, Martin stopped for once in his life to consider what he wanted. He was taking care of Lauren while she finished college. Her mother was in parts unknown with another man and Martin was feeling a bit empty. He strained to find his way back to the dating market but was craving some nasty, dirty play with someone. A void was expanding within that only a beautiful woman he was attracted to could fill.

While he was nailing in a new decorative handrail for the trio of steps outside his home, a rumbling engine behind him signified said beautiful woman was about to arrive. Martin could already feel a surge of energy rush to his crotch.

It was the first whiff of spring and not only did that bring the first warmth in months, trees coming alive again, and cars coated in pollen, but it brought women out of their long pants and into shorts and sandals. And that could have been said of Nicole, too.

Nicole didn’t have a ride of her own yet but her parents or brother would drop her off to hang out with Martin and Lauren.

Yes, both of them. Martin was always working out, fixing things around the house, working, or shaking his body at a party. Though a knee or an elbow might ache here and there, he was a far cry from a cane or a walker. His energy and willingness to have fun usually matched Lauren and Nicole’s and they didn’t mind having him in their presences on occasion.

Martin didn’t think it would ever be that way again after he expressed to Nicole how he felt about her.

He would listen to her talk about her paintings, her beagle named Speed because he acted like he was on it all the time, and her love for motorcycles. Martin happened to have one and she thought that was the coolest thing ever.

She would help him in the kitchen and he would be their personal driver to anywhere their hearts desired.

The apparent connection they had made it easier for him to let her know that he wanted to have “fun” with her. It took more than a month to conjure the will and to accept the consequences if his daughter found out what his intentions were.

Not surprisingly, she was resistant to it. He didn’t touch her, grope her, or plead, but she never said no. Still, he was a little blue about how things turned out.

She started to meet Lauren at every place that wasn’t his.

The awkwardness was impossible to miss but he tried his best not to come off as another creepy old man.

Eventually, Nicole began coming around again and things seemed to be how they were before he made his confession. The difference was Nicole would sometimes smile at him a little long, brush his shoulder in passing, or let her hand innocently drag across his ass when they hugged. He thought it was just his mind exaggerating things because he wanted to fuck her little cute ass but the voice in his gut said differently.

Anyhow, Martin got out of his head and kept working on the handrail. He ceased hammering to pick up a piece of wood and heard Nicole’s tiny footsteps pattering on the concrete walkway at his rear.

She said, “Hey, papa! What are you doing there?”

She sounded so sweet just saying something simple like that.

She saw Lauren as her older sister so it was only fitting that she called him papa. He wanted to make her call him her daddy but he didn’t know if that was in the cards.

He spun around and said, “Whoa!”

Nicole’s light brown locks were dancing on her shoulder as she moved. She was in a peach spaghetti strap top. The shape of her nipples were easy to see. Her faded, blue jean shorts fit snuggly against the brownish orange complexion of her legs. If someone snapped a finger, he would have been hard long before they finished the snap.

Nicole tilted her head and flipped her hair off her shoulders. “Whoa what?”

Martin scratched his scalp. “You look amazing, that’s all.”

“Oh, thank you,” she said with a flush while twiddling her fingers.

He pointed at her backpack. “You’re studying with Lauren today?”

“Yes, is she here, yet?”

“No, she called and said she would be late. She’s meeting with the guidance counselor at the college.” Martin lifted topkapı escort his hammer to return to his project but noticed out of his periphery she was staring at him with a wanting, a powerful lust. “What is it, Nicole?”

She blinked a few times quickly and looked away. “Nothing. What do you have to drink?”

“Water and ginger ale. The choices would be more expansive if I had gone to the store!”

Nicole slid her backpack off and let it drop to the grass. She stepped so close their toes were touching. Martin was trying to hold it together the best he could. It was natural to embrace her and he did.

Having her that close was amazing and her hug was warm and tight. He could feel her bra clasp through her top and pictured himself undoing it and revealing her palm-sized tits. She was without any scent from body lotion or perfume—just her natural, sweet womanly aroma.

She pulled back but still held him at the waist. “I’m glad to see you. I’m going to run in the house unless you need help with what you’re doing.”

“Thanks, but I got it. Make yourself at home.”

Nicole smiled, grabbed the straps on her backpack, and sprinted through the storm door.

Martin glanced at her and loved the sight of how those shorts of hers squeezed her ass.

He pounded nails for another few minutes before wiping the moisture from his temples.

His back was wrapping in knots having been hunched over for so long and he was sucking wind. A break was in order.

When he went in, he stepped onto the scuffed tile at the entrance. With another foot forward, he tripped over something rubbery. He looked down to see Nicole’s sandals. And her backpack wasn’t far away. Her ability to disrupt his system of tidiness reminded him of her imperfections. For now, it was endearing.

He walked the hall towards his quarters when he noticed light shining out of the bathroom door’s crack. He heard movement inside. His stomach was rumbling and his hands shaking as he investigated it.

He tried to resist but the temptation was overwhelming. He had to peek!

Nicole was checking herself out. She leaned into the mirror and was playing with a sore on her cheek. She mumbled something about needing some facial cream.

Her back was to him but it looked like she was fidgeting with the button on the front of her shorts. It popped open and the sound of a zipper sliding down followed. Martin swallowed and waited while trembling.

She pulled down her shorts and they were so tight, they dragged her blue panties low enough that he saw her ass crack. He wanted to grope that ass, play with it, slide his cock in it and feel its tightness.

He kept looking but he heard the squawking of the storm door and he nearly choked on his own saliva. Martin didn’t realize Lauren was back! He peeled himself away and pouted to himself.

He went back to the living room to greet his lovely daughter.

Lauren was his height, three inches shy of six feet, and had her mom’s curly blondish brown tresses and feistiness and her dad’s intellect and drive. She would never admit to those last two as being hereditary. She preferred to believe that was of her own doing.

Martin was laid off a few months prior and his Graphic Design degree wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on as everyone kept telling him he was overqualified for the jobs in the area. He was using funds from his retirement along with whatever he could earn at the office supply store to keep the house out of foreclosure but the boat called his life had a few holes in the bottom, which were increasing daily. It wouldn’t be long before it found the bottom of the lake and Lauren never hesitated to remind him. She believed he could find a better job if he tried harder and she may have been right. He’d been discouraged and wasn’t putting his full effort into his job search anymore but can a man be human?

Martin put his arms around Lauren and kissed her forehead. “Hi, honey. How was school today?”

He could feel an icy aura around her and she gave him one of those pat-on-the-back hugs like she didn’t want to touch him unlike the tight one Nicole gave him earlier.

She escaped his grasp and, at a few steps’ distance, said, “Fine, dad. Have you spoken to mom?”

“No, she’s busy with her new family.”

“If you weren’t so busy playing cards and drinking with your friends every night she might still be here and we’d be a happy family. I miss her.”

Martin grit his teeth to hold back words he might regret. “Grr, you’re never going to let me live that down. I apologized for that a hundred times! I did that because your mother was nagging me all the time and I needed to get away. I know I should have tried to be there for her and find out what was bothering her instead of running. I messed up. If you want to blame the divorce on me, go ahead, but I’ve been there for you, right?”

Lauren folded her arms and looked at the floor. “Yes, dad. I’m thankful but why couldn’t you have shown mom the affection she needed?” fatih escort

“I may have messed up but she was no saint, either. Buying jewelry behind my back. Working my ass off all day and I had to come home to an empty dinner table. It burned me up when I sniffed the air after getting home from work and not smelling fried chicken or steak in the air. I usually got a frozen dinner at best. All because she was watching those dumb soap operas and talk shows all day. Let’s not have this argument now.”

Lauren said, “Fine. Is Nicole here?”

“She’s in the bathroom.”

She breezed out of the room. He could understand her frustration but between their increasingly strained relationship, the walls closing in concerning his finances, and his lack of female attention, he was feeling the tension. He had to have a release before he lost his mind!

A few hours later, he was in the kitchen rolling meatballs from a mixture of ground veal, pork, and some herbs and spices when Nicole bounced in.

She looked into the bowl on the counter. “Meatballs? My favorite!”

“I thought you might think so. You want to help me make them?”

Nicole perked up even more as she reached into the bowl. “Sure, I love doing this.”

They had fun chatting about everything under the sun for the next few minutes.

She pretended to put her raw meat-coated hands in his face and he dropped ice cubes down the back of her shirt for it. Martin was her age again and the fun vibes and energy they had together was blowing his mind. It was what the doctor prescribed.

After they put the meatballs into the slow cooker, they found themselves staring at each other. She closed the space more and he stepped forward to meet her. The tension was reaching astronomical proportions as he saw the same lust in her that was there earlier.

Martin closed his eyes, puckered, and went for it!

To his delight and a bit of a surprise, she touched his lips with a tender softness. He tasted the grape juice she just drank mixed with her strawberry lip gloss. Every nerve in his being emitted sparks and powerful jolts of arousal shot to his cock and his bulge was evident.

Nicole’s lips were quivering as they waited for another kiss and he connected again. It was hotter still.

Nicole detached slightly and dipped her chin but stayed inside his personal zone. “I can’t imagine Lauren throwing a party over this.”

Martin lightly caressed the length of her cheek. “I know and it hurts me that we have to keep this from her for now. I’ve never kept anything from her.”

“Neither have I. A lot of guys my age don’t really listen to me like you do. They pretend to but they’re staring at my breasts the whole time.”

“I used to be one of those guys, actually!”

Nicole said, “That was a long time ago, I bet.”

“Not long enough but we can make this work.”

Nicole smiled and kissed him again but they heard footsteps approaching and Martin dashed for the sink to wash his hands and Nicole acted as though she was serious about wiping the countertops.

It wasn’t going to be stroll by a still water pond but he knew he needed this.

His heart was still pumping from the kiss and almost getting busted when Lauren walked in.

Lauren said, “Hey, dad. Nicole. Is dinner ready yet? I could eat a deer!”

Martin held her and smooched her cheek. She was a bit more receptive this time. Getting her feelings out usually did that.

Martin said, “It’ll be a little while longer, honey.”

“I guess we’ll need something to keep us occupied until then…” Lauren said as she walked over to the cake on the countertop. She grabbed a slice and took a bite but smashed the rest into Martin’s face! “What are you going to do about that pops?”

Lauren ran off while giggling.

“Come here and I’ll show you!” Martin said while smiling as he took off in pursuit.

Now these were the times he loved!

He caught up to her in the hallway. She was moving so slow that she probably wanted to be captured!

Martin snatched her from behind, drew back, and popped her ass so hard it buckled her knees.

“Oww, dad!” she said as she rubbed her backside. “That kind of hurt!”

“Maybe but it hurt me that you got cake all over my new shirt!”

He flipped her and she fell into his arms with her face in his chest. “I love you, dad. I don’t mean to be a pain when I rag on you but…”

“That’s a lie. You mean it but I respect you for it. I know you miss mom. I’m doing the best I can and we’ll see brighter days, I swear to it. And I’ll get the job I’ve been seeking.”

“I know. You won’t let this get you down. You can do it.”

Martin hadn’t felt closeness like that with her for a long time. He was going to hold her for as long as he could.

That morning, at 1am, when the pale blue moonlight and dull yellow tinge of the streetlamps slithered through the house, Martin trekked to Lauren’s room to check on the women in his life. Whenever Nicole spent eyüp escort the night, she always slept in the same bed with Lauren.

He couldn’t sleep for thinking of them. Lauren and the joy she had with him yesterday and Nicole, who he was falling for.

He turned the doorknob and eased the door open enough to see them snoozing. He was relieved they were okay and he closed the door back.

He took a few steps towards his room when he heard Nicole’s voice softly speak to him.

“Hey,” she said as she maneuvered to his front. “Is everything okay?”

Martin halted. “Yeah, I just couldn’t sleep.”

“I couldn’t either. I was lying there awake when you opened the door.”

“Really? Why?”

Nicole toyed with the strap on her tank top and looked around. “I was thinking about you.”

Martin loved the sound of that and the surges it gave him. He pulled her into his body and she began to melt into it. Her skin was nearly perfect and soft.

He seared her lips with another long, hard, kiss. She held onto the back of his neck and kissy sounds echoed throughout the hall.

He took her hand and led her to the bathroom.

He flipped on the light, locked the door, and they kissed softly some more before she leaned back.

“Are you sure this is okay?” she asked while tracing her top lip with her finger then nibbled on its tip.

“Yes, but you don’t seem sure.”

“Sigh, Lauren’s my best friend. No, my sister. I don’t know.”

“I know how you feel. She’s my daughter. We shared a closeness yesterday that I hadn’t experienced in a while and I love her but at the same time, I have things I want out of life and she’ll have to understand that.”

Nicole snickered. “And how understanding do you think she’ll be?”

“It wouldn’t happen overnight. Wouldn’t happen over a year, probably. She’s still fuming about how my marriage ended,” Martin said as he could feel the pressure rising. “You know, we don’t have to do this.”

Nicole, in a snap, looked to be taken over by disappointment. When he turned to leave, she swiped at his arm.

“Wait, I think you’re right,” she said as he faced her again. “This is our decision and we deserve a chance at happiness. Whether it works out or not, we have to try.”

“I think so, too,” Martin said as he kissed her forehead and held it.

He lifted her chin. He sensed her desire and kissed her again on the lips. She parted them to offer her tongue and he took the invitation as he entangled his with hers.

Martin was craving the moment and it sang of being so right. He moved his body into hers and she instinctively went back against the sink.

He kissed her along her jawline and over her neck. He pulled the strap off her shoulder and kissed it, too.

Nicole’s breathing picked up as her hands went on exploration over his chest and abs but stopped short of his cock.

His hands traveled beneath her shirt and inched it up a little at a time. Her tummy was like board and smooth. What he was doing had her quivering.

He bent over and licked from her tummy over to her love handles and she giggled.

“Sorry,” Martin said as he lifted her tank top further and her tits, covered by blue lace, were staring back at him.

He kissed between them while kneading hard on both tits. Nicole was scratching the rear of his T-shirt and moaning as she leaned back against the sink.

He pressed his lips on her fleshy right tit around her bra, slipped his licker inside, and flicked it over her nipple.

As he angled his hands behind her to unclasp her bra and drag it away from her body, she quivered again but he wasn’t sure if it was from pleasure or her nerves.

Martin, while flicking her nipple again with his tongue and his fingers playing with the other, she clinched up.

He dropped a hand and caressed the insides of her thighs through the fabric of her pink pajama pants with red hearts on them.

As soon as his caressing made its way to her pussy, she snatched his hand and eased it away.

Martin ceased his play and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. Well, I guess with everything and having not done this much…”

Martin interrupted her with a smooch. “Don’t worry. I’m here no matter what.”

After another kiss, tension released from her as she held onto him tighter than ever.

He licked across her skin from her chin back to her breast and sucked her nipple with little pressure but sucked harder after a minute. He tugged and pulled at it with his lips and she was shaking her ankles. He devoured that cotton-like tit like he hadn’t had one in years, licking it, nibbling on her flesh, tugging at her ponytail, and going wild over it.

She arched back and he hoisted her onto the granite, slate colored sink countertop.

He grasped the waistband of her pants. She took a second but lifted her ass so he could pull them down. While they hung at her ankles, he rubbed all over her calves, up her thighs, and back down again. Her skin was well-lotioned with few blemishes.

Back up his hand traveled over the thin hairs on her legs and brushed across her pussy through her lacy blue panties a few times. Her hips flinched but she kept still and moaned softly.

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