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I looked at the clock, 4:46. Shit, I thought. I better get this finished up quick. It’s Friday and I work from home. I am usually finished by 4:30 which gives me time to get ready. My husband and I switch off Fridays for who gets to be boss for the evening and tonight was his night. He’d already texted me in character. I grabbed my phone and reread the text.
“I will be home by 5. I was you naked and on your knees with a beer open for me when I walk through the door.”
Yes sir, had been my prompt response. To which I got a “good girl” back from him. I felt my pussy pulse in anticipation. This game got me so hot. I, of course took full advantage when it was my Friday to be boss. Got my pussy eaten on and off all night, made my husband cook me dinner naked while I watched with a glass of wine, and had him give me endless massages with his hands and tongue. But the truth was, my secret, I enjoyed being my husbands play thing so much more. I loved the feeling of knowing that he was going to use my body however he wanted. It was such a turn on to get him off in all the dirty ways he wanted. Also recently we had gotten a few new toys we hadn’t tried yet, so I was wondering if he would use them on me tonight. Fuck, my pussy was throbbing. Looking down I realized my hand was down the front of my pants. I had started touching my self while daydreaming about what he could do to me tonight with out even thinking about it. Mmmmm it felt good. I spread my legs a little wider and slowly dragged my fingers up my clit and then back the other direction and started making making little circles. I could already feel the pleasure building up and I started rocking my hips into the motion of the circles.
But my moment of self induced pleasure was stopped in an instant when I heard the sound of a man clearing his throat.
I froze and looked over my shoulder. There he was standing in the doorway of my office watching me. He was smirking at me.
“Not only did you not do what I asked on MY FRIDAY, but if I hadn’t have interrupted you would have came with out permission… someone’s on the naughty list tonight.”

I looked at the clock in the corner of my desktop monitor, 5:03. How did I get myself so distracted that I didn’t even hear him unlock the front door and come in? I looked back at him. “Sorry?”

It was all I could think of to say. My mind was Sancaktepe Escort raising.

I cleared my throat and stood up from my office chair and immediately got on the floor and crawled on my hands and knees over to him. “Sorry, sir” I said looking up at him from his knees.

He smiled at my and traced my lips with his index finger. “Oh trust me, you will be. You can stand to remove your clothes but then back on your hands and knees. I will be in the living room, I’d like a beer served to me there.” With that he turned around and walked down the hall towards the living room.

I sighed and turned around and turned off my computer. Then quickly undressed and got back in the crawl position and crawled towards the kitchen, pulled out one of his craft beers and quickly crawled in the living room.

And there was my sexy husband, sitting on the couch with yesterdays recorded football game on the tv. I crawled over to him as quick as I could without shaking up the beer and once I was at his feet I sat up on my back feet and opened the can of beer and handed it to him. He took the beer without looking at me. “Now what are we going to do with this naughty girl?” He took a sip. “Just couldn’t help yourself and had to play with MY PUSSY without permission on my day. How could we punish this kind of behavior? Go get the box of toys slave…”

Once he had the big box of toys next to him on the couch, he instructed me to lay across his lap facing down, ass up. As I lay across him, he took both hands and started rubbing and playing with my ass cheeks. Almost like a cat would do he sat there needing and jiggling my butt. I knew exactly where this was going. I didn’t mind anal, but in truth I was kinda new to it and it was not something I was super comfortable with. Pop. I heard the bottle of lube open and he stared rubbing the cold liquid on my asshole. I puckered out of surprise as. He quickly spanked my cheek.

“Whose asshole am I playing with?”

“Yours, sir. That is your asshole.”

That’s right he said. And began again, rubbing my nervous hole. Soon he was dipping fingers in side and rubbing the lining of the inside of my ass. I snuck a glance at him over my shoulder and he was t even looking at my ass. He was watching the tv and just absently playing with my anus. A touchdown happened on Escort Sancaktepe the tv and he excitedly jerked and his two finger went deep inside of me, which caused me to moan loudly. He immediately stopped what he was doing and looked over at me with a stern look. “I am watching the game toy, you need to keep in down over there. In fact…” he looked at his hands that were still working in and out of my hole. “I don’t want to do all this work. Go get one of the dinning room chairs and put it here next to me.”
Once I was back in the room with the chair he had one of the silicone anal trainers that was dick shaped and the large size in his hand. I put the chair down next to him. “Stick your tongue out.” I did what he said and he took the back end of the dildo which had a suction cup on it and stuck it on my tongue, rubbing it around getting in nice and wet. Then he stuck it on the wooden chair. “Sit on the chair and I want that trainer in your ass, but still stuck to the seat.”

I slowly backed up on to the seat, and then felt behind me for the dildo and guided it into my asshole as I sat.
“All the way.” He said looking at me. I lowered myself so I was sitting, ass cheeks on the chair with that big dildo filling my asshole uncomfortably.
“Now bounce on it. I want you to fuck it while I watch football until I tell you to stop.”
I slowly started bouncing up and down on the chair feeling the large sized silicone dick enter and open me up with every movement.

It continued like that for about twenty minutes, him sitting there watching football and nursing his beer and I sat next to him, naked on a dining table chair fucking my own asshole. After 15 minutes of this he was no longer watching the football team on the screen. He was watching me. He started playing with my tits, and pinching the nipples every once in a while. He was watching my face to observe my facial expressions for signs of pleasure. Finally he put out his hand as a sign to stop. “Come lay on my lap again, like you were before.” As I did he laughs slightly at what I can assume is my gaping asshole. “Damn slave… you did a good job…” and again he had his hands all over my ass, both in and outside. I feel more lube being rubbed in to my ass. He pulls out the new silicone beads out of the box. They were tapered, gradually getting bigger.
He turns Sancaktepe Escort Bayan his body so that his back is facing the length of the couch and lays back on it. As he does this he pulled on of my ankles so that I am sitting on his chest, ass to him and my face is pointed to his feet.
“Suck my dick slave. As he lays back. I start to move so I have better access and he holds my waist so my ass is still facing him. I push his pants and underwear up to his ankles and jolt in surprise when I feel the first of the beads push into my asshole. I massage his balls in my hand trying to figure out how to do this angle. But finally I position myself so that I can slide the head of his fantastic dick into my mouth while staying at the angle I am at so he has full access to my asshole on his chest right in front of his face. I push his dick down into my mouth and start bobbing on it. Trying to take more and more down my throat with each stoke. Meanwhile he has put three beads into me and pushing the forth. With each bead I feel filled with the ball and then the relief in between them. Then suddenly he begins to pull the beads slowly out one by one. Slowest on the girth of the ball. He pulled them all out and the starts to push them back in. Again so slowly. I can’t tell if I am enjoying it or not when he pulls them all out quickly in one ripping motion. I hear him moan and I can feel his breath quickening. I am sliding my mouth back and forth on his dick and using my lips to put pressure on his shaft as I do so. He has stopped messing with my ass at this point he is moaning and bucking my face wildly. I lean forward and try to fill my throat with his dick. He sits up slowly, bear hugging my waist and starts to stand and I am upside down, ass in the air sucking hard and fast on his dick. My legs are straight up on the air and I can feel all the blood rushing to my head. He walks me over to a lazy boy and sets my head and body on the chair as I am still sucking on him. He is basically sitting on my face and I am completely pinned down. All I can focus on is trying to take him deeper. I have tears and spit all over my face as I gag. And suddenly I feel him thrust hard and deep into my face, letting out and animalistic carnal sound and he cums into me.
I stop sucking and try to take a breath but his dick is still deep in my mouth and throat. I begin to panic but he slowly removed his cock and gets off of me.
“Fucking A, slave. That was such an amazing orgasm. Good job.” I sit up and try to fix my hair and wipe the drool and god knows what else from my face. He looks at me and smiles.

“Now, about your punishment for earlier…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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