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They met online on one of those Sugar Daddy dating sites, where rich, successful men find young, beautiful women. He needed a pretty, sexually uninhibited woman who will please him, and then she could likely afford to pay for college or the rent.

Jason was a middle-aged businessman in commercial real estate, very successful, with a wife who was no longer much interested in sex. They had a couple of grown kids who lived out of town, with lives of their own. He had money, and time, and had always had an oversized, widely curious libido.

He was tall with a large body, not overly handsome but friendly and energetic, with an active imagination and a vibrant intelligence. He usually had no trouble attracting women, and had it not been for his wife, with whom he shared a good life except for her low sex drive, he would have been perfectly happy.

He was infinitely curious sexually though, and wanted to find someone he could explore everything with. Vanilla sex, kink, oral, anal, BDSM, exhibitionism, three ways, etc. He wondered if he would ever find a woman who could really keep up with him. He certainly had fun trying!

They met in a coffee shop for the first time, just to see if there was any chemistry and mutual interest. Summer came in a few minutes late and apologized, saying the parking was crazy in LA. He got them some coffee, and let her talk as he studied her. She was pretty, in an offbeat kind of way. Slender, about thirtyish, with medium length blonde hair and pretty light green eyes. A slender body with full, lovely breasts, long legs. He found himself getting aroused just sitting near her. She talked about her life and her cat, and her part-time job, and her artwork. She was a struggling artist, and worked part time at a real estate firm doing administrative work. She lived in Venice near the beach, and had trouble paying the rent sometimes, LA rent was sky high.

They talked some more, and he told her about his life and troubles with his wife. He said he didn’t want to leave her, but just couldn’t live without passion any longer.

She said she understood and they agreed to see each other in a couple of days. They each said they were disease free and had been very careful, and she had had her tubes tied a few years back. She could hardly take care of herself, let alone another person. He stood up when she had to leave and took her hand, looking straight into her eyes. He could feel the electricity of her touch directly to his cock, and decided she was the woman he wanted.

A few days later, Summer invited him to lunch at her place near the beach. He found it easily, parked and walked to her apartment. He met her cat Comma, and looked around her one bedroom, neat apartment near the ocean. They talked for a bit, then she made him a salad and quiche for lunch. It was very tasty, and after lunch they went out for a walk on the beach. They walked slowly and held hands easily, and he said whenever she was ready he wanted her. She said she was ready too, blushing a little, and they headed back to her apartment.

She closed the blinds and got them some wine, and put on some soft jazz in the background. He took off his Kırşehir Escort suit jacket and shoes, and they held each other and kissed. She opened her mouth slowly and let him deeply explore her mouth and lips tenderly. He started to undress her, taking off her blouse and she slipped out of her skirt. She left her black pumps on, and black sheer lacy bra and panties. “I like to be told what to do, I’m kind of submissive,” she said, blushing, so he told her to undress him and suck him, kneeling in front of him. She unzipped his pants and undressed him carefully, and soon he was just standing in his unbuttoned shirt, nothing else on, with his cock impaled in her eager mouth. She was completely naked in front of him except for her heels.

He could feel himself getting close so he said huskily, “OK, let’s go to bed.” She got up, and brought their wine glasses, and they moved into her soft, comfortable Queen sized bed. She continued sucking him, keeping his cock very happy, and after a time he told her to get on her back, he wanted her now. She did, spreading her legs and smiling at him, offering up her full, erect tits, her long, tanned legs and wet pussy, unbelievably inviting. He gently entered her for the first time, feeling her tight, velvety pussy gradually expand to take his hard, thick cock. She started moaning and breathing hard, and it was all he could do to not fuck her hard, but he took his time, slowly moving back and forth, and then gradually building to a hard, strong rhythm. They were both moaning, and near orgasm when he slowed down again, he wanted this to last.

He took his time bringing her very close, and then slowing down again, teasing her, until she said, “Jason, please!”

“Please what, baby?”

“Please fuck me, cum inside me, I can’t stand it!”

“Tell me what you want, baby, talk to me.”

“I want you to cum inside me right now, oh please!” He started pounding her wet, slippery, tight pussy in earnest, it felt unbelievably good, and he started to cum, his cock on fire. She was moaning and moving like a backseat slut. He fucked her good and hard, and unloaded a huge pile of creamy cum deep inside her, and then she said, “Thank you, daddy!” Then they held each other close for some time, quietly, amazed. It was the most intense orgasm of his life.

After a time she got up and wiped him off tenderly, and he reached out and pulled her to him. She was the one, yes that was certain.

A few days later he found himself at her apartment again after work. They had exchanged emails, Skype chats and texts, and although he tried to be discreet, he found his mind wandering to her dozens of times during day. Her face and exquisite body, the smell and sound of her were imprinted on his brain and cock already.

He told over via email that he wanted to explore everything sensual freely with her, from lots of vanilla sex to bondage and domination, oral, anal, exhibitionism, erotic photography, everything. He had set up a savings account for her, and arranged to have $5,000 a month automatically transferred to her to help her out. That was hardly a blip in his world, but it meant everything Kocaeli Escort to her. His assistant

handled all the paperwork for his finances, so his wife would never find out. And his staff was all extremely discreet, he made sure of that. Summer was very grateful and told him as much. He supposed he was hiring her as a prostitute, but this was a very special woman and he felt no guilt or shame about it. What was the difference between that and a wife anyway, except a piece of paper? And this way, if there were problems, he could easily break it off, stop the payments, and back away freely.

Except he had no intention of doing that. He has told her he wanted a longer-term relationship, and she was fine with that. As an artist, she had no room for kids in her life, and used every spare minute to explore her abstract painting and black and white photography.

The next week his wife was out of town, and they could spend the whole weekend together, which was heaven. He picked her up on Friday night, and she showed him some of her artwork and paintings that she had in your apartment. They were striking abstracts, she definitely had talent, and he promised to try to help her get a show through some gallery owners he knew. She showed him some of her black and white photography too, it was unusual, a bit dark, but the talent was unmistakable.

Then they went out to an elegant dinner at a quiet restaurant nearby, they had some very fine wine and talked, it was very pleasant. As they walked in heads turned to look at this handsome older man with this sensual woman. He didn’t care, let his wife try to divorce him, she would never know what hit her, although he did try to be circumspect.

After dinner they went back to his house, he lived in Beverly Hills in a nice ranch house. It was comfortable and well maintained, but not huge. He told her he would rather give his extra money to his foundation, Jason’s Kids, helping underprivileged children in Los Angeles.

He showed her around the house and back yard, and they had some more wine, and he turned on the Jacuzzi in case she wanted a dip. She screamed and quickly stripped off everything and jumped in. He laughed and joined her, it was in a very private backyard, and with the beautiful trees, stars overhead, and soft twinkling lights, a very romantic one.

They hung out in the Jacuzzi for a while, and kissed, and he told her he wanted to just have oral and anal sex tonight. He wanted to train her to be able to satisfy him and cum just from his mouth and fingers, whenever and wherever he wished. She blushed bright red and said OK.

After awhile he told her to get some towels and go to the bedroom, and wait for him in in his bed.

She took a long drink of wine, and stepped out of the Jacuzzi completely naked, and wordlessly obeyed him, blushing and smiling a little.

He cleaned up and turned off the Jacuzzi, and locked the sliding door and went naked into the bedroom, taking their wine and turning on some soft music.

“Summer, I want you to completely open yourself orally to me. I want you to learn to cum and make me cum just using your mouth Konya Escort and hands. And I want you to be completely comfortable with anal sex too. Have you ever done that?”

“Once or twice. I liked it, but haven’t done it much. Sometimes it hurt.”

“I’m going to show you how to take it, baby, so you can take my cock anywhere, deep inside your throat, swallowing, in your ass, anywhere. You know I would never hurt you. But it does take some time to become completely open to it.”

“Yes sir.”

“Now suck me, baby, really good, ahhhh, that’s right, all the way in your throat. Open up your throat and relax.” He grabbed her by the hair and moved her head just right.

She orally serviced him tenderly and well, taking his rock hard cock deep inside her mouth and throat, being careful of her teeth. The sight of her beautiful face and body being orally fucked was devastating. When he was close, he said, “OK stop. Now lie back, your turn.”

She lay back on some pillows, and he pulled her to him, spreading her legs as wide as they could go. He put one, then two thick fingers gently up her ass while he ate her deliciously pussy, licking and savoring her flowing juices. She started to buck and squeal, so he backed off, teasing her, bringing her high, and then backing off. She was so responsive, it was a wonder being with her. “OK I’m going make you cum now. Don’t you dare cum until I tell you to.”

He ferociously licked and finger fucked her clit, pussy and anus, she was trembling and gasping, and he licked her drenched clit five, six times and she was almost there. “Cum, Summer, right now!” Her orgasm rippled through her like a riptide. She cried out, “Oh Daddy!” and had a full, strong orgasm, the best in a long time.

After a time he said “OK, now do that to me.”

She obediently licked and sucked him, sticking one, then two, then three long, slender fingers deep in his ass. She took him deep in her mouth and throat, and he could feel his orgasm start to rise deep in his bowels. “Stop,” he said, and she backed off, just licking and kissing him tenderly. “OK” and she would start in earnest again. Finally after several round of this teasing and tantalizing, he said,

“OK baby, make me cum now, yeah.”

She swallowed really deep on his cock, sticking her fingers deeper and deeper inside his ass, he was getting so close, the feeling was like a storm rising from deep inside him. He started to cum, pumping load after load of thick, creamy hot jism directly down her open, accepting throat. She swallowed it all, bravely, and didn’t let up until the last drop. Then she tenderly pulled her fingers out and kissed his cock and balls all over.

“That’s a good girl, now clean me off.”

She got a towel and cleaned him, kissing him tenderly as she did, and they soon both fell into a deep, dreamless, exquisite sleep.

The next morning they woke up early and he told her to make him breakfast wearing nothing but heels. Coffee, bacon, an omelet and orange juice. He was taking a shower but she wasn’t to shower. He loved the look and smell of their sex on her. She should also make anything for herself that she wanted. As she got up to cook breakfast, he reached out and grabbed her tits, pinching them, surprising her, reminding her who was boss.

In the coming weeks and months, they explored everything together, and were both happier than they’d been in years.

To be continued . . .

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