His Revenge!

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His Revenge!It was Monday and as we all know,Monday is the longest day of the week. Even more so when you have action packed weekends like mine. On Friday’s I always take my amazing wife out on a date. It is out lovey dovey night, we go out and have a great time and come home and “try” to watch romantic movies in our bedroom with candle light. I say try because we have been married and doing this for years and we have yet to get through a whole movie, maybe half of one, well, perhaps, half of a short movie. Anyways, in any event we normally stay up most of the night making love, talking, and so on. We generally sleep in late on Saturday’s, which have come to be know as sexy slutty seduction Saturdays. In other words, that is when two super freak’s really get freaky. Which mostly means a lot of abuse for me and use of her, but I am not complaining, just saying that by Sunday that both of us are wore out in more ways than one. But we are so hot and horny after the day before’s events we can’t keep our hands off each other. Rest is the last thing on our minds. Usually about 5 AM on Monday morning we lay down for a few hours before work. However tired I was on this particular Monday evening after a hard, stressful day at work, it didn’t matter I had been thinking all day about the weekends events, my sore ass as a reminder , if it ever started to slip my mind. I had been treated worse than most men treat a slut by my wife, who was also used and abused like the little whore she loves to be behind closed doors.So I came home that day planning on issuing a little reminder that even though she gets to play dominate, she is doing just that, playing a role. I allow her to play, but from time to time I feel the need to remind her that I’m the fucking MAN around here and I run shit. She’s my bitch. She’s my toy, She’s my whore to be done with as I please. Walking in to the house I call out for her. She came in happily hopping along like a Goddamn bunny, cheerfully welcoming me with a “ Hey Daddy! How was your day?” I smiled mischievously and replied “ better then yours is gonna end up.” She raised her eyebrows and playfully mumbled “UT-oh” . I said “UT-oh is right, I’m not playing. Now go run my bath water.” she quickly said “ But your dinner is on the table waiting Daddy.” In a deeper more powerful, comanding voice, I boomed “ Either run my bath water, or suck my sweaty cock, whatever you want, but either way you shut your mouth. You speak when spoken to and do as your told! Understood?” she looked at me without answering. I waited before going on “ I said you speak when spoken to, that is now. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?” She replied “Yes, Daddy” and went back down the hall.I went into the dining room and ate her delicious spaghetti alone. Finally she came back and I asked “water done?” She sadly looked at my empty plate, seeing that I had eaten alone. She shook her head “yes” it was done. I got up calling “come” over my shoulder. We went in to the bathroom and she undressed me then kneeled at the side of the tub and began to bathe me from head to toe. I had her stop at my feet to wash and massage them really good. As I was looking down I noticed her body wash was in a bottle slightly fatter than an average sized cock and was about 7 inches long. When she had cleaned my entire body twice I stopped her to let me get out and I made her to dry me . When she was done she wrapped the towel around my waist. I took a step forward and she turned to started to walk. I called out with an evil little snicker. I said “ I almost forgot… get them panties and jeans around your thighs and bend over.” I reached into the tub and I got her body wash. I walked behind her, rubbing her ass for a second. I just couldn’t help but to rub on that fine rear. Then I used one hand to spread her pussy hole open enough to see the entrance and I took the bottle to it an dbegan to push. Her pussy was wet now, but not as wet as it needed to be for me to slowly but surely force that bottle up her cunt with out stopping. She moaned and whimpered. It clearly hurt, but I commanded her to “ shut up” and I threatened to get the shampoo bottle, which was huge and would have been impossible to get in her, but it was a good threat. Once I had buried the entire bottle up her fuck hole I pulled her panties up and orderd her to put her pants back on and follow me. I asked her as we headed back down the hall if she was hungry. She replied “yes, Daddy.” I told her that was good. I took her to the dining room and swept the table cloth and plate back for where I had eaten. I got up and sat on the dining room table, dropping my towel as I sat. I was in front of the chair I had used to have dinner, I reached over to Porscha’s plate as she watched me. I dumped her entire plate of spaghetti in my lap. It covered my cock, balls and some found its way to my ass. I looked at her and said “ what are you waiting for slut? Eat your dinner and don’t leave a drop of it behind.” She hesitated and I boomed out with a “Now, Bitch!” I leaned queenbet güvenilirmi back on my elbows and watched as my little slut of a wife ate her dinner off my dick, balls, and ass. After a few minutes she tried to suck the head into her mouth and I had to point out that I knew she was a cock hungry whore, I hadn’t told her to eat my dick, only to eat off it. She made a face, smiling, and shrugging her shoulder, as if to say she couldn’t help but to try. After she had done a truly impressive clean up job, I ordered her to get the ready whip out of the fridge. She did it as quickly as possibly,thinking she was about to get eaten. However, I, no doubt, had other plans. I shot a handful of whipped cream out into my hand, she watched me, wondering what I had planned with it. I put one foot up on the chair beside me then reached behind me and smeared it in my ass crack. I announced loudly, “ Well, it looks like you’ll be having an ass sundae with that spaghetti. Now, get down on your knees and eat up , tramp!” I let her clean my ass thoroughly before I reached down and got a handful of hair. I ordered her to crawl. I led her by her hair across the kitchen and grabbed a styrofoam plate. I sat it beside her and yanked down her pants, after only undoing the button. So they came off roughly. I put the plate between her knees. I rubbed her ass as it formed to nice mounds at the bottom of her back as she was bent over at my mercy. I kept rubbing with one hand and with the other I got the can of whipped cream and without warning I shoved the nozzle straight up her asshole. She yelped as I told her that she was “so good at eating whipped cream out of asses, I thought she could use an ass full of it.” As I bent the nozzle and shot her full of ready whip, until her moans seemed to have a little hurt in them. I pulled the nozzle out and managed to escape her hole without a leak. I couldn’t help but picture when I pulled my cock out what her ass was gonna look like fulled with my cock too. My thoughts were interrupted but a thump. I looked down and the fuckin’ bitches pussy had let the bottle slip out while she tried to deal with an ass full of cream. I grabbed the bottle and shoved it roughly up her cunt and ordered her to “ hold it there and if it ended up even a little out of her again I’d try to split her cunt in half. She whimpered, sounding scared and said “ Yes, Daddy!” I put the head of my hard cock at the little puckered rosebud of an ass in front of me and began to push my cock up her tight twitching ass. She quivered and moaned as the invasion of my meat stretched her asshole and sent a burning sensation clear up her back. I showed her no mercy. I didn’t stop to let her adjust to my girth, I just continued straight up her tiny shitter. I was loving the was she was moaning and whimpering as her hole got busted open. I even shifted the angles a little to the sides, up , and down for a few seconds each to further the stretching and feeling of being opened up. Finally I was balls deep with her sphincter chocking my cock like it was in a vice grip. I suddenly jerked my cock back so far my cock head was about to come out. She gasp and ended up tensing up, making my fuckstick in her ass hurt that much more. As soon as I felt her muscles loosen a little I pushed my meat hammer straight back up her brown eye. Once more I jerked back really fast and pushed right back. My balls were slapping her cunt, sending a shock wave through the bottle. She moaned and groaned as I savagely tore her rear end open. All the while little droplets of that ready whip escaped and fell from us to the plate. I fucked her like she was a seasoned porn star, calling her a slut and whore often, telling her how she liked being fucked up her ass like the slut she was. As if it was something practiced and planned. My balls slamming off her cunt ans off that bottle drove her over the edge almost at the very second I began to pump her ass full of huge loads of cum. I kept ramming my plow up her shitter until every last drop had left my cock. Then I slowly let her feel every last inch drag slowly out of her leaving her empty inside. I pulled out letting my cock drip onto the plate as I watched her gaping asshole close up, slow and twitching shut after being tore wide open. Then I got up and walked around to right over where her face lay in the floor and I ordered her to get up and suck my cock clean. I wanted to show her how the bottom of her ass tasted. She gave me the “Please No” look. I smirked and said “ Sucking this is just the start. As you eat my cock your gonna squeeze the whip cream and cum outta your ass onto the plate between your legs.” She let out a little whine as she came up and put her ass on her heels and reached out for my dick which I gladly moved to her. I then let her know that if I didn’t think she’d squeezed out every last drop from her shitter, I would go get it in a rather painful manner that she wouldn’t like at all.She pointed between her legs at queenbet yeni giriş the hand holding the bottle inside her. Her mouth was still full of meat and she wasn’t allowed to talk anyways. I laughed and told her to keep it right there. I heard the dripping of cum and cream from her asshole tensing up. As she pushed I looked into her puppy dog eyes staring back at me and I just smiled. She slobbed my cock, eating me like a starved little cum slut. She showed no hesitation cleaning the dick that had just been deep in her ass. Now that’s Daddy’s little girl. Well, this Daddy’s anyways. As I watched her devour my manhood it started to throb back to life and she was loving it. Her little slutty ass wanted more of what she had just gotten. I talked dirty to her, telling her how much of a nasty bitch she was then I yanked her hair back, pulling her from my cock. I reached down in between her legs for the plate with the puddle of cum and whipped cream on it You couldn’t tell where one began and the other ended. I showed it to her, letting her get a good look before I questioned her “ Are you sure there’s not some more I need to get out. She shook her head and said “ No, Daddy. I did just like you told me.” I looked at her and said “Good. Now present your ass to me, face down.” She bent over with her ass facing me. I looked her over briefly and then turned around to get in the fridge. I shopped around, grabbing everything I thought that may come in handy in the fruit and veggie department. I had spent my day thinking of ways to abuse her which was always a common theme for us both. I’m pretty sure I had the best idea to date.I took a potato and cut a small piece off the end so it would fit into a paper towel tube and would slide pretty freely. The other I took and cut in half in a groove around it so the uncut part wouldn’t fit in the tube. More or less it looked like a potato headed paper towel dick. I’d often glance at her, knowing that she would be dying to know what I was doing. I could even see a slight trembling in her body. I ripped about a quarter of the paper towel shaft off to slightly shorten it and make it easier to get it all in her. I dropped the small piece of potato into the tube cupping my hand at the bottom to keep it from falling out. Then I put a kiwi with the prickly skin still on it into the tube then I topped it of with the other piece of potato with the kiwi resting in between the two flat sides of the potato. I wuickly moved, not wanting the tube to get wet. I ,squeezed half an orange over her asshole, as a sort of a lube, for the moment. I knew it wouldn’t last long, it would get sticky and be worse then having not lube at all. I forcefully fed my creation into her ass and she squirmed and whimpered until I felt it was deep enough. I then reached down and grabbed two huge carrots. I hurried to start pushing the carrots into the tube as I tightly kept a hold of the tube. Turning it into a giant tampon device of sorts. The curved head of it lead the way followed by the kiwi which brought some extra loud whimpers the moment it left the tube and moved up her ass and then the second part of the potato. I would guess the back end of my invention was about four or five inched deep in her ass. I pulled the tube back and used the carrots to hold my little torture devices in place as I told her to push the bottle out of her pussy. She moaned and grunted as it plopped on the floor. After removing the tube I withdrew one carrot and then the other so it would stay buried in her ass. I took time to rub on her two mounds of sweet perfect ass cheeks before grabbing a rather nice size cucumber and lubed it up with maple syrup, Yes, maple syrup. It was all I had that I thought I could use in the fridge at the time. I put the large blunt cucumber at the entrance of her cunt and spread her outer lips with my free hand. I applied pressure and her cunt pushed in, but it didn’t open up. She whimpered, “ Daddy, No, please it’s too big” But she didn’t use the safe word so I kept pushing. I felt her twitch as her cunt finally slightly began to open and spread around the cucumber, she cried out “ No! Daddy! Your gonna rip my pussy in half.. oooooo NOOOO!” And again, there was no safe word. She was gonna take this all. She whimpered and moaned non stop and I steadily applied force. I could sense that I was gaining ground sometimes and other times it didn’t seem as if I was getting anywhere. It took a long time to get it inside her, but I finally got there. I kept in in her depths, only pulling back a few inches and pushing forward again. At first it appeared as if her entire cunt opening was moving in and out of her. After more then 5 minutes I began to see a difference through her little inner pussy lips cam out and was stretching outside of her with it as it pulled out. It had started to move instead of moving her. I watched and listened as her tiny cunt got tore open but this huge cucumber., I made her beg me to fuck her harder and tell queenbet giriş me how she was such a slut and a whore, and how she loved having her pussy ripped open.” At times I couldn’t understand her for the gasps, moans, cries, and groans laced her every word as I ever so slowly but surely increased speed but still only gave her a few inches of movement, until I saw that the little tramp was about to cum. Then I began to slam that mother fucker up inside her and I pulled it back to where it was almost coming out before slamming it up her snatch like I was trying to knock her eye balls loose. I could sense that her climax was so near then I just stopped. She cried out “ NO! Daddy! Please, Please fuck me! Make me cum! Rip me in half if you want, just please let me cum!” She followed it with a fake cry and some pouting. I said “ listen to you, You nasty little fucking whore!” I grabbed the plate full of cum, ass juice, and cream and shoved her face down in it, ordering her to eat it. I held her head there and began to grudge-fully fuck her little cunt into a raw gaping gash for her. I called her every slut and nasty whore in the book as she ate the nut from her ass while getting her fuck box busted. I let her cum just as she wanted but I didn’t stop, I had to switch hands because I was pounding her so hard. She trembled, the slut in her loving the abuse and her body was struggling to cope with it. Her pinkness was fiery red and her inner lips were swollen to twice their normal size. I worked it in and out of her at different angles tearing her up as she began to moan so loud it was more of a scream, shaking like she was getting electrocuted. Her pussy again squirting sprays of cum from within, soaking everything. as her orgasm left her, so did her strength to hold her self up. She collapsed flat onto the floor uncontrollably for sure, because the cucumber still in my hand, left her in a painful manner. I allowed her to lay there briefly being real twisted and considering punishing her for talking and laying down without permission as she would have done me. I thought about getting up and pissing on her, and just walking off ordering her to clean up. I’m sure she would have but I didn’t.I did however give her a few minutes to regain her composure while I went into the bedroom to get the big mirror we kept in the closet. We had so many around the room already, but we used this one throughout the house as needed or to get an angle. I went into the kitchen and sat down in a chair. I put the 5 foot mirror between my legs and under the chair. I ordered her up and on her feet and to squat down over the mirror. I made her do it so that as she sucked me off she could look between her legs the whole time. Ans I knew she wouldn’t stop staring down at such a sight. I let her blow me giving her a chance to study her temporarily busted cunt and her temporarily tight puckered asshole. After she had gotten nice and into slurping on my my fuck stick. I began to tell her what was about to take place and let her worry about it for a few minutes before I made her start. I said “ in a minute I am gonna make you squeeze my little creation out of your ass. The first thing to come out is rounded so it is going to allow your ass to open up slowly, Following it is the fun part. When the smooth spreading device comes out it will have opened you up ans left your ass wrapped around a nice surprise that is not going to want to come out so smoothly and your not going to want to keep your tight asshole wrapped around it. When you finally get pasts that, the flat blunt end of the last item, that would normally be hell to push out will be a cake walk. In comparison. She stared up at me with her eyes pleading as they left the mirror for the first time. After a few minutes I leaned forward a little so I could see the mirror that her eyes had left. She looked back down, knowing what I was about to say. I went ahead and said “ Now show me how a little whore busts her own asshole open.” She tensed up as she pushed and immediately started to whimper and the vibrations felt great on my cock. Her ass had tightened up and now even the easy part was difficult. Her moans filled the air. I watched in awe and she watched in horror. When the first item finally fell and she saw and felt the kiwi wedging her asshole open. She stopped sucking and just held my cock in her mouth. I saw her ass move and then the kiwi slowly moved. Her scream grew louder and louder as her sphincter was punished by the prickles of the kiwi. She watched her ass force out the kiwi. When it finally fell out her head fell on my cock. She gagged as it hit her throat. I grabbed the back of her head with a handful of her hair. I jerked her head up and down, using her and fucking her face. She looked at her ass as she choked and gagged on my cock while attempting to push the last item out of her ass. I was ready to cum but I held out again as her moans grew louder and louder. I eased up, and slowly fucked her face. The moment the potato reached it’s maximum girth I started to pick up the pace and begin to rapidly fuck her throat. And her reward as the final item fell from her sore little shit hole was a mouthful of nut, gagging her before she swallowed every drop…. Oh My God I love my wife! PLEASE COMMENT AND RATE!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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